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  3. yes, lone "working" those fire controls are more than 25yrs old, you might find quite a few modern features absent...
  4. You still ignoring the .gov advice?
  5. If you dis the zone and put the eol in it will isolate the zone
  6. Is there a way to isolate a zone on this panel
  7. Last week
  8. And have a surplus of prozzies?
  9. Their letting Peter Sutcliffe out as there short of lorry drivers....
  10. Tory party won't work They are very popular i even if you don't like them or believe in propaganda about them lol
  11. Cool, I'll give Gloucestershire Constabulary a tinkle & see if we can arrange an interview without coffee If your lucky you'll might see some fire & security stuff in the police station If unlucky you might have to press the panic strip in the interview rm as PC Savage beats you around the head for being a very naughty boy
  12. Most of us have your address...
  13. Thanks a lot lads I have enough info now to head over to Ebay and have a look round cheers.
  14. Yea my adress is 1 IdiotINshed lane ImAdimwit town
  15. It's his mother encouraging him to naff off out...
  16. Logan stay at home TSI can always write a letter to your mother
  17. rather than nicking rat piss stained date expired fire extinguishers you should nick the stillage......
  18. Its called allow code on entry or something like that
  19. Don't be a tit, stay at home and do exercise like a normal person, not bin dipping. Resources are stretched already without you taking up police and NHS time if you get caught/have an accident. Taking things from a skip is still theft without the owners permission. Get a theft rap and you'll never pass a DBS check.
  20. Its actually a abandoned building and i was doing my 1 exercise of walking Theres more like 5
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