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  1. I'd suggest you power it all down then find out it's a battery operated bit of junk, nest smoke, other smoke detector then I'd look for alarm clocks birthday cards etc. A powered down alarm is just that.
  2. yes but if i can find some trade ones i can use smaller vans...
  3. Im lookimg for something like this Xtend+Climb 4.4m Super ProSeries S2.0 Telescopic Ladder (altonladders.co.uk) but ideally an aframe like the little giants that will go in the boot of a car Telescopic Ladders Portable A-Frame Folding Loft Extendable Ladder, Multi-Purpose Aluminum Step Ladder for Home Office Engineering (Size : 3.3M+3.3M(6.5 M Straight Ladder))- Buy Online in Iceland at desertcart.is. ProductId : 112716139. i can find domestic ones but nothing trade rated?
  4. It's not just routers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56996717 As more and more devices are connected to the Internet firmware upgrades need to be done. Sia updates all firmwares on supported systems as released if required. Whats the thoughts on auto firmware updates and what about the systems without support contracts in place?
  5. Id was/is clever but basic and doesn't handle any interference. It not data as such In 100ms the panel would pulse between 2.85v to 6.5v 1 pulse for biscuit 1 10 pulses for biscuit 10 and so on. Each biscuit counts the pulses and draws a different current if open or closed after its pulse count has occured After all 30 have done this the panel rises the line to 11.25v which resets the counters and tells the biscuits to start counting again. All in 100ms. If a biscuit reports open for 3 scans (300ms) the panel then reports alarm. Later panel had this programmable tho
  6. No its way different. Old ID was designed for very short cable on relatively big cables. It was for cars. It was then given to us in bigger lengths. Hkc use a completely different system but it's limited to 10 addresses on a single core. Mixing it on cores is not supported but I've done it on old ID systems I have
  7. Upload a pic of the panel and detector so we can which colours are being used
  8. there are many topics on apps and free vs charged. Nothing is free and usually free stuff tends not be much use
  9. agreed but the market demands this doorbell height nickable tech. Ive already been asked to use the alarm to protect it after its nicked. Issue I have is that people think its better than an IAS then the low level 'security system' is stolen before it can upload anything now its the IAS problem to solve. Just have decent cctv that doesnt wait till the perp presses a button (that has to be in easy reach) or just have a door bell. Few nicked the old friedland bell push
  10. I have used the takex pir externally with success not for alarms as such but for alerts At home I also use takex external 12m pet tolerant pir ms-12te
  11. Thanks I love historic stuff, that's all proper interesting. But most is British by the looks
  12. So to summarise all adt systems need a kill code, this code will only be used at end of support? Burglars can't wait for that, look for a tired, non maintained bell, break-in then enter this kill code. What a superb idea all we need is some kind of sign on the outside Oh wait does this mean anyone with an adt bell outside could use a code to......
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