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  1. Not for me now. I think it's two years since I installed a system and I was totally shattered after an 8hr install. It's much easier selling the kit.
  2. I already had various lighting circuits, heating and garage door controlled by the Galaxy, so now connected through the echo dot. However, my wife does not want the dot in any of the main rooms, so it's in my office. I want each of the rads controlled, but would rather have 12v devices as don't really want to be messing with batteries - not really an option though. Some of the retrofit blind controllers seem a bit big.
  3. Yep, £3k for a sofa which is basically pallet quality wood, polystyrene and fleece wrapped in fabric. Huge markups. Same with beds. Easier than crawling around in attics and under floors...
  4. Combinations of Node-Red, MQTT and Home assistant make for some nice integrations not bound by the logic of an alarm control panel. SelfMon customers have already started building on top of the MQTT interface to the Galaxy panels. I agree that this needs to be more plug and play though. Most setups require too much fiddling with config files. It's not complex, just requires knowledge of all the config file options. A bit like configuring alarm control panels...
  5. Hi Galaxy Guy

    Can you tell me if a CO79-2 is compatible with my GD3 520 running V7.02 the guy i bought the CO79-2 unit from is saying it is not



    1. GalaxyGuy


      Yes, it is.  The c079 module was supported since 6.50

    2. David1


      Thanks, as you mentioned before would it be more advisable to get a unit from a security supplier rather than on ebay

  6. What firmware level is the panel at and which address have you set the portal to?
  7. Test the board is working by placing a wire link from 0v to T. If the tamper issue is then resolved, the issue is in your sounder tamper circuits.
  8. I've not gone back to older versions to check, but did start seeing it in W10.
  9. Make sure you get the loopback IP address correct it's. http: =common service Not sure if you just had a typo above missing a dot. It seems newer versions of Windows are not resolving localhost back to the loopback address and RSS requires that.
  10. Did a pop-up box saying something like http://localhost come up ? If it does, you need to change the word localhost to Some Windows installs seem to have issues with RSS. It will not work if MSSQLSERVER has been installed previously.
  11. The default is 'manager' and 'password'. If you open up the comms manager in the system tray and select the com port you have set up, ensure that com port has the correct settings for your panel. If your panel is at default, it will be direct at 9600 baud. If you've modified the internal RS232 speed, then you need to match the settings you have set. Also, the database is a MSSQL, so RSS relies on the db server being up and running.
  12. How are you actually connecting ? Serial, PSTN or Ethernet ? Before starting up RSS ensure that the comm's server has been shut down in the Windows system tray. When it asks about shutdown, enter 0 to shut down immediately. Then start up RSS by right clicking comms server and front shell and running as administrator. Click 'ok' to allow the comms server to start up, then login with manager and password. Then open the site in question, right click the comms and setup the connection you require. COM / Ethernet / Etc.
  13. thanks for your help

  14. Both on the left side. The relay is next to the telecom connectors and the led is near the rs232 connector. If it doesn't click, it's not usually anything simple.
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