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  2. Hi. Every so often I get the above message on my risco gt 600. Is there a way to temporarily stop it from blaring out? Even in engineer mode it still goes off internally and externally. It also chirps for a second every so often without giving a message which I assume is telling me the back up battery needs replacing?? I know it needs to be seen to but don't want to spend any money on it as willbr getting a new one soon. Hopefully there might be a setting? Or just disconnect the cable from the control unit??? Ta.
  3. That's the stuff but it's all stuffed in a bigger universal grey cab so that the router and other cabling can all terminate in there.
  4. Feck knows what was in this one I did the other day. Massive suitcase sized box underneath the fuseboard (batteries???) with 25mm conduit tracking round the room, into that another big white cab with voice and Cat5 ports x 2, then the customer still has to have their BT Smarthub plugged into that. I assume the service is graded but doesn't seem anything special, I'd have to say, and the Eaton log is showing dropout for about 2-5 seconds every other hour or so, thankfully these are programmable to no longer turn the light red or cause an alert if less than 60 seconds. https://www.openreach.com/fibre-broadband/fibre-for-developers/how-to-self-install-openreach-equipment Wow, thats a shed load more plant to be responsible for, in what could be some very shitty areas in peoples very shitty houses.... LOL at the virgin logo visible in the background on that blank plate below, how the mighty have fallen, but also if thats competition in action (2x services to one house, one coax one fibre) what a total waste of resources.
  5. Last few new builds I have been on have all been FTTP, plastic cab in the toilet at high level.
  6. I see they've gone 180 again to start using outside NTEs on new-build again after they had to start removing them all (or relegating them to bulky ugly junction boxes) the first time around. https://www.run-it-direct.co.uk/blog/bt-openreach-external-nte-xnte-6.php < back in 2016
  7. I have no idea who is to blame here obviously we can't see the issue so it's impossible to call. It's possible he didn't like the confrontation so intentionally wound you up. Maybe keeping out the way unless you where needed was the "path of least resistance" (pun intended) Either way it wouldn't surprise me that Openreach would blame anyone but themselves for a fault or have minimal electrical knowledge most reactive calls in these industries have been made plug and play.
  8. The door contact is most likely still active when the system comes to arm, this is what is causing your "arm fail". I can tell you now it's something your maintainer will need to resolve, it's not going to be something you can fix. "Area in Exit A" Would indicate that you are arming the system and no zones are currently active. "Zone 10 Active" Would mean the alarm believes the door is open. Normally these type of things happen when the mesh network is not happy, this could be an array of things. First thing I can think of if this is an entry route door, I have had an issue once where when a door had a poor signal security the message to the panel had a little bit of delay. This was due to the message passing through poor signalling hops, increasing the settle time a bit cleared this up completely. That was a pretty large old house tho. Another option is that the contact is set to the wrong radio mode for whatever reason, unlikely unless someone has messed with the default settings. If I was coming to this without knowing the system and found nothing obvious like above, I would recommend to fresh start all the radio equipment and possibly replace the radio expander. This would resolve it if the engineer makes sure it's commissioned correctly and the signal security is good on all devices. In reality it probably doesn't all that work but it's belt and braces so to speak. I would say you either have poor signal in that area for whatever reason or the system is unstable as not commissioned correctly, They are the most likely causes. It can be difficult to pin down these intermittent issues, no doubt on the day an engineer turns up you can't reproduce it. It would also appear that you haven't got system faults setup via the RedCare (It's probably a "Redcare Secure" unit using pins), I would ask about this if you don't know why you are not receiving fault messages. I would normally expect a police calling system to have keyholder only response on "system faults" and "system tampers", that way if someone is tampering with your system you are notified.
  9. And BT Openreach are no exception to this. But hey. Love the new logo! https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/bt-mocked-generic-brand-logo/1584953
  10. Sadly a sign of the times, I doubt most alarm engineers over 30 don't know it either and tbf in 99% of cases they don't need to, they just swap bits over...
  11. After spending hours (many Hours) back to customer's home, BT are blaming the alarm system, I tried to help the so called engineers out by explaining they had a ground leak & a Core to core leak as well, getting down to basics I used pen & paper but then this BT Engineer made a mind blowing statement, "BT have designed there own OHMS LAW, so none of this applies!!!!!! i TRIED TO EXPLAIN, Every electron in the universe has to compile to Ohms Law, "NO" he states BT have there own Laws, So OK, I then showed him the cupboard in which our equipment is fitted, I'd removed it, it was sitting on the shelve wires tapped off, This so called BT engineer then stated "IT's using the WI-FI is ant it, your not fooling me with that, " Hang on pulling lid off the smart-com case, Adding " look No Battery, no connections it's dead, not working, not able to work" , This so called Engineer put on the pda fault caused by alarm system, and walked out the door, This BT engineer could not work out with a leak to ground and wire to wire how he had voltage , Well Mr BT Engineer that is called Resistance not a short or open circuit, tis kind of fault will pull the line data rate down, The customer complained to BT, a manager was sent out, I arrived at the customer home just as the area manager arrived, The customer introduced me to him, he asked why I was there, he said he could only talk to the customer refused to talk to me, it turned out he was an from an admin department and no tech nonce, just kept saying the customer had to pay for the callout or BT would cut them off & put them on a service black list so no other company would give them service. So I fitted a GSM router which is faster. What has made me post this message, a short time back I noticed openreach pumping out a service hatch in the path 100m down from my customer, Talking to the openreach crew they are there due to poor broadband reports in the area, The whole local network is flood with water, The chats ll greed and said water in the ducts has a big effect on broadband speeds,! How on earth can you work on telephone switched networks and not know about a test meter & Ohms LAW. All problems & faults are reported to me or my Son, if it happens again, we either go our selves or talk to the visiting Engineer before leaving our offices with an agreed plan and options, once there he/she calls my son or me, A 3rd time, t will be either my self or my son who visit we are both electrical / electronic. So it would be good sound engineering pratcie for BT/Openreach to automatically step up tech ability as a fault persist .
  12. Nah as I say I suspect an 8 zone wireless expander all for one active zone Zone 9 being the contact housing case and bridged/disabled built in reed switch Zone 10 being an external FSL contact wired to the above Just me guessing assuming it's like Scanny would handle it
  13. So zone 9 has an expander on it Sounds like an abacus split lol only 8wireles zones connected to one zone input ? Where that bloke DIY swb when we need him........
  14. Hi and welcome, but, er this topic is an eye watering 16 years old. Back in 2003... I was still working in London with possibly no idea of my impending and rapid fall from grace. Mark & Lard were still making us down tools with their banter on Radio 1 No-one gave a shite about the EU AlanP is no longer a member, probably for at least 15 of those 16 years. I mean for all we know he could be dead. Maybe he's dead and we've yet to discover the body? Anyway, you get the idea. Topic locked
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