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  1. G2 is near obsolete now, limited panel anyway imo
  2. Grading, if using mask/fault reporting you'd need to hang about 3 busicuts out of each detector We tend to go texe route and give the customer he choice . If it's an upgrade for say comms, rewire/configure as much h/w as possible, then add wireless if required
  3. So just to pick up on this, there's nothing stopping me getting AM licence for this for one workstation for instance does AM work well in keeping track? Presuming you can add warning letters, and it has some kind of 12monthly rolling database where they will automatically reinstate the level? im sick of the outdated crappy spreadsheeets we use I want something that just works tbh, keeping track at any warnings received and if they have been escalated to level 3. Granted we don't get hardly any but it's such a long winded way keeping track Any feed back on AM handling this would be great, unless there's any alternatives? thanks
  4. I was hoping there was something that I could just use stand alone as this is the only thing that I can't really intergrate with the DAtabase we currently use ideally we we would use mentor/alarm master but it won't happen with how we are set up from our electrical arm
  5. These must be conflicts or something? Unplug and try one at a time?
  6. Not got any issues as yet, got quite a few out there now infact we are finishing off a 60 cam install at the mo, no issues as yet mixture of wedge cams and bullets
  7. Evening what are you guys using to keep track of urns etc? As we are part of a lager organisation we don't use industry specific alarm management software, we are tied to HQ's by ISO was management software so things like this are on spreadsheets still, which is a pain and needs updating Is there anything "off the shelf" that can keep progress of warning letters/ lost response etc?
  8. you do realise a home control will do all via an app?
  9. So sia event from the intruder? Like system open? Ive seen the demo of your office
  10. Hi jim, is is there any set up guides for this? Something I want to look into when I get ten mins :-) dahua Intergration would be good
  11. You can do either gprs, ip or both, so can't see that ever being an issue
  12. Just push never missed a beat, I have it on our office for test/Demo and it's useful for clo/op notifications
  13. If it's not monitored, just use conxtd via Webway Push notifications to smart phones showing op/clo, or log in via browser for more detailed reports no brainier if it's not monitored
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