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  1. It's probably the main battery aswell Get alarm looked at if alarm is important to you and them by an engineer
  2. I only ever seen one installed and that was in Birmingham , maybe James job
  3. I never rated the sd1 etc allot of failures out there
  4. In acknowledge settings is it set to acknowledge once ?
  5. Loud outside siren won't do much for you lol no one cares much Inside siren nice and loud that you can here outside would be cool lol Dual path monitoring maybe GSM/WiFi or Lan connection Glass.break sensors are naff you trying to protect a large area without use of shocks to save money I reckon Show me da dollars man , the sterling , the jewels None of above is cheap anyhow back to reality to DD questions above
  6. What's this mean dude? I just a mere blagger and don't understand
  7. No one locks anything except me
  8. You paying electrician to be a labourer ? He has to know how to do it himself as jw said
  9. 6wire no big deal , in fact four wire will work to
  10. Hi No installer in there right mind would fit a 9452 , it's obsolete Try eBay keeping looking for one until you find a other scrap panel then try me fix it yourself if your competent Otherwise replace the panel with something like a 9651
  11. Texe app DIY or installer?
  12. But you seriously don't want him to keep the risco disco?
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