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  1. Yes wireless shocks work better don't you think aswell?
  2. Dude question Does the alarm set and unset If you tap the windows does it set the alarm off ? (Don't break glass) try screw driver tapping on frame then lightly on glass near them You still fit many ? I hate them lol but then I am a house basher I guess....
  3. Dude I don't mean to be funny but you want full training Goto Honeywell and get training or practice on the panel Or go YouTube Honeywell have there own channel to teach you basics
  4. Yes , never been serviced or tested correctly , probably lost its programming and you need a new alarm , probably costs as much as some smart phones people get Scrap it , especially if you have no value on your property items and self
  5. It's possible , I think most competent diyers need to see if they don't need a working alarm for about let's say six weeks then you could give it ago , and call someone after if it doesn't work out
  6. Good reviews, don't kill it tho lol I assume your not doing masses of printing , seems like good equivalent for the old hp laserjet
  7. Adding relay easier than whole discussion
  8. Yes on faulty pirs with dodgy switches lol
  9. So it's negative remove then perhaps Or positive removed or something lol
  10. Might floating so dosent react same way
  11. Taking a guess , you changed batteries and cover is not on correctly in kitchen and batteries in an expander need replacing ? Basically never serviced and retested Call installer dude and pay to get it fixed you will be happy spending that £200 on the system
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