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  1. al-yeti

    EN50131 & PD6662

    Good to get rid of then?
  2. al-yeti

    Hikvision external DVD writer

    I assume mostly hd and your not saving much to a disk? What's the point?
  3. Most panels now require an engineer for app registration Then you have things like the Yale free app atthe moment..... What other systems have free app? Risco have started charging , you can get selfmon for galaxy or the free gx app providing you got a fixed up and so on Pyronix charge ? Or needs installer not sure
  4. al-yeti

    EN50131 & PD6662

    How much influence is there on regs from Europe? Could be worse later when the alarm men get round king Arthur's table and fight over the sword
  5. Well you can't physically remove it and you have to be able to find it if you want it later
  6. Oh sorry STRB - strobe- OV - bell hold off TMP - sab tamp BELL - bell- +12V - bell+ Na - strobe+ Google is good
  7. Plenty info on web though
  8. I didn't think that was the default Eng code though.....
  9. So hybrid panel, looks like newer keypad , I assume you can read display ok , maybe box up top loft is an expander
  10. You won't need the STB+ normally Although some bells like hkc and others use it and will have the extra terminal
  11. al-yeti

    Texecom Ricochet

    Hardcore , must be to get access to the firmware vault
  12. al-yeti

    Texecom Ricochet

    What card? I don't have one but have access

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