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  1. PeterJames

    Tools Info - What you got

    No tools are left in this forum over night
  2. PeterJames


    Are you sure I am sure that newbies have with one post have changed their profile pic?
  3. PeterJames

    Cooper Security 9853 won't reboot.

    Hi welcome to the forums. Please do not post defaulting information in the public forums thanks
  4. PeterJames


    You should be allowed? Its edit cover photo I believe
  5. PeterJames


    Hi and welcome, Excuse all the p taking, its what we call banter
  6. PeterJames

    "N" and "D" Markings on Shock Sensors

    Ball bearing on a doodaa
  7. PeterJames

    Remote Self Test RST

    Hi probably better you ask daft questions because I dont understand your sensible question
  8. PeterJames

    Adt Accord Xpc Engineers Code Lockout

    No just slighly pissed, I got a case of Bishops finger for fathers day
  9. PeterJames

    Adt Accord Xpc Engineers Code Lockout

    Yeah well when yor age your age you stop noticing lots of things
  10. PeterJames

    Adt Accord Xpc Engineers Code Lockout

    Probably went bang shorty after posting in 2006
  11. PeterJames

    Home System Recomendations

    Get two more quotes, and go with who you feel most comfortable with, you can search using your postcode at https://www.nsi.org.uk/directory/#topform and https://ssaib.org You could use a non approved company, however, I would suggest you only use a co that has been recommended by someone you know and trust. With an approved co you have a body to go to if it all goes wrong
  12. Hi you will understand it costs a fair amount of money to run a forum like this, servers domain fees etc. As with all forums the owners have sponsor that pay for advertising, if we allowed free advertising then we would lose our sponsors and we would not be able to afford to run this forum. If you wish to advertise that's fine just put in an application and we will tell you how much. If you just wish to participate then that is free
  13. PeterJames

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    Hi welcome to the forum, Ive merged your topics, there is no need to open a new topic for two questions. Question 1 cut the 12v pos and dont worry if you short any of the others. Question 2 The keypad can be removed from the wall with the cable still attached, if its likely to get wet put it in a plastic bag and seal it. If your alarm is under a service contract you may invalidate your contract by carrying out these works yourself
  14. PeterJames

    Hi all, newbie to the industry

    Hi and welcome
  15. PeterJames

    WANTED - 'Old School' CRT Monitors

    ESG in birmingham had a whole control room full of them not being used, it may be worth giving them a call

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