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  1. Its better to lock to protect the company and insurer etc. Plus the programming belongs to the maintainer. eg SIA lock all but do default on request. If the ex client doesnt want to pay for the default, boards are defaulted foc at the office. Issues with gear is how they are programmed, passwords used in onvif, how systems are setup etc. Plus incoming company should always default to know it is programmed to their requirements with the client that may have changed. Had a conversation recently regarding this and there is the potential for liability issues for the outgoing company 'if' the incoming company can prove they didnt change xyz option. Always better to default on leaving and incoming
  2. Agreed that's how I did pre sharpie that would of helped loads
  3. That and foil I remember doing that as a 14 Yr old
  4. Sorry OP Ive never worked on a DSC system However it sounds like it configured to only talk to its previous panel which is obviously unavailable. Id assume there is a reset procedure that may require the old keypad to program the 'new old' one in
  5. I doubt Pete would give me the keys to the ferrari, or the Merc I'd be lucky to get one of the yaris or a too big van
  6. no the dumpbox was for classics. It may work on smaller panels though ive never tried you use the keypad with the spi keys though
  7. you can set ee to instant when part set just like you can set access circuits when full set
  8. Thats a good shout re movement of the key, regarding faraday just put them in the microwave, off obviously If your car gets nicked you badly need a new microwave!
  9. Im sure many of your clients have had this happen to them, how do you lot advise against it, do you drive a keyless car etc? Mine isnt keyless and i wouldnt want one but i get the convenience of it. However im still astounded new cars are sold with the same tech that allows relay or easy key cloning.
  10. agreed its an awful option and should never be used If its wired use a dt, if rf use the hkc dt or better still dont use space protection in a shed
  11. as you have found yes you can change the ee to alarm on part det like you can have access etc when full set
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