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  1. some tat from ebay or ali express ? https://www.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21004132140468
  2. for a super-duper alarm man like me 2hrs 1/2 hr to replace the rkp 1 hr to swap the controls 1/2 to fake some paper work & demo to the end user
  3. sounds like a pile of poop... say you house was instantly destroyed by a meteorite, there's nothing left but a smouldering crater in the ground there has been nothing signalled from the property yet a proper alarm with proper alarm signalling would inform the keyholders that the system has been lost... The zone circuit from your alarm are positive loop, the sensor has a voltage free relay with series resistor it will measure a certain value dependant on the manufacturer, lets guess at texecom medusa say 18ohms + the value of the cable run circuit will measure 20 ohms I neither know or care what voltage comes out of the zone of a 700l, however the sensor will have relay which is probably good for up to 50volts, use the sensor to control a relay for the alarm & relay for the HA Given a big enough bag of relays you should be able to switch just about anything or have massive electrical fire depending on you ability, however you mickey mouse alarm doesn't really have much in the way of input or outputs Personally I'd choose an intruder alarm controls & HA system which marry up together... something like control4 & texecom will cost thousands
  4. don't buy her any xmas of birthday pressies util she's paid my invoice
  5. shove something like a key / screwdriver in the hole on the front & the button pops back up
  6. botton pic - has your mickey mouse texecom pa button been pressed ?
  7. when your mobile telephone rings & you have no idea who the caller is you can answer it by saying - hello, You could screen your calls by not answering, however I ain't going to leave voice mail messages in a mail box which doesn't state who it belongs too. Should you ring back at some point I have no idea who you are unless you give me at least a hint of your name & address I've not saved your details into the handset, I answer every call (unless blocked) with hello, I could not give a shinny shit whether your job gets repaired or not.
  8. it look like its "mint" condition
  9. a new endstation & keypad will cost less than a cheap android phone from argos ?
  10. most things I dislike about Texecom are present in the new pruduct
  11. gently twat the keypad with the handle of screwdriver... this will simulate the day 2 day movement of the house, eg - kids slamming doors, a fat wife waddling up the hallway, a dpd van bouncing over the kerb outside delving ebay tat... if it doesn't go into tamper the spring doesn't need touching I'd bin the controls & put something better in
  12. current provider - https://www.stealthsys.co.uk/clients/index.php they converted my alarm master data alarm master converted my Rod Harris / Kiss data
  13. Ahh the Cult of Orisec, I fail to see the attraction...
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