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  1. It's bonfire, unless your predictive text is set to Syrian. Hire a graduate for a week to shred your waste, pay as you see fit and he/she has something to add to their cv.
  2. Keypads for that panel are still available, so best route is just to swap it.
  3. Probably in case any part of the circuit is buried beneath plaster.
  4. This,I've done a few parts over the years including stenciling our kit, there's bound to be a YouTube video to give you some pointers first.
  5. Tray, so you are only drilling once (asbestos).
  6. It was no accident, we know you do it on purpose.
  7. Welcome, ask away. Also, since its a long time since many on here went to college feel free to let us know whats on the course.
  8. I can see the connections being an issue with test results on that. Having said that I might buy one but just as a customer realtions tool (so they can see the results) and not a tool to be introduced into our RM procedure as we just dont need to test.
  9. We dont, for the reasons above, we replace lithiums acording to our procedures and without testing
  10. Where did you get the data/graph from JW, is it something I can repost elsewhere?
  11. Replicate the angle of the roof as a guide and you shouldnt go far wrong.
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