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  1. I don't think it is even castle stuff was neg trig but old stuff was pos return
  2. 89 would be celnet era so probably not but if it's still turning on who cares
  3. I like netgear so why not a non cheapo one of those?
  4. Maybe it needs new coal
  5. I disagree Al. Most home have some ha just nothing to do with the alarm Co.
  6. I've been playing with it, I started with home assistant then tasmota on sonoff. Have a look it's certainly not above yours h https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket
  7. You are exiting engineers to find the module?
  8. Seems we might get along, on the trade thing I'm sure they take 33 in a 30 just as serious
  9. All i can say is apply the same logic to everything else in your home. Id like to know the ages of everything else. We dont say it needs to be replaced to do what you want for profit to us, your here posting no-one is making any money. You still have an old system none of us here would have in our homes. I moved into a house with ts 900 10 years ago. Its gone. I have a v2 hw 1070 now a 10270 due to firmware upgrades. When i cant upgrade firmware i get rid. This is the bit of kit i trust to protect my home and all around it (granted its linked to HA)
  10. Im more suprised its not setup how you want, ie spelling issues etc, being shot is SA does not
  11. Pete is that why when the wind blows I swear I hear gun's?
  12. Id suggest you start a new topic about this
  13. When first powered up its in a test mode showing open circuits. Once you clear them all it will then go to rest / day mode. One option is to remove all circuit wiring (marking up first and take a photo) then link out all to prove the panel. If the panel functions with all circuits, tampers etc closed then you have a base point to start from
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