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  1. waiting for an A8 to turn up?
  2. In the days there wasn't much tracking on the Internet, napster was one of the reasons isp's now have to store who accessed what when. Now it's 'vpn' but is still traceable
  3. Obsolete I'm afraid not enough others wanted it
  4. Is this a separate issue to not being able to ack the call?
  5. Yep could use it for basic access control etc
  6. Depends if the tone is changing slightly during conversion
  7. Have you changed telco provider or has bt migrated your line?
  8. Or if less range an optex redwall or gjd dtect pet tolerant iirc gjd018 but only 15m
  9. Id get an alarm man rather an electrician then they will know how to do this
  10. I would think you want on entry route. Are you part setting at night?
  11. Please don't post the same question in multiple threads
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