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    You'd never be brave enough to go to Wakefield it's that rough even the muggers have to go out in pairs....
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    I wasn't feeling sorry for you till this point..
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    I would have come in the bottom of the call point. (and anything external)
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    Ignore him, he's jealous of your skillz...
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    @datadiffusion will like this firedex 2204
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    My first thought is contact the local company and have your current system looked at, would think it's in your budget to get a full system working again. Monitoring is only useful if proper polled signalling unit which the best way is via an approved company.
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    Cool me3 But I currently hold the Javed of all trades house bashing champion title
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    Not vandal resistant not 2 wire Imran,. I use door entry direct just call them tell them what you want and give them your email address, they will send you a quote 0208 621 6210
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    Id have left a lot more slack on the cables entering. It's bad practice to cut them so short. If the panel ever needs replacing or modifying you'll have to extend the cables which is a right PITA
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    Ah i thought it might be someone else who uses capital letters now and then
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    What really pisses me off is when they put bells above ground floor bay window roof, especially when they had the pick of the whole front and it would have looked BETTER elsewhere
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    Personally I would replace the unit, it will then be warrantied and save a lot of messing in the long run
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    err Yea I too think a pic the circuit board help greatly to guess its age
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    you've ruined the punch line...
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    The 9800 was cheaper, a lot of people think an alarm is an alarm ie all the same so buy the cheapest
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    The panel I have is a Scantronic 9800+ (16 zone) with a 9827 keypad.
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    The cable should loop up into the hole in the shed, otherwise water will just seep into the shed... You get the idea.
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    That won't work with that panel
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    It's not a replacement if you have no idea if it's compatible
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    Well, yeah but no but yeah I wish it didn't (at least, not without flicking a switch...) and the RF was 2 way as the i-on has been capable of since launch!
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    There you go H in a tamper bypass kind of way it's connected to the enforcer
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    You don't need Wintex to program a Premier. In fact I can't think of any intruder you can't do from the keypad somehow.
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    ? https://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/forum/37-trade-access-control/ your "trade full memeber" should let you view & post in the above link ?
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    Waiting is the best option @SamBrown. While you are waiting @SamBrown post some stuff in the "vintage and collectors area" or in the public area
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    I do the vetting but never log in as vetter its a PITA I have to log out as me then log in as vetting and remember passwords and all that old bullocks, I get the PM via email, it is all under way although it would have been quicker if you had sent James Wilson a stool and urine specimen I can provide address details if its your preferred route, but I warn you now he requires large samples.
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    Yeah avoid the 'Al-Yeti trade-only bargain souq' page like the plague
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    If you havnt heard anything drop me the info ill have a look to vett you. James
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    Logan the first line says it all J
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    Libra, the scales.... are you unbalanced ?
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    At your age or younger my hobby was making circuits , veroboard , etching PCB using the acid stuff, forget what it was called
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    you forgot to describe a bastard.... there's one
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    That's in Brighton guy who sells fobs there installed it , and falcon out sticker on top, latter take over
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    @MrHappy is this your enforcer. It got your company name on it
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    Do you remember uncle frank ? Run around....
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    TBF LogOn is pretty apt!
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    Had the same a few years back with a rare grey cased 2500. Bastards. The really odd thing is that (as I could have told them) there isn't much of a market in a town with 3 'Bargain Tools' type shops for a quality family run outlet (just as they opened the 70 year old hardware shop next door folded). The shop was due to close down, but at the last minute a mug of a customer bought it, or at least the name and the stock. Without involving me at all they moved the contents of the shop including the old owners surname on a jigsawed down sign 6 doors down including some unknown removing and refitting the (my) alarm system! Been in the shop once with a mate and it seems to be working though our banner text is gone from the RKP. Guarantee the 2500 is in the bin.
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    sometimes the the customer wants the kit, I had a proper mentalist who retained their DSC1510 in case they wanted it refitting er.... its f****d , but feel free whats steel worth as scrap 10p per Kg ? they are welcome to keep there broken old shite
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