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  1. I see you were in Weston then! I had a Paragon Plus 'display model' from round the back of ADIs once, they actually went to the trouble of cutting out bits of plastic to glue a false keypad in etc... I snapped a nice bell outside a jewellers on holiday, well, not outside actually sheltered by the shop so it's a 1960s bell in near mint condition. Can't find the pic might have been on OHs phone...
  2. Possible, personally I would wait for more evidence though.
  3. Apropos of nothing Eaton / Scanny wireless contacts also do pulse count for RSD, never noticed the feature on any other TBH
  4. Hope I don't have to look up that one in the phone book
  5. How do you know these things - who tells you?
  6. Funny company that CSA, bought by Menvier early 90s just before they themselves got taken over by Scantronic I think. Occasionally rebadged products have appeared over here usually prox related e.g. standalone door entry prox rebadged as a UK Menvier product and also the menvier keypad passive proxies were by that co. in Italy.
  7. I have to admit I'm not entirely sure what *that* device is in English Is it for an automatic roller door?
  8. Buy a complete panel kit for £50 + VAT just for the flap then https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/security-control-panels-c-36_102/110-input-zone-small-c-36_102_101/scantronic-9651pd41-grade-2-8-zone-panel-with-keypad-p-3360.html
  9. You're welcome. Please rate us on www.trustpilot.com
  10. I would charge the RKP out at £75 plus 2 hours labour (but I would include 4 fobs); more if I need to crash the system (although if you're lucky you can default only the codes). I expected approved to be much more TBH.
  11. There are pretty much all of a muchness without letting us know what you expect to happen when the alarm goes off. So making your choice for you, if you just want a bell to ring, most of us here cannot truly recommend any one over the other than their familiarity with the brand. I appreciate as a consumer you are approaching this as consumers do, but this is not Apple vs. Android, all 3 of them will competetently do the exact same thing and last at least 10 years, if looked after.
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