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  1. House bashers don't see ads either
  2. But you said it's can't wired in ,Che just gets one and fits it You must have stock send him one
  3. Why not ? Panel - adaptor - mains fused spur All DIY as you said and it's how even adt hook some up Not sure where is plug top is DIY stuff has come from there's plenty out there done by insurance approved companies How come adt do it often then? And others
  4. Nah man , what about all the contacts and boxes cqr, knights many without switches all work well You ever use the flush stuff with a switch on it , they are rubbish imo although put in out of no choice in some cases Or he talking about something else? Tell me monkee
  5. Isn't this messy way of doing things , I guess free app means these kind of issue, but more like poor development from Honeywell ? I can imagine if hkc changed it servers and you have to go round updating IP when you should need to do that
  6. What product? How and where is it mounted , pictures would be better
  7. You haven't done the connections right or this is some second hand panel you bought? Or maybe a short
  8. I thought it was the app that generates the IP address? So you wouldn't need to update the panel as such
  9. Get rid of panel You mean he just replaced not upgraded Might be ugly but if he really wants a keypad then you just use what's compatible, as it's a security device just tell him don't worry about it not smiling at you ....
  10. Lol they will make them interesting Atleast different rules trade side Also you sure we can't have house basher title instead? But with trade access lol
  11. Can you get a fourth group to output correctly?
  12. So your saying only alarm.condition fails to trigger out put?
  13. Hmmm need expert nova? SW? You sure you wired it up correctly? And assigned correct output to that group? Easily missed if not your regular panel
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