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  1. Amps

    Pyronix Euro46 Mobile App

    Lol please give me free advice
  2. Amps

    5mp TVI Corridor Mode DVR?

    What the hell is corridor mode!
  3. The Pyronix wireless bell box has the option to enable/disable ‘comfort’ flashing LED’s.
  4. Amps

    Risco / Eurosec tamper reset

    There was a discussion on a Facebook security group about tampers being engineer reset on grade 2 systems. The standards say grade 2 tampers are user rest but some were saying they programme tampers for engineer reset as they do not like the end user to interfere with the control panel.
  5. The comfort LEDS are either enabled or disabled and that’s it. There is no input to trigger them. The status is determined by a link on the siren pcb.
  6. Amps

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Live view is either main stream or sub stream. Playback is always main stream.
  7. Amps

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Can Hikvision Dvr/Nvr’s do this?
  8. Amps

    Hard wired bell to visonic

    Not sure about the latest Visonic panels but the original panels only had a 9v output.
  9. Amps

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Using Hik-Connect I sometimes find that playback is not possible with 8Mp cameras @ 12fps. The network becomes unstable. Normally I’d suggest scaling down to 1080p or reducing the fps if the app is the preferred playback method.
  10. Amps

    Pyronix Euro46 Mobile App

    You need to be connected to the cloud in order to be able to use the app. I find the app excellent and very reliable. For a diy Install the app is free for the first twelve months then £36 a year after. Break this down to £3 a month and it really is excellent value. Registered Installers can also use the cloud to connect to systems using the Pyronix insite software. This allows full programming of a system. Again another excellent product but is only available to registered installers, cough.
  11. I do aspire to learn more. In this industry it seems one is constantly learning. Your answer was very informative and clear but I still need to get my head around it. By ignorance is bliss I meant sometimes it better just to fit the stuff you know works and don’t bother too much about the technology.
  12. Ok cheers. A little confusing but I guess ignorance is bliss sometimes
  13. When it comes to fobs and readers I’m out of my depth. What exactly is the difference between Wiegand & Clock/Data?

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