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    Can you take closer pictures of the wiring diagram please and i might be able to help
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    Neither actually.. CEF have a partnership with lego
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    Output or input needs inverting if it's doing the opposite. Also tamper connections not connected to the panel?
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    & I bet you thought I was taking the piss... probably needs battery's, however the unit may have failed, or just require relearning. Personally I recommend trying to nail your installer down on a price to replace all battery's as here's a scan of the factory fault finding guide-
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    The whole remote service side is fully automated, leaving nothing left to do on that side. Everything is fully audit trailed for compliance, again no record to manually update. No software to install means even more time saved as there is no messing about with programs and windows update issues. Real-time over the air updates and modifications via browser or smartphone, just like using wintex. It saves time, so it saves money. In the scheme of things the cost is nothing, we are charging large clients an annual fee for online portal access to see multiple sites status and additional costs per user login .... No brainier, it’s all paid for.
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    I don't see an issue for charging for that service either, it's not like there aren't other options for remote on Texe. JL has said on here that other services will stay the same this is additional.
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    i don't see an issue in charging for a service. the app backend etc and dev needs paying for somewhere don't you think?
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    if something isn't looked after then it won't work as intended.
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    Allocate zones for chime as in turn each zone on and off for chime Can't remember where Iol but it's there
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    Coms to keypad might be missing check connections to keypad.both ways You have only one keypad yes?
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    Just link them all like the white lines on the PCB
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    Link it or make it used or spare
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    Picture Is not mine haha, I would not embarass myself, picture stolen from google!
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    Handy little image for you there matey
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    Yes buddy that should be the ticket, bell tamper should clear when you close the bell lid, just make sure you addjust the tamper switch to make it close as you fit the lid.
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    This is the piezo that delivers the siren tone, driven from the pcb, have the cables and piezo been ripped out in an attempt to silence the unit??
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    I do appolagise, Its along time since i've worked on a Scanny! Actually @Carlos12, I'd be more looking at replacing the sounder, looks as though the actual piezo siren is missing from the bell box itself !
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    Unlikely with that PCB pic
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    By any chance is an ION Panel you have ? If so which model?
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    You mean it's a scantronic alarm and wiring to an ag6?
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    Wired in phone cable not great... Not only the Piezo wires but Test jumper on and battery jumper off also.
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    It does indeed, but it's a very high price to pay when everyone else doesn't charge! It's a risky business strategy especially as their equipment offers no more than others

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