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Found 4 results

  1. I've installed a Galaxy Flex20 (in my home) with Ethernet module both are setup and working ok as an alarm. I've configured an AUX receiver to Ethernet, I'm not using ARC becuase from what I understand the panel needs a restart if it faults, but the AUX receiver can recover from the fault without a restart. Now I'm trying to develop a TCP-IP ARC receiver for the SIA protocol. I've got simple server running and can read the 1st message ("D#1000�", 1000 is the account number) but I can't ACK the data so the next message isn't received. I've used a number of resources open source projects to help me learn the messaging protocol but can't find and info in ACK'ing the messages. https://www.securityindustry.org/SiteAssets/Standards/Intrusion Subcommittee/DC-09 Preparing for ANSI Public Review.pdf Old draft, limited usefulness and very difficult to understand, wouldn't be a standards document if it was. https://github.com/mkontsek/openGalaxy - Large C++ project with limited support for flex v3, I've not tried building. The code is difficult for me to follow becuase I'm not a c++ programmer. http://www.mike-stirling.com/2016/06/bridging-texecoms-alarm-signalling-protocol-to-mqtt/ This was the most interesting and usefulness so far, its also publishes to mqtt, which is where I want to get to. Even though it has an SIA message parser it doesn't seam to be compatible with my Flex 20 v3 format what ever level/version that is? https://github.com/roushan5mishra/CID_SIA_SignalReceiver/ I just found this project whilst writing this post to i'm going to try this now, looks like is has a similar ack response as the others "\x06\x0D\x0A" <ACK><CR><LF>? Where I'm trying to get to is in IOT of sensors that I can monitor them remotely. I will probably open source the bridge from SIA to some queuing protocol and write some closed apps (ios and Android) and server (probably NodeJS) to send and receive push notifications. @GalaxyGuy I've read a number of your messages and replies on this forum and others, it all been very useful but I've struggled to piece it all together. Maybe you can help?
  2. Good morning, I've assembled the parts of the Galaxy Flex 20 I got the day before yesterday and am having trouble with the keypad. When powering up the system, it beeps and shows a bunch of "*****" on the lcd. I've connected the keypad to the PCB using Cat5, to the green terminal block on the right hand side of the PCB, with single strands to each terminal and I've put a 680Ohm resistor on the AB terminals of the keypad ( (please see attached picture) I've used a multi meter to double check the wires are OK. Voltage on the keypad between + and - is 13V. The keypad address initially I set to B, and then learned only 0-7 are allowed, so I put it back to '0' (after powering off the system) Yesterday evening I talked to the guy who sold it to me and he said I made the right connections. I leave the cover open, but put a tape on the tamper switch to keep it closed I've read this earlier post and answers: So I'm stuck and would appreciate any feedback. Cheers, Bram
  3. Just wanting to check my wiring understanding for the Galaxy Flex 50 with the AG8 Sounder as the manual for both the panel and the sounder is a little confusing. The Flex PCB has the following output connections: 1 2 3 T 0V Based on the manual for the sounder I believe I need to connect: TR- (neg tamper return) to T V- (negative supply) to 0V ST- (neg. strobe trigger) to [OP]2 which I believe is default programmed as STROBE S- (neg. sounder trigger) to [OP]1 which I believe is default programmed as BELLS V+ (positive) I am assuming I can use any +12V connector, e.g one of the three +12V connections from the zones? I have to admit it is the V+ that has bothered me.. as most panels Ive seen has a +12V BELL connector alongside the other bell connections.. but +12v is +12v right...? I don't have an internal speaker, so assume don't have need for the third output. I notice that there are "pull up links" in place for OPs 1-3, what do these do? I assuming I don't need to touch these?
  4. Hi All, First time posting - so hello - avid reader, but never have replied or posted. Background: DIY'er - Few Systems for Friends and Family, love working at Intruder Worked for a While as a Engineer in Northern Ireland as part of a wider job role. Used to Work for ARC as System Support Engineer looking after IT Platforms managing Monitoring System Currently Work as IT Network Engineer I am planning to Install Galaxy Flex 050 System in my house (Flex 050, MK7's, Risco IWISE, Risco Siren, DualCom Monitoring) - just waiting on getting keys. I was going to go down the G2 Route, as I have done numerous installations before, however managed to pick up a second user Flex System (Yes I Know), so thought I would give it a go. First problem is finding the Engineer Reset Procedure for the Flex - I have it for the G2 and done it before, however not sure if the Flex is the same? Also missing the install manual - so trying to locate this, can anyone offer any advice. I am aware around the ethics around my above request, but thought I would ask, if I cannot get anywhere, I will just buy a new G2 Panel, however I believe that the DualCOM Module can plug straight onto the Flex Mobo - Has anyone done this? Any advice? If I got down the route of a G2, any advice on Monitoring - this will be keyholder only evidently, however wanted something more than an onbaord digi - I can get Webway or DualCOM, whats your thoughts. Many Thanks -PK
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