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  2. The Dell Inspirion 2in1 14" starts at £499, think only the Surface go would be in that price range that's 10". Personally I would say it's a good time to buy desktop stuff at the moment but that hasn't trickled into the laptop/tablet market yet, if you can hold off a bit you may see prices start to drop and base model specs improve.
  3. I would recommend to ditch the internal speaker and use an extension speaker (loads of different styles - 16ohm) in a central area preferably on the entry route. Don't use a sound bomb! Volumes can be programmed via the panel, Also if your definite on this new Texecom system fit the wired version you could always add wireless module after if you wish.
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  5. Hi all, I need to quote replace an existing knackered flat intercom system, 6 flats & limited cores at the intercom so thought of using a 2 wire system. I've used Videx in the past and rated them but age old thing client doesn't always want to pay / wants options I would need vandal resistant intercom & its audio (no video requirement) Any one used any other good 2 wire gear? If so where is a good place to purchase / price up? Thanks In advance
  6. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=xvision+contact&pp=1
  7. Internal Sounders better to fit separately imo , out of reach ,and o e right outside your bed room When it goes off , you jump out of bed like a lunatic and the kids needs a nappy change
  8. I love my thinkpad. Shame its not a tablet though. Ill look into surface. Seems like it would fit my requirements best. Ill probably end up with a second hand ebay special anyway... Don't want to spend more than £500 really.
  9. Hi do you have the telephone number for the tech support please? Tried the one online and it say go to a chat then cuts you off and doesn’t show live chat
  10. Ok brilliant, thank you both for your input. Few questions on sound equipment, I have been told The Texecom 64w has a internal speaker, is this just good for chimes or can it be used as internal sounder? or is a seperate sounder recommended? Also if I get a Texecom box which does not have an internal sounder which sounder is recommended? Will the sounder sit inside the panel, as for example, the Kinetic Twin Peizo Sound bomb looks a bit a ugly/unprotected to be sitting by itself exposed so assuming it goes inside the panel? Many thanks in advance.
  11. I had to google Voltek but immediately recognised the kit esp. the beige twin PIRs. Blimey I remember them slinging this stuff in when I was at school (thats 25 years ago!).
  12. I never realised they actually marked them up as 4 wire, nor that you couldn't always tell from the panel which it was. When I was involved with Gardtec, with a couple of exceptions all our customers were on 8xx series and I think I was gone before the whole 4 or 6 wire keypad thing kicked off. I'm right in saying that you could still buy the 6 wires for years after the 4 wires came in anyway, right? Love the way on an 8 zone panel they've doubled up on 4 circuits for one zone! I guess an 'upgrade' on an ancient panel where they either didn't have the knowledge, time or spare cores to sort that out.
  13. Highly doubt it as it was so poorly installed and
  14. Wired yes , but a panel that supports wireless is best
  15. Wired is always a better option not from a signal POV but from cost and maintenance. There is no reason the Texecom would have issues if installed correctly. If cables are installed properly they should be fine if good quality cable.
  16. Where can i get a keypad for this panel
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  18. Thank you gents, it defo sounds like the wired is the best option for a better connection, I was under the assumption the Ricochet had a mesh like network so the wireless devices can extend the signal just in case the panel is too far away. My home is not massive but it is slightly larger than an average 3 bed house, so if radio transmission is iffy, then i rather not take the risk or having to invest in several repeaters/extenders to boost the signal. On the basis that the whole system is wired, would it be safe to say my current wiring will be good enough to support a new system like Premier Elite? Running new wires can be done but its a long process as the original installer has run the cables in such a strange manner that the old cables can not be pulled through and i would need to lift floor boards in every room upstairs (all new wooden floor was installed some years so its not a quick job) and create a new route through the joists. I don’t mind paying someone to install say the Premier Elite but it would be good to know if the old cables can be used or not so I know what prep work i have get done before the engineer can do the install.
  19. The "contract" is to install 15 pyronix sterlings
  20. If anyone is available on 28-30 April and wants a free ticket to The Security Event taking place at the NEC in Birmingham, drop me a message. There is a new Installer Conference this year focusing on standards, regulations and best practice, and it's co-located with the Fire Safety Event so there is loads going on. Free parking and drinks party open to everyone at the end of day one. Really worth dropping into. So many products on display including some never seen before. Backed by all the leading industry bodies. It's the best event to go to this year by a mile. www.thesecurityevent.co.uk
  21. I got pissed of with Lenovo thinkpad's, last 2 broke hinges I have a toughbook tablet thing but prefer a laptop Work buys a laptop, it gets used at home for year or so, then goes to work when it gets marked then broken, meh. There already a replacement machine waiting in the wings...
  22. Be surprised if an Acer lasts a job or two.
  23. I suspect you'll have issue with your texecom radio stuff, get a man to do it for you & he'll have to sort the faults out
  24. I generally fit Texecom controls and have no issues but I have fitted a lot so know how it works. Ricochet is stable if installed correctly if not you will have endless issues. If I where looking at the job I would probably replace each wired sensor with a new wired sensor as you do each room. It wouldn't matter if the old one ended up, dangling if omitted or programmed out, covered in gunk or whatever in the meantime. Would take an engineer 30 minutes including drinking a brew and checking over the rest of the system. If when checking over the system he finds something untoward you will know what the future is for the current system and if it's worth investing in radio or new wiring/panel/bell etc.
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