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    that clears a few things up...
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    For less than the cost of a mobile phone you are protecting your most valuable asset!
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    Become Batman & fight injustice ? or try a different telly / vga or composite video input ? Log into its webpage & select a lower HDMI resolution ?
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    lets paint the scene you reach into the ceiling & find the bare conductors of 4mm swa, your eyes light up, your hair perms like a 1980's scouser before you can say "calm down" you fall to floor smashing your skull in after the rats have used you for a snack & TSI have noticed you've not posted for a bit somebody looks for you in the old college, only to find your dead What do you think would happen to whoever allowed you on site ? I would assume the HSE & Police may express an interest...
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    I can't convict you until they find the body ?
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    I suspect Yale will sell thousands of their shit alarms a week, A proper house alarm can be had for roughly the monthly payment of Range Rover... oddly expensive cars parked outside houses with shit alarms is far from uncommon My personal fav was rs4 & powermax comprising of 2 door contacts
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    Vacant premises system.
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    It really does look a lot like the setup at Shepton. Hope you didn;t pay the £15 entry fee if it is, rip off!
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    No. Guess again Sorry, just a standard question I'm too used to asking people. Somewhere that was big enough to have steam plant anyway.
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    And will activate on fire...
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    Does anyone know what a radiovisor panel would have looked like?
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    I'd assume a white metal panel with a keyswitch
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    IIRC there is date on the seal of the "chamber" ?
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    Sizes and number of files. Looks like it's on the mobile skin?
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    obviously the bottom pic is input mains rated & not 24v dc for fire alarm (unless switched via a relay or contactor)
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    You trip server RCD maybe?
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    With fire cable? If only some clever person had marked on the base when they showed them how to wire it...
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    Carefull, they changed that law years ago.
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    who cares ? you shouldn't be fucking about in there, turning the power back on has the potential to injury yourself / others or start a fire
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    if you are tossing about in void property be careful & you don't want to be there by yourself
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    I'd say its goosed, I assume you have shorted the nvm pins and factory defaulted it?
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    sounds overloaded way overloaded I assume thats tx hum. Usual rider about opening with ac present etc. Id assume the regulator or bridge rec will pop if you leave it powered. are there unfused headers that are shorted?
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    alternatively fit an external wired contact to the frame/window and wire that into your transmitter
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    Uber might vanish if brexit happens so don't worry Bout it for now
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    Can we get this post printed and framed please
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    Losing hearing not good but shredding towel sounds cool
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    NO!!!! diss the mains at the spur before opening the panel
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    When you open the the panel disconnect what i put a red arrow pointing at
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    I would get the engineer that normally serviced it but I can’t get hold of him anymore and none of my local company company’s will touch it without wanting silly money
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    The bins around the back of an alarm co ?
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    I imagine protected in loading bay or similar? Looks good
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    What's this mean dude? I just a mere blagger and don't understand
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    Until someone invented something that puts our industry in jeopardy
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    I have the csl test kit in the unit... The C&K keypad listed with the active 5, sd1 ect was racal or gardall too ? I have notseen the itec shocks in donkey yrs is the boards on the pcb must be an aritech analyser ?
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    To be honest i am not really a fan of having a alarm system connected to the internet as it can be hacked.
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    1. Pull the fuse out the fused spur. Should near the panel NOT the one inside the panel (take a picture of the main panel if you can't find it) 2. Disconnect external sounder (it will go off when you remove the cover) 3. Remove panel lid 4. Disconnect the battery. You can unplug it from the circuit board or directly from the battery (your choice)
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    It's junk in today's world Waste of time trying to fix
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