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  1. Hi Dean

    Thank you for your report, engineering manuals are only available to trade members, which is why you are unable to download it.

  2. Keypad failing after a two years ? Something doesnt add up was it second hand? I agree with the above get it serviced, then have it serviced regularly, it prevents problem such as the alarm going off randomly with no apparent reason
  3. Okay most people dont know why the fuse blew, blown fuse is a symptom of a problem in many cases
  4. It shouldnt go off if the battery in the panel is ok, and why do you need to replace the aux fuse?
  5. its dp so it sends path failure via gsm
  6. Im on a webway for monitoring to the arc and so I only have the wifi module for the app, it does tell me eventually, but the wifi is normally up before it does. My wifi rarely goes down for more than a few minutes
  7. Agreed I would always proper recommend monitored with the app as a secondary device. My app always tells me info before the alarm receiving centre (arc) calls me, but I always get a call from the arc to tell me my Wifi is down whereas my app only tells me when the WiFi is back up.
  8. The age of your panel would suggest not, but replacing the panel with a panel with self monitoring facilities is possible. I would avoid any that offers free or very cheap annual cloud fee as they will be the least reliable
  9. No I wouldn't, thats how my wife uses hers, and dont forget Ive spent some time in China, they all walk around with their nose ion their phone there.Im too old for Lad baby
  10. I am not sure that signing could be enforced therefore it cannot be a compliance requirement, you cant tell someone that they must sign something otherwise their system is not compliant, all you can do is request a signature, and if refused, write refused to sign. Signing is useful though we had an old lady with alzheimer's who refused to pay for her service saying we had not been, but she couldn't argue with her signature.
  11. I disagree, I only look at my phone when something happens that shouldn't, or when someone calls me, the HKC app tells me in voice no need to look. Most of the other stuff like heating is a one time set up and it works from a routine. I am not always looking at my phone the only time I notice I have a text is when I get in my car and my car tells me.
  12. I find apps very useful. In my pocket I control much of my house. My phone tells me when there is someone at the door, or in my garden.I know what time my staff are in the office and what time they leave, I get a warning if the alarm is not unset by 09.00 weekdays (a bit annoying bank holidays) I get a warning if the alarm has not been set by 19.30. I can adjust the heating at home and at work, start the heating in the Merc so its nice and toasty when I leave work, I can check my shares, my bank accounts, check my networks, connect to my works phone system, order a pizza, book a flight, set m
  13. If your house and contents are important enough to warrant a burglar alarm with self monitoring, and lets face it the most important part of any burglar alarm nowadays, would be the bit that calls you when it activates. Why on earth are you looking the cheapest? When you get something for nothing, it means somebody got nothing for something. When somebody is supplying something for nothing they are less motivated to do anything about it when it goes wrong. This is why all of the companies that were supplying a free app cloud kept having server failures, and have now started chargi
  14. The panel is around thirty years old, if it hasnt been serviced in that time the battery in the panel would have killed the charging circuit. Replacing the internal battery wont fully fix it, you probably need a new panel too
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