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  1. I lock every panel since I moved to hkc and every higher end texecom I find is also locked It's all good best way Also happy to release to an installer
  2. Give to Boyz who on are install they will look after it for you?
  3. Hkc pirs are stable plus they don't trigger on just a slight movement , not sure how to describe it lol
  4. Many have extra imoboliser fitted Depends what car you have , as not all of them are worth stealing ....
  5. Doesn't work well for fa Hkc pir won't trigger as fast as normal standard pirs might be better option or the wireless as said above
  6. My alarm normally faults on the day everyone goes out (as we get to door) or heat is a problem , original wiring was loft and PSU can't take intense heat lol failed yesterday Galaxy dimension was bullet proof PSU transformer
  7. As said app isn't your problem , false alarms is what you want to solve
  8. Nice, as said above , if you provided maybe some spacers if you need to mount it with a bigger gap , or small redesign would do it If I was stuck I would buy these although I use the rack brackets currently in a way to wall mount
  9. Yes range is lame , some put them in for decor , and then bang on about it has to be top security and all that nonsense , I can get passed there 360 tho
  10. Did you wire into the ceiling rose or light switch in the hallway?
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