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  1. I prefer using non smart home things for security use
  2. On my installs i use green + White - Red/blk tamper Yellow/blue circuit I use this as alot of installs i upgrade still use 4 core cable
  3. There is no reset button on the scanny 91 to reset the panel you enter the user code twice and tbh these panels are bulletproof so its unlikely the panel is damaged (its actually one of my favourite panels because of thier reliability) However i would reccomend changing the 7Ah battery inside
  4. It seems that the code was never changed from default i don't recall any accenta keypads using square keys it may be a concept panel To change the code Press prog Enter your old code Press 7 Enter new code Press reset twice
  5. I would be willing to buy the old system from you @meditek
  6. I don't want money though i want old alarm equipment and i feel that someone here might want it
  7. Texecom odyssey boxes dont monitor the battery
  8. No texecom are preset to 15 min and can't be adjusted Seems like the front bell box has failed i had a couple odysseys fail in this way from water ingress
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