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  1. Don’t think it’s genuine mate.
  2. Do you have the engineers code? If so the option for tamper or fault from a supervision loss is in the System Options menu. That said early versions of the I-on 16 only allow tamper or off options.
  3. This sounds like Supervision loss due to the batteries needing replacing. The early I-on 16 panels will create a tamper alarm upon a supervision loss which is s real pain in the early hours of the morning. The newer I-on panels have the supervision loss option of fault or tamper. A system installed to EN50131 should create a tamper alarm but I always program for a fault alert which turns the navigation pad red and the keypad beeps. Make sure you change the batteries at least once every 24 months.
  4. https://qolsys.com/iq-hardwire-16/ is this a UK panel? Never heard of it
  5. I remember a old skool metal double skin bell box with drill tamper and a pendulum fitted inside in case anyone gave it a whack! Funny how attitudes have changed over the years.
  6. They just want your money, everybody passes
  7. Not 100% but I think it’s either set/unset or push notifications. Don’t think you can have both.
  8. You still installing to BS4737?
  9. Do you self a favour mate and replace all with Pyronix Enforcer kit.
  10. Amps

    Pyronix Cloud

    Product freely available online
  11. Amps

    Pyronix Cloud

    I presume you have the Master code? if so press the D button and enter the master code. Keep pressing No until ‘Set Up App Data’ is displayed. Make a note of the system ID and contact Pyronix explains your situation.
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