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  1. I am researching and reviewing the options available to me, hence the question.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. For any wireless device, it shall mainly relate to door contacts. I shall be DIY
  3. The panel I have is a Scantronic 9800+ (16 zone) with a 9827 keypad.
  4. I am looking to replace my existing wired home alarm system. The existing wiring is fine and have PIRs in each room which I would like to re-utilise if possible; the wiring all goes back to a central point, but would also like to add additional components although due to required cable routes would prefer to do wirelessly and would therefore need a 'hybrid' system capable of accepting both wired and wireless components. A wireless access panel would be preferable. Other functionality that would also be preferable would be integration into other systems associated with home automation such as Google/Alexa, plus CCTV etc. Are there any recommended modular systems that are capable of this? Many thanks.
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