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  1. Think the company would be better off arranging some kind of emergency shift system.
  2. Any facts or just your gut feeling?
  3. Expected better from you.
  4. So how would the engineer know each code? Some kind of app that he has to enter the account and contract number?
  5. One way two way is there really that much difference. one way change batteries approx every 2 years. two way change batteries approx every 2 years.
  6. What are your hobbies? I have none apart from Tv and the internet
  7. I think the default is Tamper reset - Engineer Anti-code reset - No So only the engineer code will reset the tamper fault.
  8. Limited experience of these panels and always disliked them. I find the range of panels confusing. You know how many different types of Accenta/Optima panels there have been?
  9. Keep them they take up too much room on the van and weight too much. I’d rather install an extra PSU
  10. If the external siren tamper switch has a intermittent fault the only way to disable it is by getting the ladders up to it. Until you get a replacement I would disconnect the siren from the panel. It should sound for 15-20 minutes then stop. In the panel link from 0v to the tamper return terminal(TR). System should then be minus it’s external siren but fault free.
  11. Only way is to replace it. Personally I would upgrade the external siren approx every 10 years otherwise you may get problems like this. A new external siren suggests you also have the latest intruder system to any would be burglar. I wouldn’t expect a security light to last 10 years or any other external electrical equipment.
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