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  1. Thanks for all that info Im sure there is software out there that can flash it, maybe i can send it to someone to do in the post just PM Me ? please Im not binning it, its for my house,IM In to deep now lol If i cant get into installer menu i will maybe buy a normal Visonic one? and change the covers around so its all branded ADT but not ADT inside How naughty am i HE HE
  2. WHOOPPEEE DO DO I got some free answers on a forum, whoopee do do Thanks for the links ALL i wanted was a pesky installer code, not a diamond ring cause i already have this one for pennies, and i cant affod a £500 unit right now! thanks for that linky, will read now x
  3. Cheeky gobby mouths on here, stating Tat and junk? you two will most likely be big fans of Samdung gear and poxy hikvision! Go back to bed and get a good rest your just a pair of gooby mouths on the net
  4. ADT Visonic PM360R Wireless, can you or anyone pretty please help me out, ive got a good visonic system here brand new but i cant access the installer menu, do adt engineers require special software to access it? i just want to reformat it reset it to use in my home, or is it impossible with a special dongle and software? or will visnoics software get rid of the ADT on the screen etc? I dont want ADT ALWAYS THERE! ON THE SCREEN LOL, I just want a working alarm but im assuming its locked to an engineers code? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  5. Sorry i didnt get notice of your replys guys! Just a quick update Yes the Vista arent easy to unlock and they are not interested in helping 2nd hand users only companys registered to them! Useless BOSCH isnt like that nor is Pelco They have both helped me out many times! Just VISTA being greedy!
  6. Hello all, I have a Vista NVR from eBay and its locked, cant get past the password! Ive tried alsorts to reset but i can't do it! Does anyone know how to reset the VISTA NVR? Tried removing battery, reset button inside think thats just a restart button, tried shorting a FEW TP Terminals bits! Any can help? Vista are useless they want you to contact the MAIN SUPPLIER, when its second hand you cant do that! They are not interested in helping out the second hand buyers whatsoever!
  7. Hi my names Steven Retail Security World specialises in EAS systems AKA Retail Tagging Systems We currently sell new and pre-owned tagging systems for retailers We are proud to offer low cost security systems for shops We also sell new top of the range systems from all the major EAS company’s such as, Cross Point, Checkpoint, Shopguard and Sensormatic. We are also currently looking to expand our list of EAS engineers across the UK and the rest of the world. If you have any experience in EAS tagging systems please add me as a friend or PM me so I c
  8. Hi I am trying to set up a RS485 Contoller to work with my Samsung spc-100 keyboard. On my Panasonic WVCS574 I snipped the rs485 cable and have the following 5 cables: RED, YELLOW, ORANGE AND GREEN with a brown earth. I have tried numerous ways to get it to work and the cameras dip switches are in a 4 way communication, 1 cctv camera end of line set up, 9600 and is set to id: 01. On the keyboard every time I try and turn the joystick TX flashes on the keyboard. I just want someone to help me and tell me where the coloured wires should go to on the back of the keyboard? ON PANASONIC CCT
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