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  1. im not suprised your lucky you didnt damage something. ie the sliding door controller they arnt cheap You need to check whats on those black wires when, i dont have the manual in my hand. Id assume they are designed to go to a lock release not a door controller for a sliding door
  2. i presume you need a clean switch to operate your auto door, is the output a switched 12v?
  3. A few have developed their own solution either because they wanted to move cos of the buyout or historically made the decision to do that years ago.
  4. agreed but im assuming as it was illegal they will go after the directors etc directly
  5. That's how I see it. I'm wondering how long before the adverts start about compensation for working while furloughed
  6. As above loads of discussion in trade
  7. The customer app, self monitoring, udl, signalling to arc on both WiFi and GSM. I don't use the engineer app as there is little control and management all udl is done from the office machine and logged etc I can see the engineer app having more use when it is centrally managed. Never had a report of downtime or noticed on my own system. Like the SMS over WiFi on the basic stuff. Also like how it can be pushed to an arc for more conventional monitoring
  8. if its as old as i think it is there isnt
  9. I would expect anyone doing anything will result in some sort of cost, either from buying product or buying a service. I'm really interested in the galaxy mqtt service myself
  10. As above questions wise I'd ask them here there is a wide level of knowledge and ability here
  11. iirc the bell delay will be per area or partset, also look at area alarms. starts at - ends at. id suggest starts at internal etc that will give you a 15 sec delay as it escalates
  12. the galaxy and vista are 2 completly different products. The galaxy was deveopled in scotland long before ademco purchased microtech and long before honeywell purchased ademco. The vista was developed in the US it doesnt. It connects to the same inputs but wont work on a galaxy. You could use this board from the galaxy using links (menu option) relays and outputs. But not directly to the eol wiring. If using this board via links you could use the rf detectors too, but im fairly sure the rf does not do status in the unset state. Galaxy guy (member) is developing something for this but id look at what you actually need re status, circuit activity, remote control etc from the HA system.
  13. The maint visit is one thing, seperate charge if need be, the telephone and on site support is different. Most if not all alarm Co's charge for a combined visit and support. If need be seperate the 2.if you called your it support due to a problem with no support contract it would be a very short call
  14. sia one had a 'your alarm is having issues our we called electrician cant fix it' one today. Told we are only supporting customers with active support contracts at this time. But ive been a customer for years, installed in 93 never serviced, never had a support contract. In my eyes not a 'customer'. Its a 1600 with a system voltage problem. Im not suprised
  15. you not the first and wont be the last dont worry glad your sorted qfa few do
  16. as above its knocking on mid 90s
  17. im sure many maintainers have calls for the same when its battery powered stand alone devices, smoke alarms, alarm clocks in draws, heating systems. I even had a call to 'music coming from all rooms with a pir' turned out it was her birthday and she was walking round with a singing birthday card
  18. id go with the above, the intruder alarm is always first suspect but often isnt
  19. im not so sure, id say diallers will mostly still function, digi's im less sure about. But imho we shouldnt be using old tech for alarm signalling. id expect a shift to single path sim / dualpath bb and sim for everything going forward. I dont use the built in pstn on my hkc at home etc
  20. On a serious note I assumed diallers would be immune from IP core changes, it appears they may not be
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