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  1. Was told to fit one in a large shop, first time it went off the neighbours in the flats above complained. The next time it went off it was removed two days later after a visit from the council for noise pollution. I did ask my supervisor if this was a good idea but what do I know I was only an engineer with only fifteen years experience at the time.
  2. Thanks a lot MR HAPPY do you which ebay site there on.
  3. Don't knock the buses I had to get for a couple years, had horrific time learning to drive
  4. The panel manufacturer is Menvier but I don't know which model.
  5. If you mean infrared then no they work by vibration, so that when the vibration reaches a set level when the window glass or frame (sometimes door frames) have been hit they cause an alarm.
  6. I don't know this panel but on most a intruder output will not operate on bell test. The best way to check it would be to set the system and activate it and check what happens.
  7. Always found honeywell tech OK when you can get through to them but they don't like foolish questions and will often refair you to the manual.
  8. You would need to use the trigger header for a speech dialler but this would involve some re-programming as James has said. If you don't want to deal with A*T then you should find a local company who are willing to fit this and re-pogram for you, if you are out of contract
  9. There was a report on Watchdog tonight about the ipad 3 heating up, but apple say it doesn't go above legal limits.
  10. If you are using a Galaxy then you can fit a keyswitch to a zone and use links so it will omit the 24hr zone. But Iwould advise you put in some local indication such as a buzzer or LED. Scott
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