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  1. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    no normal size
  2. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    Ive got a couple of RedCare mugs
  3. PeterJames


    Thats always a good idea, I spent nights irritating my missus arming and disarming and defaulting and reprogramming systems I had taken home. I used to take home old panels we had removed on upgrades as well.
  4. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    Are you saying that you had this at midday? What did you have this evening?
  5. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    Do you live alone?
  6. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    mmmm smash drool
  7. PeterJames

    Hi from Intruder & CCTV Installer

    Hi and welcome, there is more in the trade only area for participants
  8. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    My last one was similar, JW said you should always ask for a courtesy car because they will fix your car much quicker. It took them 2 days to find a blown fuse, while I drove around in a poxy A Class, there are only so many handbrake turns you can do in Asdas carpark before it gets boring. Thats the last time I listen to JW
  9. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    I bet you were climbing the ceilings by the end of it. I spent a nice afternoon in Merc a few months back only 2 Lattes. I managed to plug my laptop in and get more work done than I normally would at the office, their setup is far better than Jags I do miss my Jag though
  10. PeterJames

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    qfa You are contracted with your security co, they should be taking it up with the ARC. I think your security company were lucky, if your house had burned down and no-one was called, it would be your insurance company that would have taken it up them, and that would not of ended well. They have had a lucky escape.
  11. PeterJames

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    Is this using the BT hub special services input? BT are switching off PSTN ETA all PSTN to be gone by 2025. They said that speech diallers and digis will have to be plugged in to the special services socket on their hub. I think they even said that special services has to be switched on and the customer pays extra for it
  12. PeterJames

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    8 calls seems excessive Ive only ever known them to make 3 attempts, when it first came out we had loads of fails due to the fact that they were all factory set to call at the same time so they arc was engaged at 12.01
  13. PeterJames

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    My understanding of the PSTN shutdown will mean that Digis will not be able to dial a call it has the wrong technology of DTMF
  14. PeterJames

    Favourite system and why.

    How do you know he has a Merc?
  15. PeterJames

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    But surely when the PSTN is shut down the digi cant make a chargeable call. In the op's instance my money would be on a problem with the receiver and not the phone line, although I admit without the full facts it is difficult to surmise for sure, it could be a dodgy phoneline or a problem with the digi.

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