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  2. My current Hikvision cameras are quite old, they are 3MP turrets and the IR is pretty rubbish at night so I'm thinking of replacing them at some point. Are the newer Acusense Hikvision turrets any better?
  3. I've managed a temporary fix with a cheap coupler and covered the ducting with a bigger piece, I've ordered a IP67 one which I'm hoping will fit in the bigger bit of ducting then I has going to jubilee clip either side, it's a bit of a cowboy job but hopefully it will work as the camera is now working. If it fails I was going to try using that haydon splitter from the camera working on the left of the second picture
  4. Yesterday
  5. Thats because Ubiquity makes lots of stuff you just need a txer/rxer that suits your needs. But if you have power at the camera end then yiu could just use a POE as others have suggested
  6. Sorry the dodgy website in your link looked as if it was the type that would use a gmail address, you should have done the same when signing up here LOL
  7. Why not just use an unmanaged PoE switch at that money...
  8. Thanks for your reply, is that all of them or just the Haydon ones as I can see more expensive ones from Vigitron https://netviewcctv.co.uk/vi00103
  9. Could you send me some links as I've Googled it and I get a loads of results
  10. My email is a gmail not a business one, I set it up when I bought my cameras from them so I don't get marketing emails. If the splitters are tat I won't use them
  11. I be £100.00 or offers... However it was probably cira £50 to buy back In the day, so inflation wise a bad investment
  12. Used to service a couple of WMC's around the Doncaster area that still had them, that'll have been in the early 00's Probably be surprised what a nerd would pay for it on fleabay.
  13. Last week
  14. Date code on the box seems to be Mid October '93 Don't know much about them.
  15. Also if youre going to covertly advertise tat, its best you dont use the same email address as you website
  16. Ubiquiti Wireless would be a better choice
  17. I'd assume late 80's ? Probably cost a few quid at the time ??
  18. Been given 2 of these, both new but tatty boxes Before I consider them as WEEE I thought I'd document them for the nerds here. Didn't find much info on them from searching.
  19. They are not ideal but they don't really do a lot hence the cost. Shuffle the pins around but you'll get less speed and wattage
  20. I've recently had work done on our house and forgot to tell the builder about the cable to one of our cameras that was buried in our garden and it's well and truly knackered, rather than have the ball ache of recabling it I've just found something that I think might might work as we have another camera that's close by, has anyone used them and are they reliable as it seems quite cheap for what it does? Haydon POE Multiplexer Pack of 2
  21. the current offer from the Domino's is £12 for a large pizza... your "3 pizza keypad "is probably the same £ including vat as it was sold for 20 - 30 years ago when it was brand new & had a manufacturers warranty. Factor in inflation & even though it was probably nicked form work its been a less than Stella investment...
  22. Pretty much any hybrid or wired panel will do that. Assuming the peripherals are ok and of decent quality
  23. yes, I know... terrible the prices some people try on, in eBay. No, I don't need the panel - I am looking for a replacement to the Guardall Balmoral 5 that will work with just 4 existing wired detectors and the control panel mentioned above. I feel sure that it must exist, just need to find it...!
  24. I think sometimes people try their luck with Ebay I can see anyone paying that sort of money for one when you can buy a new panel and keypad for a little more. I cant recommend a panel as the ones we install are not really diy, but plenty of people seem to like Scantronic ION and its a brand that bin around for years
  25. any suggestions for a more modern Guardall Balmoral 5 replacement? Rough spec - work with 4 existing wired detectors (with the typical 2 resistive states, I know they're pretty common I replaced one a few years back with a newer model), and entrance keypad - like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155675281609?itmmeta=01HV4JYQMD4RVSTT8M3ZDSA709&hash=item243ef848c9:g:RboAAOSwwItkt8O7&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA0AkKJK%2BpbAc7wa7SYZWtsI7I6bOhydC19uxloj1V1vkwvWur9gS5vgi3Osfpq5ilrLVCAxVYLb%2Bg3rHtL%2BQA5DaQvQJiIVAXIJHI%2FSpGEDCGchDYstUmQbcVgS4vdGzrn0dP%2Be7E9QzNq%2FP4Tst%2FDF026Z62cN2%2BPJ6KSX0BXS1AAlgJuGqZ5APvEpaSWSIFrTfu%2BhQLHzW%2FPXIdWuetXImSubbH%2B5ExxUqfUv%2Fs0KjtRL%2BsIwfANzN0WHiqrY2%2Fi1wouSTJLQkEjwugw81RS5I%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR576-pLZYw becoming quite valuable I see... with RJ45 ie. internet connectivity to send states to a designated website ??? Ideas? Regards and thanks for all help on this one!
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