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  1. Have you been sniffing the ambulance fumes again?
  2. You can add a dialer to any panel but you would need someone to default the engineer code and reprogram it.Find a decent company, invite three to quote, ask them if they are able to takeover and update what you have before you get them around for a survey. Choose the company you are most happy with not necessarily the cheapest. A service add sounder and GSM dialer would be around your budget
  3. External sounders are overrated in my opinion, they get ignored 99% of the time, unless you count the complaints from neighbors when it does go off, and they are one of the first things to go wrong. If you have an alarm installed already get someone to service it, fit loud internal sounder (to scare anyone inside) and a dialer to call you, it will be more reliable than a Ring system and you wont get anyone hacking into it and watching your missus in the hallway
  4. Is that some sort of reference to me living in Brighton, because I ve told you I dont fancy men
  5. PeterJames

    SL Compact

    £100.00 or thereabouts
  6. PeterJames

    SL Compact

    If you dont know the code then the user manual wont be much help, take a look at the bell box to see if thee is an installers name on it, give them a call and they will default the code for you for a small charge
  7. Hi and welcome just ignore the banter, it is a bit like being back in school in here sometimes......which reminds me does anyone want to buy a dinner ticket for tomorrow?
  8. Not at the moment, but we do get them from time to time. the lcd on them fails
  9. Ill have a look in our scrap tomorrow
  10. Most used ones have fooked lcd screens,
  11. Not vandal resistant not 2 wire Imran,. I use door entry direct just call them tell them what you want and give them your email address, they will send you a quote 0208 621 6210
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