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  2. How old is the battery? Try disconnecting it and see if the voltage rises Disconnect all the 12v from the panel and measure the voltage again, if it's 12v then connect them one by one until you find the one that's dragging it down and start there.
  3. Either the aux fuse is blown or the panel is blown.
  4. Hope someone can help me. We had a new conservatory and I disabled and removed the PIR sensor in there. Today the electricians came and wired up the lights etc in the conservatory and they turned the power off.This evening I reconnected a new PIR Sensor in the conservatory went to do a walk test and none of my PIR sensors were working. Checked them and the red led lights are not on.So far I have checked.1. All the fuses in the control panel and the fuse spur underneath all okay. (tested with multimeter)2. Measured the 12v wires on each PIR sensor and they are getting 2.5v (which seems wrong)3. Double checked I have wired the new one up.4. Alarm battery is okay and getting 13.8v replaced new 4 weeks ago.5. Transformer is outputting 20.5v AC6. Traced the 12v green/white wires back to the control panel and measured the voltage from the terminal and it shows 2.5v.I can not remember the last time I saw the PIR sensors flash red but we went out yesterday and set the alarm okay. Now today when I set the alarm the 4 red lights light up for 1-4 sensors but instead of the usual exit beeps I just get 4 beeps repeated. I have now found out this is because the Alarm is detecting the 4 PIR sensors are not available, probably due to no power/low power.So as far as I can tell the 12v aux output terminals from the control panel are outputting 2.5v not 12v ? Does this look like the problem and it needs a new Control Panel ? Is there anything else I can test. Noticed the Control Panel has 2002 on it !Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. Varkanoid


    Hi in need of help, guess I should go post.
  6. Last week
  7. The siren will work but as a minimum you need to give it hold off and then a trigger. Why are you wiring it off the comm module not the panel? Or are you trying to connect a proper sounder to p.o.s. EBay thing?
  8. Thank you for advice you are alright I'm computer engineering and I'm missing basic of electronics Currently I need help to get just for this siren to work I want to know the wire from siren to control panel that I showed how they look like
  9. Dont take this the wrong way but you need to get some basic electronics knowledge before you start playing around with stuff you dont understand. I gave up because you dont have any idea of what people are trying to explain.
  10. If you use a power supply you have to common up the ov
  11. They have an engineer hold off mode and will not be full operation with the lid open.
  12. Turned on but still the same When I wire the siren with 12v and 0V from control panel or from Power Supply 12V DC it make sound and the green light flashing and than stop wait for trigger from control panel I tested with mini siren that is work with audio jack (Siren+ , Siren -) it is working normally when there is trigger something in the linking I have did from control panel to siren is wrong
  13. Where did you get bell? Is bell tamper closed? Does bell have jumpers you can take picture of Actually I see the jumpers
  14. I'm trying now with Power Supply 12V DC 12v ----------------------------> 12V+ 0V ------------------------------> - and from control panel I wired Siren Control panel Bell ----------------------------> GND STRB ------------------------> GND nothing happened when I trigger the siren from control panel or PIR trigger
  15. That's the first move to try make sure your bell is working But wouldn't the bell wait for the tamper to close and he's forgetting that?
  16. Either the sounder doesnt work, or the panel isint outputting 12v. If you have wired 12v and gnd and the wired bell to gnd it should have sounded
  17. Nothing happened when I triger the siren from control panel or when PIR triger I think I have to use the Siren+ and siren- I tried Siren Control panel 12v ----------------------------> 12V 0V ------------------------------> GND AND COM Bell ----------------------------> NO STRB ------------------------> NO ANd Siren Control panel 12v ----------------------------> 12V 0V ------------------------------> GND AND COM Bell ----------------------------> COM STRB ------------------------> COM
  18. Maybe the panel relay is knackered or the bell its hard to say without looking if yo move the wire frome N/O to common does the bell sound?
  19. I don't need TMP for now I linked Siren Control panel 12v ----------------------------> 12V 0V ------------------------------> GND AND COM Bell ----------------------------> NO STRB ------------------------> NO Nothing happened am I wrong in the linking ?
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