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  1. What you trying to do with it. I don't use the flex but I'd of thought it would see it an external ethernet one on the data line
  2. Following on from the texecom thread DD said he was using Fibaro Stuff Im addiing all sorts to my HA setup and wondered what you were using this for Stuart?
  3. Just as above my alarm 2 wired sabs Internal sounder 14 rf shocks on all windows / doors 5 wired quads 2 rf dualrec 3 rf door contacts garage and log cabin 6 external pirs on alarm (lighting and notification) 7 external cameras 4mp 8 tb storage Oh and a dp3 webway And a hkc WiFi module
  4. Sizes and number of files. Looks like it's on the mobile skin?
  5. I've never seen it what url are you on when you see it? You uploading files when it happens?
  6. August? Been loads of updates applied since then
  7. No idea What's the area your in / doing when you see that box. When did it start happening?
  8. I though US power was 120 with no neutral so +60 to - 60 rms?
  9. It would make sense to upgrade but if well maintained can function for 20 years + but its probably older than that already
  10. should go all the way through, should be a 'coach' type bolt so cant easily be removed. If thats a risk use a different type of lock
  11. sounds overloaded way overloaded I assume thats tx hum. Usual rider about opening with ac present etc. Id assume the regulator or bridge rec will pop if you leave it powered. are there unfused headers that are shorted?
  12. Its not using a cr123 but then it is little new keypad is priority, but the contact will be close, in white brown and grey
  13. I don't, but I will put them on when I upgrade the heating to room thermostats. I'm currently only using trv and the alarm to set the heating mode, ie comfort(disarmed) , night (part set) or economy (armed) I will shut off rads based on window and door contacts
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