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  1. Nope. Only thing in the log would be PC Dailed which could also mean then app.
  2. If the system is a Pyronix, setup for UDL and UDL enabled in the user menu(default is enabled) an ex engineer can login anytime he likes via the cloud and play around with the settings without any alert being created I have no idea if each insite download is registered to a user but hopefully it is.
  3. I never read further than that line.
  4. from 5839 2017 It is now common practice for the transmission of fire alarm signals to an ARC to be routed via the alarm routing equipment of an intruder alarm system. Notwithstanding that the mains power supplies, cable types and cable routing for this alarm routing equipment might not necessarily conform to the recommendations of this part of BS 5839, this practice is regarded as acceptable and need not be regarded as a variation from the recommendations of this standard. However, standby battery capacity and any cable between the CIE and the alarm routing equipment nee
  5. Setting time must be a minimum of 30 seconds with the setting alert audible throughout the premises. That’s about I think although no one uses the 30 second thing or the audible throughout the premises parts
  6. I've now heard of a couple of companies doing the same thing. Engineers are to offer phone assistance and as a last resort attend site. I imagine there will be a fair few faults that will need an engineer visit. I guess no-one will find out and even if they did no action would be taken.
  7. Think the company would be better off arranging some kind of emergency shift system.
  8. Any facts or just your gut feeling?
  9. Expected better from you.
  10. So how would the engineer know each code? Some kind of app that he has to enter the account and contract number?
  11. One way two way is there really that much difference. one way change batteries approx every 2 years. two way change batteries approx every 2 years.
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