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  1. dunno, he might like the butchered pcb's, dangerous working at height involving a pallet which is my trade content ?
  2. my zone is linked out....
  3. access control with an alarm function ??
  4. true, that's looking at it positively however I can see then being sent out on job & being left or broken somewhere, there also about £70 dearer than a set of triples....
  5. I've had pole mount in a box for months I've dusted it off & used last week, to do those flood lights. Works well but at cira £250, its not quite VFM
  6. If you had picture taken in the same postcode or with something the grainy tat from mobile of the same vintage as the sounder (1990's) I'd guess at in being the remain of the fly lead for tamper switch ? Its all redundant, just buy a new external sounder the one you have is tat once sold in wickes...
  7. If I was a betting man- I'd wager you've more chance of getting a hand job off her majesty the queen than your powered down alarm making the "chirp" You've probably got a brand new in box, carbon monoxide or smoke alarm in the cupboard....
  8. I would not dare issue one to an employee, The odd time I used a telescopic ladder I'm shaking like a shitting dog.... & I've use the #palletofdoom
  9. I like yellow / black for alarm circuits...... cause it reminds me of a wasp!
  10. no, the alarm pair should be red & yellow -positive colours for the positive loop The tamper loop should be blue & black - negative colours for the negative loop the new fangled powered devices should be powered by white + & green - however we don't do any of the above !
  11. shock sensors have a 1st to latch, in these primitive pre mobile phone days... alarm men used to drill a little hole in the cabinet & fit a push to break switch which removed power to the vipers making them reset.... I recommend getting a proper alarm co. to fit a proper alarm
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