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  1. Ok cool I am going to do this I assume you have the probe kits ? Or just lashed the unit on the outside of the plinth? Forgot to add I hear your not needed on the forum
  2. I like plinth heaters What you using on the stat side? Or it's simple on off with sonoff
  3. Logan I second that You still running Windows 3.1? It works although with teething issues
  4. Maybe, you will have to read back tho
  5. Ah ok , can't.be reading all that again
  6. ? With pirs lit? And day light flashing?
  7. You just have to know how to fix them that's all
  8. You need to have a bell which has SCB mode Otherwise your on the right track
  9. The visonic bell connections are standard I thought if you download any of there manuals it will show Also do you have engineer access to the alarm panel? Is the alarm panel ex ADT ? Or you bought new yourself
  10. I support society that says the sun revolves around the earth I suppose you support the big bang theory ? Helps you fix faults
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