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    Don't be a tit, stay at home and do exercise like a normal person, not bin dipping. Resources are stretched already without you taking up police and NHS time if you get caught/have an accident. Taking things from a skip is still theft without the owners permission. Get a theft rap and you'll never pass a DBS check.
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    rip it out & stamp on it? its 1 way radio, wait for the device to sleep then wake the transmitter with a 12hr alarm or view the device strengh
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    He cant reply, he is still pushing the bin home
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    You still ignoring the .gov advice?
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    It's his mother encouraging him to naff off out...
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    Yes, an E080, but buy an E080-08 or an E080-10. The older models have a bug that allows a syn-flood to crash the panel. The E080-4 and A083-00-01 modules use an obsolete Texas Instruments CPU that has a burnout problem. You'll get an old used E080-4 on Ebay for around £30, but it may not last for long before it dies. The E080-08 and E080-10 are based on a new CPU design that doesn't have any of those issues.
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    Send your mum my commiserations.
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    After the news last evening I am currently trying to get official guidance on our status etc Bsia released this yesterday https://www.bsia.co.uk/blogs/43/bsia-to-call-on-government-to-clarify-cr
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    That doesn't remove the fact they are complicated for you
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    Certainly wouldn't recommend buying an expander card for such an old panel, but that's up to you. I am all for good well maintained systems avoiding the e-waste but throwing decent money at obsolete kit is where I'd draw the line.
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    Logan did you read any of the posts above? i understand your trying to be helpful but there is a much bigger picture you need to think about in real world situations. Ownership, liability and responsibility in this case for example.
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    really ? fire up your ford orion & go & knock on their door...
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    tell you what Logan, enjoy being part of tsi or dont. Push things and ill remove your status. I dont see how we can help Norman put it better
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    No treaty required Logan, stop acting like a petulant child or your off.
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    Logan, just an fyi. I support tsi totally, i dont block or remove posts you make promoting sw competitors, you send one of the reasons i have tsi away to others. Then you give me grief on what im doing wrong, please do me a favour and stay at tolerated status
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    Logan you really need to relax , after all the discussion and last thread on same matter , you ignore advice ? None of this is harassment, but you continually reacting in the way you do could be considered ? Crazy maybe When you opened the parcel I sent you did it show harassment? When you said to me you will use some of it on installs , did it bother me? No So again relax , you will still get a negative from me sometimes , but not like we did table tennis Happy days yes????
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    no they sent me another lovely brochure..... I do look at 'em before they go in the recycle bin
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    You've been posted the new Micromark catalogue?
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    Logan stay at home TSI can always write a letter to your mother
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    Yes, some network misconfiguration can also crash the panel (I've had a couple of customers who have experienced that), but low risk compared to the CPU going pop. The board is scrap once this happens. If you have an older module and it works, then it may keep doing so. The longer they lie on the shelf without power makes it more likely to fail. I wouldn't sell the older boards now, as they're just a headache.
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    he's already an orangery peachy colour ? & the best president ever !
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    i thought it started in china?
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    He's not declared a war yet and been the first President to step into North Korea... The guy seems like a slimeball but in a world that continues to become some twisted popularity contest he's playing the game well.
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    Just the bull he comes out with like "There is no climate change" He has called climate change "mythical", "nonexistent", or "an expensive hoax" . Or when referring to the U.S Covid stats “We’re going very substantially down, not up.” He also exacerbates xenophobia by referring to the virus as a "Chinese" virus". These are just recent statements made by him, if you go back over the last 4 years there are loads more
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    Your still in full time education too
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    yeah, there's nowt in but worthless shite....
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    Yeah, they're a professional panel...
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    Currently we have a 3 month window, the inspectorate has about a month to update us on what to do. But as see it if a customer phones and asks to be rescheduled it doesnt matter what anybody else says
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    Many thanks @datadiffusion, finally got around to doing this on my 9752, fitting a 3rd keypad and a wired door contact as you suggested. Your advice much appreciated :)
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    To be fair if you dont understand that much, its not a forum you need its an engineer. Linking out a wire across each circuit in the panel, take the existing wires out. Before you open the panel isolate the mains electricity can kill
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    You will only attract customers that will expect you to work for free that way. So many people think this game is about how many customers you have regardless of the cost.
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    The thing is your not going to have a private conversation about shagging your neighbors wife infront of a Police officer wearing a bodycam. Its about awareness recording audio on CCTV is covertly recording audio, the Police are doing it overtly
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    Unique generator based on account number and contract number is what I use. We can have 20 mixed systems on a single site, all have different engineer codes. Far more secure this way, it’s rare but if and when a customer wants to leave for whatever reason, we issue the code on written request and if accounts are paid up as it’s no good on any other site
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    I think youll find thats Stu's Mine just says "Welcome to Jamaica and have a nice day"
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    Logan, stop being a tit or go join a Facebook security group and delete your account here. It's becoming really tiresome.
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    May just be a placeholder and the symbols don't represent the password length? Question is does it work.
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    Samsung are a pain to setup email For general use email is good, i use some to report network loss etc Unlikely to be the email provider as you could use another DVR different make and it will always work , you probably have changed something and need to break it down as swb says Recently when O2 and others were working on there network ipolis was not working or sometimes other functions would not work because of how Samsung drs work , following day back to normal
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    using a gmail account and the mailbox is full due to sent items?
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    As a dog owner myself I can vouch that having your alarm serviced regularly by a professional company is by far more cost effective
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