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  1. this is another pic from the same install, alloy tube it quite unlikely anyone without an alarm trade background will tube & enter the tube by drilling into the back of it? (
  2. An EOL circuit is 2 wires, these have been twisted together to make pair of cables I'd use a drill, with a hook in the chuck The pic is not my work but that of @PSE mine look better with the lid on
  3. circuits ain't paired (pse's work picture from twitter)
  4. being very blunt (sorry LM) its been fitted by someone who hasn't done alarms as a paid employee
  5. intruder alarms are largely product knowledge, you many be top man at XYZ Security & know the Galaxy like the back of your hand given the job of task of taking over & extending something which isn't a Galaxy you made make yourself look a proper tit..... on one the 6 premises I have been to today, I had an in depth conversation on how to replace the rear wheel bearing on a FJ Yamaha (f'kin complex in laymen's terms) an old bloke who did financial stuff for the council, he's not a motor engineer but has the ability to do it because it interests him
  6. Don't.... you need to spend some time working at a proper co.
  7. maybe, you taking over a chain of shops or soemnthing ?
  8. 01 fire 02 pa 03 alarm 04 open /close 05 onwards starts getting none standard...
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