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  2. Agree with above, plus #9 on some versions didn't actually fire the bell outputs. Test it properly and confirm
  3. If you are not great with a multimeter or electronics then it would be sensible to get an engineer to recommission it and check everything over.
  4. Although I agree with swb I wouldnt rush back to the shop just yet give it a test, it may have been decommissioned because the house was empty and the power was off a few years after it was installed, and never been used till now the sounders will probably not work due to someone decommissioning them at the sounder
  5. Disconnect one leg of the wires from the panel and see if the voltage goes back up to 12v, if it does put the cables back one by one til the voltage drops and you have then found the cable with the problem. You then need to follow the cable route to fined where the cable is damaged
  6. I would be concerned about the reliability of a decommissioned system especially at that age. You could manually trigger them by applying voltage, it's possible they are faulty and/or have been disconnected at the device.
  7. Hi, I've just moved to a place with a 22 year-old C&K Securitech 700L alarm system installed, the main fuse had been pulled and there was no battery. I've put a new battery in and reset the whole system, all zone sensors work and the user code activates the system entry/exit on the keypad, but both the internal and external sirens/strobe don't activate, is there anything else I can check? Thanks in advance.
  8. Last week
  9. Was this for a military installation?
  10. Looks like the horrible string filled cheap extension cable so you may struggle to extent it. Looks ok for length to me, the connectors pull off if required.
  11. Thanks for this. The wires however appear to be too short, which is potentially why they just detached as soon as I opened the unit. I will need to extend them as there is no slack. Is there a special kind of telephone wire to do this? I have some cable at home but it has instructions about green/white wires being attached etc., and not red and green wires? Is it a simple enough job of twisting a new cable with the same red and green colours together with the current cable?
  12. Looks like the left hand side blue terminals have been screwed down so maybe from there.
  13. Terminals normally marked as "LINE" left most blue pair in the image? Question is why the line was disconnected and who it's going to call when you mess with it.
  14. Thanks for that, and I did think it was something to do with the phone line. Sorry but a total novice here, what do you mean by "line connections"? Is there a particular place where those wires must go into? Ok so should I just leave the battery as it is for a while to recharge. It was removed from the panel, perhaps for an hour yesterday
  15. Assuming the red and green are the phone line then they go in the "line" connections. Battery pack is under the flap may need charging by the panel for a while or replacing.
  16. Hi there,I have my Visonic alarm not working at the moment, with errors low CPU battery and line connection failure. This is due to some wiring issues in the control panel unit. I have a red and green wire which have been dislocated, and I cannot find any information on where they go. I also get errors of low CPU battery and line connection failureI attach some images, and was wondering whether someone could help? The red and green wires are right at the top of the pic.
  17. Maybe the cable at conservatory has been damaged and now shorting out the supply So if fuse is ok possible panel damaged , but that won't resolve the issue replacing panel if cable still has a problem
  18. How old is the battery? Try disconnecting it and see if the voltage rises Disconnect all the 12v from the panel and measure the voltage again, if it's 12v then connect them one by one until you find the one that's dragging it down and start there.
  19. Either the aux fuse is blown or the panel is blown.
  20. Hope someone can help me. We had a new conservatory and I disabled and removed the PIR sensor in there. Today the electricians came and wired up the lights etc in the conservatory and they turned the power off.This evening I reconnected a new PIR Sensor in the conservatory went to do a walk test and none of my PIR sensors were working. Checked them and the red led lights are not on.So far I have checked.1. All the fuses in the control panel and the fuse spur underneath all okay. (tested with multimeter)2. Measured the 12v wires on each PIR sensor and they are getting 2.5v (which seems wrong)3. Double checked I have wired the new one up.4. Alarm battery is okay and getting 13.8v replaced new 4 weeks ago.5. Transformer is outputting 20.5v AC6. Traced the 12v green/white wires back to the control panel and measured the voltage from the terminal and it shows 2.5v.I can not remember the last time I saw the PIR sensors flash red but we went out yesterday and set the alarm okay. Now today when I set the alarm the 4 red lights light up for 1-4 sensors but instead of the usual exit beeps I just get 4 beeps repeated. I have now found out this is because the Alarm is detecting the 4 PIR sensors are not available, probably due to no power/low power.So as far as I can tell the 12v aux output terminals from the control panel are outputting 2.5v not 12v ? Does this look like the problem and it needs a new Control Panel ? Is there anything else I can test. Noticed the Control Panel has 2002 on it !Thanks for any help in advance.
  21. Varkanoid


    Hi in need of help, guess I should go post.
  22. The siren will work but as a minimum you need to give it hold off and then a trigger. Why are you wiring it off the comm module not the panel? Or are you trying to connect a proper sounder to p.o.s. EBay thing?
  23. Thank you for advice you are alright I'm computer engineering and I'm missing basic of electronics Currently I need help to get just for this siren to work I want to know the wire from siren to control panel that I showed how they look like
  24. Dont take this the wrong way but you need to get some basic electronics knowledge before you start playing around with stuff you dont understand. I gave up because you dont have any idea of what people are trying to explain.
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