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  1. Amps

    EN50131 & PD6662

    First ive heard of that mate
  2. Amps

    EN50131 & PD6662

    Thanks James. This kids thirst for knowledge has no end. Any other ‘overides’ you can think of? ta
  3. What are the differences between the EN50131 & PD6662? I was asked this last week by the apprentice and had to admit I only knew that PD6662 was EN50131 but with adjustments for the United Kingdom. PD6662 calls for a risk assessment EN50131 does not? Anything else?
  4. Amps

    On call

    Yeah I know what you mean about engineer resets. Was a real money spinner for me 1998-2006ish. I only asked the question as it seems some companies are allowing their engineers to connect to the Pyronix cloud using the insite software from their home computers. An engineer or even more worrying an ex-engineer can connect anytime. This can be disabled buy the user but most customers wouldn’t know how.
  5. Amps

    On call

    How do implement remote access?
  6. Amps

    Scantronic 9752 K02 missing

    Nice one. Thanks for the update :-)
  7. Amps

    Scantronic 9752 K02 missing

    Nobody seems to know Pat. If you find out please let us “pros” know how please.
  8. Amps

    Breakglass detectors

    Just hit the BG with your car keys.
  9. Amps

    Gardtec 816 engineer code locked

    Was it really worth it m8. Could’ve bought yourself a brand new Pyronix Euro Mini for £60.
  10. Amps

    Wireless recommendations

    I can only vouch for the Pyronix kit and I think it is fantastic. You will not regret purchasing Pyronix.
  11. Amps

    Abel alarm

    Fifty years in this business is some going!
  12. Amps

    Abel alarm

    Just out of interest mate, why do you want to know this?
  13. Amps

    Hikvision POC camera menu remotely

    Is that image in the fish pond?
  14. Amps

    Hikvision POC camera menu remotely

    No idea mate but POC is fantastic! Do you change the WDR settings much?
  15. It’s all Bobbies fault

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