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  1. Not really Common for fan to make the noise If hard disk doesnt spin up common for hd failure rather than PSU All vague unless you test it all of course , you don't need logs and menus to test that stuff
  2. This is UK , we don't read anything , especially manuals until we desperate
  3. But we already told you where to start? Are you basically saying you don't have a clue how to find the manual to atleast wire the keypad to the control panel If you can't get that bit done , I would forget Bout this .....
  4. Insurance? So they don't mind you DIY installing not know what your doing ?
  5. al-yeti


    They make good money then ?
  6. Then go for the door sensors marked 1001-1004 which will be the first four zones on the board (1003 not being used it looks)
  7. Leave coms til last , mount your panel and keypad , c078 , and the coms boards should already be mounted hopefully Switch on and see what faults you get, work through one by one
  8. You should leave this for engineers to sort out ......
  9. You know ply will rot But you get sometime out of it lol
  10. Welcome As long as Amazon and Google don't tie up, it will be a nice mess for a long time lol
  11. This is the second bell? Or all wired up inside the control panel with both cables I never had an issue the plastics on the Delta bell , unless that backplate tamper screw has snapped the tab maybe possible Or as said Bel is faulty but then I would swap the modules round if easy for you , that way you will know it's not the bell module as fault should follow Leaves you with plastics and cabling issue
  12. Can you post a full picture of the bell with cover off ?
  13. Get a 9651 in your case
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