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  1. al-yeti

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    You got keyholder , police or remaniac response?
  2. al-yeti

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    Twice as much? Nah cost difference is small GSm drops to Can't see why you would have single path only , perhaps it's because I looking at it on house bashing point of view so cost difference to have both is minimal
  3. al-yeti

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    But I assume the GSM switch over is the advantage yes?
  4. al-yeti

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    Yeah but I talking about traders lol By the way do you use the hkc GSM/WiFi dual card , is the WiFi part any better than original single WiFi card , as that one drop out a fair bit due to routers
  5. al-yeti

    Anyone used HIKvison Doorbell?

    There's a thread somewhere on the dark side about this lol Some say hik drops out but more likely the router WiFi Chinese makes work just as good from eBay Comlit if you got more money And then the discussion started about ring , ring is as easy as it gets Most of them have motion but unless it's sighted well it will trigger on everything, some turn sensitivity right down and say it helps
  6. al-yeti

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    DIY go for Hikvision hiwatch Hikvision pyronix enforcer Its decent DIY gear being installed by proffesionals
  7. al-yeti

    how old is this

    What about the sensor man
  8. al-yeti

    The sing along Alarm

    He should have left it in as a doorbell
  9. Whats wrong with England? You going back to your country to?
  10. al-yeti

    Galaxy RSS

    Geezer I talking about option51 , 17 restart I think you eaten to many samosas the galaxy which has its quirks has this feature and solves the odd bug Stop trying to be an alarm monkey
  11. al-yeti

    Galaxy RSS

    Ok so you do require a restart , thanks for agreeing, not always of course
  12. al-yeti


    To long man Where's bit that says no links to videos of DIY fun? Or something similar

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