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  3. Hi and welcome..... not sure that you will be much help though, the sort of help we need is that special sort
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  5. dunno, he might like the butchered pcb's, dangerous working at height involving a pallet which is my trade content ?
  6. Hello and welcome, have a look at the forum rules and apply for trade status, there's a lot more going on in the trade side (I'm probably overselling it a bit tbf though)
  7. Remember a few years ago, customer called us out because their alarms bleeping. Was someone’s hair straighteners, which were left switched on!!
  8. my zone is linked out....
  9. I love a Euro 46 with a wireless ZEM & Hardwired LAN Card.
  10. Seems that a lot of people also like adding the devices to the providers cloud systems rather than port forwarding.
  11. You can default the codes on these even if they are flashed for ADT. Sensors run on the european frequency.
  12. https://www.security.honeywell.com/uk/resources/technical-support/software-upgrades/galaxy-software-download-centre
  13. Hello, I am a technical field engineer in the Cambridgeshire area. I do Fire, Security, CCTV, Access Control, Gates & Barriers, Automation, Emergency lights. I will help with any questions where possible. Thank you.
  14. I like ATS and would use them if they were cheaper, cant compete on price just to expensive or was when we looked at them.
  15. Has been compared to an ATS by one of my chaps that has completed the online training.
  16. Supposed to be really good, not had a look myself but know a few people that use it.
  17. access control with an alarm function ??
  18. Has anyone worked on inner range equipment. Have some demo kit being sent down to have a play with but it's not a manufacturer I've ever come across
  19. Had the occasional one where a power cycle makes it go away. Have you checked everything over with a meter? You replaced the whole panel then?
  20. You could try replacing the PSU but in my experience this rarely fixes it its normally the panel buggered down to the batteries not being replaced frequently enough
  21. Hi All, Any suggestions appreciated! I have a problem with a C-Tec, 2 Zone panel which keeps triggering the "General Fault" and "Power Supply Fault" beep. There is only one Zone with 5 detectors. The mains trip switch has been replaced, and the mains supply feeds a second panel, which does not have any problem. The panel and backup batteries have been replaced. There are no Zone Fault Alarm, and the detector are triggering when tested. Any ideas what might be causing the problem ?
  22. true, that's looking at it positively however I can see then being sent out on job & being left or broken somewhere, there also about £70 dearer than a set of triples....
  23. Cheap @ 250 if the alternative is lying on your back on the floor.
  24. Had exactly the same thing many times. Once a customer was convinced it’s was the alarm and insisted we attend site to fix. I advised that we would charge for the visit. On arrival I found an old carbon monoxide detector down the back of a sideboard in the lounge, I was on site less than a minute. they kicked off big time when they got the bill and canceled there contract, they did pay though. good riddance nob heads.
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