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  1. You could try replacing the PSU but in my experience this rarely fixes it its normally the panel buggered down to the batteries not being replaced frequently enough
  2. We get so many of these and always the op is convinced that its the alarm, I remember as an engineer telling a customer over the phone it was a low battery on their smoke, they insisted I come out. £70.00 plus VAT (it was the early 90's) callout later, I found an old smoke detector in a kitchen drawer with the battery still in it. Its like we tell them what it is and the dont believe us
  3. No it doesn't need any more wires adding the sounder should self activate when you take the lid off Wires dont remove themselves, I cant think why you would think they do ?
  4. No it doesnt look like it, whoever installed it linked out the tamper
  5. Check your drawers for an old smoke detector
  6. That's what I said, is there no manual in the downloads ? Pff! Grandad yourself, you're not far behind me you know! James knows Im only bantering
  7. Oh and Map 6 as the name suggests is limited to 6 fecking detectors, that's four fecking less than ten!
  8. Define "a bit like"? My definition would not be "its the same as". My definition would be "it is a similar idea" Both systems use id chip of one form or another on one fecking circuit! Yes that's where the similarities end but you cannot deny that they are similar. Its not a pair of cables per zone is it? And the Map 6 we have is on a big house and its on old alarm cable, but not a small circuit by any means
  9. I have a site with one, he has a proper alarm as well, but uses the map 6 to check if doors are open before setting, the leds are active wether its armed or not. I would say its 40 years old rather than 30, late 70's early 80s.
  10. The map six is wired in series with what look like diodes across each circuit. The diodes are all numbered and when the circuit is open it changes the current flow on that circuit so the panel knows which circuit is open. A very clever design, bit like how ID systems work nowadays.
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