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  1. Points to Mr H. OP can you click accordingly please
  2. got a picture of how it was in the old sensor, iD should use blue yellow and white to the biscuit unless you dont mean its iD and its eol or double pole?
  3. Sorry dont understand the question, do you mean connecting to the panel or opening the software
  4. Warning issued over sophisticated method burglars using to target UK homes (msn.com)
  5. I'm just hobby these days thanks for asking, however I have a stack of type 12 iron batteries from submarine days I can't work out a use for Don't worry or be precious we all value your input. If you from the intruder game even Mr h is light. I welcome your input
  6. So most people then including
  7. How old is the bell I assume its neg tamp return. Check with your meter
  8. Monte I've uploaded a screenshot
  9. Might be an idea to post pictures if the wiring both sides Ie Cp an sab
  10. i dont think it does for the sabt thats a hard 0v unless using a circuit
  11. How are you fixing in a fire resistant way?
  12. If thick enough I'd use the spit gun and perelli fixings or tec screw
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