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  1. I love my thinkpad. Shame its not a tablet though. Ill look into surface. Seems like it would fit my requirements best. Ill probably end up with a second hand ebay special anyway... Don't want to spend more than £500 really.
  2. To be honest i am leaning more towards a surface. I just don't have any experience with them and I'm worried that the lack of apps may end up being a problem. It's a shame it can't dual boot with android.
  3. yep, as a tool i think it would be highly useful! i like the idea of having a virtual clipboard with software so i can do the designs there and then! currently i scribble it on paper and then do a 'proper' drawing using google draw on the laptop in the office. it would be nice to do it all whilst walking around site.
  4. hello again everyone! I'm just wandering what you all use for doing quotes and designs? our jobs are getting a little too big to continue scribbling on the back of fag packets and i'd like a tablet so, for example, i could take an ariel view from google maps and draw on it there and then - bonus points if i can then attach a keyboard to make it become a laptop for office work. I've been considering the surface pro but looking online, a lot of people suggest against windows due to it being sluggish and lack of apps etc (although it would be very useful for configuring CCTV, alarms, etc) i'd like opinions and suggestions from people who've used various products. an ideal advantage would be to use the tablet in the van for maps, calendar, spotify etc which points me once again towards android. The ipad also looks good but i generally try to avoid apple as much as possible. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Everyone, does anyone know of a 5mp DVR (not NVR!) which supports corridor mode? I've been asked to install some CCTV on vehicles and would like to have some, but not all, of the cameras in portrait mode. I don't want to use IP because of the lag and the higher cost. TVI would be ideal but any of the other technologies would be fine as long as i get 5mp (i'd go to 2mp if i absolutely had to but would rather not) Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks, but when using IVMS4200, I get an error saying the device does not support PTZ! and there is no iris option on HIK connect :(
  7. Hi everyone, strange post i know, but i'm after some of the old style CRT CCTV monitors, if anyone has any laying around or due for upgrade, please let me know! It's the ones in 'cube' type cases i'm after, so most CCTV or broadcast types will do! I've got a few from upgrade jobs but you just don't see them anywhere now! Thanks! Luke
  8. yep, and i can get into the menu, but there's no option to change iris which is how you select menu options! :"( yeah, i switch it on for nearly every camera i install. reduces quality a bit but at least you cans ee what's going on!
  9. Hi, i've been installing loads of the hikvision POC cameras which support Telementry over Coax, even on the statics. This is used to get into the camera menu to adjust resolution, framerate, WDR, etc. It can be done fine from the DVR or the web interface, but when using IVMS4200 or the HIK connect app, I get an error saying the device does not support PTZ! I'm running the latest version of everything - I get this error on all my systems and could do with it working to save an hour round visit to site! on the hik connect app i can change zoom, but it doesn't give me iris or focus options which is how you navigate the menu! TIA!
  10. Hi all, I've been employed 9-5 mon-fri for the last 6 years, regularly working till the early hours doing my own jobs as well as doing my own jobs on the weekends. I'm thinking of quitting the 9-5 and doing subcontracting instead. Mainly because I'd like more time to do my own stuff and at the moment I don't have any free time which is having negative health effects. What's the going rate for subbies in the North West? What qualifications should I make sure I have? At the moment, I use the company van so I'll obviously have to buy myself a vehicle. I'm 21 years old so how much is a vehicle likely to cost? Thanks in advance for your feedback! I'm ready to make the jump but need to make sure it doesn't screw me over!
  11. What was the image command please? Thanks!
  12. on external cameras we set to continuous recording with a FPS of 2-10, and bump it up to anywhere between 18 and 25 on motion with a 20s pre and 30-60s post. on internal cameras it depends on the scenario obviously but generally have them the same as external during business hours and set to record only on motion out of hours with a 20s pre and 30-60s post.
  13. My company is looking for an experienced security engineer. Good understanding of intruder alarms, IPcctv and networking is essential Knowledge of fire and access control would be beneficial. Company based in Handforth, Wilmslow. Covers 50mile radius. Leave replies on this post or PM. Thanks, -Luke
  14. on the draytek, forward ports to the DVR ip, and on the other router, forward the ports to the draytek router IP. for large IP installs, we put all our stuff behind our own router anyway so do this all the time.
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