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  1. Hi folks,Quick question. Does anyone on here know Defence Security Systems based around the Birmingham area, I think they could be known as a different company now? Could you PM me if possible?Many thanks,
  2. hehe I hear you!!!! I've suggested that many times but its the kind of place that nobody gets on the network, the money factor doesn't come into it, it's just a NO NO!!
  3. Wanting some advice from anyone that has done this before. I have been asked by a customer to provide cctv link between two buildings. They only want to see a quad split in the second building, no control or anything fancy, just pictures. The distance between them is roughly 300m and clear line of sight isn't the best, that is why i'm thinking Wifi is the only answer. They do have a computer network but its locked down and I cant go on it. My first thought was to use microwaves etc but as i say clear line of sight is hard to achieve without going VERY high which isn't really practicabl
  4. Check out the Fantasy Football thread in members lounge. Setting up a mini league, get your team picked and join the fun!!!

  5. not even taking time to rain here in N.Ireland. Great summer weather hey!!!

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