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    Never liked Sage although have used it for the last 30yrs No Freeagent is separate company looks very good, but if you bank with RBS/Natwest you can get it FOC if you meet certain conditions. Probably will have a look, accountant already has some other companys using it and he says its good.
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    their was a foam pedant (cqr ?) which had magnet to keep in vertical, foam or a 1/2 a brick being chucked a the bell would knock it in to alarm there has been all sorts of clever stuff, however the industry is very "price sensitive"
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    Why not just have a proper camera and a door bell, use an alarm input if you like. I'm amased that anyone needs this doorbell crap much less wants one. Put a camera at the proper height and don't fall for the marketing
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    Delete all serial no.s of RF zones
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    I have been doing similar things all my life too. I have found that the best place to start is with a problem. For example, we have a huge site that is armed by a security guard. Before he can arm the site he has to walk through each building to make sure that no-one is still working before he arms it, the problem is some of these buildings are so big that by the time he has walked through from entrance A to entrance B someone has come in from entrance A and is sat at their desk working when the guard is setting the alarm. The site has access control and there are time restrictions on peoples cards but they need the access to work in order to get out of the building. We could just restrict their cards not to work on the external doors after working hours, but there are many nights when the building is open and staff will require access after hours. So there was no easy way to restrict staff from coming back in. Our solution was a lock down fob, the guard now has a red fob that he swipes at the entrance a when he comes round to lock up, this disables all the external readers but not the internal ones so staff can get out. Only red fobs will now work at the external doors. The red fobs also work at the alarm keypad and so once he has checked the building and got everyone out he swipes the red fob at the alarm which arms the system. Only people with a red fob are able to enter the building (they are keyholders) and when the alarm is unset it automatically resets the access control so staff can get in.
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    that's a hard one to achieve and meet component standard. Once an input hits the panel it has to do things as prescribed not make a decision
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    No, why would you, similar to a garage condemning a car because they are no longer made. As I say chug away until there is an issue then document and report, that's all you are paid to do.
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    Like you say, just opinion. Can be equally argued that the circuit in the CU was already in place and that you have simply modified it. The cable is only part of the circuit, not the whole.
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    this was argued on the IET forum by a lot more knowledgeable folk that us - using the fitted breaker does not make a new circuit, it`s there and part of the installation prior to your arrival - therefore the need for notification doesn`t apply. who says your not supposed too?
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    if that was true - which it isn`t. simply take the supply from the existing breaker - no new circuit is created so no partP notification is required. A new circuit is defined by the fitting of the new breaker NOT the location. source - IET
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    So you don't condemn something like a cd95 panel just because it's obsolete and no long supported by the manufacturer
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    So do any of you use condemned notices. For instance to get rid of old obsolete panels and if so for what and when?
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    I didn't say it shouldn't be charged for, all I'm saying is it's expensive especially as there's free alternatives. In fact, it doesn't really do anything more than what was already available.
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    Thanks for all your help!
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    Anyone used the visonic 360r panels yet?

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