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  1. Ok perhaps one of the others can answer which contact you should get ,I am not familiar with resistor choices on the texe Assume you got pirs with selectable resistors , what have you set them to currently , for alarm and tamper?
  2. Perhaps give model PIR model number assuming you had built in resistors And door contact model? Assuming no resistor ? Probably if you required the door contacts probably do e them wrong or wrong resistance What previous Honeywell system was it
  3. Well it does say coming soon dude Surely that's clear enough.....
  4. As above your using wrong button
  5. You could wire a keypad to the enforcer tho
  6. TCPA2B I thought this was a panic button and has to be a v3 RF card And the other one is for the evo series I think pretty sure it work with with it you want the round disc version dude
  7. Oh yes , I forgot about the title lol
  8. Out of curiosity you have power at each gate Wouldn't ethernet of mains work better ?
  9. So you need the tamper proof box and the grommet should fit on it aswell and do as Mr H says or he send the boys round
  10. Taking a guess you can However there's always a way to get the 10mm back to the cu imo I say 10mm so you do it once
  11. Battery change every 3-6months? Led flash won't tell you it's working properly
  12. It's cheap to buy either way just replace it or both like for like Better to update tho
  13. If you shave your head put a green rain coat on shoes will look good , I buy you a kebab in southall
  14. You lose the two outputs on the main board of you fit this card , and end up with two on the card and then op3 is still with same issue Did you try and restart panel after setting op3 ? Hopefully galaxy guy will see this he knows the panel better
  15. Will be ok on a church roof with pallets tho
  16. Most safety boots kill the feet So these comfortable? You bouncing in them yeah?
  17. You mean the trigger? Why you need to disable it completely?
  18. I done this plenty never had an issue , of course you could mash it up I misalign hasn't done anything , you took fried a board yourself?
  19. Just pull the sm out , in fact you can hot plug in and out all the cards , not recommended but support have said it's no biggy Didn't think there was a forwarder for it
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