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  1. If you dis the zone and put the eol in it will isolate the zone
  2. remove all the cabling for it in the control panel, power and circuit. YOu will then have to remove the tamper from the loop and link out the circuit
  3. you will need to enter your code after powering it back up. Or press reset im unsure. But if you have faults it wont let you reset it till the faults are cleared, ie dont exist anymore
  4. Whats the models of what you have we may be able to work it out?
  5. thats the difficult bit for our sector. Office staff can be but the engineers have to have reduced hours
  6. When furloughed no you cannot do any work for the company that has furloughed you.
  7. lucky it rotted away would of destroyed the panel otherwise
  8. be a long wait I reakon
  9. i thought it started in china?
  10. Wow that's a hell of a bug with massive implications.
  11. Your still in full time education too
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