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  1. Haven't you got an ambulance you should be driving somewhere? BTW did you hear me clapping you the other day?
  2. We use Dahua nearly all their NVRs have basic AI, 5200 series are the mid range recorders if it has AI at the end of the model number its the highest spec. The problem you will be faced with as non trade is buying real Hik or Dahua, unless your buying from a registered retailer they will most likely be fake, and registered retailers are not supposed to sell to anyone other than trade. There are a lot of fake Hik and Dahua sellers on Ebay and similar places
  3. I would think that any self respecting employer would have most staff on furlough, stay indoors and protect the NHS and protect your employees. I have three poeple working inc myself atm, the rest are furloughed on full pay. Even those that could work from home have nothing to do. So Im just covering essential works, chasing debts and paying bills.
  4. This site would work with AI although the beams work fine as well
  5. It is horses for courses I would always look at each site and make decisions based on the nature of the requirements. If the site is not suitable for AI CCTV detection then I would use beams. We have an large engineering site that has beams around the perimeter, it was installed a long time ago but all the cameras are looking from perimeter towards the site, so intruders would already be on site before they are detected if we used the cameras. we cant point the cameras along the perimeter because of high traffic (plus the expense of towers etc. The site has lots of copper and other valuable metal on site, the cameras are looking at the theft attractive property and the land between the perimeter but intruders would be detected by the beams quite a few minutes before any cameras would. Most domestic situations, stables, tack rooms, gardens, garages, etc AI is perfect.
  6. Tricky to say about clouds none of my set up is looking at open areas where the cameras would see clouds. My front camera would see headlights though especially when reflected off the back of my sons car, but not in the trip wire region. I have a monitored system that reports to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), when that was first installed it was going off all the time due tue the sun causing shadows on the ground as it went behind trees etc. But after about a week of logging in and adjusting the settings and a final walk test its been reasonably good. Most of the FA's have been cleaners coming in early or leaving later than agreed, tenants doing the same, the odd person using the building as a public convenience at night. and high winds blowing a large cardboard box into the rear.
  7. Just set the notification on your phone loud enough to wake you up. Mine has never woke me up yet, but as far as I know nobody has been in my garden at least not approaching the entrances. AI is fairly new to be fair beams will continue to sell for a while but the technology is getting cheaper and cheaper I have face recognition numberplate recognition and allsorts on my NVR but thats only because I need to know how it works not because I use it. With the smart search I can search for someone wearing a yellow top, or a hat with vehicle search I can search a red or blue car its very clever and getting cleverer by the minute
  8. Anyone crosses that line either direction I know about it
  9. Both Dahua and Hik (Although I am less familiar with the latter) have really good AI with quite a low FA rate. The good thing is they send a picture to your phone and so you can visually confirm the activation rather than having to log into one app to find out which beam then into another to find look at the camera. They can be set up to detect humans or vehicles you can put a trip wire on the screen that is similar to a beam and determine the minimum and maximum size you want it to report. My set up ignores my dog in the back garden (and foxes) but I know when my wife is bringing the washing in. If anyone approaches my back doors or out buildings I get notifications on my phone. I have the tripwires and intruder boxes set up so they only alert me after 18.00 and before 0630 weekends and 24hr weekdays (ive had to change that since lockdown though) The recorder beeps if anyone approaches the front door 24/7. The only time I had false alarms was when my patio furniture cover blew half off the furniture, but to be fair I needed to know that happened so I didnt mind. I have turrets so spiders are not a problem either. CCTV has really changed, it used to tell you what had happened it now tells you when something happens in realtime.
  10. People make common mistakes with CCTV and think that the highest resolution is the best way forward, whereas, it really depends on your field of view. If your looking at a football pitch and you want to see the faces of the players at the other end of the field then use 8mp, if you looking down a narrow driveway and you want to see the faces of the people coming up it 2mp vfocal would probably do the trick. Turrets get less spiders than eyeballs or domes, assuming they are the same spec they wont have any difference in picture quality, the downside to turrets is that they show what direction they are looking in. I would recommend a NVR with AI then you dont need the beams and pyronix tat
  11. I would use the CCTV as the perimeter security, set up properly it will only notify you if it sees humans
  12. Especially if you are as fat as your name suggests
  13. QFA I would price accordingly, and I would be unlikely to win it they have obviously gone for the cheapest in the past
  14. Is it viewing the balcony then? From your statement above I gather CCTV is not your thing? Axis dont make analogue cameras
  15. Maintenance and breakdowns would have to be done for free, in order for it to be volunteering
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