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  1. No man totally wrong ag6 doesn't have scb mode in anyway hence it will eventually kill the panel
  2. So basically no eol required put them in a nonnuse position
  3. Try MBR tool , maybe that's the issue
  4. Either way get rid of that junk and if you have fault you will have to fix it So Honeywell flex might do the job for DIY fix , I assume you know how to programme an alarm? Otherwise local installer maybe your best option You may end up having to open some detectors , but they probably as old as the panel and plastics can break If your not on tight budget then get all new sensors aswell If your not on tight budget and still want to reduce cost , then probably what your protecting isn't worth it anyway , so just scrap and leave it on the wall a
  5. Not always the case You trust him to install it so trust him to maintain it, mostly they do this to help you in future However if it's just a user password change it no problem and make sure you know what you set it at , make sure you do all the bits like security questions fail safe , maybe make another user password and so on In anycase it's not like camera is pointing at your fridge....
  6. Dude start again Zone 1&2 resistor legs touching Make all zones unused the ones you don't need But before that remove the Rio power it off , restart panel , reconnect Rio , add Rio
  7. Lol I wondered why he was doing that
  8. Which galaxy model? You can buy RSS tho
  9. Vodaphone said they have no details, but they all keep them for five years minimum
  10. If your here I don't think you will be making jack , just an honest opinion no offence As above China will do it all for you , but better to learn mandarin first
  11. I have a broken set , they are no good for to much use outdoor , odd occasional job , I think mine cost about £140 ten years ago , it did its job for the job I needed it for, and that job paid for them anyway i uesed it handful of times They haven't changed much , if I need another I will price it in on the job I need it for and have it new each time lol
  12. More detail , what alarm what communicator and how have you wired it up
  13. Welcome to the "zone"
  14. I mean standalone smoke alarm You disconnect mains and batter yet something still chriping،
  15. Little giants? Very safe , safer than most standard ladders Telescopic don't last long , bounce at full height , folding is better
  16. Yes bus based but not on the coms for keypads or expanders etc , no biscuits etc required , just Id via tamper as you might like wireless
  17. But it doesn't use that method does it? You making this all up? I knew you were a blagger
  18. Yes that is great news they they charge , and so should everyone else , or atleast have a basic Vs proapp latter that is charger for
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