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  1. Yes all good but the end user registration could be slicker imo
  2. Because if comms are enabled for part set may as well use the bell output
  3. Could you use an intruder output with a 15 min confirm timer and then disable comms in part set. Afraid I don't know the panel at all
  4. why not use a hdmi to dvb modulator. A decent hdmi extender will work but im struggling to find a v2.1 on at 15m for my own house or even a 2.1 cable I have heard of some success using fire sticks and the recorder android apps but never tried it. I use mythtv and zm fed from a sw ahd dvr over rtsp
  5. On hkc you can't access engineers without user authorisation everytime via the keypad. The bells thing is non compliant and an issue I have if you use the default bells only option. Engineer access needs authority regardless of proper comms etc
  6. I'd assume the app is moved to the new maintainer?
  7. I know this won't go down well, but if anyone buys from someone that is too cheap they probably won't be able to afford to be around for long. I'd suggest you find a company that has been around for more than 5 years
  8. The panel will try to find anything it can on engineer exit
  9. mike you can add contacts to your signature but not in post
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