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  2. How can it be insecure if access is controlled by smart card,
  3. I don't know anyone who does it that way Smart card would allow you to access the pc then you have finger print reader card reader token or whatever you want after that Would be to insecure otherwise
  4. Yesterday
  5. I’ve seen this, not sure on cards though, still researching now, wanted to get a solution working for weekend.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XY2XLWF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_AP4Z06DC8K0GP5SQ5032
  6. Don't use Windows but Yubikey login must be a thing? Which wouldn't be possible to clone at all with just the key. If webcam they have Windows hello built in, not that I am found of that. Smartcards systems I have seen where separate USB reader and printable HID cards, not sure if that's same as NHS?
  7. I'm just googling- https://pivkey.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002505111-Setting-up-a-Smart-Card-Template-for-Self-Enrollment-Server-2012-R2-2016-
  8. Got prox reader builtin to our laptops (dell) keyboard with builtin reader https://www.dell.com/en-uk/work/shop/dell-kb813-smartcard-keyboard-uk-irish-qwerty/apd/580-18365/pc-accessories
  9. Hi mate, I’ve seen the keyboards, and separate desktop smartcard readers, just not sure on what type of cards or programming them. I’ve seen some that are already programmed with security keys etc... just don’t know enough about them yet.
  10. Don't use 'em.... However I'd a assume a keyboard with a smartcard reader was the norm ? Dell rings a bell?
  11. Hi Guys... Just expanded into larger premises and setting up new office & computers. I’m looking to add a smart card style logon system to all computers. Don’t want mag stripe as it’s easily copied. Ideally want the smart card inserted into a reader to logon to pc and if card is removed then the user is logged off. To comply with GDPR I’ve already got full drive encryption sorted, I’m just looking at an advanced logon solution,, Anyone got any thoughts on this or can recommend a product.. thanks
  12. No I wouldn't, thats how my wife uses hers, and dont forget Ive spent some time in China, they all walk around with their nose ion their phone there.Im too old for Lad baby
  13. It’s in the installation manual. Board comes with the panel. program circuit 33 as tamper.
  14. Depends on your broadband setup ups etc I use IP and 4g
  15. Consuming media is a bit different tho. Entertainment will be consumed by however the watcher can get it conveniently for them. I would consider this like computing a "tool" not entertainment. I am not saying your that way PJ but you'd be surprised how much time people waste on their phones fecking about with things that don't matter or can wait. It's still a remote control (and trying to bring it back OT) is that really a priority when your shopping for an alarm, I would say detection and reliability is more important.
  16. Agreed on monthly or at least some PAYG plan where you can access online if you go that way. Bear in mind they cut sims off if you don't make outbound services regular.
  17. Ebay is a good way to get rid of junk so caution is advised. System is basic so doesn't have any options for IP addons. If your keeping the system then you can only go for universal off the outputs/bell trig type devices. You could try some sort of ATA but your reliant on compatibility and good uptime for all the kit the message goes through. At least a GSM dialler would be powered from the system so only have to think about signal and phone costs then. Polled signalling is most secure but out of the realms for DIY.
  18. Thanks guys. I’ll do some more research. So comms via IP the way to go?
  19. Eaton scantronic might still be free on an ion 40 app system
  20. As jw said do you have bell board or a WiFi board , I think you can't have both Other than that it's in the instructions , and make sure the bell is in scb mode
  21. Any gsm dialler will do, Best to get a cheapmonthly sim with unlimited txt , most don't remember to top up or when your system goesad it send lots of txt and uses up credit anyway
  22. Last week
  23. anything non pstn is an improvement. Im not a fan of gsm diallers i prefer a polled signalling device
  24. I am not sure that signing could be enforced therefore it cannot be a compliance requirement, you cant tell someone that they must sign something otherwise their system is not compliant, all you can do is request a signature, and if refused, write refused to sign. Signing is useful though we had an old lady with alzheimer's who refused to pay for her service saying we had not been, but she couldn't argue with her signature.
  25. Hi All, DIY'er here - no alarm experience at all - but developer background and setup, wired and configured HIK IP CCTV system over 18 months ago. I currently have a Texecom Veritas (excel - I believe) alarm with a Texecom pstn dialler. I'm getting rid of my landline and have recently switched to fibre - what options do I have in terms of a GSM dialler (was looking at a pyronix V2) or is there a VOIP option I should consider? I'd prefer to leave the current alarm unit and just change the dialler - if I could - any advice would be great, even if i
  26. I disagree, I only look at my phone when something happens that shouldn't, or when someone calls me, the HKC app tells me in voice no need to look. Most of the other stuff like heating is a one time set up and it works from a routine. I am not always looking at my phone the only time I notice I have a text is when I get in my car and my car tells me.
  27. 6 do your kids not watch telly on one, rather than use the huge screen we would all rather watch. Mine use small screens for things i cant get, but thats the way its going and im 44 (this month ffs) so im proper old
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