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  1. Yesterday
  2. You need to enter eng code then user code.... scroll to Zones....enter 50 Yes and work your to disable wireless zones etc.
  3. Number has to be in there ? What menu option you look in?
  4. Set auto test to 00 rather than 24 and restart panel
  5. Hi and thanks for the reply but I am still a bit confused. I have the programming manual for the panel but can’t find the program option to remove the transmitter . You refer to the zex menu but not exactly sure what you mean . Soory to be dim but am not super familiar with this setup
  6. As above its probably a test call under tel no 1. Its a requirement for grade 2 communicators to test the alarm path at least once every 24 hours to prove it could use it if needed
  7. the alarm was on a contract with previous owner of building, but we haven't got it on a contract.. i have tried changing and deleting number in communications/telecoms section , but i cant find any reference to this 0844 number. however its obviously in there somewhere though. It looks like it only makes the call once a day if thats any help. any advice/help gratefully received
  8. I have a SL Compact alarm that is playing up, it was put in some 12 yrs ago by previous owners and has been working fine up until now ( it won’t set) but I don’t have a manual to try to reset it. Could someone please help.

  9. I would assume the system is monitored, if so you should contact your installer to see what they can do.
  10. Delete the number and it won't call Is it under contract? Monitoring?
  11. Hi had this alarm set up for a while, (it was installed when we moved in ) but have noticed that on the phone bill is a call every night to an 0844 number, which is apparently an alarm test call? sounds logical, but is there any way of disabling it please?
  12. Any ideas what the wiring ports are? Simply listed as 2 4 6 8 10 12 ?
  13. "L" means lost, "delete the circuit off " aka remove the transmitter in the zex menu 91-98 or whatever +no ?
  14. Now it’s pissing memoff Peogrammed sensors to off in main panel (program zone types) and still triggers a tamper alarm frequently Tried taking battery out and this triggers another error code with an “L” after it when trying to set the alarm. Any ideas please
  15. Last week
  16. Thanks all for comments. If I can’t fix them and get new senders I have the install manual for the senders that says set the receiver to write mode but I don’t know how do this. The receiver is a separate square white box wired in to the gardtec panel. if anyone has the install instructions for the receiver they can share that would be fab
  17. Does anyone rate risco anymore? I know the past and how it was 1 way would you use it out vs anything else?
  18. Wisdom hardcore messed up , although I sold a few brand new boxed that someone gave up on
  19. As per previous comment, adjust the spring & ensure the battery is at a healthy level some sit on a spacer, so make sure that’s not causing any issues Or that the spring is not bent (has that before) if you want to remove from the zone you need the engineer code & it’s done on the program zones (first option when in engineers mode)
  20. The one way radio devices are rock solid Gardtec controls are quirky, but workable Wisdom / Agility, my life is too short...
  21. Well many systems got the querks , I got my first hkc wirreess contact where the reed inside sticks , but only one , Honeywell had loads in passed that send a low RF batt signal no matter what you do , texe always got firmware going so you know how it is Risko have these problems long time now
  22. Like all risco tat over time issues like this appear for no reason at all.I had this and had to replace them. Had this issue with a wireless door contact last week randomly tampering and replaced it. It is only in contacts that has been the tamper issue over time.
  23. adjust spring (s) / the case is damaged to remove from system you need to program the circuits off
  24. Got a Gardtec 595 panel linked to the Risco wireless module. Two of the wireless shock sensors are triggering false tamper alarms and is now occurring at least twice a day. Have tried changing the sensor battery but still the same. Any othe ideas to fix? Alternatively I could just get rid of them but I can’t figure out how to unconnected them from the wireless receiver, anyone know how this is done. I tried simply taking batteries out but that didn’t help
  25. OP U fortunately as a DIY grade system I doubt any of our members will have installed your system only removed them when upgrading
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