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  1. al-yeti

    Galaxy Flex 20 with RF & RIO

    Did you address correctly
  2. al-yeti

    Galaxy Flex 20 with RF & RIO

    List zones showing in menu When you added the Rio did you address it enter engineer mode then exit , I assume adding a Rio hasn't changed on the flex then when exiting it says new mod added
  3. al-yeti


    Just try it Worse case if you value the property you will have alarm fixed by an engineer
  4. al-yeti

    Identify this?

    Need a refurb somewhere they will have room You still thinking about it yeah?
  5. al-yeti

    Identify this?

    Yeah Mr Happy if you need it fixed unless your not near his area , i reckon he be good at the enforcer
  6. In that case definitely get engineer it will be worth it
  7. al-yeti

    Identify this?

    Pyronix enforcer There might be yellow man near you
  8. There's probably another panel it's connected to or has been removed , so yes good idea to have it looked at
  9. It's not about user end equipment , issue is backbone network being dropped by EU and u.s , most operators are actually removing some of there equipment dude ........ And your correct they are far from gone plenty of other takers
  10. al-yeti

    Honeywell Galaxy 2 - Alarm Fault

    DIY install , fault intruder on zone 2 because you haven't set zone attributes correctly so intruder on exit fail set or abort Just a guessing
  11. If it was all working before then you have a connection or wiring issue , as you don't do it often you probably made a mistake somewhere or cable fault perhaps
  12. al-yeti

    Advice needed

    Upgrade and bin it ,unless you don't really have value for security
  13. Huawei are dust in EU/uk Ericsson have released there new modules supporting multiple networks more expensive than huwaei which have been completely dropped for mobile mast infrastructure, mainly following the u.s Not long before something cheaper than hik will be used Hijack dot com
  14. Not that inferior lol But you could take a cat5 to the camera for the video with some baluns to see if it makes a difference if it doesn't might be PSU issue or something else
  15. Could be the camera PSU tho

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