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  1. The "Report Fail "is not the reason for the alarm activating, that's just telling you that it was unable to communicate. Its a DIY panel so not many here will be familiar with the panel but I am sure that it has a log(memory) get the user manual out and work out how to read the log that will tell you what triggered the zone then come back here when you still dont know the cause. When was the last time you changed the main battery?
  2. Im thinking of putting my non contract charges up to £250, the problem with £120 is its still cheap enough for people to actually say yes. We rather people just take out a contract than call us out for one off jobs that are quite often more trouble than they are worth. When you get there they are never as easy as they explained over the phone.
  3. Ive been told mine work better than the originals
  4. Or the battery was fooked it should have been replaced 9 years ago
  5. NVM failure would not make the keypad blank and unresponsive, cable to keypad or keypad is fooked (technical term)
  6. http://www.bdc.co.uk/ade-honeywell-ss-01-simple-set-reader.html
  7. Yeah that looks like it will definately work with a Honeywell panel
  8. Ill let Santa be the judge of that
  9. I dont have any customers that keep pets like that, how the lower class engineers live eh
  10. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/tat
  11. one way wireless and two way coms are not the same thing, it wasnt graded when the rep came to see me but even so it is tat
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