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  1. I suspect @al-yeti may be taking the piss....
  2. contact your local alarm co(s). & ask for 1st dibs on any shite in their bin ?
  3. Out the box z1 is an instant alarm when p set
  4. What other product is offering out the box certificate based UDL via IP which is defaulted to be accepted by the end user every session ? (G2 radio stuff for the domestic market)
  5. If you can't get in touch or nobody has taken over his "contracts" he was a cheap installer I suspect your "certified" falls short of what we think a proper installer is I suspect if you go to a proper alarm co. there'll want the system on a maintenance contract The installer is the one that's purchased the controls & set up & register the app. There's no agreement made between pyronix & you. but you enter your details & thoughts into a web browser...
  6. no, the best way I found of finding the alarm admin for "foreign" police forces, to ask your local for their contact details if you ring the Met they probably have no idea they have an alarm dept...
  7. & I thought my life was tragic...
  8. With the talent of riving stuff off a PCB why aim so low ? You could work for Boeing or even within a Nuclear power station....
  9. Handy to know, but only 14 years too late for the OP ?
  10. what tat have you bought ? (link?)
  11. How much did he charge & what colour was his horse?
  12. cynical & embittered is the TSI default outlook
  13. One branded tempo on by (has ADSL alert) They been out yesterday, 1st time in ages
  14. just pick one up cheaply from ebay... I'd not pay £100 for one. The only reason I have one was to be sure we it was'nt our kit that was faulty be telling the sub to get the line fixed
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