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  1. Why are we replying to old posts? the op is long gone
  2. As I said, I dont know the products that well, its unlikely the OP will find a decent brand with a non subscription ap. Though, I would not recommend a non subscription app either, the ones that were free were always going down and because they were not being charged for the manufacturers were in no hurry to fix them.
  3. Not that you can buy as DIY but there are a few people that recommend Texecom or Pyronix, I dont know these products well enough to recommend them but on paper they are far superior to the DIY tat
  4. Yes unfortunately most of the wireless stuff on the DIY market is one way tat.
  5. Lcd fails on these panels frequently, they still make 4 wire keypads but if your keypads are 6 wire then its time to think about updating the system its close to 30 years old now and they stopped making the early ones well over ten years ago. That said if you live in a house that needs four keypads then maybe you should consider having the system updated and under a service contract anyway. Im not saying you have anything worth stealing, or that you will be targeted, but the bigger the property the higher chance of non oppurtunist burglary.
  6. LOL it took me a while to spot that!
  7. Its definately a gardtec 500 not a speech dialer
  8. That's what the tin foil hat is for dummy!
  9. That's what I said, but house sales would be a problem, and if there is a fatal fire someone will be prosecuted, just like in the uk
  10. Its very unlikely that they poll each other, what could be gained by this? Its different if they were polling a control panel as the control panel would tell you a detector had failed to poll. But there is just nothing to be gained polling between detectors on their own.
  11. Hi Colin I doubt any of the manufacturers would actually state that they dont transmit all the time anywhere on the paperwork. Between me and you, its sort of obvious this is how they work. If they transmitted all the time they would be telling one and other to sound all the time. Think about this logically if you want a light to come on in your house you have to switch a switch. The smoke detectors work the same way, if they want to tell the other smoke detector to sound they transmit a signal. If they worked the other way around it would be a waste of power, and if you had more than two detectors it would never work as the ones not triggered by smoke would still be constantly transmitting So in basic terms: These type of detectors are activated either by smoke or by a wireless signal from another detector. For example if smoke is detected in the hallway, the smoke detector in the hallway sounds and at the same time tells all the other detectors in the house by transmitting a signal this tells the other detectors to sound. All the smoke detectors are waiting to recieve a signal all the time, albeit wireless or smoke, but receiving is not the same as transmitting in the same way that listening is not the same as shouting I hope this helps
  12. Most industry databases have this, we can switch engineers on and off on the app so they only have customer info when we allow it. We use CASH but AlarmMaster and WIN-Whatever its called, both have apps.
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