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  3. I'd be surprised a house with a flush keypad fitted would only need 3 sensors... If your having a company in it's no good recommending kit, they will use what they support. If you found somewhere reliable that supports Galaxy then less repair work. Usual recommendation is 3 quotes, go with the place that makes you feel the most comfortable NOT just the cheapest.
  4. Hi Thank you all for your advice. We've decided to replace the ageing GALAXY 16+ and ditch the idea of trying to keep the existing keypad as I can't find any installers willing to fit any Galaxy products.( only Visionic/Scantronix/Pyronix Euro 46 have been mentioned) I'll be getting a system professionally installed and hopefully utilising existing cabling (prewired when house was built in Year 2000) Looking to get all existing motion sensors/Door contacts/Keypad and siren replaced, essentially we need a 4 zone wired system with 3 PIRs 1 door contact, no monitoring or fancy Apps required. Would be grateful for your recomendations for a reliable basic alarm to meet those requirements please. Cheers Col
  5. Yeah it says 16+ on the large chip in the middle of the PCB
  6. Yeah apparently it was offered as a customer option by the company that "took over" the 3 year old ADT alarm that had been installed by the buile=ders when houses where built in 2000
  7. Last week
  8. Sound bombs are bin fodder. It sounds like something that has high enough risk that I'd be thinking needs signalling.
  9. Mice fart louder than most current external sounders Sticking lots of stuff on the alarm means lost of current drawn in alarm all my P24 need 9Ah batterys
  10. The site issue is that its remote with the near neighbours or tarmacked road, they're over a mile away, so need it as loud as possible! If after install and not being able to hear it a couple of fields away (to the neighbours) I'll add an extra sound bomb or two LOL. Isolating the back light is not a bad idea. My reason for this choice was it claims to be louder. I'll check out the lid sizing though. Once again, thank you
  11. There can be unforeseen planning permission issues and they are unnecessary light pollution. You can fit them without connecting the backlight on the X's, but can purchase the twin siren non-X ones for similar price. Covering a new box with what I guess is some old C-Type cover would remove the deterrent of a shiny new box and reduce sound output. If you are thinking of not buying a lid for this sounder it just will not work, they need a compatible lid.
  12. Thanks sixwheeledbeast for high lighting the shortfall of the CAA-0004/26 panels. Basically I forgot to add the Premier Elite 8XP-W (Part code GCD-0001). You also said "most bells will work but I wouldn't use a backlit one". What's your reason for not using a backlit unit please? I was going to mount it inside a non Texecom cover as I have several kicking around.
  13. It's a wired panel that could be expanded into wireless with extra kit but it's NOT wireless or hybrid OOTB.
  14. I assumed the OP was making a simple solution complex... I've never seen the decorative keypad in the flesh, normally the beef with changing stuff is the cost of painter & decorator
  15. Thanks sixwheeledbeast for your comments and they're noted. Your comment No.8 says I haven't got a wireless system. however I was led to believe CAA-0004/26 was wireless and wired. Have I been misled?
  16. I'd assume a new Mk7 rkp will fit into the old metal work?
  17. looks like the 2 tamper loops are linked out. Can you confirm with a meter? Is this brand new? or from a dubious source?
  18. that looks like a 16 plus. Pretty limited and very basic panel. Is obsolete but if its been looked after is useable. Or put a flex or a 2-20 in its its place. YOu can then reuse your keypad but id update your detection, bell etc
  19. Support for products are for trade installers. 1 Mostly, PCB and Software same. Cab allows larger standby and larger output PSU. 2 iProx will work 3 It's extra outdoor reader, pretty sure it's one external reader per iProx 4 No tags come with iProx 5 Smartcom is compatible but need a trade account to register for Cloud only "DIY option" is GSM-COM 6 Either but neither is Prox 7 This is where you start to seem completely lost - it's just another keypad variant with Prox and yes you'll need a keypad. 8 You haven't got a wireless system, most bells will work but I wouldn't use a backlit one. 9 Again not wireless system and a random Enforcer passive...!? I think you should seriously consider getting a quote for someone to do it, if you value your time and security. Your not sure on product types or what is compatible and how it goes together. Very little of it will come with a manual, some older stock may have a quick leaflet but not the panels. Whatever your trying to do with this iProx stuff will rely on good programming knowledge to get working, I'd query the design.
  20. I've decided to run with a new Texecom intruder alarm system, however I have a few questions. My father in law has asked Texecom, but they're a bit casual on getting back to us. Is anyone here familiar with their kit please? My questions are red in the table below.... Can I assume the two following panels are the same except for the case? Texecom Premier Elite 24 Control Panel Metal CAA-0004 Texecom Premier Elite 24 Control Panel (Plastic?) CAA-0026 Can I assume the following item is correct for the above panels Texecom Premier Elite iProx Kit includes iProx and External iProx Reader BBC-0001 Can I assume the following reader is to have an additional reader once the above iProx has been installed? Texecom External IProx Reader Access Control BBB-0001 Will I need to order the following Tags, or are some included with the iProx Kit? Texecom Premier Elite Proximity Tags (Pack of 5) CDB-0001 Is the following item correct for the Texecom Premier Elite 24 Control Panel? Texecom Connect SmartCom Ethernet & Wifi Communicator CEL-0001 Is the following item correct for the Texecom Premier Elite 24 Control Panel? Texecom Premier Elite Standard LCD Remote Keypad DBA-0001 Texecom Premier Elite LCDL Large Screen Remote Keypad DBB-0001 Presumably I won't need this if I have the BBC-001 iProx kit? Texecom Premier Elite LCDLP Large Screen & Proximity Remote Keypad DBD-0002 Are the following items correct for the Texecom Premier Elite 24 Control Panel? Texecom Ricochet Wireless Micro Door Contact Midnight Black GHA-0014 Texecom Odyssey X-BE Grade 2 Sounder with Integral Backlight WDC-0001 Premier Odyssey X-BE External Sounder Backplate c/w Backlight Louder! WDC-0002 Are the following detectors correct for the Texecom Premier Elite 24 Control Panel? Texecom Ricochet Impaq SC-W VIBER Wireless Shock and Contact White GJA-0001 Texecom Ricochet Wireless P15-W Capture 15m PIR Detector GDA-0001 Texecom Ricochet Wireless Q20-W Capture 20m Quad PIR Detector GDB-0001 Pyronix Enforcer Wireless 12m Dual Technology PIR Detector KX12DT3-WE Thanks in advance for useful answers
  21. The 9448+ control box doesn't have its own keypad so I need to connect the remote keypad as a minimum.
  22. Thank you both for your help with this. Photos are attached.
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