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  1. I suspect that they wont recommend another brand LOL but they may well recommend someone in your area
  2. There should be a fused spur by the panel, if not there is also a mains fuse behind the control panel pcb, where the mains comes in. Can the cats get within six foot of your existing detectors? The Gardtec panel is old, and they have never been the best panel. But I am not so sure that other panels are much easier to install, programming wise the 595 is very simple in comparison to many. Newer panels have more features yes, but the more the features the harder it is to program. As for your no-show, there are several alarm companies out there, I would recommend you look for an approved co, I am not saying that one-man-bands are no good, there are many on here that are proper chaps. But what I am saying is if you use a company that has gone to the trouble of getting accredited they are more likely to show up when they say they will, do what they say they will do, and charge what they say they will charge Pop your postcode in on here https://www.nsi.org.uk/ or ssaib.co.uk
  3. QFA If you need an alarm that wont go off for no reason or if you cats jump at the window then you need to get someone that knows what there doing to sort it out for you. Its not something that you can seek help with on a forum, a pro would need to see the property where the cats are likely to jump and be detected etc. I wouldn't bank on the battery being the cause of your sounding problems either, it probably has a contributing factor but its unlikely to be the main cause. My advice would be disconnect it all inc external sounders, as you're not using it anyway. Either or get someone in that knows what they are doing and get it sorted properly.
  4. Although I agree with swb I wouldnt rush back to the shop just yet give it a test, it may have been decommissioned because the house was empty and the power was off a few years after it was installed, and never been used till now the sounders will probably not work due to someone decommissioning them at the sounder
  5. Disconnect one leg of the wires from the panel and see if the voltage goes back up to 12v, if it does put the cables back one by one til the voltage drops and you have then found the cable with the problem. You then need to follow the cable route to fined where the cable is damaged
  6. Dont take this the wrong way but you need to get some basic electronics knowledge before you start playing around with stuff you dont understand. I gave up because you dont have any idea of what people are trying to explain.
  7. If you use a power supply you have to common up the ov
  8. Either the sounder doesnt work, or the panel isint outputting 12v. If you have wired 12v and gnd and the wired bell to gnd it should have sounded
  9. Maybe the panel relay is knackered or the bell its hard to say without looking if yo move the wire frome N/O to common does the bell sound?
  10. Common on the control panel (CPU) links to ground
  11. I would guess, 12v and GND on CPU to 12v and 0v on bell, put a link from GND on CPU to COM then wire N/O to B on Bell
  12. Never heard of a wolfguard doesnt look like it has a tamper return, the bell needs a negative trigger that I would guess you can get from N/O on the panel; and adding OV to common
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