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    add fruit flavorful & carbonate
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    A galaxy 18 does not have a NVM to store the log, it retains it by a battery on board which if in good condition might hold the programming and log for a month or two as we have found, but galaxy state 48hrs retention and if the battery is knacked as soon as mains and battery backup have been removed the information has gone. QFA If it was communicating via GSM to an approved ARC did the monitoring station get a close the night before the incident ?
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    I would make the customer aware that the system is obsolete on each visit or service but if the system is fully operational its up to them. If not fully operational its time to speak to the customer about options. Would only condemn something if it is no longer fit for purpose or unsafe and for that reason I would take the system out of service there and then not condemn it.
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    You can get the flush fit LCD keypad for the euro 46 which look quite nice and come in different colours. It's what I'll be fitting in my new home shortly.
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    Forget risky risco go with a FIRM texecom
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    ding! its Gardtec, simply replacing the battery & ensuring the tamper is closed would be far too simple...
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    Did you not get an answer from your post 7 years ago...
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    I think the Peckham spring is a direct replacement
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    Then do a bathroom refurb on side
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    Taking on other systems reduces your quality as a general rule, so get ready for those call outs.
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    I'm 33, been in the trade 11 years. All my experience has been out in the field installing, commissioning and maintaining. It's not something I'd be jumping into tomorrow, I'd do plenty research on the admin side before going ahead. Where I stay there isn't a local security company, there are companies from surrounding areas that take care of things. Why do you say it would be boring? I'd take on an apprentice/labourer if needed and could afford to but have no desire for a large company with a team of employees - I've seen what goes on lol.
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    Nothing is impossible if you have the determination to do it. Every business has to start from somewhere. Expecting to start from scratch is a huge ask, I assume you have in the pipeline enough regular work to keep you busy for the future? I also expect you have enough experience being employed in the industry to understand it's workings from both an installer and administration side?
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    Find another installer or company that your comfortable with and ask them to make it stand alone system, as you need an installer for the app side of things Or buy a Yale and do it yourself simple, odd you keep using the word total stranger , after all you were happy to trust him on what security you need
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    Inside job man, man hiding understair cupboard
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    Report is dated 28/01/17 06:30 But has signals after 06:30 Appears to be no restore to Pstn fault before break in ?
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    Sadly you are pissing in the wind imo, most decent alarm companies will have this covered off in the contract you hold with them, something along the lines of "this is not a replacement for or an addition to any insurance policy, nor should it be taken as such"
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    That made me lol
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    Sub has G2 radio alarm with 1st year free app signalling... I'd bet £5 on an external meter cabinet or fibre / telephone being accessible
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    Sent from my iPhone.....
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    Being a house basher only, op is blagging in my view Op took NVR done place over or inside job, insurance company has taken panel already and now op or someone is wondering if the log can be checked because they didn't think of it before I watch to many movies maybe..... Or hanging around you monkeys and baboons is driving me more crazy
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    You have only made one post since you applied 4 weeks ago, (this one!) you need to participate.
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    That's poor. I have had loads of installation manuals for the 816 over the years and the only one I have now is well tatty. Wanted to print one out for an 816 panel I'm selling. Since joining this forum I have offered to go out of my way to help others but have received no help in return.
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    Use existing wiring for a hard wired system with all the other features surely? Hybrid system to give use of remote setting etc. I'd be fitting something like a pyronix euro 46 app or a Eaton ion 40h if it was me. Grant
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    So you don't condemn something like a cd95 panel just because it's obsolete and no long supported by the manufacturer
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    So do any of you use condemned notices. For instance to get rid of old obsolete panels and if so for what and when?

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