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  1. MrHappy

    Identify this?

    I can no longer meet people off the internet as their is no longer any room under my patio...
  2. MrHappy

    Identify this?

    I've never heard of him...
  3. MrHappy

    Greater Manchester Police

    I have- Alarms Administration Information Services Branch Greater Manchester Police - Bolton Police Station Criminal Records Unit (1st Floor) 10 Scholey Street Bolton BL2 1HX Tel: 0161 856 0128 or 0161 856 2253 E-mail: alarms.admin@gmp.police.uk however may not be current
  4. MrHappy


    boom, tish...
  5. MrHappy

    today’s quiz

    you have pic of the callpoint ?
  6. MrHappy

    today’s quiz

    this opening the cabinet or resetting a break glass ?
  7. Do CEF get them from tomy or fisher price?
  8. Following the sex change- Stu is doing a Shirley Bassey tribute act in Torremolinos.
  9. p1. 1st use a test butt to call the no, from the line block nr controls, does it work ? note adsl, star services or all manner of stuff will prevent your digi from working p2 set up restore options correctly p3 as above
  10. MrHappy

    Agility 3 - no customer service

    & I bet you thought I was taking the piss... probably needs battery's, however the unit may have failed, or just require relearning. Personally I recommend trying to nail your installer down on a price to replace all battery's as here's a scan of the factory fault finding guide-
  11. MrHappy

    Texecom Cloud

    okay, have a twitter like...
  12. MrHappy

    Texecom Cloud

    thought you'd moved to orisec ?
  13. MrHappy

    Agility 3 - no customer service

    press the button..... & it speaks ?
  14. MrHappy

    Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 Configuration.

    the woods is nice & square...
  15. MrHappy

    Delete Forum account

    2 post this month makes you a regular...

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