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    An Accenta is a budget system so you get what you pay for. This is irrelevant to the advice for having the system serviced. If you don't have some technical knowledge you are not going to be able to locate the tamper in the first place, the tamper fault could be any component in the system. While your fix may work, possibly better than the original design, it looks pants. There is no way you can justify this type of fix for a paying customer. Any installer would rip the panel out and fit something decent if it was there own system.
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    What tat have you purchased that does not have a cut off timer ?
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    Its not that I am unwilling to help I spend a lot of free time helping people here if I can, but I already get pestered by engineers 24/7 so I wouldnt want to add to that stress. It really depends on how you see your future and what you want to do with your career. What I would say is that ideally you should look towards maybe a trainee position, and get some experience, it is how most company owners start out. You cannot learn experience from a book, or another person for that matter. There are people out there who saw a picture of a burglar alarm once and then started their own company, but generally their work is rough. They get plenty of work because they dont charge enough, mainly because they dont understand the value of experience, which in turn is because they have no experience. If one of the jobs they do has a problem or a fault they have no motivation to return and repair it under warranty as they are too busy installing other jobs just to make ends meet. It becomes a vicious circle until eventually they go back to changing tyres for a living. Hence why experience wins hands down every time.
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    I remember being on call (a few years ago now )for A N other co, and getting a call from the operator someone trying to reverse call, I refused (as I was not the bill payer) I then get a call direct from a chap pissed that I refused his reverse charge call, I explained that I am not the bill payer and that I was not authorised to make charged calls. He then went on to tell me that my alarm was ringing, so i went to my keypad and then outside and said, "no its not" he said yes it is listen I could hear a faint ewd in the background. I said thats not my alarm? he said its got your number on it. I went on to explain that it has the alarm companies number on it not mine, and if its ringing then he should call the police as its a burglar alarm and there maybe a burglar. He asked me to come and stop it, I said firstly I cant do that because I would be trespassing, secondly because I dont work for free and there would be a charge, and if you dont like paying for phone calls you certainly wont like paying my charge, with that he put the phone down
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    Are you sure it’s not just asking for grade 4 signing?
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    I would guess, 12v and GND on CPU to 12v and 0v on bell, put a link from GND on CPU to COM then wire N/O to B on Bell
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    "around" is near enough none of this would be my problem..... as its skip fodder
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    Customers cars will go faster if they get a message from the ARC saying they have an activation.
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    A few have developed their own solution either because they wanted to move cos of the buyout or historically made the decision to do that years ago.
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    We use Menvier dose drop out some times ( prob all do ) over all good site
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    You could trial it with nitrous. *this may or may not kill you.
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    with the level 3 code & the instruction book ?
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    equality... If you was a one legged, lesbian, black, midget you'd get no different treatment from me assuming your an adult, you should have the ability to understand over the length of your life the world changes slowly significantly. eg in 1986 if I wanted an instruction book for alarm panel I'd have to telephone the manufacturer & they might have been kind enough to send one in the post.
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    £500.00 for it all, you will need a small van to pick it all up.
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    Not much by the box there tho from what the other threads show costs to much
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    As above questions wise I'd ask them here there is a wide level of knowledge and ability here
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    this ↑, if you want to learn about the industry just get a job in it & you'll get paid too.... ain't that an amazing idea ?
