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  1. I guess OpenTherm wouldn't be compatible on a zoned system? I think our boiler might support it (well, it has a USB diagnostic port, I'm only going by 'if it's that modern' argument) but we have 3 zones hence 3 Nests and 3 zone valves (with rubber/flap type non-return on the Return part of the loop to prevent flowback) Which was interesting to have to do - and left me wondering how a 'proper' plumber would have stopped it? Most rads without stats in the same room have TRVs (apart from towel rails) As above I'm not sold on z-wave or other TRVs until the batteries last for years
  2. Obviously depends where your boiler is located but most modern ones have frost stat built in now. Pretty sure the Nest also has a pervasive 'frost stat' even when turned off, but don't quote me on that.
  3. Yeah I heard you I thought it was the gearbox or I'd run over a family of foxes
  4. Yeah but that's because it takes you an hour to walk there gramps Awwww.
  5. Still, at least you've got the next 10 weeks to work this one out.
  6. I very reluctantly put my parents DVR in their boarded out loft, quite shallow, slate roof, the HDD lasted about 2 seasons...
  7. They were as good as dormant for many years anyway, 2015 was just the Eaton takeover, when all the remaining names and subsiduarys were oficially wound up. Thanks but no thanks.
  8. If you are struggling now with the water around your ankles, you'll be drowning if you take the lid off and start poking around. Time to admit defeat and pass this job on to a professional, I'd say.
  9. Who made these for Chubb then? Was it Kentec?
  10. If a Gmail account is used solely for m2m type stuff they can and do detect and block. I forget now but there is a workaround, i had to do it for my freepbx alerts. It might rely on running a script though, easy enough on a pi, obvs not so much on a DVR!
  11. Like everything virtually unenforceable now every man and his dog has this tat. Look at what happened with illegal FM transmitters in cars, illegal but so many doing it they effectively had to legalise as they knew they couldn't enforce
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