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  1. I don't get the op he's worried about WiFi? And not worried about anything else , so what about his neighbours ? And everything else Op has no idea how much RF is floating through there heads.....
  2. You sure the Io card does not have a faulty output / relay?
  3. Fatal fire, equipment installed by someone else?
  4. It's a start though , so in Scotland you can get fined before something happens , otherwise England? Generally nothing happens until something happens , then they check what was and wasn't done
  5. What did you buy from there ?
  6. Sorry what's that mean screen down one end ? Screen is your zero?
  7. Maybe not tho , I vaguely remember some issue about it ...... What else is on the spare pairs of the rs485
  8. Ok , I didn't think your supposed to do that tho , can't remember exactly tho will have a look These are dimensions ?
  9. Common negative?? From panel to Rios and smart Rio?
  10. So you need to put in the engineer code?
  11. You wire the pir incorrectly near keypad? What you mean after reset ?
  12. That's difficult, could be cable , Amy of the detectors , bell box , PSU fault and so on Hence why calling an engineer is quicker , you may have it displayed on keypad what the fault is when it goes off
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