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  1. al-yeti

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    I think we need to clone you
  2. al-yeti

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    I was just think secom with the flashing beacon underneath lol
  3. al-yeti


    No know jack about them , everyone here has used them plenty But fastening cables depends on where and how , I still see steel cables above voids , metal trunking in communial walk ways or plastic with d clips or other fixings
  4. As the gorillas here mention , high cameras for overview but only see tops of heads You need some cameras lower to capture the face and better detail Don't worry about vandalism , if someone breaks it just buy a new one lol Houses rarely have there cameras broken by thieves I would say neighbours break them more often lol
  5. al-yeti

    Gardtec 300 series panel wired to Honeywell AD6

    Out of curiosity Swap the strobe- and bell- wires at the panel only , do same test you said you did and what is the difference? As swb said maybe tampers not closed or some panels require a resistor on the tamper circuit , I don't know this panel either Ps you sure it's not aG6 bellbox?
  6. al-yeti

    Scantronic 9751 problem

    Cable fault ? Or panel fault , have you tried disconnecting both keypads put the new keypad on the panel on short cable to see if it works ?
  7. al-yeti

    Premier Elite 64 W

    Where you panel? eBay? amazon? Think they have returns policy if bits were missing , maybe it was used panel , although resistors are cheap and programming them out is easier
  8. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    Nah I have messed up sleep pattern, plus one of kids was not well so night shift But generally poor sleeping habits , haven't done Oncall for anything for years never did that for intruder , only for optical transmission stuff was more of a paid tea break , leave Oncall for the chimps dude
  9. What do you install prime?
  10. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    Bunch of gorillas man
  11. Can fob change protocols? Or is that just the Honeywell stuff....
  12. You being serious ? The council pulled a fuse ? Infinite hunk of junk anyway even the enforcer is better than that I assume texe probably works well to Yale Visonic Infinite And so on all get FA and jamming and gorilla feed
  13. Not had any trouble with hkc plenty of stuff being fitted in London , plenty transmissions dot com
  14. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    Yep gorillas all you have left here , all alarm monkies have evolved
  15. al-yeti

    Accounts Software RBS Natwest Freeagent

    Sage is independent Won't you be stuck with RBS version
  16. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    Yes true these alarm gorillas here are bit more older (in alarm terms )
  17. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    Don't worry now they have me, hardcore house bashing chancing chancer installer dot comming blagger Rare for me to make sense (accept this sentence)
  18. al-yeti


    The spur was already there.......?
  19. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    oh no better clean cameras in case tsi crew are putting on there DM's ( please leave mod jackets at home if you still own them)
  20. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    Yeah I get you But we could do kickin anyway.....
  21. al-yeti

    Just Re-emerged

    I thought you could old skool kickin style?
  22. Other than that nothing has changed , the WiFi drops out on these door bells simple and have a delay
  23. How come rubbish pics?
  24. Lol, not because your client though
  25. Ah so hide the issue hmmmmm

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