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  1. Does the job come with as many Chevrons as you can eat?
  2. https://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/guidelines/ Please read before posting your welcome to PM us for advertising prices
  3. https://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/guidelines/ Rules
  4. You do know that in order to get URNs you need to be either NSI or SSAIB, just in case you hadnt realised
  5. Apart from my jsheet server backs up TSI
  6. GRRR Is that why my server has been going slow all day loads of problems with engineers sending jobsheets?
  7. When I first took over WSS I did a calc of all the overheads rent (at the time I didnt own) vans insurance, mobile phones, non-productive staff, fuels, office electricity, all the stuff you need to run alarm co. Wages plus holiday pay, national insurance, and now pensions on top, and at the time it was £34.50 to break even in 2003, did it recently £56.50. We turnover nearly £million We paid £18k in corporation tax (another add on to the sums above) you can probably work out the net profit from those figures, not even close to a footballers wage.
  8. Some customers are great, lots are a fooking PITA. Sometimes they get to your Chimp brain and you have to give it a banana and sack the customer, £65pa audible only, less than a tenner per annum profit, I certainly wont lose any sleep over it.
  9. 13 years then, I think I caught the exaggeration bug from that customer he said the engineer was only there 10 mins. I said the electronic jobsheet says different 22 minutes and the vehicle tracker backs that up with nearly 30 mins
  10. I had a call from a customer today complaining about our call out charge, there alarm has been in since 2006 with no faults regularly service by us, panel regulator failed, needs a new panel unfortunately. They were told before we attended how much the charge was, and if we had fixed it I doubt that they would have complained about the charge. I offered a discount on the replacement panel, but they said I was blackmailing them. I said thats not blackmail I dont have to offer a discount at all, if anything its a bribe to have the new system with us. I have an idea that he wont have a new system with us so (he has probably already got a cheaper quote, or has decided he doesnt need an alarm so either way I have lost him as a customer) I dont think he will be getting any thing off his callout. The way I see it is he will have some cheapo back street quote for a replacement that wont be installed properly or serviced properly and it wont last the 15 odd years that ours has without a problem, and our replacement panel quote will not have been that much more expensive, false economy to save £50.00 and a cheek to try and get us to lower our call out charge on top.
  11. If he didnt then I would advise that you turn the power off in a month or so's time to see if the battery is still charged
  12. LOL he doesnt get out of bed before 10.00
  13. When did they last charge you for a battery? Not all alarm companies are the same and not all engineers have the proper training or understand how things work. I have come across systems with ten year old batteries in them, yet the system has been serviced every year. We took over a leisure center a couple of years ago because the incumbent company had told them that the panel was knackered and wanted a small fortune to replace it. We replaced it for less money but while we were changing the kit we found numerous batteries that were knackered which had probably been the cause of the diagnosis that the panel was knackered. This system had been serviced by several nationals and a local co whilst the batteries were passed their sell-by. A decent local company will have changed your battery every four years regardless.
  14. It may be too late if you have not replaced the battery when it was due you may well find that the charging circuit is knackered anyway
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