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  2. I wouldn't be stripping the outer sheath at the entry point, which sounds like your hinting at in the post? Cable anchors for multiples, maybe finger trunking if you have a large cab and lots of wiring, agree with JW there is practical tidy and overboard. Think about if when your finished it looks like it would be a PITA to add/remove/replace something while still keeping tidy.
  3. Keep the data lines free and flowing make the powers short and together. You will know if you are happy with how it looks if your not do it again. Imo never make cables too short. Im not a dressed fan imo it has to be functional and practical. Stand back after and either be happy or move stuff and redo it
  4. Last week
  5. Hi, I will need to wire up quite few access control panels with mostly all the cables from devices wired with Cat5e FTP cables, well... only supplies for the locks 1.5mm twin cable. Panels itself quite roomy but I'm unsure how to make it look good inside with all those skinny solid strand twisted wires. Is there maybe (at least I couldn't find) a topic in this forum with some install pictures that I could browse? Any one maybe have any pictures for sharing in this topic? Or maybe suggestions? I know it's not end of the world, but I would like to make it nice looking. Thanks.
  6. Nuzon HG-2500? http://www.nuzon.com.tw/exec/product.php?mod=list&cid=2&lg=E Bin fodder
  7. some tat from ebay or ali express ? https://www.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21004132140468
  8. What wireless panel is this please
  9. hi everyone, just signed up for help and advice with instaling and programing security systems, im james, im a comercial/industrial electrician not a security pro but im installing my own alarm at my workshop, and have found this forum very helpfull so far so thought id sign up properly.
  10. Ok I misunderstood, as I am dodgy engineer who doesn't read things ,I though you meant to answer a call you need to u lock the phone , but yes apps don't unlock phones , I assume a rooted phone with special app would do it , same way trusted devices settings unlock the phone you might get an app that is trusted and phone unlocks when it rings it , not seen the latter tho , or tried
  11. Ive tested Ring, Hikvision, cheapo Chinese, dahua doorbell and Dahua telephone entry, they all ring your phone via an app but none unlock the phone. Yeah the call goes though but it doesnt unlock the phone, even when Im on a call I have to use my fingerprint if i need to unlock it. If an app unlocked phones it would be a big security risk. It can be made to unlock the phone using Tasker but I dont like the idea of my phone being insecure in any way with bank apps and other financial apps like wechat and Revolute on it, its changed from being a phone to being a personal computer, that I holds more than just my phone contacts.
  12. No I meant if your receiving a call you don't need to unlock for an intercom call right?
  13. Agreed app solutions are great for notifications but that's it. Give it time I'm sure it will improve, just like it got better with 3g then 3.5g then 4g now 5g. None of them cover the country tho yet. I'll say it will work well enough when WiFi isn't needed because we have 11a...
  14. If the phone is locked you have to unlock it the ap notifies but it doesnt unlock the phone
  15. You need to unlock phone ? Just answer app no?
  16. If you have changed the batteries already and closed the lid on the detector correctly. Come out of the room and leave it for 5 mins then go back in let the detector see you if that doesnt work call the installer.(Which is what you should have done in the first place)
  17. SL8 is obsolete you may find a used keypad on ebay. But system that old I would recommend you think about updating
  18. Very good point on battery size and quality. Assuming the original installer correctly sized the battery, the new one should be the same size as the old one. 7AH is generally a minimum size for that type of panel but it is correct the battery size should be established through measurement and calculation. Quality of battery - again correct (as with all things, you get what you pay for) - As far as I am aware Yuasa is a good brand - been around for many years (I used to use them when I was on the tools in the '80s.) Depending on programming the manager code can normally reset a tamper alarm - so opening the panel and resetting the resulting alarm should be OK. No one (on this forum) will know the programming so, as advised, it is sensible to make arrangements to have an engineer available. Note though only the engineer who programmed the panel will know the engineer code so you might be in for a full factory default and reprogram. I don't recall if the new panels have an engineer code reset function - never needed to look - would have to check the manual for that. Good luck
  19. On a wired system you can just replace the control panel. However how old is it all?
  20. I have an SL 8 compact alarm keypad which is broken All the other units are OK Is it possible to order a replacement or do I have to buy a completely new system Any advice appreciated Bill Torpey
  21. So if it's engineer reset , once you open it you won't be able to reset it , so no harm in trying but have an engineer prepared so you know what's coming , he can test your system fully same time
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