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  1. QFA If the alarm was in serviceable condition you would not have to do that after every powercut. What if you have a powercut while your on holiday ?
  2. Compared to the stuff you see on amazon they are, but we have just had that conversation on the Oswu alarm system topic. OP you get what you pay for, especially so with CCTV. In order to make something cheaper you have to produce it cheaper, like using plastic lenses that warp in the sun and cant be focused or reject chips that work but have been rejected due to dead pixels or similar. I dont use Hik but they are what I would call the premium cheap end of the market, Hik are really good value for money from what I have seen of them. If you think Hik are expensive take a look at Mobotix, 6 times the price. In answer to your question though any Onvif camera will work
  3. But there is loads of tat being imported, some of it good some of it bad.Hikvision and the likes started out this way, and some would say its the best CCTV available today. The problem with security industry is that there are no enforceable standards people are free to market tat that false alarms at a blink of an eye, or wont switch off when the correct code is inputted, or doesnt activate when there is an intruder. But people are also free to make a choice, sometimes educated choice and sometimes people do not research before they buy and go for the cheapest deal. Hopefully when people buy tat they learn from the experience.
  4. QFA I think I would have kept the response too
  5. All I remember was that he had a lot of problems with that ariel all summer long
  6. She used to live next door to my mate in Brighton. They would often have parties with Sam Fox and all the other Page 3 girls in her garden. I nearly fell off his roof trying to fix his CB ariel once, I was only 14 /15
  7. Depends on the requirements set out when the license was issued
  8. Also his insurance would be invalid and he could lose his gun license if the guns are not suitably protected
  9. I doubt that, people that have guns are sensible, and would not take any risk. You can kill someone with a gun.
  10. The installer will still know the system and can provide a service contract
  11. To be fair if he is storing guns its probably a Police requirement that the system is monitored and maintained. We look after quite a few sites with gun safes I cant think of one that's not G5 monitored.
  12. As above cancelling the contract wont stop the alarm from sending out test calls daily. The alarm company would have stopped taking any notice of the signals. We used to retain ownership of the monitoring equipment back in the day and then charge the customer for us to collect it if cancelled. I can see why now.
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