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    Oh I don't know about that, I've seen Al Yeti logged in in the early hours...
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    Yes after 42 years [ a life sentence for murder is less ] and I do not know how many installs or sales I forget all the companies I worked for I am supposed to be semi retired but we moved house and I just had to rip the Risco wireless c--p out I have found a proper use for the panel use it to hold shed door open it even cannot do that reliably
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    He should have called his alarm co out to fix it,they would have been there and fixed it by now,but 5 hours later he still has no working system
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    Agency? Forget it,if you haven't built up a rep in the industry and have plenty of contacts I'd stay where you are,subby rates are not that great so you will be up against plenty of lads who are quick and know the game
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    Yeah I know what you mean about engineer resets. Was a real money spinner for me 1998-2006ish. I only asked the question as it seems some companies are allowing their engineers to connect to the Pyronix cloud using the insite software from their home computers. An engineer or even more worrying an ex-engineer can connect anytime. This can be disabled buy the user but most customers wouldn’t know how.
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    How do implement remote access?
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    3 calls a week isnt bad,easy £500 on call allowance for the week
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    id just connect the strobe to the bell trigger
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    Considering the post is 14 years old and a lot has changed on the site since then, I am not surprised the links no longer work.
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    Texecom Connect will be compatible with IP cameras in the future I believe. It was suggested you keep the systems separate above. I would place any Swann or DIY grade CCTV system you buy straight in the bin, it would be less hassle for everyone. Interesting to us in the know, how there is concern for security of the alarm components you are buying but a budget off the shelf consumer product is expected to be plug and play secure.
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    Fitted these back before the days of map6 late 70s before the days of plastic cases, used to be wired first to alarm latch ,had to fit up to ten on a single zone panel at first now wired eol nice to see an attempt to make it grade 2 Remember the case shape has it got Elkron [Italian]or Peake [uk rip off] on the label it is first detector I saw that had an led not a bulb They put an old gunn diode micro- wave in that case, and ultrasonics with ceramic coils and later even a single element pir he relay clicked so loud people complained most failed and replaced with Aritech Du series or later Racal 771 single element pir
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    Are they mounted on a solid base or outer cladding ?
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    Get the galaxy app, then you will get push notifications as well as being to arm/disarm from your phone. BTW you will need an Ethernet module
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    Were aimed at everyone We are an NSI gold co we offer self monitoring from £60.00 per annum you can have audio verification with two way response from any alarm company if you really want it. The reason none of us promote it is because you are reliant on what the operator hears as to how they respond. Two way response is only really any good if the person breaking in you house responds to "Whats the password?" So what does the operator do when he hears nothing? We can offer visual verification self monitoring from £60pa you can see what triggered the detector, and you have a picture of the perb to give to the police, because its unlikely that you will be home in time to catch them anyway.
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    Far too many question marks to work out where your questions are, but I'll try and help answer... I would say Shutter contact and DT. I don't fit Honeywell controls as standard. I'd use a Texecom external prox reader for this type of thing. Tag on your garage keys, swipe the tag, open the garage and park up, could do similar on the way out too with correct programming. I don't really rate apps myself. When it comes to your bike is it the right solution? Think about having to pull up, find your phone in your leathers, take your gloves off, find the app, disarm, put your phone back etc.. I would say separate system would be better for redundancy This sounds like far too much kit for one panels PSU. Are you definitely looking to DIY? This seems a large project for a your standard DIYer, lots to learn and trip up on along the way.
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    You would not be able to use standard passive IR, possibly external type (like Redwall's) but from what you say about the movement in the sides it's a bad idea. Passive IR detects changes in temperature moving ideally across or within its beam pattern, movement of the device itself would likely cause an alarm due to this. Mounting any detection device would need to be solid. The Active IR beams I suggest have a transmit and receive which need line of sight. Poles could be mounted or driven into the ground in the corners, beams could be mounted to these in a staggered pattern. Alternatively there are all in one tower units that are designed to be free standing.
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    From your oringnal post your 15 a month no ones talking to you either
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    from facebook I think the Salvation Army provide better accommodation ?
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    Without Prejudice. Cheapest plastic panel with mickey mouse 2 way audio, connected to monitoring station bloke sat a spare bedroom somewhere nr York
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    Looks ok Blagger you look yellow to me I mean yalelow
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    No skill with Hikvision thats why its so popular, its all plug and play. Do you know how to back-focus a camera? ( i dont mean focus I mean back-focus) Do you know what any of the stuff in the OSD is for like what BLC stands for or HLC stands for, shutter speeds? Very few people installing cameras nowadays have any idea on what settings to use, Hik have taken all the skill away and now a ten year old can claim to be a CCTV expert
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    Wow, 4 hours, when my alarm went off at 2am, I was so releaved the the guy was there listening in before I even woke up. As a personal user, would I have them rather than a bellbox, absolutely! Could I afford ADT absolutely not!
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    We get on average three calls a week, most of our chaps still go about their business whilst on call, they just cant drink or go too far out of our area (which to be fair that would mean getting on a plane) with remote login to alarm systems nowadays its all very easy on call
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    Tbh we get about 1 out of hours call out a month.

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