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  1. james.wilson

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    Piezo needs high voltage old school mylar cone speakers need less but require more power. I prefered the lower freq as it gives more range but looks worse on spec sheets at 1m
  2. james.wilson

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    I rate the multi box sia uses them but only the g3 one
  3. james.wilson

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    No one really cares about a custom bell and the client certainly doesnt
  4. james.wilson

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    As 6 it's the hardest place for a component. But no reason for it not to be microprocessor based, our cars are for instance.
  5. We don't discuss how to default, get around etc equipment in the public areas
  6. As you have I'm sure someone will be in touch
  7. I don't use the gear but iirc that panel is a really basic premier. As the keypad that's been added is a prox one I think you will need to upgrade the panel which isn't a bad idea anyway
  8. james.wilson


    Yes but becareful of the predrilled hole size of the dclip. Also can use plclips without predrilled holes when hidden. I was also meaning for other cable types Most of the clips are plastic however I think the 800 replaced the above
  9. james.wilson


    Agreed on the d line. Also use a spit nailer for speed with pirelli clips
  10. james.wilson

    Communicator connector for Scantronic 9448

    What does the socket look like?
  11. james.wilson


    Hello and welcome I'd go with the notification option re 2 sabs but could be remotely powered or no internal
  12. james.wilson


  13. james.wilson

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Thanks I was curious as I assumed wireless. Wonder how this will go with newer systems supported by a maint contract?
  14. james.wilson

    Gardtec 300 series panel wired to Honeywell AD6

    The leds not flashing says to me Sab tamper not closed
  15. james.wilson

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    What will you replace it with?

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