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  1. yes, lone "working" those fire controls are more than 25yrs old, you might find quite a few modern features absent...
  2. Their letting Peter Sutcliffe out as there short of lorry drivers....
  3. Cool, I'll give Gloucestershire Constabulary a tinkle & see if we can arrange an interview without coffee If your lucky you'll might see some fire & security stuff in the police station If unlucky you might have to press the panic strip in the interview rm as PC Savage beats you around the head for being a very naughty boy
  4. rather than nicking rat piss stained date expired fire extinguishers you should nick the stillage......
  5. a child playing with rusty pressurised containers..... during a pandemic. anyone else thinking of Charles Darwin- I'm no expert in these but I reckon there's at least one cartridge operated extinguisher with plastic end cap in them bins.
  6. rip it out & stamp on it? its 1 way radio, wait for the device to sleep then wake the transmitter with a 12hr alarm or view the device strengh
  7. As I understand it you should not work whilst furlough'd However no call-out might mean no customers, which might in turn mean no job to come back too?
  8. he's already an orangery peachy colour ? & the best president ever !
  9. its been around months- latest theory the spread from skiing holidays other theory it was in Italy due to chinese workers in the textile industy my crackpot theory.... the stock piling of imported dry & tinned goods ,chances are they been coughed, pissed or shat on by an illegal migrant in the back of lorry.
  10. Stay at home Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
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