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  1. MrHappy

    Texecom Ricochet

    google image I think mine has a no. 8500+ lower... It came in box of coco pops, as it had an alarm moneky on the front
  2. MrHappy

    On call

    "Draytek smart VPN " to works router then RDP
  3. Texecom connect ? If the house is high end, & the requirement is for a proper fire alarm signalling via an intruder alarm isn't good eneough
  4. you doing a wanky "grand design" project ? I'd assume you need either need mains powered interlink smoke detectors or bs 5839 pt1 fire alarm normally somebody with an understanding of construction & buildings regulations like a competent architect would have advised or taken advice on whats required ?
  5. err..have'nt interlinked mains powered smoke alarm been a requirement for new builds for the last 25yrs or so ? Looking at there site its does'nt appear to confirm to any std ? Is the property wired & plastered yet ?
  6. I assume employed both an architect & an electrical contractor ? You have interlinked smoke alarm at the moment ?
  7. Too Indian to be bothering with building control...
  8. where in the world are you based ?
  9. MrHappy

    Tools Info - What you got

    don't worry Al, he's seen your work. He knows you only have a claw hammer in your van
  10. MrHappy

    Anyone come across one of these?

    You lucky enough to be retired ?
  11. MrHappy

    Anyone come across one of these?

    Early 80's? Love that it's been made into an EOL circuit
  12. MrHappy

    2 Way Monitored Alarm Silent Calling

    Whilst I remember- I do love a stapled outside bell wire, I guess the blue tape on the camera joint is Thier work too ?
  13. MrHappy


    Look on eBay for transformer ? They might also have new CAPS lock button ?
  14. MrHappy

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Having genuie dislike of the market leading controls & sensors... Pls produce a WiFi or radio system which is more "alarm like"
  15. MrHappy

    Sip Providers

    had siemens giga set at home which has now gone to work (2nd hand from fleabay) now have grandstream one both worked well

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