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  1. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy Flex 20 with RF & RIO

    Which firmware version flex? I seem to remember some issues trying to mix fx20 with portal and RIO. Never had the problem on fx50 or fx100.
  2. GalaxyGuy

    Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 Configuration.

    In the flex you fit a jumper on the tamper header of the portal. There are a few unused jumpers on the existing headers if you don't have any spare.
  3. GalaxyGuy

    Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 Configuration.

    Part entry.
  4. If both are marked T, then either take the white back to 0v in the panel too, or just remove the white wire and place a wire link from that 'T' connection in the siren to the black 0v in the siren.
  5. You've not shown the white wire in your image, so I cannot tell you.
  6. This is the wiring on a Dimension with default programming for outputs 1001 (bell) and 1002 (strobe)
  7. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy RSS

    No special access with the ADT version. Check that remote access is enabled for the device (serial/Ethernet/Etc) in menu 56 and set to any time with direct access. If the RSS password has been set, the message should be invalid RSS password.
  8. You really need to open the external siren to note the connections. No resistors are required, so it's likely that your guess at the wiring isn't correct.
  9. GalaxyGuy

    Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 > PIR Wiring

    Your diagram is fine. There's only one common 0v on the galaxy, as per all Galaxy, so your link in the detector is fine. Detectors these days are very low current, so there is seldom any need to double up power cores.
  10. Hi Galaxy Guy , I have a flex 50  v 3.37 with an EO83-001 ethernet module fitted , the Honeywell GX app is working fine ,I have tried to connect with your self mon app but it connects for around 15 seconds then disconnects after 2 or 3 attempts it shows Login Failed , any ideas ?


    Thanks James

    1. GalaxyGuy


      If you've forced Honeywell's encryption or ring back, then this will happen.

    2. emmalaur


      Thanks ,i do have encryption on but not ringback i will disable and give it another go 

      Thanks again


    3. emmalaur


      I have disabled encryption ,same again connected for 30 seconds then kicked out and cant reconnect 

  11. GalaxyGuy

    Controlling lights with Galaxy RIO

    The outputs will sink to 0v when the transistors are switched on. Depending on the collector pull up, they may float or pull up when the output is off. So, you need to connect one side of the relay to the output and the other side of the relay to +12v. What part number of relay are you using? It may be that the output cannot drive them. Sometimes best to use an opto isolated type, as then no issues with back EMF. It may be easier to just use Honeywell's relay board as an intermediate to switch your bigger relays. I do this to fire bigger 12v contactors on bus bars.
  12. GalaxyGuy

    galaxy 96 unset bleeps

    Not without disabling tones. Normally for domestic, I set the speaker *99 to Strobe or something like that and then adjust the keypad speaker levels to suit. I did send Honeywell a list of feature requests to make the Galaxy panels more flexible, but even though I support over 1k Galaxy systems, they don't seem to be interested. The sort of attitude that results in migration to other products.
  13. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy Engineer Sockets

    The 4 pin headers just connect to the RS485 bus and power. 12v, 0v, A, B. Same as the screw terminals.
  14. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy Dimension switch on lights?

    You can also do things like set the output to pulse for N seconds to keep the light on for an interval when the door is opened. I also use a level 1 guard code as an input to the link. This allows you to select a code that is entered to switch the lights on. If you're remote and viewing via CCTV, you can then enter the code video a the Virtualkeypad to switch the lights on. I use this same mechanism to open the garage door.
  15. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy Dimension switch on lights?

    Program a link with the input as the final zone you want. Then link destination to the first available link. Ie. Link A. After that, change the output you want to link A and set as reflex. The output will trigger when the final zone is open.

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