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  1. I always thought the trouble light indicated, moonlight, love & romance ?
  2. I'll stick with my flasher's mac
  3. true & midsole protection should there be any nails sticking out the pallet...
  4. nobody has ever moaned about dealer boots.... yet however safety trainers - oftend get checked to see if there are safety footwear
  5. comfy out the box, old boots have gone in the bin I normal put gel insoles in work boots, there £35 from screwfix
  6. Holy thread resurrection.... For a couple of years I bought dealer boots for work, maybe go though 2 pair in year. The boots pictured have aluminium toe caps & composite mid sole, 1st wear today & they are much nicer than the v12 boot that are about knacked....
  7. err no.... Which is probably why I'm going deaf ?
  8. alarms have self activating bells, when the power is removed from the unit, it sounds (powered by its own battery) in most case if you don't want it to sound you get the ladder out & disconnect the battery...
  9. I'm just googling- https://pivkey.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002505111-Setting-up-a-Smart-Card-Template-for-Self-Enrollment-Server-2012-R2-2016-
  10. Don't use 'em.... However I'd a assume a keyboard with a smartcard reader was the norm ? Dell rings a bell?
  11. I think Gary Numan has car pic on his web site ?
  12. Police Alarm.... I thinking of sting
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