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  1. Ok I misunderstood, as I am dodgy engineer who doesn't read things ,I though you meant to answer a call you need to u lock the phone , but yes apps don't unlock phones , I assume a rooted phone with special app would do it , same way trusted devices settings unlock the phone you might get an app that is trusted and phone unlocks when it rings it , not seen the latter tho , or tried
  2. No I meant if your receiving a call you don't need to unlock for an intercom call right?
  3. You need to unlock phone ? Just answer app no?
  4. So if it's engineer reset , once you open it you won't be able to reset it , so no harm in trying but have an engineer prepared so you know what's coming , he can test your system fully same time
  5. Hkc generally great Although anything on wood doors and windows can be a mare when the fire works are going off lol
  6. You tried stretching the spring a little then close it
  7. They doing you a favour , complete rubbish you just got used to
  8. What country are you in and why don't they get another installer?
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