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  1. go on feed.... your addiction
  2. google says simple set reader.....
  3. using testbutt on line, press 8 if works, its neither the line or dialler if doen'st wotk remove every item inc adsl router & try again
  4. its a speech dialler... it might work, it might not adsl on line ?
  5. 7.a - VE736AM a 60m Pir will look smashing in your front rm
  6. In a stern voice, depending on firmware 1.)rochdale accent 2.)yiddish ?
  7. To be your own alarm co. with your own customers & installations is quite a lot of hassle for the £ Its takes a long to build a co, from nothing & its probably getting harder every yr
  8. CSD Professional - Dial 1993 ish into the time machine-
  9. perhaps not, who'd have thought 4 yr old sensor battery's would go bad... I neither rate the smartcom or the app.
  10. A maintained Risco Disco is probably better than a new self installed Texecom one...
  11. Hi, Before you spend days doing what is a few hours work... most DIY don't understand the basic operation of an alarm The alarm is working 24hrs a day, think of its as 12 & 24hr circuits 24hr, tamper circuits, in detectors, controls, keypads, bell ect.. these work all the time 12hr circuits, motion sensors & door contacts ect.. these work when you set the system For example should the tamper on the external siren operate when the system is unset, it will ring externally regardless of programming & the internal speaker will operate to alert you of tamper condition. To change your alarm over is 1 days work, to fault find your existing, replacing all batteries & external sounder 1/2 day.
  12. Stay late at work, get some overtime in & pay an alarm man to set up it.... They should know hoe the different ext modes work & how to define which buttons does what the keyfob
  13. It not a consumer product, You can buy a boiler in Wickes, I doubt Worcester Bosch would be very helpful if you called them for DIY advice?
  14. batteries had failed, metal backplate + inner cover 2 batteries, 2 pizeos 2 circuits boards plastic lid.... would have been an expensive item in its day...
  15. "Secom Fortress" probably early 2000's ? Binned it.
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