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  1. Yes ok , do you have a link to the specific product ?
  2. Dude maybe But your talking to a house basher who wants life simple lol, and customer will pay but let's not get carried away.... Tech zones only so many right ? Or you mean the label the zones and use tech zone attrib However your led option is probably way to go , I will experiment
  3. He wants it to switch when light switches right ? So it needs to activate on a signal , so we can change the word sure but it has to automatically activate the screen to camera when it detects a signal from somewhere
  4. All they want to know , if a window is open , sends some kind of alarm and resets when closed , but multiple windows They said silent , but a small keypad beep would still be ok Would you guys make your own led panel up if they wanted to see status visual without an app , or there is something readily available?
  5. Dudes I been asked to monitor windows only , they don't need intruder , I assume a panel could do this Monitor windows open and closed , send an alarm on an app or desktop to say q certian window has opened First thing that came to mind were 24hr zones, wireless detectors App giving an alarm and status for each one , or even outputs activating LEDs as they want it silent , perhaps a light beep will do Any ideas appreciated
  6. How will monitor switch auto, need one with auto sensing voodoo hull styler connection
  7. IP camera with inputs and outputs? Complications tho lol
  8. Pay someone to put something upto date in....
  9. Good job , I was meant to tell you that forgot lol
  10. You sure your not part setting ? Or hallway sensor trigger before you open door
  11. Most will ignore both your bells ringing and do you over anyway if they really wanted to get in Scb was made for a reason , keep meter in tool box ...... Internal sounder and coms is where you need more effort How many pirs you got? That your worried about a walk test ?
  12. Also your pir what model are they, and if you don't know show pictures of internals ,I assume you have resistors in them
  13. A zone is used for the tamper on the bell So what do you need help with Why would she furious ? Upgrade security a good thing , and if you can't get it to work , a professional helping you is good investment
  14. Do you have an identical camera in site? Swap the covers just to make sure it's the issue your describing and not the problem with the dome perspex part itself Yes I meant loosen the dome on the cover and spin it round Although the last pic also suggests what swb has said
  15. I don't get the op he's worried about WiFi? And not worried about anything else , so what about his neighbours ? And everything else Op has no idea how much RF is floating through there heads.....
  16. You sure the Io card does not have a faulty output / relay?
  17. Fatal fire, equipment installed by someone else?
  18. It's a start though , so in Scotland you can get fined before something happens , otherwise England? Generally nothing happens until something happens , then they check what was and wasn't done
  19. What did you buy from there ?
  20. Sorry what's that mean screen down one end ? Screen is your zero?
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