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  1. replacing a battery wouldn't prevent the panel from working. Im sure you haven't been daft enough to drop the power. What does it say say when you re-initialise?
  2. Pete

    have you tested the chink auto door opener yet. If so what were your thoughts?

  3. At the all Ireland game.

  4. In Devon, for a couple of days,

    1. whistle


      Work or play ?

    2. lymebayalarms


      Play I hope, don't want any more competitors down here!

  5. Wife wants a Bentley convertible so I'm of look. Ironically it's raining

  6. Just done the Sctland run, 700miles one tank of fuel

    1. whistle


      In what? I can get 700 miles from the Mondeo if I take the ladders off.

  7. as you might expect from a sparkie. Suspicious as I am the only bit I don't have AC calc for is the purlins, and as you would also do I have used a tek fixing through the hanger into the trunking. Trunking brackets are inverted fixed with single M8 and very large washers both side to the fog machine and because we do we proved the unit with a two man lift and short log cut of trunking. I'm happy these are going nowhere without a severe impact collision.If you look close at the hangers you can see the tek bolt in the smoke hangers which are not present in the trunking hanger to the right. The c
  8. we have 5 on the trunking note each smoke has a separate support calculated x twice the weight. the units are all second user and worked well at the height on previous building. Offices are on confirm group 00 warehouse is confirm group 01, smoke fires on confirm 01 not separate detection from arm output.
  9. Trunking by us to support and contain Mains and ELV to 360o DT and smoke gens. Has YTS for segregation, Beams starting high and going low level, then we have door contact and PIR over each entrance and the ali tube on the wider walls is T configured. the plywood sheets are also our spec. these wired jobs are still available. Mains board to be fitted by others.
  10. Getting you on board would be difficult, keeping you in line would be impossible. I think your wrong about the BSIA/SSAIB/NSI
  11. Where do I start. Perhaps someone of your talents would be better for our industry generally by assisting in the improvement of standards not the degradation of them. Its fine to be a rebel but your joining a large motely crew heading straw supporters. Im a fat Matt fan because I can see the potential. You make waves back dooring systems in the local pond. I would respect you more making ripples in a great sea. The work is out there, the cash is out there. Its hard to ignore rhetoric of £199 alarms and 4 cams for £500 (not u mat). Strive to be the best you can there are worse jobs in t
  12. Reasons to be happy. My baby son sent me this today. I paid for lessons as a birthday presi. This means we can all go touring Europe together.
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