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  1. some item went tits on control 4 system the dealer could have the item fixed for 4k, (but you only get 6 months warranty on a repair) or a new item for 7.5k when powered off it lost its config, (he'd never bother to look if their was coin battery on the pcb) the proper monitoring of the alarm dropped by the wayside, I assume a few hundred quid was too dear
  2. I got pissed of with Lenovo thinkpad's, last 2 broke hinges I have a toughbook tablet thing but prefer a laptop Work buys a laptop, it gets used at home for year or so, then goes to work when it gets marked then broken, meh. There already a replacement machine waiting in the wings...
  3. I suspect you'll have issue with your texecom radio stuff, get a man to do it for you & he'll have to sort the faults out
  4. buy a cheapo acer laptop & throw it away when it breaks...
  5. rip it out & put a decent lighting controller it, (but nobodys make anything to compete with it ?) take the cover off & walk test it (they go opaque with age swap sensor around to see it the fault follows work the pots back & forth to see if the lux sense are at a working level swap a sensor with a new one fault finding is 2 man job after hours, it cheap to put the lights on timer
  6. IIRC the IP rating refers to the electronics ? the E (Economy version) didn't have has rubber gasket seal on the internal plastic cover
  7. no, another young lad DD will be removing tat however by the time it comes off the wall its had 20yrs of sunshine, rain & birdshit on the plastics...
  8. A while back I saved & sent one out for one of the other lads on here that collects.
  9. You'd never be brave enough to go to Wakefield it's that rough even the muggers have to go out in pairs....
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