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  1. imo you want to avoid network for the core system. It should function on its own routers need power etc so i wouldnt worry about the network side, just use it for notification etc
  2. And the patented pending always armed thing would be a huge issue Regulation wise here. The idea has merit but needs refining.if it was somehow linked to ha or presence reporting though
  3. Sorry I dont even know the product (i think) what is it?
  4. Dsc used to make one but anything that claims grade 4 is different to anything that is 3rd party certificated. Without it I could claim a logic 4 was grade 4 and self certify it was. Utterly meaningless
  5. It was never designed for dp the older stuff was and had pos and neg circuits iirc odds were neg evens were pos.
  6. are you sure its sending data to the dcm. Just because its saying succesfull read thats all the reader is reporting. Id investigate formats and connection between the reader and the dcm
  7. It does look that way. I'm guessing anyone that wants to be paid to promote sia or SW and SW products might have an opportunity In this case its neither
  8. Zabor you trying to hit 5 posts for a reason?
  9. I think that time is changing. I don't think ajax is a professional system for the same reasons I don't think ring is. However 'if' it meets the standards then it could be installed by pros and diy alike. There should be a system standard for 50131 rather than just components As I've had this previously this is my opinion not a statement of fact or non approval
  10. You do know some will do this like drilling holes in their iPhone to get a jack
  11. Sorry I was using my galaxy and old euro knowledge was off then
  12. bear in mind any eol panel that doesnt use pos and neg circuits (none do that i know of?) dp wiring wont comply as it wont detect a short circuit
  13. depends what they were and what you replaced them with
  14. It probably says it wants 240v to As a side note I was working with an IT engineer today who was replacing switches. They were 4 Yr old but end of life so being replaced. Nothing is expected to last as long as IA gear it appears
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