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  1. yep, got one more RIO to go onto line 2 so as long as it accepts that then I'll be pretty happy planning to add some security lighting controlled by relays onto it as the next project ?
  2. yeah, was a used panel off eBay to replace an aging Galaxy 504 Classic, not going to lie. At the end of the day, its not really a problem at all because there's unused lines on the panel and line 2 seems to support normal keypads, the system is for personal reassurance rather than being monitored or on the insurance, but it is slightly annoying. guess that teaches me. thanks for the help and if anyone has any other ideas or solutions or experience, please let me know
  3. Okay, so after some quick tests this morning the following results were noted: The cable is causing the poor keypad communications to the upstairs keypad, as when connecting the same keypad using a fly lead, 100% communications were observed, even with the keypad being on line 2, which might have issues. Are there any issues I should immediately look at before replacing the cable? It's shielded Belden as was recommended. The keyprox does function correctly when attached to line 3 as opposed to line 2 so it seems that the keyprox is not directly at fault? Therefore, line 2 on the Galaxy has some issue where it cannot accept a keyprox but can accept a keypad? Has anyone seen any issue like this before or has any suggestions on cause/things to try and fix? Seems like the Dimension is at fault but these are usually robust panels. Thanks for the help guys
  4. okay, will do, thank you should have checked what the diagnostic keypad comms said earlier when it was on a fly lead ugh out of interest, if there are data issues with the cable or panel, why would a keypad work but a keyprox not?
  5. Hey, The address was set by turning the rotary switch to zero on the keyprox while disconnected then inserting the terminal block onto the keyprox. The model number used is CP037 for the original keypad and this is being replaced by a CP038-01. The procedure for removal was to remove the keypad CP037 at address 20 physically then delete the module off the system, then add the new CP038-1 at address 20 however it just flashes with stars or flashes with an entirely blank screen but still backlit and does not say MODULE ADDED when exiting engineer mode. Attached are pictures of the the working keypad and the non working keyprox on the test lead. It flashes with stars and the power LED also flashes and will not be seen by the panel. You thinking it could be a fault with the panel line 2? Thanks all
  6. hey, keypad 10 downstairs has 100%, keypad 20 when using the normal working keypad has a comms level that fluctuates between 60% and 95%, so clearly major problems here. however when the keyprox was used with a test lead direct from panel the same problem was observed even with a 1m cable so i'm not sure if the cable was the problem but your insight would be appreciated 50 and 51 have 100% comms thanks again for your help so far :)
  7. The downstairs keyprox is line 1 address 0 The upstairs keypad is line 2 address 0 and works but when swapped for the keyprox at address 0 the keyprox won't appear on the system it just flashes **** or goes blank but is still powered Does that work? Or am I missing something about unique addressing?
  8. Hey, It's an eBay one, no lies here,so there was a risk in buying but I don't know how the keyprox would work on one line but not another, surely it'd just be gubbed if it was an eBay broken one? I've added the module different ways now, once by the procedure in the installation manual, which was to wire it up and exit engineer mode, but I've also added in restarting the panel to try to force it to recognise the device on other attempts. Also sorry for confusing wording, the downstairs devices are wired on line one which goes from panel to keypad 1 and goes in another direction to the garage, both ends are terminated with 680 ohm resistors. The upstairs is only a keypad which is on AB line 2 and is terminated with a 680ohm. I'm relatively proficient with the system, it was left over in the house by the previous owner who installed it, it used to be a Galaxy 504 but I changed it out for a Dimension. Thanks again. ?
  9. Hi, I am having a unique problem with the Galaxy Dimension 520 panel. Currently there are two keypads on the system: one keyprox downstairs at address 10 and one normal keypad upstairs at address 20. I am trying to change out the normal keypad for a keyprox however I cannot get the new keyprox to work. I have removed keypad 20 and attached the new keyprox but whenever I try to add the module it does not appear and either flashes with a blank screen or flashes the *********** across the screen. I tried swapping the new keyprox with the downstairs keyprox and this worked fine so the keyprox has no issues. The normal keypad also still operates properly upstairs so it can't be this. The only difference between the down and upstairs is that downstairs runs on line 2 and upstairs on line 1. Any suggestions at all would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. It's definitely not a newer one lol Classic 504, still in pretty decent condition although watching the memory battery closely for signs of corrosion. Runs good still.
  11. Ah okay. Does each socket correspond to a line on the panel?
  12. Don't think so. In my panel, there are 3 sockets labelled S1, S2, and S3 on the right hand side of the main board. The S1 is connected to a RIO via a 4 pin Molex style lead. Does that help? Thanks
  13. Hi guys, Simple question, what are these and what do they do? Many thanks, Jack
  14. Is it above 1200 ohms that you'd see high res? I seem to recall that?
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