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  1. PeterJames

    Hi all, advice, info needed

    My old boss wouldnt even by a hand held scope, mind you £300 was a weeks wages back then, I had to take a full size one to site
  2. PeterJames

    Hi all, advice, info needed

    Or behind a multiplexer with your scope checking you have 1v p to p. I always found it terribly clever how the mplexer encoded and decoded onto a vhs.
  3. PeterJames

    Hi all, advice, info needed

    No skill with Hikvision thats why its so popular, its all plug and play. Do you know how to back-focus a camera? ( i dont mean focus I mean back-focus) Do you know what any of the stuff in the OSD is for like what BLC stands for or HLC stands for, shutter speeds? Very few people installing cameras nowadays have any idea on what settings to use, Hik have taken all the skill away and now a ten year old can claim to be a CCTV expert
  4. PeterJames

    Hi all, advice, info needed

    If you want to sub you need to be able install, no-one needs a subbie service engineer. They have to have employed service engineers for the call outs. If you cant install you have no chance of getting any work sorry
  5. PeterJames

    On call

    unconfirmed alarm, the customer can see which zone and decide if its false or not. If an intruder gets in they will trip two detectors for sure, we always make sure that the detection is close enough together or that areas of value have two detectors. Ive done it myself if we leave the aircon on in the workshop it blows stuff around, I switch off the aircon and reset the alarm from the app
  6. PeterJames

    On call

    Sorry I meant the customer can remote log in not us, keyholders reset the alarm without attending site even, whereas when I was an engineer the customer couldnt reset on a non confirmed alarm there wasnt such a thing they were all alarm activations, and they all required a engineers reset.
  7. PeterJames

    On call

    We get on average three calls a week, most of our chaps still go about their business whilst on call, they just cant drink or go too far out of our area (which to be fair that would mean getting on a plane) with remote login to alarm systems nowadays its all very easy on call
  8. Texecom panel does not comply to BS5839 part 6 LD2/3/4 Grade B its an intruder alarm that has the ability to take smoke detectors, but these are purely to be treated ancillaries and do not comply with BS5839 in any way
  9. PeterJames

    Hi All

  10. PeterJames

    Help with resetting Accenta 6

    Not very green it makes you wonder whats going to happen to all that plastic
  11. PeterJames

    Help with resetting Accenta 6

    Like everything in life if you look after it it will last longer, you wouldnt not service your car, it might breakdown and leave you stranded. Its the same with an alarm system it might breakdown @ silly oclock in the morning and you may not be able to silence it
  12. PeterJames


    Sometimes the right advice is not the same as the advice you want to hear. A burglar alarm is not the same as a vintage car, no one is going to come and admire it when it goes off in the middle of the night, like they would when your on the London to Brighton in your vintage car. Preserving an old bit of kit is normally less cost effective than replacing it with something new. So if you replace the transformer, you still have a ten year old PCB with ten year old components.The panel been on on 24/7 for the last ten/eleven years, its beginning to fail. It has served you well, just remember the good times you had with it turning it on and off, and do yourself a favor and update it.
  13. PeterJames

    Hello from Luton Beds

  14. PeterJames

    Honeywell long range detectors

    Is the building expanding and contracting? if the detector is moving it will think that an elephant has broken in
  15. PeterJames

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Hi and welcome

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