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  1. MrHappy

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    its winter & rather cold, sod off.
  2. MrHappy

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    I did minor roof repairs in the summer, it much easier when its nice & sunny At the weekend I'm in the office & also on the tools
  3. MrHappy

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    & then spend a week or so on TSI trying to get it going...
  4. you been there long enough to be morbidly obese
  5. MrHappy

    Pyronix Euro46 Mobile App

    my cost for an employee to do the job would be £235.00 +vat (£282.00) To register it on an a cloud a/c for you £50.00 +vat (£60.00) There are ways of making it more profitable, however something as unlucky as getting a screw in a tyre or returning for warranty repair would take any margin made
  6. MrHappy

    Scantronic 9800(+)

    Default it & reprogram it Personally I'd bin it & fit something new
  7. MrHappy

    Scantronic 9800(+)

    call a local small co. however if you want to prat about, either z12 need programming out, or z1 & z2 are open ? I'd assume the full system requires programming correctly ?
  8. MrHappy

    Pyronix Euro46 Mobile App

    I'd assume your existing controls are too old for the wifi card I assume your getting new controls with a wifi card & all the existing items reprogrammed onto the the new system, If you don't want to the installer to have access to the system...... I could set the system up that way for an additional cost & you can sort your own billing out & have your own responsibility to administrate it. There's very little money in replacing the controls or selling you an app subscription.
  9. we've only 6 posters ?
  10. Pete I reckon he's American... you take the piss out of his alarm & he will shoot you
  11. MrHappy

    48 Port Gigabyte Switch

    I have a old HP Poe switch, J8164a purchased of ebay for couple of hundred quid yrs ago, HP is used by one of my bigger clients who have a proper IT team. My only issue is java support for web browsers Unless cheap tat I'd guess your ports are prioritised, yours droping off may be the total load of the switch is too high & its closes down ports to keep other open ?
  12. MrHappy

    48 Port Gigabyte Switch

    is this a managed switch ?
  13. MrHappy

    Bell box tamper sensor lid open

    They need securing correctly & careful adjustment to ensure they don't FA
  14. MrHappy

    Hive and ring

    a 2nd user draytek off eBay is what I'd try

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