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  1. FYI, I opted for the ION40H and am please with the product and functionality and always looking to incorporate additional features. One thing that is bugging me is in the web client, the panel shows as 'Untitled' although on my app it shows as the reference I have given it; can anyone advise if the web client name can be changed/updated? Many thanks.
  2. I am researching and reviewing the options available to me, hence the question.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. For any wireless device, it shall mainly relate to door contacts. I shall be DIY
  4. The panel I have is a Scantronic 9800+ (16 zone) with a 9827 keypad.
  5. I am looking to replace my existing wired home alarm system. The existing wiring is fine and have PIRs in each room which I would like to re-utilise if possible; the wiring all goes back to a central point, but would also like to add additional components although due to required cable routes would prefer to do wirelessly and would therefore need a 'hybrid' system capable of accepting both wired and wireless components. A wireless access panel would be preferable. Other functionality that would also be preferable would be integration into other systems associated with home automation such as Google/Alexa, plus CCTV etc. Are there any recommended modular systems that are capable of this? Many thanks.
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