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  1. Keep the data lines free and flowing make the powers short and together. You will know if you are happy with how it looks if your not do it again. Imo never make cables too short. Im not a dressed fan imo it has to be functional and practical. Stand back after and either be happy or move stuff and redo it
  2. Agreed app solutions are great for notifications but that's it. Give it time I'm sure it will improve, just like it got better with 3g then 3.5g then 4g now 5g. None of them cover the country tho yet. I'll say it will work well enough when WiFi isn't needed because we have 11a...
  3. On a wired system you can just replace the control panel. However how old is it all?
  4. Battery should be sized to meet standby req without knowing the system currents you can't size it correctly. I would go with the size you need. I'd also advise a decent brand, failing batteries kill panels. Nasty one fail faster and harder. I'd also say it's the panel battery as its showing 0001
  5. it will need to be replaced or chnage the code to not use that button, but at 20 yr old id be looking at replacing it
  6. That's doable without the video, is the call station sip or sim?
  7. to add i have also met sales reps that blame unit performance on reg changes or the regs in general when untrue.
  8. No I havnt. Which unit? Id say normal walk test would be to test it to the extremity of the protected area. I see a lot of other systems where 1 unit is used where 3 are needed
  9. Are you getting any push notifications or is the ipad the only device?
  10. A link to someone doing similar on HA https://community.home-assistant.io/t/smart-implant-to-give-new-life-to-an-old-burglar-alarm/244989
  11. There is a product called konnected Iirc but I can't see the point of it when you can use a panel that can do it directly. You must remember our primary focus here is security and reliability. Most of the time isn't good enough in the security sector
  12. I can understand arming it via ha but I'd never recommend disarming that way No you couldn't. You need a URN to do that.
  13. As has been said have you tried the rest of the market or moved from risco to orisec?
  14. Don't use home kit but I integrate with home assistant. Easiest way is to upgrade as its an 800l it's getting on. Alternatively I'm guessing the voltage on the zone inputs is 5v. You may be able to pick that up into gpio or use trans relays. Alarms should be kept seperate Imo from automation but the sensor info and armed status is great for presence detection
  15. As above hope its a better one for you all
  16. I don't see an issue assuming it's 12v input. Don't use it any more but the old castle stuff was solid
  17. At the moment its watch this space im hoping after discussions with HKC for a mqtt option for the app. There is alexa options coming but i havnt seen those yet. I currently use esphome and an esp 32 to connect all my i/o into ha while keeping the signalling going. You are right the sia options are not over ip so that wont help. I use output modules connected to the esp 32 and a 3.3v relay card for the inputs
  18. Assuming the rest of it isn't 30+ years old
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