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  1. al-yeti's post in Alarm Key Pad Make & Model was marked as the answer   
    CD3008 keypad?
    Is there another box with it
    Or CD series panel maybe CD95 I don't know them really lol Matt uses them?
  2. al-yeti's post in Bell Box Module Wiring Interface Help was marked as the answer   
    Pin 1 is 12v
    Pin 2 will switch to 0v when alarm triggers
    So relay between them Will switch , you need a diode on that relay I think
    Providing what you said above is correct
    Don't you have a multimeter , otherwise buy one and yesterday it , very cheap these days and always useful
  3. al-yeti's post in Honeywell G2-44+ Mk7 Rkp Backlight was marked as the answer   
    Not possible on the g2 series, but as you said a few options on the dimension
  4. al-yeti's post in Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 How To Delete Users? was marked as the answer   
    If a fob, while seriel is displayed press b key To delete and then ent
    for code using manager goto user modify pin, instead of new code press * then dashes will dissappear press enter , perhaps this is g3 only never tried it on g2
  5. al-yeti's post in G2 44 Arc Failure was marked as the answer   
    lol they dont want it ripped out, they want to keep it, and after a while i will know most of these panels
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