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Found 18 results

  1. Good evening, I am writing to ask you info about the following problem. Today it has been the third time in less then 2 months that my Scantronic alarm started to make an internal sound - maybe a brief external one as well? - and give me the error "Sound Tamper Reset Required". I have performed the Engineer reset correctly all these times, but I was wondering if maybe this error means that I have to change my alarm battery. What do you think? Thanks for your help Steven
  2. Hi all, hoping for some recommendation on which Scantronic parts I should go for. I’m currently in the process of renovating a 1 bed flat and whilst I have floors open and walls not yet plastered. I want to lay cables for an alarm system, I think I would like to have a hybrid wired system so I have the the options to add additional wireless sensors at a later stage if required, Scantronic has been recommended, I will also be adding a couple of external poe cameras, QVIS viper have also been recommended but open to any suggestions, might also look at adding a Konncected
  3. Hi Chaps Wondered if you could help. Ive a Scantronics 9651 with engineers codes etc. i recently moved a PR Sensor for decorating and tripped a fuse on the board. While out of use (awaiting fuses) I took the opportunity to remove the keypad and clean the contacts as several buttons were not working properly. Afterwards I changed the relevant fuse and despite having codes I’m unable to reset my system from a Bell Temper & Aux DC Fault. Any tips would be gratefully appreciated. many thanks Steve
  4. Hi I've just moved into a new house and I've inherited a Scantronic 9448ES alarm with a 9427 remote keypad and I want to re-configure it. I have a copy of the 9448+ Style Installation and Programming Guide, document 496574 issue 3 (attached). The guide describes the default settings and configuration options for all zones except zone 4. I'm not sure why zone 4 was not included - a typo? Can anyone advise zone 4's default settings, its 'change use' command code and its configuration options? Thx. Jaybeuu
  5. I have a Scantronic 9851 system installed with 14 zones, it was already installed in the house when we moved here two years ago. Recently I was unable to reset the system after an alarm; I was told that the control panel had crashed following an alarm activation causing a loss of 12v DC and that the control equipment needed to be replaced with a Texecom system. I've had good service from Scantronic systems for many years, so I did not have this done. At Christmas, the smoke alarm set the system off when cooking the Christmas dinner and the system was reset using the access code as normal. I'm
  6. Gabs

    Scantronic 9500 advert

    Just thought I would share an old style advert I made on Photoshop, I like making these in my spare time

    © Gabriel

  7. The other day, whilst at home and the system unset, the speaker sounder went off (but not the SAB). I entered the engineers code (didn't try a user code first) and the alarm stopped. I've not had any false alarms whilst the system was set. Not had any problems since. It seems this was a one off. The log reports "K01 missing" and "K01 restore". The wiring to the keypad is fine although it does pass near the consumer unit and had already been relocated by previous owners by a local company after false alarms (reason for those not in report). Their recommendation was to use screened c
  8. I have 2 issues, firstly I want to setup the alarm part set B for night; so that it triggers the timer when you enter the hall, the problem is the hall is set as an entry route for the full set A and the other part sets (the doors are final exits..), so the only way to trigger the timer is putting the hall zone as a final exit too would that conflict with the doors/other settings? Is there a correct way about doing it? I don't want to put the upstairs PIR to final exit because it would trigger if someone went to the bathroom. I also need to replace the keypad because the one I have is broke
  9. Apologies for reposting what others have experienced, but in my case I do have (what is supposedly) the engineer's code, and I'm still being locked out. Display: "Reset Required > Sound Tamper" Lights: Power LED (green), Service LED (red) I've tried typing in both the Engineer's code, and my own but in both cases the display says the code is invalid. I suspect I already know the answer ("the Engineer's code you have isn't the right one"), but I'm just posting in case I've missed an RTFM moment, such as 'press x, then key in the code'. I'm not hopeful, but I'd be a fool not to even ask i
  10. I have a yellow light on the control unit that states 'call installer' The log also reports "Tamper Z07 Rstr" which is the remote input panel This was after the property lost power and was hard-reset at the fuse box. Any suggestion is welcome
  11. Hello, I have wired an extension and been asked to add a couple of PIR's and Door contacts to an existing Bells only system its a Scantronic 9651. There are not enough zones present in the panel so have added a 9954 expander. Now the problem is that I cant find the extra zones, The system has 2 keypads, one with no link the other with id 2 link. The 9954 has no link set for id. Do I need to kick start the panel? will this delete config or passcodes? I am expecting the extra zones to appear as zone 9 onwards as the id is not set in the expander. I know the Menvier panels can be
  12. I used to be selfemployd before retirering and mostly i used to instal Scantronic panels at that time and lately I have been interested in the Texecom range. Hope to be of help in this forum
  13. I have recently installed a scantronic 9751 with hardwired expander (13 zones in total) and all is going well with the exception of reporting a mains failure. This is a bells only setup, no monitoring and it takes about 15 mins from when the mains power goes off to the keypad reporting the alert lamp being lit. On a previous 9651 system this was reported immediately. In the programming manual I can't see anything about setting a delay up - can anyone help me out with this? Additionally, several times I have come home and the alarm has gone off during the day (I know why it went off -
  14. Right I have a job which has been installed and working perfectly or for 2 years, then six weeks ago it started to go wrong. The job has a Scantronic 65en installed 3x rkps all wired on network 1, Next to the control panel there is a msnode address 2 wired on network 2, There is also an mspsu address 1 wired on network 2 fitted about 50m away, All detection devices are wired 2k/4k As I said the job was working fine, then I started getting random tamper faults on the devices wired on the mspsu so zones 2011 to 2018, no standard tamper faults on any of these zones, all zones are wired on i
  15. Hello everyone, I am an intruder alarm installer based in Leeds. Just wanted to say hello and hope to get involved with topics! Eric.
  16. Hello from Eric, a newbie! We are using lots of Scantronic 95 etc. here and have for years. We are starting to see and use some of the ION wireless / wired stuff. I just wondered if any members had any comments about this range? Eric
  17. I have recently had to change a a few PIR detectors which were working fine however they were old. I have a Scantronic 9651 unit connected to a Scantronic 9941 keypad. The new detectors are Bosch Blue Line Gen 2. I have wired them in and they are showing power and the LED lights up. The System will set however the alarm will not activate when the detectors are activated. I have tried taking the wires out and re doing them but still no joy. Even on the Walk Test they will still not activate. I am at a loss as to why can anyone please help? Dan
  18. Hello one and all, This is my first post here, having been an avid reader for the last week or so that I've been wiring up my new intruder alarm. I now have everything wired up and have dealt with all faults on the panel, bar one: I cannot seem to solve a persistent "Bell Tamper" fault. The equipment involved is: Scantronic 9651 panel ADE Reson8 bell box Connected to each other via 6-core alarm cable The panel and bell box have different names for the various terminals and their respective instructions don't explain how to connect up to each other. I searched this forum and found the an
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