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  1. Now take off the stilletoes and get off the bucket you used to get on the horse
  2. Ive pm'd you, not sure if you are able to reply though, you need to make 5 posts in order to PM
  3. Ive got piles of old tat that Ive ripped out and replaced, I use it to demo the rubbish over the good stuff I counted 20 different brands from Anke to Swann in our test room, many have the same pcb different firmware
  4. We are NSI Gold and we cover your area, although we would insist on monitored purely for the remote programming, this allows us to look after you quickly. when needed.
  5. It will have display settings in the menu, but you need to plug it in to a tv with a higher resolution in order to get to the menu. I would do that before buying a new TV you may find you just have a dodgy HDMI lead or DVR
  6. Its an old system but there are still quite a lot of them out there. Where are you if you are Sussex or close to Sussex, we can look after it for you As stuart says assuming it is serviceable
  7. 2013 was it really that long ago?
  8. You cant do it from the panel, the bell is self actuating and has a battery in it. That's why so many non serviced alarms go off when there is a powercut.
  9. Well with an app enabled alarm system you can link the detectors and wireless outputs to switch on lights etc. I am not so sure how well that would work though, getting cosy in the lounge and the lights keep switching on when the pir detects movement, same with the bedrooms . I have Alexa in most of the rooms in my house and I use voice to switch stuff on and off. I swapped my light switch's for broadlink programmable switch's , and I have a couple of broadlink pro's around the house. My alarm switch's on the hall lights as courtesy when entering and leaving the house. and when I set or part set the alarm switch's all the light's in the house and the outbuildings off when armed. James has his back and front doors controlling his outside lighting the light comes on every time he opens the door. Oh my lights come on when the alarm goes off too.
  10. What would you want it to do though? It is possible to make anything smarter with Alexa using the right electronics, but I am not so sure that I would want her to disarm my alarm via voice just yet, even though she knows my voice she is far from infallible
  11. Unless the power was off for 10 hours or more the external sounder should not activate. The Battery should be changed every four years. The battery in the control panel should keep the panel working when the mains is off in other words you should be able to set the alarm in a power cut. If you are unsure if your meter is reading correctly check it against the 12v in the panel it should read 13.5 or there abouts. Try changing the battery in the meter that is the usual reason for low readings.
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