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  1. james.wilson

    Hello from the dark side..

    Hi there, wb
  2. james.wilson

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    i always change the default ports anyway. A lot of providers block 25, 80 443 etc. Is 554 default rtsp?
  3. james.wilson

    Pyronix Enforcer system not polling issue

    fss means nothing. How many times have you had Signal but can't make a call. If the signal is important use something that polls and ensures the path is actually there.
  4. james.wilson

    Intro and Looking for Potential Installer Relationship

    hello and welcome
  5. james.wilson

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    are we blocking dyndns lookups. If the current wan ip address is working then id assume that
  6. james.wilson

    galaxy 96 unset bleeps

    they can be turned off for all unsets iirc
  7. james.wilson

    optima G4 set up

    i think you can program them but I've never put an entry door on z2
  8. james.wilson

    Galaxy Engineer Sockets

    if its a newer one then one is the on board 232 module
  9. james.wilson

    optima G4 set up

    you would norma;lly have the door on circuit 1
  10. james.wilson

    Favourite system and why.

    i do have a couple of audi mugs, but not a posh one like norms. I'd assume that's reserved for posh types with an a7 +
  11. james.wilson

    Favourite system and why.

    Best brand I've found to deal with driving
  12. james.wilson

    Monitoring Regulations Query

  13. james.wilson

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    digis make iirc 8 calls before a ftc. It was seen on the old 21cn. pstn is dying anyone using it for primary comms has concerns imo
  14. james.wilson

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    a failed/unsuccessful call is still a call

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