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  1. HIK intercom should be able to do this having a play with one tomorrow Comelt will work with ease but will require dongle for each PC it is running so cost may be a problem
  2. Would need to check this as I think Sentinel may have fixed this
  3. Anyone done any integration between these two can't seem to see anything on Net2 we recently installed.
  4. Three of us heading over to see a couple manufacturers and get a catch up with a few guys who do work for us in England and Wales. It is very expensive and would prefer Birmingham.
  5. So who's all going to Ifsec? is it a jolley up for everyone or is anyone going specifically to see something interesting?
  6. Not a panel we have used before but I think Webway support UDL on these panels.
  7. Have any Milestone users also used Avigilon? would like to know opinions on what performs better. Not used Milstone but looks good kit.
  8. I would be very wary of putting 256 cameras on one NVR what is the throughput on one of these. We keep on coming up against people who recommend putting 50+ 3 & 4mp cameras on 64ch NVRS which have 150mb total throughput which just does not work. For our larger systems we use Avigilon and build our own servers never has any issues.
  9. I didn't think humbugs would work on TVI. What are the cameras fixed to?
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