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  2. ok no problem! I was just asking where in programming would this be!? Ive been doing this for over 18 years so yes you could say I’m legit! I’ve just never done the original topic before! As for signaling my friend all this will be tested thoroughly at commissioning stage!!
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  4. Which cameras as I wouldn't call hik pricey?
  5. How about a cqr integra and a couple old box's
  6. You have answer above, swb gave it to you Now all you need to do is hire someone with latest software and knows what there doing to programme it for you Last thing you want is to mash up the alerts and no signal goes through in an emergency Advance would also help you if your legit
  7. What's your budget per camera and what is existing model you installed? Some Onvif cameras can work with hik
  8. Hi guys, anyone got any advice on this for me? Im looking to set up next week
  9. Hi guys! I have a hik vision nvr with 2 is cameras which were rather pricey. wondering as to what other camera makes out there are compatible with hik vision as need 1 extra one thanks
  10. I didn't think the enforcer had an inbuilt voice dialler ? You sure there isn't Bother unit next to it to do the dialling? When it calls you what does it say?
  11. Old panel now , if not much to protect at home, leave it as is or get new one installed
  12. They are good to I have an old Ricoh copier keep it going with eBay parts (used £250 had it 8years) Kyocera multifunction (from new £300 3yeara old) And a hp laserjet (used, £50 I think it's old lol ) All printers get used plenty various uses No point buying cheap printers with expensive cartridges or cheap printers which are throw away and parts.priced more than a new printer itself
  13. As above you need a panel that does silent part set then chime on arm end
  14. I'd say Kyocera for value Hp for everything else
  15. Yesterday
  16. Agreed there's lots of tat being imported in all areas, especially anything Electronic. Personally I think the importers are lowlife, preying on the uninformed & unsuspecting public & very often knowingly selling badly made & dangerous equipment.
  17. sorry it don't support a chime on setting,
  18. Hi, I have just moved out of house which had a pyronix enforcer alarm. I need to remove my mobile number from the system and replace it with the new tenant's number - I don't particularly want to know when they've set it off. I've looked through the manual and can't see any instructions for doing this. Can anyone advise? Many thanks.
  19. Hi, Just moved into a house with a Concept 6 alarm, the first night I set the alarm for the night, I discovered the internal sounder was cranked up to 11 and pretty much woke everyone in the house up. Next day I read the manual, opened the panel and turned the volume down to the minimum. It's much better now, but ideally it would not make any noise during the set, just a beep at the end to indicate that it did set correctly - this is what the alarm in my previous home did. Can anyone tell me If this possible on this alarm and how? Many thanks.
  20. But there is loads of tat being imported, some of it good some of it bad.Hikvision and the likes started out this way, and some would say its the best CCTV available today. The problem with security industry is that there are no enforceable standards people are free to market tat that false alarms at a blink of an eye, or wont switch off when the correct code is inputted, or doesnt activate when there is an intruder. But people are also free to make a choice, sometimes educated choice and sometimes people do not research before they buy and go for the cheapest deal. Hopefully when people buy tat they learn from the experience.
  21. Me: I'm blaming the Chinese & the morons that imported this **** .
  22. Hp 2055dn is quite good aswell or anything of that type
  23. printerland, state price per print & the toner pages count & drum cycles without having to look at the spec sheets.... the sweet spot is £100-£150ish for mono, cheap is too cheap & going dearer they'll designed to print every document I'll do in year in week...
  24. Just a thought for the OP: Maybe the problem is that the existing detectors aren't compatible with the new alarm.
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