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  1. The siren will work but as a minimum you need to give it hold off and then a trigger. Why are you wiring it off the comm module not the panel? Or are you trying to connect a proper sounder to p.o.s. EBay thing?
  2. working great vs how things should work are completely different. What you mean is you thought it worked but in reality it didnt worst case you thought it did and relied on it and it didnt please all that read this use a system but know its limits, if you need to know stuff dont use a free one
  3. im not suprised your lucky you didnt damage something. ie the sliding door controller they arnt cheap You need to check whats on those black wires when, i dont have the manual in my hand. Id assume they are designed to go to a lock release not a door controller for a sliding door
  4. what have you connected this to?
  5. i presume you need a clean switch to operate your auto door, is the output a switched 12v?
  6. A few have developed their own solution either because they wanted to move cos of the buyout or historically made the decision to do that years ago.
  7. agreed but im assuming as it was illegal they will go after the directors etc directly
  8. That's how I see it. I'm wondering how long before the adverts start about compensation for working while furloughed
  9. As above loads of discussion in trade
  10. Tamper switch issue probably
  11. The customer app, self monitoring, udl, signalling to arc on both WiFi and GSM. I don't use the engineer app as there is little control and management all udl is done from the office machine and logged etc I can see the engineer app having more use when it is centrally managed. Never had a report of downtime or noticed on my own system. Like the SMS over WiFi on the basic stuff. Also like how it can be pushed to an arc for more conventional monitoring
  12. if its as old as i think it is there isnt
  13. I would expect anyone doing anything will result in some sort of cost, either from buying product or buying a service. I'm really interested in the galaxy mqtt service myself
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