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  1. There the 3 leading brands of non powered detection... However I assume non of them make the glass reeds ?
  2. look very carefully how big a gap you have between frame & door to fit the top of the nylon contact in place the stainless steel capped ones are thinner & more robust if they rub together
  3. there ain't none, however there are a set of big boys rules.... when taking other peoples tat over you either have to the product knowledge of how to over come any lock or quirks of the product or have enough £ in the job to put your own stuff in from either the start or retain the subscriber for enough years to make it pay.. confiture demain, as you might say ? Sadly a few hundred quid for new control can be a problem as the subscribers can be living had to month with the latest I-Phones, Range Rovers & shirt sponsoring the local professional sports team... taking priority
  4. The OP can't get it... so I'll recommend that too!
  5. employ a competent alarm company to wire the site before you plaster :) shock ain't great they will FA, radio shocks are worst
  6. yeah, yellow, clear, red but mostly blue lenses ? we never used them, cequra was the 1st factory build box we had 1993 /94 ish ? I think it had the same pcb as the above
  7. Roots round in bin - not seen any for a while but this is 3ed that's gone in our bin in July
  8. do you get an exit tone & it does not set or an error bleep ?
  9. He's clearly hunting Pokémon ?
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