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  1. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    It will end up as Scheduled Monument, a hole with a bit of exposed wall, we've got one in the city centre Idea place to deposit chip wrappers & empty beer cans...
  2. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    I see a couple of candidates for darwin award Turning machinery on & riding on top of lifts, what could go wrong....
  3. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    have you unscrewed if from the floor ?
  4. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    why not have ago at getting working....
  5. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    change the batterys as they don't appear to work
  6. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    I was collecting a new soap on a rope.....
  7. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    I have seen these items inside a prison. After they had break in (yes a prison) They had the bright idea to purchase a radio alarm system from RS, somehow we got involved got it "working" & told 'em it where a pile of shit & they could have bought the same tat from wickes for 1/3 of the price (A1 IIRC) Then we did the admin building (Karzima+ , Reflex's, CQR Ulimate & an SD1 speech dialer) odd how you can remember stuff from the 90's They wanted us to protect the wall with lighting & sensors..... without attaching cables to it & shit there pants at the cost of digging up a carpark! They also wanted the fire alarms extending, maintaining, renewing..... it was all stainless controls, some like Logan's pic's some looked like CEL, they where unable to provides a detailed spec & there was no way on earth they would give drawings of the property. This is cira 1998, as I recall getting a bollocking for not having a pair of domestic 5 tread steps locked onto the roof rack.... oddly the prison wall is quite a lot taller (dickhead)
  8. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    I'm probably completely wrong but believe Initial Shorock had something to do with these alarms ?
  9. MrHappy

    Just LOL

    the deep corner of you mind, none of this is real, it is all a figment of you imagination...
  10. For a modest fee power it down & buy a dog, should the dog bite you, it will still be less painful than working with that alarm....
  11. its not really DIY kit, its not hard but its much easier if you do it for a living
  12. Dunno, I've never heard of radiovisor
  13. I'd assume a white metal panel with a keyswitch
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