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  1. You mean short your leads make sure your meter goes zero , and it's unlikely to be near zero if long runs but low reading I would break the block if it's not working anyway , identify each tamper , test each one and then locate problem But as said above upgrade panel or get rid of internet.....
  2. Not my expertise But wouldn't it silence otherwise? System will be in fault , you can always active something to find out
  3. Better to replace panel, as if your competent as you say you are, it will be allot less hassle , and you won't go in circles
  4. No man You should tell customer you cant help and if he doesn't upgrade the panel from you he will end up getting someone else to do the same thing And walk away ?
  5. What about a max 4 set in standalone mode maybe you can use it to set u set , the Honeywell uses a set key switch input ? I can't remember really But you would need the prox tags aswell so £50 no good But what Pete said should work , although a stand alone hkc keypad would do it to if your in the trade
  6. Mashed up the board or tamper when you put.batyery in?
  7. Blue light meaning PIR? So finger near it would be normal Maybe cover isn't on correctly or you snapped the back tamper plate? Door sensor may not have triggered alarm if battery was completely flat perhaps
  8. Ajax better as cleaning powder You related to schrim?
  9. Forum banter Once your here long enuf you will know the difference, so now you have definitions, you will be able to work it out Got a subbie yet? Or still going for gold?
  10. Cockroaches was the one I found last like this lol
  11. Realistically your stuck , it probably asking for engineer reset or a seed code perhaps , so better to call ADT you will have to pay them to make it stand alone and give you all new codes as they will reset it Otherwise bin it and get new alarm installed , which will still require maintaining
  12. Rats? Cockroach? Something in room u missed? Need to test cable , and sensor , open it up
  13. What VHS recorder are you using ? No model name or any detail? Or is it betamax version?
  14. Just asking? More than just asking dude ...... You mean like special brew ? Your favourite?
  15. Hi you didn't mention what part of the country , not my field but may help others who want to respond
  16. Yes anything available on mainstream market is also available for DIY Although you will have trouble getting support for allot of issues from some manufacturers
  17. Funny I knew you were going to reply with other models and before typing this , I replied outloud ... We are talking about ajax , we already know about the other models being available You need drugs or.need to get off then , you said it wasn't main stream DIY ??????? Stick to the product at hand that your installing
  18. It's avait all over internet and eBay What you on about dude? Diy
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