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  1. I reckon you got.confused and have two tampers open and one of them was the rkp and it didn't clear because you had more than one and got confused dot com
  2. Odd I was going to say send abroad but left it
  3. Yes I see that smart thingy , if you can programme give it a go
  4. Switch to selfmon it's cheap and also it gives you support , you need to pay for service
  5. I would say more than likely you have forgotten the codes , very common when not used for a while Especially as your alarm operates otherwise What do you mean trialling another monitoring station? You going with someone direct ? Who? Isn't it cheaper to have installer to do it? Certain methods on the internet will mess up the whole panel and you will end up with no find working either
  6. Still the accord sounds better than something that can't even provide a bell box output.....
  7. Nothing a hoody and mask won't get passed , it's the norm these days lol But it would have been cheaper on long run to get a bells only alarm then with no monthly fees from a local install which works What was the ADT system that was there before?
  8. Relay would only be fire the trigger , so you need the 12v / 0v for charging and hold off , When you say your Chinese DIY has 5v only is that a pulsed on alarm output What is it your trying to connect it to I assume lack of customer service happens ,it then again your security probably isn't high priority either to be fair What's the crack dude?
  9. You know how to trace components? As ground and +12 should be easy to find
  10. As above , go do a course and get some practical experience , you will go in circles otherwise
  11. Sure agreed , make sure read your small print , these cheating insurers will out something in the TC to do you over proper Nah don't see the comparison , although understand what your trying to say
  12. Might what's the problem with texe PSUs? Just joking ....
  13. I am definitely not an expert lol But seen these throw up a fault , how have you wired up the power lines ? From the panel what did you wire to the PSU rio Have you got a dog?
  14. As I said this is not true , they have to pay if it's undeclared alarm
  15. That's not the point read it again, if the alarm has nothing to do with the insurance , the insurer has to pay Specifically about your comment if you have an alarm of sorts and you didn't set it Perhaps I misunderstood you Meaning an alarm of any type that is not on your insurance has nothing to do with an insurer
  16. You planning to use the existing wiring then? Professionally normally means investigate, which costs , get another engineer ?
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