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  1. I believe it's now pretty much up and running. I even have the GX app on my phone working and can e.g. restart the system from there (within my own home network, I'll have to configure the router to get the same functionality from outside). Many thanks for staying with me here! Let me know when you ever get to Amsterdam, and I'll buy you a beer (or two :-)
  2. Just to be sure I tried Al-Yeti's suggestion (thanks!), but to no avail. GalaxyGuy, thanks for describing the normal behavior. The way I first understood it was that you were talking about the LED of the Keypad. But I think now you meant the PCB and it behaves exactly as you described (quick flash, 30 or so seconds dimmed, then steady light - and I had disconnected the KeyPad). Then I reconnected the Keypad and waited for about two minutes and then, after scanning the bus, the Keypad started showing initialization information about timezone and region, then rebooted. So, much
  3. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. And you seem to confirm that my wiring is OK. Al-yeti: I'm not 100% what a bench test is, but I'm putting it all together on the dinner table, before hanging it in the closet where the electricity comes into the house. I bought it from https://www.larcoz.nl/product-categorie/alarmsystemen/ I've made additional pictures, please see attached collage. Note that I have not connected the Ethernet module on purpose (first wanted to get the panel and keypad working without that potentially complicating things). GalaxyGuy
  4. Good morning, I've assembled the parts of the Galaxy Flex 20 I got the day before yesterday and am having trouble with the keypad. When powering up the system, it beeps and shows a bunch of "*****" on the lcd. I've connected the keypad to the PCB using Cat5, to the green terminal block on the right hand side of the PCB, with single strands to each terminal and I've put a 680Ohm resistor on the AB terminals of the keypad ( (please see attached picture) I've used a multi meter to double check the wires are OK. Voltage on the keypad between + and - is 13V. The keypad ad
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