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  2. I was at cheddar gorge and wells
  3. It's a plaggy receptacle so anything slightly larger will sit OK
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  5. I see you were in Weston then! I had a Paragon Plus 'display model' from round the back of ADIs once, they actually went to the trouble of cutting out bits of plastic to glue a false keypad in etc... I snapped a nice bell outside a jewellers on holiday, well, not outside actually sheltered by the shop so it's a 1960s bell in near mint condition. Can't find the pic might have been on OHs phone...
  6. 3/8" x 6 pozi pan head ? anything which fits will be fine
  7. Hi, Don't ask me how I've managed to do this, but I've lost both main panel lid screws for my alarm. D'oh! Can anyone tell me where to get replacements please? Or if able, tell me what size the screws are and I can source them from my local fasteners. Thanks in advance. James
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  9. What looks like a ventcroft classic is coming down on Thursday. If it comes back in one piece & is half decent condition I put it to oneside for you
  10. Security warehouse used to have ventcroft classic boxest. Have a alternating red and green LED And heres another time i post that picture of the optima xm4 in my local abandoned building
  11. Anyone able to quote me for maintenance of an Ansul kitchen fire suppression unit. It’s part of a large tender we are doing. It’s one controller box and 3 x spray heads over the chip fryers. Location is not far from Preston. Anyone help?
  12. Bell box has cable coming out the side
  13. I guess that's what the wrangling was over...
  14. Hi: Sorry it was something your dad bought before he died & he got ripped off but glad you managed to get your money back. You might want to take a look at the DIY kits sold somewhere like security warehouse ( Really good to deal with ) or alternatively your local TLC Electrical do a basic wired system at a good price. If you need any help with questions on installation or setting up, please ask and we'll do our best to help you get it sorted.
  15. most who post on TSI have worked in the trade, 99% of the stuff sold in the shops as "alarms" is tat, if was half decent it would be fitted to the shop... readily available hybrid alarm texecom premier readily available wired alarm texecom veritas not sure that's me..... but you did reply with "tat" & "refund" so I guess it must have been ?
  16. Id have to look at a manual but does it have an option to do internal only on the part set program 2
  17. Have taken on board the advice and sent it back after much wrangling. I didnt actually buy the alarm, my dad did before he died, so was trying to put it in for my mother. Will figure out where to go from here, but the response alarm while generally perceived as tat on here was installed for 20 years and no issues, it just gave out/broke. Thanks to those who gave constructive responses.
  18. The bell is working and always has done. If I set the alarm say for program 3 and open the garage door, the external bell sounds as normal. My issue is that the landing PIR makes the keypad emit a continuous beeping sound( not the same as the time delay sound when exiting) when I set any program and then walk past the landing PIR, regardless of whether that zone(3) is included in the program or not. As mentioned it was all working perfectly previously
  19. does your external bell ever sound, ie is the bell trigger connected or failed? temp connect the bell trigger wire to hold off -ve and it should sound. If it doesn't you have an issue with your bell or cable. Then look at why the bell output isn't working.
  20. Fisher brothers are Electrical contractors specialized in all type of Electrical works offer services in Melbourne and Victoria. We focus more on the quality delivered to the customers. Further, extending our services to home security and automation.

  21. Morning All, I'm new to the site and send my greetings to everybody. I also have a query on my alarm installation I hope someone can help with as it's driving me nuts!!! Current setup Accenta G3 compact Zone 1 - Front door contacts Zone 2 - Front room PIR Zone 3 - Landing PIR Zone 4 - Garage door contacts Program 1 - Zones 1 -4 Program 2 - Zones 1,2,4 Program 3 - Zone 4 All was working perfectly, then I added a PIR to the garage and set it up as zone 5 and wanted to add it to program 3. This didn't go well as the PIR was faulty so I unistalled it and disabled zone 5 By the way, I have the engineers code. After that, whenever I set any of the programs, they appeared to be ok but whenever the Zone 3 PIR (landing) was activated, the keypad started beeping and the outside strobe came on but the outside bell didn't. As I mentioned, this happened on all programs including the garage program 3 which only has the door contacts. It's driving me nuts trying to find out what's wrong and I'm wondering If I have inadvertently set zone 3 to be active on all programs. If anyone can help at all that would be fantastic. Cheers All Bern
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  23. No internal speaker == No internal alarm. Bear in mind you have turned down the advisory tones the alarm will be at full volume no matter where the pot is in alarm. If possible you can press SET when arming to make it arm quicker but that may not help if you need time to leave the entry/exit area.
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