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  1. Depends on your broadband setup ups etc I use IP and 4g
  2. anything non pstn is an improvement. Im not a fan of gsm diallers i prefer a polled signalling device
  3. 6 do your kids not watch telly on one, rather than use the huge screen we would all rather watch. Mine use small screens for things i cant get, but thats the way its going and im 44 (this month ffs) so im proper old
  4. Timers and a vcr or knowing what time your program will start. We all want automation done right. Back to basics it's knowing someone is in an area they shouldn't be. Ie movement detector and an armed system.
  5. Snow patrol too possibly But they were a little behind
  6. Out of interest can sting have images of cars on his website?
  7. I like apps, however I know they all need support. I know its not what the OP wants we all want something good for free, but id like at things like availability (ie how much its up) before I looked at cost. I can give anyone an app for free, god knows how reliable it will be though.
  8. I believe you need a separate board in the panel for a wired bell.
  9. Bear in mind the pstn shut off will have unknown issues with comms. I wouldnt be using pstn for any primary path. However the question is very open, I like HKC for rf, 6wb like texecom, gg likes honeywell etc
  10. assuming normal voltages then 300mm
  11. have you disturbed the cable to the keypad? Looks like the keypad isnt communicating with the panel. When was the last service (prior to this one)?
  12. Yes that's definetly a petite. It needs a service for a start
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