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  1. Christ I hate "gotten", but yes to both above.
  2. only the most tax-efficient homeless.
  3. Everything I've worn for the last 15+years has come from either Screwfix or ARCO and I noticed recently that most of my mates are the same, no wonder the high streets are dying.
  4. I heard recently about Dr Martens floating on the stock market, and put ARCOs lack of stock down to BS from above. Rest assured, next time I'm in there I will get to the bottom of this.
  5. Hello sugar-plum, how are you? What type of boots was he wearing?
  6. I tried to buy Dr Martens from ARCO recently and was told they dont stock them any more? Ended up with ARCO's own brand alternative, which are *****, already falling apart and all I do these days is walk the dog.
  7. It's bonfire, unless your predictive text is set to Syrian. Hire a graduate for a week to shred your waste, pay as you see fit and he/she has something to add to their cv.
  8. Keypads for that panel are still available, so best route is just to swap it.
  9. Probably in case any part of the circuit is buried beneath plaster.
  10. This,I've done a few parts over the years including stenciling our kit, there's bound to be a YouTube video to give you some pointers first.
  11. Tray, so you are only drilling once (asbestos).
  12. It was no accident, we know you do it on purpose.
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