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Community Answers

  1. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=sl+compact+alarm+manual&pp=1
  2. # "I'm going home in a $%£%£ing ambulance" #
  3. Please don't start another topic. As above we do not give out enongeering manuals and it's likely you'll need an engineer.
  4. Just had a Menvier SD3 GSM dialler go runaway on me, lucky there was only ten quid left on the SIM (customers responsibility) still haven't quite worked out what happened as no alarm externally or other alarm event and fine after reset.
  5. Is this a company you're involved with?
  6. GDPR will be with us for quite some time yet.
  7. Phil has posted twice ever, the other post was a duplicate of the above post, and not logged in since February. I don't think he will be back.
  8. Hi, welcome back, what did you get banned for?
  9. I suspect Eaton do not have the sort of numbers that cause issues... Also as I say they are upfront when things go wrong (and at the time, not days later) so probably takes the sting out of complainers
  10. 2 way capable since the first generation of i-On but most devices (and certainly all the ones that you'd LIKE to be 2 way) 1 way, yes I only use it for perimeter stuff
  11. I agree, but they definately include the price in the new larger panels to at least cover the first 2-3 years at Risco type rates, I'd argue. They probably hope that on larger panels it will be used for nothing more than engineering connections with more traditional monitoring via GSM / IP on top. The 30R, 40H and Compact are priced somewhat more competitively. No huge breakdowns to date, when there have they tell you virtually immediately by email and fix it quickly. I can count about 5 incidents in about 18 months. And I believe they have genuinely invested quite heavily in it of late. Lets be honest the only reason it's free is because their market share is so shattered they daren't charge - yet.
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