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  1. On informa I don't think so Atleast not version I used , its to basic for that
  2. Scrap the dialler or swap it for GSM or something What panel are you fitting this to and what dialler are you using The inforna dialler should mostly work out of the box , when unused fit allot never had to invert anything but can't remember now lol
  3. If your not competent, get someone who is to disconnect the electric side
  4. Not really , half keypad working is the keypad , but as swb says it's all at risk Realistically scrap it and get something new
  5. Well keypad is faulty change that.and move from there
  6. You can still get a Motorola brick phone to, I suggest giving you phone away....
  7. Battery pack inside panel probably needs doing to , you have to open panel let it hang from a few wires and hope for the best , it's not best of designs
  8. Enforcer poor on batteries , I rip them out , if in good Nik send to Hull
  9. Means you probably need to change all the batteries as one by one they will all go , so don't cheap skate it change all
  10. Sorry meant press a button .....
  11. Can you get into engineers mode currently?
  12. He probably trying to gain access .....
  13. Scrrrrap it ( look in mirror and try say that with Russian accent )
  14. Yes they do I forget which one does the service beep Someone here made allot of money from there keypads ......
  15. Yes , then as you said groups , and different code could make it easier
  16. As above groups is way it's done on dimension, I used to use a code and code reversed Although jw there is a part set on the dimension no? Or I assume he wants and extra part set
  17. You would still expect to pay decent money , rather than using £20 chimes although you might think they do the trick but that would depend on how seriously your taking an intruder alert Commercial wired systems or via WiFi cost more as they tend to work better and more often I assume the school has a fire alarm commercial not battery operated smoke detectors for the home? No sarcasm intended
  18. You don't have flared arches do you? Just wondering?
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