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  1. Which cameras as I wouldn't call hik pricey?
  2. As above you need a panel that does silent part set then chime on arm end
  3. I'd say Kyocera for value Hp for everything else
  4. They will say Redcare or Dualcom as if they are the same. Loads of redcare gsm removed for Dualcom g2r
  5. is that the anti-clamber speaker?
  6. agreed is worse, but the OP wont be alone thinking it was a good thing to buy Lets help if we can
  7. As above I doubt anyone here has worked on the kit you have.
  8. a what? Is this proper stuff? maybe a picture of the pir's but response is horrible diy stuff
  9. Agreed old skool redcare needs a bt line. I'd clarify your signalling device with the company
  10. it wont respond you powered it down
  11. yes without actually seeing it etc to confirm it sounds goosed
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