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  1. Are you looking for the strobe to give you conformation of setting /unset coopers panels can give you a 3 strobe flash on both so might be in setting progg
  2. Monty

    TS900 Engineer mode tampers

    Engineer on site means you have left engineer put in your code then ent ent 1
  3. Monty

    I need your advice - control panel

    Take a look at the Ion 40 H good robust easy to use and secure app
  4. Monty

    Which Wireless Kit?

    Yes we did have a lot of keypads to replace then they withdrew the 'new ' keypad due to using batt to quick !! Only had 1/2 that did that but never recalled we still have them on the shelf but do we fit or will give us problems !!
  5. Monty

    Which Wireless Kit?

    We use the Eton kit ( Menvier )now badged Ion use 30 r and 40 H both have proven them selves ( most of the time ) also Memvier 40 with bolt on wireless all the same periphirels across the range and the new app for 30 and 40 is good and reliable worth a look at Tec back up not as good as used to be and never see a rep Allan M
  6. We use the coopers M12 and fit remote sounders and an Expander PSU - along with Ion 40H remote access to sys tem with coms works very well and quick and easy to identifie fault/fire alarm not always so easy on the mains operated ones
  7. Monty

    Domonial - keypad issue

    Sounds like it's set up to lock the key pad out on entry will prob let you use a code to unset once entry timer has run out if this is the case just have to find the setting in DD243
  8. Monty

    Viper Foam Detectors

    Might have an viper one in the old parts cub will have a look see
  9. Monty

    Modern 2300 Alarm

    ever worked on a scantronic 9800 sure you will find its the same progg as that !
  10. Monty

    Best Van

    we run 2 connects high roof both been good few bits and bobs just had to replace the cat and wiper switch on one 03 plate and only done 68,000 the other 54plate and 80 odd thousand had new alternator and 2 drive shafts but all in still running and looking not 2 bad newes is a 1.7 sport Astra but not enough room for me prefer the astra any body tryed the vito,s
  11. Monty

    Sterling 10 Setting Issue

    very slow on to the next progg before the text comes up one of our sites got taken over and the company took out the Menvier TS 700 that was working perfectly and fitted a sterling 10 then never came back !!
  12. Monty

    Galaxy G2 Adding New Panel

    I am 90% sure the prox keypad will work with your system as the work is done in the key pad (readercoil) but Iwould se who comes a long shortly who use the g2 panel on a daily basis to confirm this we use Menvier and we can mix match keypads as required on current versions .
  13. Monty

    Veritas Keypad Replacement

    keypad universal ?? we don't use the Veritas panel as a norm but have worked on a few and would find it hard to believe that any key pad would work best look for the panel range that you have eg veritas 8 and find key pad that is spec'd for that panel led/LCD possibly the ment all keypads in the veritas range will work standard /led/LCD ?
  14. the most comon connections would be Tr -> RTN 12v-> h+ 0v -> h- Bell-> -R op2-> -st (progg out put 2 for strob trig ) and your ilistration shows that neg tamper return has allready been linked in .
  15. Monty

    Gardtec 601 Resettable Fuses

    could be a new smart charger like the coopers 9853 only has an out put when load is connected you can some times get a reading if you get the clips on as soon as you disconnect the batt ? not used the panel you have posted on but tec support should be able to tell you

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