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  1. GalaxyGuy

    galaxy 96 unset bleeps

    Not without disabling tones. Normally for domestic, I set the speaker *99 to Strobe or something like that and then adjust the keypad speaker levels to suit. I did send Honeywell a list of feature requests to make the Galaxy panels more flexible, but even though I support over 1k Galaxy systems, they don't seem to be interested. The sort of attitude that results in migration to other products.
  2. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy Engineer Sockets

    The 4 pin headers just connect to the RS485 bus and power. 12v, 0v, A, B. Same as the screw terminals.
  3. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy Dimension switch on lights?

    You can also do things like set the output to pulse for N seconds to keep the light on for an interval when the door is opened. I also use a level 1 guard code as an input to the link. This allows you to select a code that is entered to switch the lights on. If you're remote and viewing via CCTV, you can then enter the code video a the Virtualkeypad to switch the lights on. I use this same mechanism to open the garage door.
  4. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy Dimension switch on lights?

    Program a link with the input as the final zone you want. Then link destination to the first available link. Ie. Link A. After that, change the output you want to link A and set as reflex. The output will trigger when the final zone is open.
  5. GalaxyGuy

    G2 via RSS serial lead

    If you think the adapter is ok, try power cycling the panel with the lead disconnected, then try connecting.
  6. GalaxyGuy

    G2 via RSS serial lead

    Do you only have one com port on the system. Ie. When you open the Comms manager in the system tray, then select the hammer icon, how many com ports show? The error you are seeing is more likely a driver error, as when the connection is made and downloader id or site id are incorrect, you get a message relating to downloader or site id.
  7. GalaxyGuy

    Help with product and Garage set out?

    Agree. No issues with the Flex V3.50 firmware. Set for silent comm's to ensure no panel side error reports for broadband issues. Not everyone likes the SMPS (including me), but energy efficiency is more important going forwards. Honeywell push notification is limited, but is free, so it's up to you. At least there are other choices with SelfMon if you want additional SMS, E-mail and hourly path checks.
  8. GalaxyGuy

    Home System Recomendations

    If the plastic enclosure with MK8 prox and 7ah battery, then the price is probably about right for a company.
  9. GalaxyGuy

    Home System Recomendations

    The flex is the most recent panel from Honeywell and suited to domestic or small business. It's a hybrid system, so can cope with wired and wireless devices. It can have IP and GSM modules added for remote connectivity and various messaging or self monitoring options. It will work with existing wiring and devices. Zones can be individually programmed to suit the existing install.
  10. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy High Resistance

    The battery is soldered on the old panel. It's not required until power and battery backup are both lost, where it then backs up the panels static memory until power is restored. Not really worth fixing, as replacing with something newer is probably a better path to take.
  11. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy High Resistance

    Those panels are reliable apart from the PCB mounted battery corroding. Just replace the contact and you'll be up and running again. That said, a 2nd hand dimension is very cheap these days.
  12. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy High Resistance

    That resistance is too high and an indication of a problem most likely in the reed contact. It's low cost, so just replace the contact to rule it out.
  13. GalaxyGuy

    Galaxy High Resistance

    What's the resistance ? Press Hash at display zones. Is it near the thresholds. If so, wiring issue, sensor contact etc. The galaxy firmware was updated at some point to avoid tamper on marginal resistance issues, reporting to log only. Best to check panel reported values though.
  14. GalaxyGuy

    Some Advice on Galaxy Flex systems

    The Flex only has three outputs and one is taken for the external speaker. If you're wiring two external sounders, then you can wire both into OP1 for the siren trigger and OP2 for the strobe. You need to follow the wiring for linking two sounders tamper circuits if fitting two sounders wth SAB/SCB modules. Also, you may need to run one external sounder in SCB mode and the other in SAB mode, as the power consumption from AUX may be too high for two units. If only one external unit and an internal (non SAB) type siren, then just ensure that the AUX power output meets the _all_ hard wired devices requirements. If you move up to the FX50 or FX100, then you can use a 2.5A switched mode PSU.
  15. GalaxyGuy

    Some Advice on Galaxy Flex systems

    Only hard wired is supported for sounders.

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