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  1. Although it's hardly worked anyway for the last few years lol
  2. https://cpc.farnell.com/univercell/db8014/battery-flag-alkaline-1-5v/dp/BT05682 Same thing?
  3. Dude, before continuing buy an spi key , so you have to manually program each time , then you can mess about easier
  4. So still guessing Zero is answer end of , if it doesn't work then something is faulty If panel not happy then faulty or something If bell not happy then faulty or something else
  5. What dimension panel? You got picture of the board? Asbove , a white card normally under the battery tab , button side down from memory if that makes sense Never seen this issue before
  6. So using the app on phone is not fine ? Your simply saying using any external connection does not work correctly
  7. I still trying to work out how anyone will use dydns on a dimension , apart from via selfmon
  8. Then use a decent fire panel with remote panel to display your issue , or an output box that can trigger a zone per area that you get on an app or something
  9. Ah Ok ,I thought just trigger problem
  10. It's a trigger tho not supplying current ?
  11. Not for budgeting in Hull then?
  12. Eh? Why don't you just use proper output instead of relay? Is an output available and programmable for strobe?
  13. I thought this socket had four terminals Two on the main incoming where line is where you said you put it, other terminals are normally behind first cover and don't work unless the cover is put back on
  14. As a standalone panel with no remote keypad , none of them are very good, although the quantam 70 looks better , easier to maintain with hinged lid , whereas the enforcer has to hang off it's cables , or have they fixed that issue? Is it still difficult to fit extra coms device in in side it ? I think it would do better if they changed the menu style and it's casing Apart from that you know it's just a panel that sells on bulk and it's more about money not about the product The texecom all in one panel works well , lots of room but looks like a brick Quantam comes out in top imo
  15. As swb says put the filter on and put the dialler on the extension side terminals This will all work until you switch to full fibre and the dialler becomes useless
  16. So charge circuit has a problem or powering via battery terminals Change the panel
  17. As swb says best option , wired bell in scb mode using expander board
  18. Good thing google reviews don't matter to you....
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