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    Well forum is for that to Why not list some questions here
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    The development is a SelfMon product and will eventually support an MQTT based receiver at the SelfMon side and transmit panel SIA events via MQTT. As you can see from the image above, the virtual RIO devices have 8 inputs and 4 outputs and I've enabled 4 virtual module addresses on the test panel. The outputs are driven by the panel and can be forwarded links of zone status or just standard outputs like bells, set, etc. The panel sees the module as if it were a hardware RIO. When the output is set by the panel, the module forwards the status change to the MQTT server (broker) and it can be picked up by any subscribing client. The virtual RIO also subscribes to its own 8 input channels, so if you have another device that publishes a status change to one of the input channels, then that input change is sent to the control panel. The intention is that an automation controller will act as a middle-man in this process. That is, unless the other sensors have the capability to publish to specific MQTT topics directly. The reason for requiring the bigger panels is to maximise the number of virtual RIO's that can be enabled alongside wired RIO's. The FX100+ can take 11 external RIO's, so you can have the on-board, a couple of hard wired RIO's and then use the remainder of the addresses to maximise the number of virtualised outputs and inputs available. This is a block diagram of the device: http://www.selfmon.uk/manuals/LCE-K3/LCE-K3-MANUAL.pdf
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    You can send the ones asking for Nacoss my why if you like LOL
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    im sure many maintainers have calls for the same when its battery powered stand alone devices, smoke alarms, alarm clocks in draws, heating systems. I even had a call to 'music coming from all rooms with a pir' turned out it was her birthday and she was walking round with a singing birthday card
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    A non- related battery powered smoke alarm?
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    Suspect it is your smoke alarm
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    Alarms that activate like this during a power cut are most likely unmaintained and will require servicing by an engineer. We do not provide engineering manuals, defaulting procedures, codes or disabling information here. I can only suggest that you try all the user codes you can think of and if the alarm will not silence you will have to contact someone to repair it. It's recommended you service your system regularly, (even if you don't arm it often) so this type of thing doesn't happen.
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    You said that you can't clear down if it calls a landline, I would be starting to diagnose from there to make sure that is correct. I have known some devices not to sent DTMF while in a call, you have to go to another menu or need some third party app to enable this. If it requires an app this may have it's own controls in settings or require your volume to be higher, will difffer from device to device. Making sure landline to landline (or even the old Iphone) works first would rule out a fault elsewhere.
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    many years ago we organised a tsi meet up but it wasnt something the members wanted iirc
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    NSI have regional meetings I used to go to these until they moved the venue, I dont go as often nowadays, I believe that SSAIB do similar, we have on occasion met up for coffee or a pint at IFSEC but not regularly we are all spread out over the UK so for most it would be quite a drive to meet up
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    Frankie and Bennies urggh never tell them its your birthday unless you like Cliff Richard. I was in there for a quiet meal one evening with the missus unfortunately I picked a day that about 20 people had their birthday and they all decided to go to F&B to celebrate. Every 5 fooking minutes they played congratulations and came out with a cake with a sparkler in it. I wouldnt mind but cliff was played much louder than the ambient music which made me jump every fooking time it came on. Foods not that great for the money either
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    Buy system from ebay, fix and then play with it until you break it again!
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    You can use vlans if you have the right gear but might be simpler to run them on the seperate switches and use a router
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    I have an Accenta Mini Gen4 alarm and also recently also had the Tamper Fault Lockout message. Certainly I was partly to blame as I had moved the location of the key pad and to do that, had to remove the cover. After all the expert advice (get and expert to service the alarm / buy a replacement keypad / passed its design life / etc) I managed to cure the problem myself. As far as I can see, the keypad case is very poorly designed; the two tabs at the top and the screw fitting at the bottom are not really designed to the absolute minimum strength required. Because I had removed the bottom screw, when replaced, it did not fully close the case; there was around 0.5mm of 'play and this was sufficient to activate the tamper switch. I bodged some new 'tabs' on the top and bottom, fitted locking pins at the top. At the bottom, I reinforced the screw tab with epoxy and redrilled. Also, stretched the tamper spring a bit. The pureists will shoot me down, but the result was it now all works, no Tamper Fault Lockout message and did not have to buy a new keypad.
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    Knew it! Purists. Not saying it is the most elegant solution, but this RKP is in the garage so am not overly concerned with the appearance. I could certainly have done a better job with taps and dies, etc, but don't have access to those tools. Yes, it is not the most expensive alarm but what does one get for more money? Ass an alarm, it works, it activates the sounder when triggered; what more do I want? The electronics are fine, they do what they say on the box so why should anyone have to spend £25 just to get a new case? And only because the case is poorly designed. The control box plastic case is much better designed with the plastic tabs being stronger. But I do agree that fixing the issue may not be everyone's cuppa. It is mine; I installed the system and set it up when I built the house
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