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  1. I don't use risco but I've never known an output be flakey like that. I'd assume it's a duff io card
  2. Some points. If a battery device was transmitting all the time with the size of the battery they have, how long do you / she think it would last? Also the power transmission is very very low, tv radio etc would be in the area all the time. I assume she doesnt use a mobile phone?
  3. sorry might of missed something. RIO tampers> Are the actual rios going into tamper or the circuits on the rio. Have you got a log extract you can upload?
  4. There was a firmware version that was particularly sensitive to high res. But it usually indicates a circuit issue. Is it door contacts?
  5. what are the diagnostics showing? id start and concentrate on 1 circuit then work from there
  6. When was it last serviced is the first question?
  7. thanks for the follow up, will help others in the future
  8. id assume the internal bell is connected to the external and isnt a speaker. Id go with a tamper on one of them but would need to see pics of how its wired
  9. Bt are changing from pstn so I'm expecting lots of issues with older communicators that use pstn
  10. yes disable line fault monitoring. Its going to be more of an issue with BT killing pstn lines. Im sure we will see more of it on here soon. Who could of predicted it...
  11. Old topic but ********** on the keypad mean they keypad isnt communicating with a panel, for whatever reason. In this case looks like a dud panel was bought, but on a previously working system its a data problem (cable)
  12. The card held function is something I'd like to see from other manufacturers. Prevents false alarms by people who are not trained on using the system. If you can't set it, you can't set it off
  13. no thats different in the dd243 / bs8243 setting change restric keypad. By default in the UK your not permitted to unset with a pin code 'if' using prox fobs
  14. thats not a bug its a default feature. Its an option.
  15. As H says may as well use his forum then. Do you want honest views from security professionals or some bloke with a YouTube channel. I'm assuming the former or you would be commenting on his channel and making him some cash on views vs being here.
  16. Yes proper monitoring will be polled depending on the grade etc Anywhere from every few seconds to once a day. I would always use a panel to connect your detectors to, you need something to arm disarm, power supply battery monitoring logs etc etc
  17. Have you taken the keypad closer to the panel?
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