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  1. no point in locking them then, or using if you need to lock
  2. Manuals etc are here in the trade areas. There is some training info but ypu would usually Go to Honeywell for product training etc
  3. james.wilson

    SL Compact

    Not a customer then Re charges as Pete says anything from 80 to 150 plus vat is normal
  4. I doubt you will be able to do anything without the software. The driver is on the same cd
  5. What are you looking to do with it?
  6. not used it but iirc the 2 trigger wires from the sensors are different, one is lux based the other is 24hr
  7. i use a surface book and a galaxy note 9 currently smaller stuff on the note, more complex on the tablet. Dont agree about sluggish etc
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