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  1. You could install an internal bell sepratley as thatsore import than the external one in my opinion Then if the panel has a set output you could use it to trigger some kind of timer relay set to like 2secs to trigger a buzzer , relay would trigger only for short burst , then using a Hi lo sounder with correct relay config to trigger sound when unset Or some blag like that But by the time you work this out you could have swapped the panel for £70quid
  2. In user manual it talks about sms phone book I assume you have access via manager menu? Have a look Look at SMS commands
  3. Stick to what you have , everything else will probably be more expensive if aiming for quality If you want cheap and cheerful you can try any Onvif camera generally
  4. Probably no one here has done this setup hence no detail I know one engineer but they have rigs setup in there office and always in touch with tech , seemed to k ow how to programme what they want I assume you can get the info
  5. You have answer above, swb gave it to you Now all you need to do is hire someone with latest software and knows what there doing to programme it for you Last thing you want is to mash up the alerts and no signal goes through in an emergency Advance would also help you if your legit
  6. What's your budget per camera and what is existing model you installed? Some Onvif cameras can work with hik
  7. I didn't think the enforcer had an inbuilt voice dialler ? You sure there isn't Bother unit next to it to do the dialling? When it calls you what does it say?
  8. Old panel now , if not much to protect at home, leave it as is or get new one installed
  9. They are good to I have an old Ricoh copier keep it going with eBay parts (used £250 had it 8years) Kyocera multifunction (from new £300 3yeara old) And a hp laserjet (used, £50 I think it's old lol ) All printers get used plenty various uses No point buying cheap printers with expensive cartridges or cheap printers which are throw away and parts.priced more than a new printer itself
  10. Hp 2055dn is quite good aswell or anything of that type
  11. Oki are very good But like alarms many of you buy cheap printers and buy twice lol
  12. Check license requirements first or dog will do
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