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  1. Brings back memories this lol He's back and he's black from sweeping those chimneys
  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I get it now , vote SWB ,not Boris Yes latter of your point seems sensible
  3. Only problem you might get is the resolution may keep trying to switch u til it finds a compatible one but you have switch to make it stick to source output
  4. Same building, y would it be different? Trade is public
  5. Still don't get why you need to disa le Comms , never mind lol
  6. I don't get you What's bell ouput got to do with Comms in this scenario? Comms won't wake neighbours lol
  7. Aaahhhh , makes sense if they already sub there firmware work out to texe
  8. Come on man , not good queen's English , just having fun old boy , jolly good
  9. What sort of issues on software.and firmware?
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