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  1. Internal Sounders better to fit separately imo , out of reach ,and o e right outside your bed room When it goes off , you jump out of bed like a lunatic and the kids needs a nappy change
  2. Wired yes , but a panel that supports wireless is best
  3. Ricochet can habe it's difficulties to setup , although those that install it regular have less issues Also with respect, if majority sensors are wired , cost of a hybrid system now is better , but seems you missed the point
  4. Makes take overs headache to I can see you winning this contract soon
  5. Ok so keep everything that is wired wired and then add wireless units where needed if you can't get cables there or are lazy So you need a slightly different panel that gives you more wired zones or expander wired for panel your thinking Not sure which expander tho , ask an expert lol
  6. Surface , buy all the bits for it and you need good budget I tried a Samsung Tab , gave up and use my head now lol have it to one of the kids to use ( tax perk?) House bashers R us
  7. Ah i thought it might be someone else who uses capital letters now and then
  8. What's your existing system then ? How many existing wired sensors do you have and where r they
  9. Allot of them go up at refurbs , scaffolding around building on original install
  10. https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/cctv-c-1/cctv-ancillaries-c-1_3/yuasa-np712-p-113.html For scanteonic 9651
  11. Maybe he was dodgy mechanic You just stick to alarm panels and ignore them
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