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  1. As above its probably a test call under tel no 1. Its a requirement for grade 2 communicators to test the alarm path at least once every 24 hours to prove it could use it if needed
  2. Does anyone rate risco anymore? I know the past and how it was 1 way would you use it out vs anything else?
  3. OP U fortunately as a DIY grade system I doubt any of our members will have installed your system only removed them when upgrading
  4. If you dont know the code and it hasnt been serviced in years your gonna struggle to stop it without fully decommissioning it. Alarms need a little looking after or they cause issues as you have found out
  5. It's not a very respected manufacturer anymore that why Mr h is saying bin it. How old is it, when last serviced etc?
  6. meter the tamper return from the sounder to check its not that causing your tamper
  7. Agreed very few free things work well all the time. Its a security system at the end of the day. If signalling is important 'dont' use an app
  8. there was a protocol it was called open ip. But only manufacturer that supported it and made product was gjd
  9. If its reporting ac fail on 103 I'd start there. Measure ac side and dc side. Asuming that's all OK id assume a smart PSU failure
  10. You sure Al? I agree it depends on the size of the claim but not using your brakes if available might be a reason to avoid paying a claim?
  11. System standard vs component standard are very different things. At the moment using components to Gx makes a system, however you seem to be advocating a system standard which we dont currently have?
  12. It's not the middle if an insurer can reduce the payout they will. That's why loss adjusters exist. Unfortunately a lot of people assume they have insurance and assume in the never going to happen event that they need to claim they can. Then they look. We only look because of what we do
  13. Agreed but still needs caution a 1A psu supplying 500mA would need a 6 A/h battery to last 12 hours. then the same to recharge but if you factor a 10% derate for age over 3+ years it would take you over. Some would still run a 1A psu at 0.95A anyway
  14. 15min cutoff now and 30 min iirc for battery calc only in as much as the psu has enough capacity to run the system and recharge the battery in the recharge time required. ie leaving 100mA isnt enough unless it a 1.2 A/h
  15. Best is difficult to say, ie what the best car? Best in my mind will be different to other members here. Also some gear is only available to trained installers etc. Also i would recommend using a paid for app so you have some guarantee on performance. No-one can support an app for free with decent support. Most products that have a free app outside of security are not mission critical.
  16. Thats the point, same with locks etc only comes to light when a claim is made. Insurance co dont want you to look to close as it gives them ways to reduce payout size or even null the cover. Had one recently where a building burnt down but because the intruder alarm wasnt under a maintenance and support contract which was a condition of the insurance there was no payout
  17. The reason for that is because the alarm company carries the liability of the system not performing. Noone is going to do that on diy gear that can't be controlled. The alarm Co own insurance would be invalid if they did
  18. Code + and - options are just for setting. Yes you could keyswitch disarm with a magnet or button but it's poorly advised regardless of keypad position. Be like the switch on sensors that disable them. Get proper gear installed well managed by those that know what they are doing. I get some may think they are paying extra for something they can do themselves. Yes you can. Like you can extend your house, modify you car etc, thinking your fully insured and its the insurance company problem. The insurers want to sue someone when an intruder alarm doesn't perform to counter the claim.
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