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    Hi Paul Tom, any of those are better than a sterling 10
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    Got to be in the top 5 sh|test panels ever made. Skip fodder.
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    Leave it in your freezer over night in a plastic bag and it defaults
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    Where else are you gonna get equipment that's no longer manufactured from? The correct advice is buy a proper system from a SSAIB / NSI co. have on it service contract, if you are as wealth as you like to kid on. G4 signalling. Your clearly not the type who wants to spend any money.... Hence you've a naff alarm which beeps to annoy you..m More tat...
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    Not a trace of any skid marks on our patch.... Your gaff- BTW I've got a sterling 10 coming out next, if you was less of a prick you could have had the pcb & a couple of rkps for the cost of postage....
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    Yes really, one of us does this **** for a living & it clearly isn't you
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    Probably for the best, otherwise you may end up like DD...
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    I have got datadiffusion's telecom security panel all wired up and connected to the phone line to call my mobile
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    Paul, you are the best wind up merchant we've had in ages. Nest is DIY consumer tat. Your data is on some else's server of which you have no control over.
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    I think its maybe its because people working in this industry we get to see and are told about lots of things that the GP dont get to see. Im not just talking people pissing in the pick and mix, or leaving a dump in your microwave, thats just the everyday stuff of your average burglary. Trusting your security to an system that I would not trust to prop a door when you say you can afford a decent system is not being sensible with your money in my opinion.
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    I thought some council provide the free response alarm So where will you get parts from? Moronbay?
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    You dont burst my bubble or impress anyone, the way i see it is the one thing that is designed to protect you and your family is inadequate, to be fair it was inadequate when it was manufactured. Anyone with proper funds would take the security of their family and property very seriously. If you want to save money then do your own decorating, but saving money on something that will tell you when some oink has got into your house while your asleep is taking a risk, especially if you feel that you are affluent as you make out, as that makes you a target .
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    Err, it's gag However your sterling 10 gets much bigger laugh from the membership
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    I doubt that very much, if you did you would pay someone to fix your alarm.
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    Please rate us on www.trustpilot.com
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    If they are Exodus smokes on a Texecom Premier system I would consider a replacement for Aico low voltage. This is unless the site warrants a "proper" fire alarm system installing which maybe what the alarm company are alluding too. It's possible the devices are contaminated and need replacing, I'd expect them to be replaced periodically as part of maintenance if on brigade every 5 years. Also possible they are the wrong type of detection, the generic Exodus "blue" multisensor isn't suitable in kitchens and orangery's IMO. Beams are an option but they would have to be compatible with an intruder alarm, kit like fire beams are designed for a fire alarm as referenced above. TBH I would have at least made the system KH only and replaced the heads in the time being until you resolve the issue. Sounds like so far you have had people come and look but do little in reactive response. Either way your in the hands of the alarm company really.
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    If you've no preconception of how things should work.... it might just make sense ?
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    I think you mean the datadiffusion, MrHappy, james.willson and logan section
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    Or TSI Sad Old Git Vintage / Collectors section
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    Photos of alarm equipment in other peoples property's
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    yes without actually seeing it etc to confirm it sounds goosed
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    Does the omit unit buzz when you turn the key? You may need a code for it also/or
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    You have to connect the rope to the end of the shutter. So as soon as the shutter moves the rope moves in or out to the device opening the circuit.
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    I'd suggest ebay..... but last I did it kicked off with Paul the retired millionaire.....
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    Excellent, atleast you make a good comedian, I better go find my teeth, while your son's fit you a Veritas hahahaha joker Lol you really are a time waster both your son's are electrical "engineers" ask them to fix it man Alarm stuff is easy , not like complicated electrical engineering
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    As an alarm man you should be coining it in...
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    Nah It means the shed and it's contents are worth less than a fiver that's all.....
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    I have seen pyronix boxes with a green strobe but don't have one in my collection dont really care for collecting modern equipment
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    Not any more H, now I shipped off those two boxes to Logan I can actually sleep on the FLOOR of the understairs cupboard #lux That's one less person to send a Clunge Security promo corporate card / calendar to at Xmas. This years calendar was our 2 whippets dressed as historical figures so you're the loser, frankly.
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    How about my collection of old CCTV Cameras
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    Don't worry about the locks on the 1.1L fiesta, the Moss alarm will do the trick.
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    you forgot this-
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    If a lower graded i&has part is fitted to an i&has then it lowers the overall grade however fitting an unrelated switch to signal something else isn't i&has
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    No idea which miserable **** keeps voting down peoples posts (but the Admins will, whoever you are), so please stop it in this section as it isn't in the spirit of collecting. I have no issue with my posts being neg'd nor me neging anyone elses if they say something silly in the trade section, but here it serves no purpose.
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    You might have to change the setting mode to timed
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    Ive already got one in very mint condition. Thanks anyway though.
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    I did get a 55sec BB off at 11.59pm last night and a 3 minute off at 9.17am but the alarm didn't Comm fault which is okay with me.
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