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  1. How about this. Never seen one of these before until today.
  2. I suspect Orisec will be looking to sell-up as soon as they get a decent share of the market. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the sold to Texecom
  3. I’ll see what I can find. Anything particular? Older the better?
  4. You wanna know the worst part? The installer can connect to your alarm system anytime he likes and alter the programming without you ever knowing using the Pyronix software Insite. There is no visible or audible indication on the alarm system. I strongly advise you to go to the keypad and press the 'D' key and enter your master/manager code and make sure that the options 'Block UDL Set' and 'Block UDL' are set as yes. As default they are both set as No which allows the installer to do anything he likes with the alarm system with no indication whatsoever. He can also download the log which shows if the system is set or unset. I'm sure you will agree a huge security risk to yourself no matter how highly the installation company is regarded! Even worse than that if a engineer leaves the company he will still be able to access your alarm system as long as the login details remain the same and he has access to the Insite software! The crazy thing is if you an engineer attends site to program the system locally just by entering the programming mode will generate a audible alert. If he connects remotely through insite there is no alert! Engineer on site cannot access your user codes, remotely using insite software he can view all the codes!
  5. I sympathise with the OP. What happens if a customer decides to cancel a maintenance contract after the first 12 months. They no longer able to use the app for the system they have paid for and own?
  6. I've not carried a test phone for years but occasional get caught out when needing to program a Pyronix Vocaliser or when there has been a fault on the BT line. Worth having even in 2019 imo. Think ill get one
  7. I always thought it was x 1.2 but the BSIA example shows 1.25. Every day is a school day as they say
  8. Scantronic I-on has the option of supervision loss = tamper or keypad alert. I believe for a G2 system tamper is required but this often happens in the middle of the night. I always select the keypad alert option for my domestic customers. Better to keep the customer happy rather than strictly follow the regs in this instance.
  9. Do you mean you would like an alert on the keypad rather that a tamper condition?
  10. CEF sell a decent set of 1000mm sds bits for £25ish. 600mm are normally best imo.
  11. Sharpie pen. Just knock .10v off the previous reading.
  12. Well well well. The cat is out the bag so to speak
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