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  1. Longshot, but try disabling Smart Setup on the Bt Hub and then reboot NVR.
  2. Im a man of few words so........ CAMERA: DVR: Try it in CVBS mode? See if you pictures ok, whcih should prove connections and bnc's etc.
  3. To install Pro version you also need an installer key, otherwise its Lite functions only.
  4. Output programmed as Intruder with Random attribute and then minimum and maximum random times both set at 1second? Errr... would that give a 1 second pulse, I dont have anything to test it? Kinda depends on what flash rate your after too.
  5. I was under the impression it wouldnt work now they removed support for..... NPAPI? Unless you got an old version of chrome that hasn't updated, or they have sneaked out a chrome compatible update thats gone unnoticed.
  6. Would that mean new router so different gateway IP that needs updating in the panel?
  7. I'd assume it would be comms/ARC side of things if someone said polling to me.
  8. DIY install and Dualcom? I'd be surprised if dualcom, redcare etc would deal with you directly. Same goes for monitoring.
  9. Addressed it and added it to the panel with the "Install ZEM?" option?
  10. I have HKC at my own house too(removed my Dimension to install this), just coming up its first year and honestly its been faultless. We also install Texecom and Enforcer and both are also pretty rock solid, but we've never used any of thier apps.
  11. Loving the HKC gear myself, swapped out my Galaxy to fit it in my own home just for the app. Is it Domestic? Yes But is it DIY? No.
  12. Red fast flash is i believe Anti-mask condition, basically the microwave has detected movement when the PIR section hasnt. Usually happens when you have the microwave range is set too far and it ends up seeing into the next room or something(which the pir cant do)
  13. Meh..... it almost sounds like the PIR's are staying active for way too long after you have walked past them, which kinda brings some obscure things up. Are the PIR's fed directly from the AUX 12volt supply? Neither 12v or 0v wire is fed from any of the panel outputs? Do the sensors operate correctly when you view them in engineer mode. (Engineer utils....View zone status), do they go active and then back to secure reasonably quickly when you walk past them? Your exit mode is definately TIMED? I.e the exit sound continues AFTER you shut the door behind you, couldn't be youve set 'E
  14. Check in..... Global options....... system config...... 15 - Hide Exit Errors Sounds more like that is set to 'view exit error' which would prevent the arming even starting if you had zones open.
  15. We usually use the Optex stuff http://www.optex-europe.com/products/optex/123-sl-350qfr/and stick either Ricochet or some other transmitters in the back of them, couple for each. They also do ones with Innovonics transmitters already in them.
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