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  1. 3/8" x 6 pozi pan head ? anything which fits will be fine
  2. What looks like a ventcroft classic is coming down on Thursday. If it comes back in one piece & is half decent condition I put it to oneside for you
  3. most who post on TSI have worked in the trade, 99% of the stuff sold in the shops as "alarms" is tat, if was half decent it would be fitted to the shop... readily available hybrid alarm texecom premier readily available wired alarm texecom veritas not sure that's me..... but you did reply with "tat" & "refund" so I guess it must have been ?
  4. Send it a text instructing to it change no.
  5. sorry it don't support a chime on setting,
  6. printerland, state price per print & the toner pages count & drum cycles without having to look at the spec sheets.... the sweet spot is £100-£150ish for mono, cheap is too cheap & going dearer they'll designed to print every document I'll do in year in week...
  7. £100+vat appear about the right sort of money, I'll never print enough to wear the drum out I assume the Dell was around this price point, I was buying toner for it in 2017 but have no idea where the machine came from or how much I paid On genuine ink the Lexmark mono lasers with 10k mono cartridges offer low cost per page, But I'd wince at big toners coming in at 1.5 of the machine
  8. My Dell E310dw has been pissing me off for a bit, with poor paper pick up, cleaning rollers helped but its not great. Its only done 6500 pages & has 5000 pages left in the drum... It been run on generic toner from amazon, the printer is a rebranded Brother. Before I kick it across the carpark,- has anyone had an Oki ? https://www.printerland.co.uk/product/oki-b412dn/135140 generic 3k toner is £22 v £80 for 3k oki
  9. With the two different user accounts your almost my stalker....
  10. There worthless to me, I don't & won't support the product. Normally I'd be happy to give the items away for a couple of quid to pay the carriage, but not for you
  11. I'd assume this has come from amazon / ebay or paid for with paypal, OP its tat ask for refund
  12. Having googled "Owsoo alarm" response does'nt look that bad....
  13. its not a very good product, even as gift you'd be unhappy...
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