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    I know this isn't really burglar alarm related but it is a major part of the industry that alot of old installers might remember I am infact the proud owner of the 1,000,000 aritech ultrasonic detector award given to me by none other than Charlie darsch the vice president of aritech.
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    cynical & embittered is the TSI default outlook
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    Yes most modern panels would be fine. Texecom Premier would be a pretty straight forward swap with them having compatibility with any keypad zones or EOL values. If you are getting somebody in to do it, I would let them spec which controls they support tho.
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    I have quite the Collection of old intrusion detection parts from the euro meridian 44+ to ultrasonic detectors and photoelectric beam detectors and even an aritech award. Alot of my collection is able to be seen on my YouTube channel
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    I'll probably go for HKC's wireless internal sounder so it can be located midway in a hall between front and back of the house and be heard everywhere. There's space at the top of the SW 10 70 panel (not sure what that's for) and I could wire in a "sound bomb", but I wouldn't hear it up stairs.
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    Whatever date it was manufactured, about 30 seconds after it came of the production line.
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    One on the main roundabout iirc, had an 80's beefeater underneath
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    You have to have a sounder , doesn't have to be 120db and the keypad won't give you an intruder tone Personally I would want the internal sounder and bell delay external sounder
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    No they won't But they will chime in a zone if you need that
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    Given or stolen in a much regretted 4am shed rumble at Charlies mansion?
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    Depends if it fails after a week or two. Pain in the butt if you need to swap out the controls to return.
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    It is alarm related, it's part of the history of the industry.
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    Regardless, if it's not as described eBay have a great returns policy. Nothing to lose imo.
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    no its to make sure the code entry is clear. Always tell clients the code is 0xxxx then they cant cock up code entry
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    cant use 0 in code as its the clear button as a side note use 5 digit codes g2 as 9 available digits doesnt give 10000 differs
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    All the information needed is in the Installer manual, one thing it says is that Engineer codes should not include the number 0.
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    0 is clear on this panel
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    Yes any tampers you have open will indicate fault
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    assuming as you say 0abcd then its not on default codes. But I only know the uk panels and they may have different defaults. I think they are printed on the pcb in the aerial area. if the code was correct it wouldn't wait for any more digits
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    Did the default codes work before? I take it you didnt change the code? You could try recycling the power completely
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    reset the alarm by entering the user code and disarming the system you will be able to access the engineer menu after that
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    IIRC some court case involving Sheriff Buford T. Justice ? for a phoenix...
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    when the mk3 astra was new back in the early 1990's I recall seeing a black modern alarms car which had the vauxhall badge on the bonnet replaced with their own 6 links of chain like the bell box...
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    The thing is, you might be totally legit in your request but we don't actually know that or have any way to verify it. Also if we were to give this information out then anyone could access it, Obviously then there would be no point in your security system.
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    Brings back memories this lol He's back and he's black from sweeping those chimneys
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    contact your local alarm co(s). & ask for 1st dibs on any shite in their bin ?
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    Number 999 stir fried pork ? Thanks Peter, yes.
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    As a suggestion if you are struggling, use the keypad spare cores to take the contact cores back to the panel and connect into the endstation
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    & I thought my life was tragic...
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    Why do you have a cable pair and resistors connected in keypad?
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    PJ unplugged it for his curling tongs
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    you should be on the stage H Or just turned the pot back to zero, usually works.
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    With the talent of riving stuff off a PCB why aim so low ? You could work for Boeing or even within a Nuclear power station....
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    Agreed, total bloody butcher job.
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    I wouldn't say temporary fix, more permanent damage.
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    I still say a good, well maintained, fit for purpose system wouldn't need ripping out. People are too quick to add to the E-waste pile IMO. It's easy to say you swap your car or phone more regularly than your alarm but most of this consumer stuff is designed with a short lifespan in mind and you are trapped to a platform. A lot of my electronic equipment is 10 years old but its well looked after, I'd only plan to replace it when it's unserviceable.
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    That goes for old alarm engineers too mate (Not that I'm saying Your old, you understand)
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    https://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/guidelines/ Section 7 if you would like to pay for advertising then please do not hesitate to PM us for prices.
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    Hi: Isn't this the exact same question you asked on April 10th ?
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    As a house basher I use it often , even the odd commercial job that I don't bother labelling I need it lol
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    Doesnt make sense, they either trust Hik or they dont, the camera can be just as much a problem as the recorder, in fact more so because there are more of them. I have found Chinese cameras that report to a cloud, even though they were never set up by the installation company to do so (as far as we are aware)http://2827476.seetong.com/ admin/1234 Now I am no expert, but if the cameras automatically talk to the cloud then, in theory, surely the cloud could automatically talk to them. Cameras are made to stream footage so again what's to stop them doing a ddos attack if given the right command from a cloud. I am very careful what I install, and how it's installed in government and council buildings.
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    Cunts that text and drive want their fingers broken never mind banned.
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    I think the public are just thick as pig shit?
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    Seriously, I can’t believe why you are so unwilling to help me, if you have nothing to suggest, then with respect why are you replying to my post ? lets say installer 1 says alarm system A are the best ever, then installer 2 says alarm system B are the best, then installer 3 says alarm system C is the best ever, they ALl have their reasons. as a homeowner I have to simply guess which is the best, so my idea, as daft as you think it is, was to ask people ‘ in the know ‘ which is the best route and if one of my installers selects that, then end of problem, if no one does I can ask them to compare their choice with the forum recommendation......seemed a good plan.....guess without any further replies I will have to research elsewhere, just wonder the point of a forum that won’t offer advice....
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    Its got a cream horn siren inside and a cover tamper, some of the later ones had a mylar cone speaker on the mounting bracket facing downwards.
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    Another alternative is cheap low power radio, transmitter/receiver pairs and make up my own contraption (but that would be too much work )
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