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  1. whats a ferrari california & a bentley bentayga worth ? Is wise to have the keys on the hook next to the entrance door...
  2. Unless it made for UK professional market.... It shite...
  3. type risco agility 3 installer manual into google & the 1st result is pdf file.
  4. they go bat shit with age, default it all & reprogram
  5. if you do if for a living its easy enough the fault with normally be, cable, device or controls is their power at every keypad ? no = check power is provided for the keypads at the controls / power supplies then check wiring & the data line is terminated with 680omhn (or whatever) ect.. should the wiring prove okay, put each 1 keypad on data bus at the panel on short length of wire with 680omhn resistor (or whatever) to terminate the data , if every keypad don't work its probably the controls if you can afford a dog & home / property big enough for 4 keypads, you be in position for the maintainer of your security system to pop along during the week & short it out for you ?
  6. as the OP Is never coming back - Why does he have the ghost of ronnie barker trapped in his gardtec product ?
  7. nowt, I used to do this & the other building opposite for the landlord. The one is the pic is a 1st & 2nd floor HMO, Shop & the building on the corner is a Pizza shop I'd priced to replace a Newlec with a Kentec panel + add 2 repeaters some years ago.. he told me how much he 'd been quoted & asked me to match it... It was something laughable The other premises has is similar, 2 shops + HMO. Haes controls which I rather liked.
  8. i think they broke the budget & went with doubled side tape ? the good stuff to put no. plates on
  9. Does the plug top mean it needs pat testing too
  10. Iirc the mcp ain't Apollo ? But the heads are ?
  11. zone invert ? doing a full default will prove if you've mong'd the programming ? remove all the wiring & place back one circuit at time...
  12. cool, usual thing of cable, device or controls if the cable is laid under the boards in a manner its trapped or damaged by a pipe, walking around on the floor above it may send the alarm batshit, something drawing lots of current, eg too much stuff on small controls may send the alarm batshit something odd is happening , check all the fuses are the correct rating eg- some mong may have a 5amp fuse where a 1amp belongs & when it draws too much current it batshits the alarm & does not blown the fuse with the tamper tied down gently press parts of the endstation pcb to see if it goes batshit check both continuity of all the all cables & then take them apart & check there is no shorts on every pair ? or change you mobile no. & find a new friend with a working alarm ?
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