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  1. Sorry, just realised its the Public Forum? James, Please ensure I am in Trade only as requested many times before.
  2. Sorry if it sounds simple but, why not ask your current maintainer how to do this?
  3. wont cause an issue, most that fit still forget to remove the jumper/cut resistor in panel when using two data lines. Honeywell never ship them with keypads or RIOs which is a shame. We do fit them but use standard alarm cable for anything under 100M now
  4. Never take a socket off Matt without disconnecting the supply first.
  5. I thought the general consensus was not to bother replacing the external box as no-one notices except for other installers.?
  6. Just a typo on the above, its not www.ssiab.org.uk but www.ssaib.org.uk
  7. Is there really one? Most of it comes down to lack of knowledge or understanding from the installer. Some hate Galaxy, some hate Premier etc, its mostly because they have been sent to take over one and try and understand it in an hour.
  8. Agreed, why remove an alarm? We are busier than ever putting them in, not removing them!
  9. The Classic and Dimension are not that different except for alerts really?
  10. Why mess about with it? Just replace it. We took one out and skipped it.
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