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  1. Once they go faulty those boards spark and crack like fireworks
  2. al-yeti

    Just LOL

    Were you involved in a riot? How you get from cell side to see the guards panic buttons?
  3. al-yeti

    Just LOL

    Did you see it inside of a van?
  4. al-yeti

    Just LOL

    There's only one factual thing Logan these monkies are turning you into a gorilla Like from boy to man
  5. You are wonderful I look up to you and think you are great
  6. Customer calls , cqr carbon monoxide sensor activation, alarm silenced but detector sound still activating Told them over phone open your windows and you garden door I happen to be on route to another place with this in-between , got there sounder has cleared What you think , detector faulty ? Boiler man tells them buy a portable detector before calling him out
  7. They discontinued this keypad? Probably default ed keypad not the panel?
  8. Single internal sounder? Master blaster? From logan.com?
  9. So then the answer is buy something good and add on as you have cash , will cost more on long run but atleast you will be better off
  10. Ok so go Screwfix or b&q and get a Yale fix it yourself end of story really Your story has been done here so many times Dinner is in the dog yeah? You want it for safety You have dog And something behind your 40" katana behind wardrobe Oh and your a light sleeper yes? So protecting yourself is easy ...... No offence old chap of course
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