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  1. datadiffusion

    Just LOL

    Have a feeling Cannon have been taken over but can't be arsed to google. Looks like the Guildhall market?
  2. datadiffusion

    Just LOL

    Same in Bath actually, no tourists seem to ever look at it but dead handy for the chippie next door To the right of the wall is a void, full height of the (rebuilt on top) wall. Hospital to the left is 400 yrs old, was in a field when first built, g/f worked there until it closed 2 weeks ago! Funny enough was supposed to be redeveloped (sold about a year ago) but will now be mothballed for 'at least 2 years' Unlikely now to be Property Guardian type occupation after the high court case won by residents of a closed down OPH in Bristol down the road.
  3. datadiffusion

    Just LOL

    I think with the prisons T+C have overpaid for a crock of crap myself, then again they probably made a fortune in Bristol with the old hospital.
  4. datadiffusion

    Just LOL

    Yes but the same co. still do them at Shepton, and probably will forever since the housing will never be approved...
  5. datadiffusion

    Just LOL

    Lift surfing, bear in mind last year a crew went to a 20 yr experienced engineer who snuffed it, let alone some thrill seekers...
  6. I think the first job I ever properly quoted for (e.g. not a mate or an existing electrics customer) was to replace an 9100, it was fitted in a house that used to belong to a BBC Bristol TV exec, who had got jumpy after the IRA had started targeting these sorts of people. Needles to say they didn't bother as the new owners 'thought I could just get the old one going for £50', which may have been reasonable in intent if not price back in 1996. Funny enough a couple of years back I did a job for a house once lived in by the former director of the IBA (later IBC I think), now rolled into OFCOM, who had been directly threatened over the then IBAs attempt to block the 'Death on the Rock' docu made by Granada. They had also pinched the signs from the London IBA HQ and screwed them up in the loft, still there IIRC as the new owner has zero interest in them. The (large) place was totally wired with door contacts and PIRs in every room - 2 live sirens, (long dissed) redcare, etc...
  7. datadiffusion

    Just LOL

    It really does look a lot like the setup at Shepton. Hope you didn;t pay the £15 entry fee if it is, rip off!
  8. That's fine you'll just have to pop yourself onto the floor for a bit then.
  9. datadiffusion

    Just LOL

    No. Guess again Sorry, just a standard question I'm too used to asking people. Somewhere that was big enough to have steam plant anyway.
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