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  1. Last week
  2. Points to Mr H. OP can you click accordingly please
  3. Thanks for all with your help and advice, it was as correctly advised a blown fuse! Thanks guys
  4. When was the last time the panel battery was changed?
  5. got a picture of how it was in the old sensor, iD should use blue yellow and white to the biscuit unless you dont mean its iD and its eol or double pole?
  6. Hi, i have been having problems with my alarm triggering, it says sensor 3 which is a PIR sensor in teb kitchen. Ive had a look and cant see anything obvious, its been fitted for years by the looks of it. Anyway i covered it and set the alarm and it was still tripping ever 20 or 30 mins, so I put this down to a faulty sensor. The original are Texcom Veritas PIR sensors, and i purchased a Honeywell PIR sensor as a replacement. The I.D and wiring on the old Texcom terminals went: A = Brown B = Orange C = Red D = Black E = blue 1 F = blue 2 The new Honeywell goes: T2 = T1 = NC = C = V - = V + = Im pretty sure that on the new Honeywell Sensor, the Red is V+ and the black is V -, and blue 1 and blue 2 are for the T1 & T2 (im guessing tamper? So ive tried the orange and brown in both the NC & C positions and nothing....... There are 2 green wires connected into a choc bloc, along with two white and two yellows. Can anyone help me where im going wrong please?
  7. Sorry dont understand the question, do you mean connecting to the panel or opening the software
  8. good afternoon I have installed the version 3.37 of the galaxy rs and I can not enter with the basic credentials, how can this be ??? in the old version I never had this problem .... thanks for who will help me
  9. Although it's hardly worked anyway for the last few years lol
  10. Warning issued over sophisticated method burglars using to target UK homes (msn.com)
  11. Agreed, trades moan about DIYers but in fact most of them are hypocrites who do the same, myself included.
  12. Right then, over the years, i have had some of the most unbeliveable texts off him, and i mean childish sh!t. He is a supposedly top dentist!!!!!!!!!! But, yes he is!!!!!!!!!
  13. reply with- "I'd guess the alarm is being used by a total fuckwit" PS this is a double dare...
  14. Agreed, the silly texts I have had over the last couple days is unbelievable. I have even replied to the client saying this is unbelievable, he replies, lol, I have told him im not a mind reader, I can't guess this weeks winning numbers, put your ******* code in the keypad and it will show the issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do i get? In your best experience what do you think the issue is. ..........and we go again....... No reply sent.
  15. https://cpc.farnell.com/univercell/db8014/battery-flag-alkaline-1-5v/dp/BT05682 Same thing?
  16. Earlier
  17. I'm just hobby these days thanks for asking, however I have a stack of type 12 iron batteries from submarine days I can't work out a use for Don't worry or be precious we all value your input. If you from the intruder game even Mr h is light. I welcome your input
  18. So most people then including
  19. are you currently or formerly employed as an alarm man? or a hobbyist / collector ?
  20. Level crossing telephones with no local power was what I found? Called Type 6 in US as they are 6 inch high.
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