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  2. Is it flat 22 by any chance, what happens when you call 22. That will give you more info
  3. Just sharing this little resource with you, I find it very helpful (Scroll Down) http://www.intercomsrus.com/intercom_handset_finder_tool.htm
  4. The https://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/  Company (xxxx for short) was founded in 1995 with the aim to provide the best security services at the lowest prices. We specialised early on in something called ‘immediate audio-response monitoring’, which is at the heart of our *xyz monitoring* product and is the most advanced form of security monitoring on the market - and today still differentiates us from other security companies.





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      No personal details in posts pls

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  6. The CCTV doesn't lie. Or did fat matt hijack it? Yes. Still working reliably on the shed with the ION30exd.
  7. Maybe, but a 30R will even cheaper, it even fits in the same case (CHANGE THE PSU ITS A DIFFERENT VOLTAGE!) and you'll be able to keep literally everything else. (That said the outer case is exactly the same and as it sounds as if there is zero wired apart from the keypad probably better just swapping the box over) http://www.touchpoint-online.com/content/i-on30r Better yet it'll come with the cloud so have an app for the alarm and can log in remotely to disable any problem sensors...
  8. That wasn't 3 kids, that was one Fat Matt...
  9. I’ve just installed a premier elite panel and everything else is working 100% but when I try to set area b the speaker is not sounding when the timer is counting down and doesn’t sound when someone enters the building after being set it doesn’t sound either
  10. Just to close this out, yep you were right it was knackered, got a replacment PCB from the seller, all working as expected now.
  11. Last week
  12. I saw this on my sheds orisec bellbox. It turns out 3 kids threw a brick at it. I think texecom gave them £10 each to destroy my orisec bellbox for using it with a vertias excel. (Proof orisec bell boxs are better than texecom bellboxs)
  13. waiting for an A8 to turn up?
  14. They're waiting in the safe room with a shotgun
  15. Don’t think it’s genuine mate.
  16. Do you have the engineers code? If so the option for tamper or fault from a supervision loss is in the System Options menu. That said early versions of the I-on 16 only allow tamper or off options.
  17. Thanks again for your help. The alarm was installed by a very experienced electrician, who we've used previously for other jobs. He hasn't been able to solve the issue. Seems like the alarm isn't working how it should and that the below comment by Amps is the solution; A system installed to EN50131 should create a tamper alarm but I always program for a fault alert which turns the navigation pad red and the keypad beeps. As its not obvious to us how to implement this change, and on hearing comments that the ion16 isn't a great panel, I'm coming to the conclusion that a replacement is required. Can anyone recommend a well priced/wireless replacement alarm system that I can research? Thanks.
  18. Sounds odd, because if batteries are changed annually none of this should be happening, except, if it is a supervision alarm only, which tbh also shouldn't be happening on a professional installation. And to be absolutely honest with quality batteries it should be a 2 yearly event without problems. And although I don't use the wireless bells, 2 years seems really short for them, they are made up of 4 'D' cells. The ion16 isn't a great panel compared to the rest of the range as it cannot be upgraded; however, a 2016 panel should easily have firmware new enough to have the no keypad alerts option (which may be why you're missing the battery alerts before they go totally flat), but this would require an engineer to enable it. However, I don't know if it will be new enough to have supervision as fault rather than tamper - I really don't know as the only one I have is my old demo panel and thats ancient firmware. It all sounds a bit odd. Is it a large firm that installed it or an electrician etc...?
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