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  1. Thought you said bye??? Complete power down will not default the engineer code , hammer will be better for alarm
  2. Haven't u done it yet? Doooooooooo itttttttttt man
  3. Internal battery needs disconnecting aswell The internal bell maybe Sab type so may need battery disconnecting in that to Most external ADT boxes are dummy but few are live bells but it should due after 20mins anyway otherwise have ladders ready
  4. You should have gone with points in that case some how would work on the wiring aswell then you can identify which is the problem Messy dude
  5. What's voltage when battery connected ? And when you drop the mains does the battery power panel?
  6. It's on there site for free the patch I believe
  7. I used to get security clearance and all that malarky there is such thing they use all the panels that are available on the market
  8. Guessing but you try a actual hid keypad or something
  9. Your just advertising Ajax , lol be serious and upfront
  10. You probably were connected on WiFi and didn't realise In anycase as H said change the DVR if you don't want hassle
  11. You could flash the software , but unlikely your going to be able to do it yourself I assume panel was cheap, and what your protecting isn't worth much?
  12. Sorry got confused My point was ee and O2 cause problems viewing on ipolis app You can use a free vpn app but you need to manually switch it on before app then start ipolis app and it will work
  13. Ok I get you , I don't remember any issues with Vodafone network Check your phone you sure it's connected to vodaphone?
  14. Your not on talk talk What network is talk talk using O2?
  15. O2 won't work neither does ee for many users Recent problem
  16. Just means alarm was knackered well before you decided to look at it, and walking around not realising many bells have comfort lights You do know what your doing right?
  17. In user options does it not give you those user options set / unset and another can't remember what it was tho Or am I thinking dimension maybe ....
  18. What PIR is it , main thing is not shorting the power out and blowing a fuse As above it could be that your cable is damaged , so first thing would be to get the cover off, and see with a meter if power is available at the power terminals inside the PIR Then go down the PIR replacement route
  19. So they keep saying , then did the Evo range , but probably eventually if they get there ha off the ground or like originally planned find some "mug" to buy them
  20. There you swb to the rescue you model number to purchase
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