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  1. Ive had a quick look around and cant find any posts to help. I'm after an email address for alarms admin for Greater Manchester police as we have just completed a job in Farmworth! Any help would be appreciated! Or even a complete list? Matt
  2. Sorted guys thank you. i searched everywhere for a manual, tech support said couldn't get tags! But galaxy tags work just great, quick reset and off she went!
  3. I'm after a manual please, I can't find one anywhere. its the standalone prox with controller! im hoping I can delete all old tags as customer only has 1 working tag left! Been told galaxy tags work with it!!
  4. Has anyone had issues with texecom Ricochet and batteries? Ive got a job and ive replaced front bell batteries after 3 weeks,rear sab after about a month and there dead again!! Im being told im putting batteries in the wrong way round!! The job has 3 bell, front rear and shed! The shed had a contact and detector in it, when you check the mesh both devices go via shed bell then to rear bell!!! Anyone ?
  5. Wdog rst ! No power overload! Had Honeywell pulling there hair out saying it can't come out of users and go system configuring! I had alarm on zone followed by a tamper on zone about 10 times then watchdog fault, system reset including resetting time and date! No power faults in log!! I've reset panel,but I'm thinking a panel change coming on!
  6. or someone can speak to kev or neil, i was there first account when they opened!!
  7. ask Adi. he will confirm with enterprise bedford
  8. is my old account accessible? http://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/user/27160-mattbaker/
  9. going to take spare panel with me! its been solid for years. Just never seen a galaxy going to configuring like that ! like a reboot loop.
  10. panel and smart rio, maybe 6 detectors on panel and 4 hdc contact on rio! with dual comm its 10 years old maybe. his going into users to allow eng access !!! no change on outputs
  11. Hello peeps, ive got a galaxy 2-20 thats doing a funny ! Customer enters code and presses enter, gets as far as modify then panel chimes and then shows configuring then hopes back to system alert roller shutter tamper 1013!!!! been fitting galaxy for many years and this a new one on me. Matt
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