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  1. Might be a job for Imran, too small for me
  2. Dont forget to leave feedback for the fobs tho ;-)
  3. PeterJames

    Accounts Software RBS Natwest Freeagent

    So long as your accountant is happy with it, then thats fine
  4. PeterJames

    Accounts Software RBS Natwest Freeagent

    I have had personal and business issues with Nat West, and my business manager was always on the sell, only interested if he was selling us something. We are now with Co Op Metro and Barclays, over two Ltd companies.
  5. PeterJames

    Accounts Software RBS Natwest Freeagent

    Worst bank I have ever had the miss-fortune to deal with. Anyway I thought we all had shares in RBS or was that Northern Rock .....or both
  6. PeterJames

    Accounts Software RBS Natwest Freeagent

    I wouldnt use NatWest for anything
  7. PeterJames

    Hi, expanding our business

    Hi and Welcome I am always confused when I see electrical contractors, moving into security. I dont know why it just has a "Jack of all trades" ring about it. I suppose it is because all the electrical contractors we work with, use us as their specialist contractors, and just do the electrical works. They could all fit an alarm themselves the same as we can install a ring main, but neither would make as nice a job of it as the other.
  8. PeterJames

    Just Re-emerged

    welcome back
  9. PeterJames


    There are plenty of deterrents out there already lights on timers, lightswitch's that switch on and off randomly iftt ect ect. You can even buy a TV simulator that looks like you have a TV on in the house. It all depends on what type of burglar your likely to get, a professional burglar is unlikely to be fooled by deterrent techniques, whereas a drug-fueled opportunist is likely not to notice. In our line of trade you get to go to a lot of houses that have been burgled and you would be surprised on what does happen. I certainly would not leave my house unalarmed nor would I go to bed without part arming my alarm, the one thing that does deter burglars is the thought of getting caught and a wailing siren and flashing lights tend to bring attention to them. The bell box should be enough deterrent if they haven't spotted that they wont be taking much notice of lights coming on in the house every time they walk towards it
  10. PeterJames


    It not burglars while you're out that you have to worry about, its the burglars that break in while you're sleeping. Get an alarm and set it when you go out and when you go to bed, and then you dont have to worry
  11. PeterJames

    Visonic 360R

    Well I suppose we could have all said no that would have been helpful, and truthful tbf
  12. Looks like its been installed to the curtains
  13. PeterJames

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    Its an example of problem solving.
  14. PeterJames

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    I have been doing similar things all my life too. I have found that the best place to start is with a problem. For example, we have a huge site that is armed by a security guard. Before he can arm the site he has to walk through each building to make sure that no-one is still working before he arms it, the problem is some of these buildings are so big that by the time he has walked through from entrance A to entrance B someone has come in from entrance A and is sat at their desk working when the guard is setting the alarm. The site has access control and there are time restrictions on peoples cards but they need the access to work in order to get out of the building. We could just restrict their cards not to work on the external doors after working hours, but there are many nights when the building is open and staff will require access after hours. So there was no easy way to restrict staff from coming back in. Our solution was a lock down fob, the guard now has a red fob that he swipes at the entrance a when he comes round to lock up, this disables all the external readers but not the internal ones so staff can get out. Only red fobs will now work at the external doors. The red fobs also work at the alarm keypad and so once he has checked the building and got everyone out he swipes the red fob at the alarm which arms the system. Only people with a red fob are able to enter the building (they are keyholders) and when the alarm is unset it automatically resets the access control so staff can get in.
  15. PeterJames

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    Not necessarily there are temperature and humidity detectors available separately, there is no panel that could collate that info and adjust to the environment

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