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  1. james.wilson

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

  2. james.wilson

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    damn I hoped one of you could pop round for a look
  3. james.wilson

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    we all value your advice dave. Im trying diy roof repairs the weekend, just need to borrow a ladder.
  4. james.wilson

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    agreed but that isn't the feeling from the police themselves. To be fair to matt b he said the same a while ago. The advent of all self mon systems puts us to the point that 999 calls from any system will get a better response than a urn. We also have done the same re cctv. Why go 8418 when you can get a response?
  5. james.wilson

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    from my end the app is the selling point, not monitoring. Had 2 quotes this week for coppers, both said police response was useless they both said they wouldn't attend in time. I thought if the lads that get the call think its useless what to advise be better when/if ever
  6. james.wilson

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    I think the gsm only card has been replaced by the dual path one
  7. james.wilson

    how old is this

    it uses Doppler effect
  8. james.wilson

    CCTV android APP

    i believe hik can do Rtsp id go down that route operate usually needs native app
  9. james.wilson


    hi Dave, as it appears you are you should apply for trade to have access to the busier side
  10. james.wilson


    valid, but they are part of the sign in rules. I did add a cookie one too
  11. just read this on bbc. I know its a bit left wing but really? can the rest of us get the same leniency https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46440172
  12. a zoomed out one? yes you will need to program 2 outputs. One as bell the other as strobe
  13. we can identify it from a pic but bell is the trigger so that will go to an output programmed as bell t is the tamper return

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