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  2. Got a Gardtec 595 panel linked to the Risco wireless module. Two of the wireless shock sensors are triggering false tamper alarms and is now occurring at least twice a day. Have tried changing the sensor battery but still the same. Any othe ideas to fix? Alternatively I could just get rid of them but I can’t figure out how to unconnected them from the wireless receiver, anyone know how this is done. I tried simply taking batteries out but that didn’t help
  3. OP U fortunately as a DIY grade system I doubt any of our members will have installed your system only removed them when upgrading
  4. Yesterday
  5. Your training methods are second to none
  6. Okay, thanks for the update. I'll look into the reordering of the message elements. Nobody had mentioned it before.
  7. Bin it and get a burglar alarm instead
  8. I have an old alarm system PA400 4 Zone wired intruder alarm. Was working fine until a few days ago. Tried a usual alarm setting - didn’t happen. Have since replaced two batteries on/in the control panel and used “re-set”. Now cannot programme the alarm, even using the manual. Any ideas?
  9. I just read back through this thread looking for something you said that was useful or helpful......Suffice to say I didn’t find anything
  10. I was about to edit my original post.... I’ve just put the app on my wife’s iPhone and when I tested it the alert went to her watch. It’s now working on mine also. Not sure what was going on but it’s fine now.
  11. appoint a competent sub contractor.... cooper /cooper (page 8 of book)
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure why the notifications aren't being forwarded to the watch. I test on the emulator, as I don't have an apple watch to test with. I'll see if I can pick up a watch to test with. It may make sense to reorder the push notifications, as the sequence information is less important.
  13. Hi Theengdom, Did you get anywhere with your ADT PM360R as I'm in the same position as you. Regards
  14. I'm fully aware that an app alone is not ideal for security - I've been in the trade since the late 80's. The app is merely a convenience and along with the rest of my security I'm well covered - I'm not expecting Oceans 11 to attempt a heist at my 3 bedroom semi! I've tried SelfMon now and while the connection speed, path checking, event filters, SMS and e mail notifications are a big improvement over the Honeywell offering, it's lacking in a couple of areas, which is a shame: - No notifications to Apple Watch unlike the Honeywell app. Easy to miss a phone notificatio
  15. I would like to ask some questions relating to the Scantronic 9751/9752 please. Part of my electrical maintenance responsibilities is an intruder alarm system based on a Scantronic 9751 control board with hard-wired (9954) and RF (RFX08) expanders. The building, a church hall, is used by up to 40 keyholders all of whom are issued with proximity tags. I have a 9752 control board which I would like to use instead of the 9751 in order to have the ability to program and monitor the system using a laptop PC. I am registered with Cooper Security's "Touchpoint" and have been g
  16. So you need installer who knows the model and knows what they doing
  17. Last week
  18. it's only about 2 years old. Programming is still good. SIM card working. FM has just stopped. weird pa - have another one that's been for about 6 years and it is still working fine!
  19. Okay will try this Thankyou for your help
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