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  1. Normally change every 2 years without a problem. Known then last 3.5yeats depending on the environment.
  2. What’s auto mode then? You don’t get any of this nonsense with Pyronix.
  3. Why’s that mate? Genuine question as I only work on Pyronix. Texecom always seem to over complicate stuff.
  4. Ok didn't realise it was that easy. You think the software always linked to a email address? Just wondering how companies stop rouge engineers logging in after they have left the company.
  5. Thought you had to be a registered installer?
  6. How/where did you manage to download the Pyronix insite software!
  7. 12v sounder yes. Ohm speaker no.
  8. Put your hand in your pocket and purchase a Pyronix Enforcer wireless kit. Save you lots of hassle and well worth the ££.
  9. Program a relay as unconfirmed intruder(018) and connect the bell trigger to the normally open terminal and neg to common.
  10. Nope. Only thing in the log would be PC Dailed which could also mean then app.
  11. If the system is a Pyronix, setup for UDL and UDL enabled in the user menu(default is enabled) an ex engineer can login anytime he likes via the cloud and play around with the settings without any alert being created I have no idea if each insite download is registered to a user but hopefully it is.
  12. I never read further than that line.
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