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  1. Ok cheers. A little confusing but I guess ignorance is bliss sometimes
  2. When it comes to fobs and readers I’m out of my depth. What exactly is the difference between Wiegand & Clock/Data?
  3. Amps


    LOL I'm still doing that 20+ years on. And still irritating the missus
  4. Amps

    I need your advice - control panel

    Pyronix Euro 46 is the perfect panel for you. The app is free for the first 12 months and £36 a year thereafter. Good things cost money.
  5. Amps

    Is it possible?

    It would be sooooo boring.
  6. Amps

    Pyronix Cloud

    You would think Betty that the customer would get some kind of notification if their security system was being access by a remote device but NO there is no notification. The security industry is very cheap and tacky as sadly that is what sells. Be careful, be VERY careful who you choose to install the products that protect you and your family.
  7. Amps

    Pyronix Cloud

    Worst still if they have installed your cctv system they will more than likely try to keep the admin account as theirs as it is a real pain when the admin password is lost. Hence the reason the admin account/rights is not given to the customer. The admin account always has remote access rights so this means that the installer can log in anytime 24/7 and access your cctv either live view or playback. As most security products are cheap and getting cheaper the profit margins are reducing all the time. The results in lower and lower quality employees personnel being employed. You MUST be very very careful when selecting a ‘security’ installer.
  8. Amps

    Pyronix Cloud

    This is a big problem. Never mind the app access the fact is your installer will be able to access your system and it’s entire programming without you ever knowing using the Pyronix Insite software. He will be able to program devices unused and access the system logs at will without you ever knowing. No indication on the keypad! Go to the user menu and make sure UDL block is option is Yes. What is worse is that rogue ex-employees of the installer may still have access from any pc anytime they like 24/7. It is essential that the UDL Block option is set to ‘Yes’ Although security screened the fire and security industry mainly employees low skilled uneducated personal. You MUST protect yourself from these people.
  9. Amps


  10. Amps

    L1 or L3 design question

    Could be any of these
  11. Amps

    L1 or L3 design question

    Dont ask me I wasn’t involved in the design stage
  12. Amps

    EN50131 & PD6662

    First ive heard of that mate
  13. Amps

    EN50131 & PD6662

    Thanks James. This kids thirst for knowledge has no end. Any other ‘overides’ you can think of? ta

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