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  1. No its just you could overrun a linear psu.A switch mode will disconnect on the same overload. However the losses on a linear are huge. id estimate a new psu on an average system will save over 80 quid a year. That was before the current prices for electric. Id say its worth replacing linear psu for switch mode now more than ever. Logan just dont tell your parents how much electric your old gear hobby is costing them.
  2. Use a load of electric though. Switched mode are much more efficient than old linear ones
  3. Can we be a little sensitive in public please.
  4. Something to do with the keypad clause 8.5.1, ive never used it though.
  5. that self cert thing complaint to EN that doesnt actually comply to EN? No thanks
  6. To be fair the newe power rios are not as solid as the old smart rios. It is something ive come across before
  7. Unfortunately kit from the 80's doesnt have many programmable options
  8. Agreed you need to investigate where the bell tamper fault is
  9. Ive had them leak and destroy terminals as well as just not lasting. Only use duracell or panasonic now
  10. Also never use cheap nasty batteries if it's reporting low battery, still, chances are it's cheap poor quality batteries
  11. as above what you wiring it into?
  12. Depends on your current level / knowledge. One way of starting is to post questions but keep a question to a single thread, ie dont ask loads of questions in one thread it gets unmanageable and makes people less likly to reply
  13. I know it was a wall but Wasn't me
  14. Abacus will be well old though even if it's a v2
  15. As above welcome Been better if you were the man himself but welcome
  16. Dazza please dont link to your own stuff on crypto
  17. Its a far more complicated question than that, bit like best car, pc etc etc it depends
  18. As above do you enter your property as a user or do you break in. Depends on your detection the 9xxx is an old range so guessing your detectors are too. Plus with that panel you won't have many. Maybe rephrase the issue you have?
  19. alarms and ch boiler controls usually the oldest things arnt they? ffs even door bells get upgraded
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