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  1. Can you use the SIP function on the Paxton and get the IT provider to set up hunt groups after certain hours? I'm sure that can be done if they have the right IP phones (if they have VoiP that is...
  2. What's the situation with Gent equipment, are installers required to be "approved integrators" to even make minor changes? I have an enquiry to replace a Gent call point due to minor damage, can this be done without approval?
  3. Hi, We've got a site which requires a G3 intruder alarm, they wish to have no siren externally (we can put a few internally). No official link to an ARC but they have 24/7 security on site. The system is linked via Coretech (management system) and will be showing alarms 24/7 on site. Is this compliant with a full G3 system with no external siren. Thanks,
  4. Quick design conundrum... We have had a tender through to quote a L3 system in a 100mx100m warehouse with internal offices at the front (the standard type of warehouses nowadays, sheds with an office). The way I interpret L3 is that all escape routes must be covered etc., my question is - would the bulk warehouse be classed as an escape route? I'm presuming so, if so the L3 is very close to an L1 except a cleaner cupboard or two, but even in a cleaner cupboard scenario, the argument is there to be had that EVERY room is an escape route if it has a potential of having people in at any one time? Someone must know more on this than me & there must be a explanation, I cant get my head around that every room or corridor will be an escape route in any building or has the potential to be...? I don't see a huge difference at all between L1 & L3? Cheers,
  5. Had a call out today to a ZX1SE, long story short water ingress into a Morley call point (loop is Morley protocol). I have removed the device physically of the loop & from the panel until we get the replacement unit tomorrow... Weird thing is on the panel, when I reset the panel, the next device on the loop (next to the call point in question) goes into fire... Address 108 (water ingress device) - once removed of the loop, 109 goes into fire, remove 109, 110 goes into fire & so on... Also get the odd corrupt signal too, Could the water of damaged the loop card/panel in anyway? Any suggestions would be great.
  6. What panel is this hooked up to?
  7. Not sure where you'd stand with instant set, I'm not sure what the regs means by digital key to be honest so maybe this refers to code via instant set? Don't know... Someone on here will no doubt.
  8. BS8243 - 6.3 if you have access to the regs... Basically states timed set is prohibited. Correct methods - Shunt lock on final door, Push to set, Final door contact, Digital key, in conjunction with ARC (not familiar with this type). You may have no choice to stick a keypad inside?
  9. How will the final exit be terminated or are you planning timed set? I'm sure somewhere in the regs monitored systems have to have a way of ok'ing the set procedure i.e. final door, push to set? You haven't said its monitored to be fair...
  10. Is that a backroute that galaxy doesn’t promote via technical, never heard that method of defaulting on any galaxy... Surely you need an Ethernet module installed first?
  11. Can a Galaxy 96 have its engineer codes reset without dropping all config/user info? I'm pretty sure it cant as its G3 but would like confirmation I'm not asking how as I know its public, I just want to know if it can and I can find the rest out Monday...
  12. Is anyone aware of a front end VMS that is compatible with dedicated micros DVRs? Weve got a multisite system that are littered with DM, slowly but surely there looking to migrate to a new manufacturer (undecided on which yet) however they wish to view all cameras seamlessly whilst the switch over continues. They could use netvu and another piece of software as a viewer but slightly awkward as all sites are watched by a security team 24/7. I looked at milestone but doesn't seem like DM work with them... maybe a small portion of there downfall.
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