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  1. Is your Euro 46 v10 firmware, if not it will not work
  2. I believe the netgear units have a lifetime warranty, the ones we have fitted have been very reliable
  3. They look like castle fobs but have been told that some older third party fobs do not work on v10
  4. I have a free line from sipgate, works great, I don’t use it for outgoing calls just use my mobile, like the answerphone bit that forwards messages to email
  5. Not heard of that, fitted quiet a few ZX panels but didn’t know Morley had their own protocol so I have learned something today
  6. May not be enough room for a cantilever, they are approx. 1/3rd longer than the opening size
  7. Hik will still not be able to control down the coax domes
  8. I much prefer the blue screen to the green screen, customers also like the clear display, wish it was included in the hard wired kits
  9. I installed a kit recently without problems at set up other than not having the latest version of monitor so the keypads showed up as isolated but worked fine. Thought the reading of fobs a bit slow on set/unset though
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