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  1. Agreed, I know hundreds of people who work in this industry, including many many business owners, all of them started by working for someone as a trainee.
  2. Why ? Just bin it and by a new bell. surely its cheaper than spending hours fking around with an old bit of tat thats older than the contents of the property your protecting
  3. Cieska are you working in this industry ATM if not are you employed. Are you over 25? Where your are based would you be willing able to move if the right job came up? What would you prefer installation or service ?
  4. This is absolutely right, dont take the brokers word for anything they are selling the risk on and will say anything to get your dollar
  5. I never really thought PACOM panels were all that, they just look and feel really cheap. We have played with a few in ex banks even arming/disarming them is a bit of a vote of no confidence It just means that jeff cant see it or comment LOL
  6. With respect Imran he is right, one of my customers insurance company refused to pay out on a burglary because he did not part set his alarm. He had his mother in law staying in one of the ground floor bedrooms for a week at the time it happened. I printed off a months worth of log to prove he had been setting it up until that week, it didn't do any good. If an insurance company can find a good excuse not to pay out they will. Of course the insurance was based on him setting the alarm and part setting the alarm,(he was aware of this requirement) he had a lot of expensive artwork, the burglars
  7. Yeah nobody like Audi's Stuart would say Scanny is his fav Others are Texe fans Others Like Pyronix Personally I prefer Gin
  8. I wouldnt trust any co that gives away free cloud monitoring, if theyre getting nothing for something, they are less in a hurry to fix it when it goes wrong. Which probably explains why most of the free ones that were frequently going down now charge, and go down less frequently.
  9. You've been burgled you are a higher risk, insurance companies want to sell insurance and not pay out, otherwise there is no point in selling insurance
  10. Your insurance company is looking for some assurance that your alarm will do its job in the event of another burglary, and if it doesn t that they have some recourse, ie the alarm companies efficacy insurance. So when they ask for alarm maintenance contract what they mean is they expect you to have a real alarm system, not something that came from Amazon and might alert you if you have another burglary. The Nest system is not compliant to any of the required british standards, its not graded. Even if you found some back street electrician that would offer a service contract, its un
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