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  1. No and I personally do not like the idea of no keypad on-site. Maybe I'm old fashioned. A routine service visit must be a little strange using a phone.
  2. So Euro 46 double pole does not comply?
  3. Douple Pole is ok for Grade 2 is it not?
  4. It’s in the installation manual. Board comes with the panel. program circuit 33 as tamper.
  5. Every two years is fine although I guess it can depend on the environment and signal strength. I've known the detector batteries last +4 years but the external siren batteries never make it past 3 years.
  6. Most do disable the option imo. Nearly all the systems I have taken over have the option disabled. I find it a real pain when enabled with the usual response ‘we only have a fob no code’
  7. Is it? If authorization is stated in the spec I thought ok for engineer access?
  8. Normally change every 2 years without a problem. Known then last 3.5yeats depending on the environment.
  9. What’s auto mode then? You don’t get any of this nonsense with Pyronix.
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