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  1. I would suggest you subby for a while, starting your own co is not that easy if you dont have a regular income the bank will repossess your house. The mistake most people make in this industry when it comes to insurance is that the think public/employee liability is enough, you need efficacy. Look at the NSI and SSAIB websites for approval you need a minimum of 5 installs contracted. I would recommend NSI silver as there are fewer Silvers than there are SSAIB co's out there it may give you the edge over your local competition. Its easier to buy an established company than trying to start your own, if you have the guts. I have seen loads of one man bands go under recently only to resurface as employees, the domestic market is getting killed off by the likes of Nest ect and the Commercial market will want approved in most cases because of their insurance requirements. Oh and dont try to win deals on price, the big boys get wind that you are under cutting them all the time they can afford to work at a loss till you are under, sell at a fair price win the deal on best value.
  2. you boys are not funny !
  3. Its been a bit of a strange day, first I found a hat full of money, then I got chased by a bloke with a guitar
  4. Apparently blancmange isnt a french word even though it sound french and starts with the french for white. But my ex french engineer swears its not .
  5. Hi and Welcome We all have 24hr assistance here, mines blonde
  6. qfa Hik copy cameras with plastic lenses that warp in the sun, second and third, and fourth rejected cmos chips. If you're not buying from a Hik registered dealer it will be a copy. Same with Dahua, they dont make cameras for anyone else. they dont sell their rejects either, they retail them as a DIY product called HiVision Bear in mind it costs the same to make a cheap camera as it does to make an expensive one, so the only savings you are gonna make is on the components used. You can buy decent stuff with Hik firmware but you need to know exactly what your looking for, and even then it wont be the same you wont have the settings the same as a hik . Both James and I have been there done that have the Tshirt. I go to China regularly but I wont buy CCTV until they have their act together. Dahua is our base CCTV after that its Milestone and Mobotix
  7. Im in China next week, but not looking at CCTV, the problem with China and CCTV is you have to see exactly what your getting right down to component level otherwise you end up with a load of tat.Then you have to buy enough of it to make it worth while, and theirs, which means that unless your selling to the trade the kit you purchased is old hat before youve sold it all. I would never buy a single system of anything from China
  8. Its not too far for us we cover upto North London, we have a few jobs in Basingstoke Windsor and Slough which are all your direction from us. Couple of issues firstly we are Dahua installers not Hik but we can supply and install Hik. We cant install kit supplied by others we are NSI gold ISO 9001 which means everything we supply has to have a trail back to the supplier. The other problem is that I do the broadlink kit for my house, and as a sort of hobby, we dont install it commercially none of my engineers will be familiar with it. That said I can preprogram it here, is the gate already automated or do you need that doing too.
  9. You will need the echo if you want to do anything by shouting at it
  10. There are CCTV manufacturers like Dahua and Hikvision that make doorbells and entry systems that link to the CCTV and your smart phone, it wont be long until there is an alexa skill for those too
  11. In theory you could use an analytic camera to trigger a wireless output which in turn tells the broadlink to change the channel of the TV to HDMI source. My recorder is plugged into a HDMI input of the TV so its a separate source (like changing from terrestrial tv to a sky box). I control mine manually or ask Alexa to go to HDMI 2 on the tv. To operate the gate or TV or anything by shouting at it yes you need one of those, and an echo, the echo talks to the broadlink to switch stuff on and off. Paul Hibbert explains most of it here
  12. Its been broke since Brexit started
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