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  1. Whatever happened to this know it all?
  2. Amps

    Quad v ordinary detectors

    Yeah I agree. Far from perfect. Stupid thing is for the wireless version there is no mention of the 2.1m height
  3. Amps

    Quad v ordinary detectors

    They need to be installed at 2.1 meters rather than 2.4 meters for the standard pir’s.
  4. Check ‘System Options’
  5. Amps

    Cd95 remote reset

    Apologies for the quality reset procedure.pdf
  6. Amps

    What texecom system to get?

    Gotta luv these wind up threads
  7. Amps

    Pyronix Euro46 Mobile App

    Lol please give me free advice
  8. Amps

    5mp TVI Corridor Mode DVR?

    What the hell is corridor mode!
  9. The Pyronix wireless bell box has the option to enable/disable ‘comfort’ flashing LED’s.
  10. Amps

    Risco / Eurosec tamper reset

    There was a discussion on a Facebook security group about tampers being engineer reset on grade 2 systems. The standards say grade 2 tampers are user rest but some were saying they programme tampers for engineer reset as they do not like the end user to interfere with the control panel.

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