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  1. replacing a battery wouldn't prevent the panel from working. Im sure you haven't been daft enough to drop the power. What does it say say when you re-initialise?
  2. Pete

    have you tested the chink auto door opener yet. If so what were your thoughts?

  3. At the all Ireland game.

  4. In Devon, for a couple of days,

    1. whistle


      Work or play ?

    2. lymebayalarms


      Play I hope, don't want any more competitors down here!

  5. Wife wants a Bentley convertible so I'm of look. Ironically it's raining

  6. I read Custodians contract today. It exspicitly states that companies must not use any reference or logo to custodian in advertising without written permission, stange as I recal many and one in particular from Cornwall land used claims of accreditation by association to ARC, perhaps they had permission.
  7. Just done the Sctland run, 700miles one tank of fuel

    1. whistle


      In what? I can get 700 miles from the Mondeo if I take the ladders off.

  8. I've learneD that the easiest way is to buy a dedicated telecom server. Cheap as chips and easy to set up. We host ours on our server but we've had it running on virtually any tat.
  9. I was tempted to start a service for installers similar. they do the install we program and collect the call charges
  10. Free PBX its like programing alarms but not the easy ones.
  11. Sure and we use national rate because. Wed-Thurs im in Lanark, Dunfermline, Dundee and Kilmarnock. Do they all want local numbers? Were not a local company with adds in the local yell. our customers aren't complaining but Europe appears to be sticking their nose into representing the ignorance of the national blue chips. I cant say ive ever been asked the question. Do you think the likes of NHS or the county fire brigade might be put off ringing me? obviously not but I take your point that a potential customer looking for a cheap alarm browsing the local paper would have a preference to ring a local STD than one of those strange 0844. Cant say I will miss that call.
  12. there is a big difference here. Your both referring to sales type businesses. We are an ex directory non listed, non advertising company, sure we have a web page but that's basically a brochure because were expected to have one. We make no effort to push our sales and we focus on the customers we want, generally were specified as a solution provider, we don't have sales people and were too busy as it is. Not pretending there are wheels within trying to change this strategy. We are focused on customer service but won't put up with whiners, they have to go. We don't want calls OOH for any amount of cash and therefore the premium rate OOH gets rid of the drek. Now if you don't think this is the type of service you expect from a leading alarm company you have a choice FCk Off and phone Billy's alarms.
  13. they are told and the T&C aren't onerous. I've read the whole thing again and I think I get it. The crux is if it costs the customer without their knowledge, so OK if the phone call had a "press to pay" button. The answer is silly but we need to offer an 01 or 03 and that gives the option to call an 08 unless it's a contract or complaint issue, in which case we will let the customer leave a message and call them back at out earliest opportunity. Of course customers will quickly realise that the existing 08 will be answered. Now that should satisfy our legals.
  14. I used 0870 for national rate and it was no great profit. The goal post moved and we moved to a 0844 which is also a National rate. Now we both know that customers can indeed incur additional charges from their mobile provider but 0844 is not a premium number even though we do generate income from this. Now we also have a customer support number which is a premium 0906 number, this was instigated to remove the volume of calls on our out of hours support lines and has been very successful in doing just that, of course this also generates income based on the 50ppm stream. Customers are held "hostage" no matter what as the fact is I want paying for our service OOH, to this end it's 50ppm or engineer @£70. Of course the could move to billy alarms all inclusive for SFA.I'm being pushed towards The 4i system whereupon you call OOH and by pressing for an engineer you effectively agree to a payment being taken for that service remember nothing is free.
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