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  2. That's it but no don't disable groups you need them
  3. So when I’m in user codes, I go to the user, modify group, then what? I’m assuming the user should have both groups but no “*”, that way they can set both groups without a choice but the keypad is what decides the group? Also, do I now need to disable groups again in menu 62?
  4. Sorry James I didn’t see your reply. Thanks for that. Do I not need to assign each keypad to the group in menu 58?
  5. it is. But you need to add group restrict to the users too
  6. Today
  7. Tell me it’s not just assigning the group to the keypad?
  8. use group restrict on the max, keypad and user. Program the user to both groups. re the sounder just program as e/e horn for each group
  9. Hi guys, I have a galaxy system split over two floors, keypad on each floor. Both floors have been split into groups, 1 and 2. Is it possible to designate floor 1 keypad to group 1 (floor 1) and that is the only set point for that floor and the other keypad to the other group and that will only set that group (2nd floor) effectively 2 separate systems. It would be great if we could use the same fob or code on both floors without selecting the group. Also, I’m assuming the exit tone will still be heard on both floors at the same time? They are wired into separate outputs. thanks in advance guys, sorry for the long drawn out post.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Thanks very much for your advice everyone. I ordered in a replacement pir for the flood not triggering and have now fitted it. Pleased to say it all now works perfectly. Thanks again for your help.
  12. EFF have released there findings on there investigation into third party trackers with in the app. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/01/ring-doorbell-app-packed-third-party-trackers
  13. Locking panels that can be easily unlocked always strange Even these lot , not even worth the money they doing it for Might as well do it with the enforcer etc aswell
  14. Boot-lacing eight core, now that's an appropriate use of "hardcore".
  15. I am out of the right now. Im now at school
  16. Last week
  17. Not sure why he changed the mag if there's no power? Sounds like you need to get another decent company out. Pretty easy to work with.
  18. Maybe try a diffrent alarm co Have seen alot of adt engineers who aren't even familiar with the kit they install
  19. Hey Guys, based in Luton, we have a standalone door Entry system with Kantech module, maglock and telguard GSM unit. The maglock don't work anymore. A local engineer tried everything including replacing the maglock but no joy. He said there is no power coming from kantech module and adt needs to come and connect a pc to fix it. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you sameer
  20. Ah I didn't think of it that way By a Merc £110k then end up with a bent keypad on the wall
  21. You must get real bored , or looking for ion gear lol That mic was another classic, they used the same body for keypads and all sorts of someone wanted something odd made
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