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  1. james.wilson

    On call

    my 2p. Only use it from work. I use open vpn to get to rdp and then udl etc
  2. james.wilson

    Scantronic 9752 K02 missing

    agreed good to see the follow up. thanks
  3. james.wilson

    Veritas R8 will not programme

    id just connect the strobe to the bell trigger
  4. james.wilson

    strobe output

    they are but the pos is resistor pull up. You can't take a load from it when pos
  5. james.wilson

    Honeywell long range detectors

    are all the rios that these detectors are powered from on the same psu?
  6. james.wilson

    Honeywell long range detectors

    power supply issue?
  7. james.wilson

    Breakglass detectors

    don't you have to hit the window as well. Personally hate bg
  8. james.wilson

    Gent engineer approval

    Speak to your employer?
  9. james.wilson

    Risco Panic Button Not Setting Of Siren/Sounder

    don't know don't use the stuff. But I'd assume its a keyfob option
  10. james.wilson

    Risco Panic Button Not Setting Of Siren/Sounder

    sounds like its set to silent pa
  11. james.wilson

    Introduction, new to site

  12. james.wilson

    Tools Info - What you got

    ck or knippex for cutter, prefer knippex tbh bahco for screwdrivers
  13. james.wilson


  14. james.wilson


    only after 5 posts iirc

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