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  1. agreed looks like a big blustu, maybe an isdn one? also looks more like outputs in use apart from pin 1. Is it on a Fire panel? However just a heads up not sure it ever passed CE
  2. Or the line has been migrated and doesnt work anymore?
  3. Damn if we had know your 79 we would of been less helpful... Glad your bodged for now
  4. no you need a radio reciever and that panel wont take one. Prox fobs shouldnt be temperamental are you presenting it to the right area?
  5. OK, what's your installer/maintainer say on setup choices? You can inhibit things on higher end hardware per arm not sure on pyronix stuff
  6. i think a zero reading to sparks is on 20k, to alarm lads 50 ohms is a concern
  7. Depends on what you have, if it's installed correctly then yes but you have took on the liability by removing it. You should of called your maintainer
  8. No the keypad has to match the panel
  9. I think you will struggle, the gen 4 prox option was popular, while fobs can be sorted hardware can't. I'd suggest a panel change
  10. oh Im sure they are answering their supported clients. But assuming no-ones been fiddling with it you should be able to reset it with your master code.
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