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    not yet. I'm actually underweight probably moving back to the uk in 2 to 4 years
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    Al, @fermevc has only made one post & we've already worked that out & he's clearly a proper alarm man unlike you
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    Get better installer
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    DIY tat, all sold as a gimmick.
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    Geezer I talking about option51 , 17 restart I think you eaten to many samosas the galaxy which has its quirks has this feature and solves the odd bug Stop trying to be an alarm monkey
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    If both are marked T, then either take the white back to 0v in the panel too, or just remove the white wire and place a wire link from that 'T' connection in the siren to the black 0v in the siren.
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    Can't say I ever tried, chloroform was my weapon of choice back in the day...
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    Fixed Least that would have been my plan
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    Install looks neater than a lot I've seen... Guessing it's to keep the girls away from your bedroom?
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    They still warp , but the deltabell is ok as long as screw is adjusted , especially on pebble dash of old , some newer pebble dash is worse , or that other rough stuff painted over mostly bumps all over the gaf
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    Pyronix used to use plastic that warps and moves when it gets warm or cold. I stopped using Pyronix bells because they were always tampering
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    Most Pyronix boxes of all eras have the need some tweaking with the box tamper spring/leaf somehow.
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    They need securing correctly & careful adjustment to ensure they don't FA
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    Tighten the tamper screw near switch , this will push the switch tight , you have left it loose if no other problems
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    If it's a "Texecom" box one solid light indicates a fault. It may not be a Texecom one, however possibly a good idea to have your system checked over if it hasn't been done.
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    Police see it as a waste of time taking most CCTV evidence to court, especially if the perp has a good barrister. Seems to mostly be used as part of other supporting evidence. Fitted a couple of systems as part of a joint LA/Police scheme in an area, they collected evidence over several months before they would even consider court proceedings. DIY stuff you may as well save your money, your unlikely to get a clear enough image of anything useful and will certainly not stand up in court. This tat provides a false sense of security, that may lead to you being less secure.
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    If don't complain your unlikely to get a cert, chances are the SSAIB want you to complain are they paid for every cert issued
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    I've got the ring pro and can't fault it. it's used solely as a doorbell which lets me know when someone rings it and has on a few occasions been useful for when parcels have been attempted to be delivered. Can't fault it really
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    I think the hikvision bell with wired bell connection is good And if you have a bit more money then the comlit vista which has an onboard relay is good to But both versions are an electrician nightmare lol , but they seem to fit the Veritas ok lol Ring is just made for the diyers especially the WiFi version on battery pack , you unplug it charge it put it back , other version is two wires and your done
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    I got a ring when it first came out, it wasnt very reliable, and the app drained my phone battery super fast. I sent it back and got my money back, I have a cheapo Chinese ring doorbell now, its no more reliable than the ring (on my smartphone) but it was £170.00 cheaper. Rings TV ad should be done under the trades description because they are no way that good, unless you happen to be on WiFi LOL. This sort of kit is okay as a gimmick but at the moment its not reliable enough. It will get there with 5g, but I wouldnt trust it to protect my house.
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    I'd keep the spares for future. i agree with H either:- *the keypad is not mapped *the zones are the wrong zone type *the detectors have the wrong values set *the cable is damaged Time to get the meter out and check all the connections.
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    Got a call yesterday afternoon to attend a system which the user had been unable to silence. It was down as a 'must-be-done-today' as the customer was afraid it would go off again, and she would be unable to silence it. I was given a whole sob-story over the phone about the customer's situation - how her husband had left her, and she was really struggling, and that it was all just proving too much for her etc etc. I did feel for her - until I arrived on site. I asked what had happened, and apparently it just went off whilst unset. The customer could not remember her code (which I later discovered was 1234!), so she opened the panel. And cut the LIVE 220 volt feed!! When that didn't work, she took her scissors to every single cable in the panel. When she realised that the bell box wouldn't silence, she removed the battery from the panel and threw it at the bell box. Fortunately she missed, but that didn't help the battery much!! No apology - but a COMPLAINT that she didn't know how to get in touch with us to ask for help! All I could do was point to the log-book on a nail next to the panel (phone number on the cover), the panel itself (with our phone number on it). Three hours later, system back up and running, but I replaced the panel screws with snake-eyes to stop her doing it again! D7
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    Some have flashing lights some dont it depends on the make, so long as there are no fault messages on your keypad nothing to worry about. I would recommend that you look into a service contract in any case though.

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