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  1. Pretty much any hybrid or wired panel will do that. Assuming the peripherals are ok and of decent quality
  2. the IT industry is used to end of life devices. we have been reporting kit as eol for a while now. But noone upgrades security devices. Had an adpro fail today that was reported as eol years ago. but if it say a switch is eol it get replaced immediately even though its the same network etc anyway link to article Over 92,000 exposed D-Link NAS devices have a backdoor account (bleepingcomputer.com)
  3. If its new sounds like it's wired wrong not faulty but be careful you don't blow another board
  4. Agreed but the vast number shown just on that site shocked me. I didn't want to delve too much and see people's camera feeds but I'm sure plenty do. Be able to learn people's coming and goings at the very least And now that Google ai can use street view to work out the location be pretty easy to find out where
  5. Found this to show the size of the problem. Also shows to me that most people dont value this at all Device Map - hacked.camera also a tool on github to see if you have anything on your local network
  6. as above the tamper will be tamper return and iirc is a -ve
  7. i dont think thats right Al, downloaded of a mobile phone app, then sent to a pc to be stored on usb or dvd etc. No-one does it right unless the maintaniner is asked to download the footage
  8. They will only support trade its not b&q type stuff. re the tamper you will have tamper loop in the panel, sab tamper in the panel and keypad tampers. ALso the sab tamper may be ok at the sab is it ok at the panel?
  9. probably the sab tamper there is more than the tamper loop, plus that wire to the sab shouldnt be visible
  10. agreed but most systems are not managed properly nor is it decent kit
  11. The Security Event 2024 | Agenda anyone going?
  12. Whats the thoughts on how this may affect cctv ie if defence case uses same footage and changes the face to the defence KC etc I notice a lot of diy type cameras only ave footage in mp4 format not in a native secure format. 'I was deepfaked by my best friend' - BBC News
  13. You have just connected your fan to a relay I can't see that working if its a relay. Use your multimeter to see if the relay changes state or wire the power to the fan through the relay
  14. if its not coomunicating then it wont go off again, however the siren may self actuate with a panel instruction if its tamper switch keeps operating
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