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  1. Maybe, but a 30R will even cheaper, it even fits in the same case (CHANGE THE PSU ITS A DIFFERENT VOLTAGE!) and you'll be able to keep literally everything else. (That said the outer case is exactly the same and as it sounds as if there is zero wired apart from the keypad probably better just swapping the box over) http://www.touchpoint-online.com/content/i-on30r Better yet it'll come with the cloud so have an app for the alarm and can log in remotely to disable any problem sensors...
  2. That wasn't 3 kids, that was one Fat Matt...
  3. Sounds odd, because if batteries are changed annually none of this should be happening, except, if it is a supervision alarm only, which tbh also shouldn't be happening on a professional installation. And to be absolutely honest with quality batteries it should be a 2 yearly event without problems. And although I don't use the wireless bells, 2 years seems really short for them, they are made up of 4 'D' cells. The ion16 isn't a great panel compared to the rest of the range as it cannot be upgraded; however, a 2016 panel should easily have firmware new enough to have the no keypad alerts option (which may be why you're missing the battery alerts before they go totally flat), but this would require an engineer to enable it. However, I don't know if it will be new enough to have supervision as fault rather than tamper - I really don't know as the only one I have is my old demo panel and thats ancient firmware. It all sounds a bit odd. Is it a large firm that installed it or an electrician etc...?
  4. Clearly never been properly serviced then, but as usual the kit gets the blame. Which sensors do they have, motion ones in the corner of the room, or door sensors that are small and oblong, or both?
  5. Glad you got it sorted. I've just realised that it could well be that the registration of apps on 'non-cloud account' panels is actually, permanently broken?? Unless someone has diligently tested it, no doubt they would have only tried using their test Cloud ID which I assume was the point it all started working for you. I know that they moved servers recently and highly suspect that the non-cloud registration mode might be hard coded to a now non-existant IP? As I say I've never had cause to use that mode as the installer registered 'engineering UDL' so to speak it is the biggest USP of the panel for me. Especially when the check for update DOES work, whenever I've had issues it would always be every single function that reports network error, as you'd expect, I think it was due to not refreshing DHCP DNS before the fix, which was why new routers were catching them out, especially when BT moved from the 255 range to the 1. Just in case anyone is wondering, the red section isn't duffers its a reasonable amount of pre-registered panels just in case they do start to charge next year
  6. Whats that bit you've blurred out - that's where my installer number would appear! You should not have to open any ports for it to work. I've installed this system on all sorts of setups from IT company office 'lockdown nightmare' to granny with Post Office Broadband (who somehow totally BLOCK TeamViewer at ISP level FFS) and the only time I've had that network issue at the first ever cloud connect time issue it's been resolved by a restart (and has never come back), and hasn't happened at all recently. In the log, does this error show up and does it also have a number attatched? I agree the basic manual is a bit pants, but, in the full engineering manual there IS a long appendix with every single IP error code including some quite obscure SSL ones for example which will only show as 'Email error' on the keypad but quite specific on the log when you look it up. That's been very helpful in the past with emails, though with the lastest software this again shouldn't be an issue as emails are now sent by the cloud server end, at last, though also makes me think Eaton are gearing up to start charging... Just out of interest have you restarted your router? I do wonder if you've ended up with some kind of 'end user' version of Eaton Cloud given the text in that FAQ link, hence the lack of Cloud ID number. Whilst that shouldn't be an issue, as such, it's not something I'm familiar with.
  7. Did you flash up to latest language version at the same time? 5.02 44 needs 5.17 language, it should be in the same zip file as the firmware, the update prog will allow language only update. Really confused by your issue, I've only ever had it historically when a customer changed router (even on dhcp) and was fixed by a restart though that issue has now been long fixed by Eaton. So surprised you're getting it after a restart. Try this; go to manual ip settings and fill out with the correct details, then see if it works.
  8. I imagine protected in loading bay or similar? Looks good
  9. Yep get one, it's the future! Whilst you younguns won't have the japes we had back in the day roundabout '99, on dialup broadband, registering unlimited accounts (no credit card needed and no address checks then) and bidding up dodgy items to £2m at 3am post club, then phoning the seller on a burner pretending to be Devon and Cornwall Vice Squad, it's still fun.
  10. Yep, or 'phone no.' as they literally put it
  11. And if you do swaps don't forget to change the unit ID Shame it's digital as Fermax do a brilliant 'universal' unit (model 3399) that replaces about 500 different analogue makes, never had to visit the same job twice
  12. I guess loose wires are yourself? It'll probably be the big green handset switch causing the issue, as usually the unit will not ring if 'off hook'. However it appears to be some sort of digital unit so could be anything
  13. Frankly I would upgrade to an i-On 40H from Eaton (new name for Scantronic / Cooper), it'll be familiar to you and you can keep everything else other than the keypad, that way you'll get the free cloud app and forget this old fashioned dialler tat
  14. It'll be basic, probably by using a master tag or opening up the case. Like the LCD keypad, I assume it really only emulates a numerical pad and everything else is handled 'locally'.
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