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  1. Using Eset Deslock totally encrypts the drive, it can’t be bypassed in any way, I’ve learnt this the hard way. Once the system is powered up, it locks the boot up and requires typed credentials to be entered only. Once credentials are entered then windows will boot normal way to the login screen. At this stage, I am attempting to have the smartcard inserted into a reader and this will logon, however once it’s removed it boots you out. If computers are ever stolen, FDE is already active and impossible to penetrate. ive done more research on it and it seems possible, but not easily achieved. Maybe I’m looking at this a bit too much, what are you lot doing your end to achieve max security
  2. Windows 10 is so easy to create a back door access from boot level, you can get in within 5 minutes regardless of logon password or fingerprint and access pretty much anything you want, I’ve done it many times. That’s why I’ve gone down the full disk encryption with card access to boot and to logon. Remove the card and you’re logged off. Full disk encryption with secure boot is working perfectly, just wanted to add the smartcard as opposed to mag stripe, I believe it’s got to be more secure
  3. How can it be insecure if access is controlled by smart card,
  4. I’ve seen this, not sure on cards though, still researching now, wanted to get a solution working for weekend.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XY2XLWF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_AP4Z06DC8K0GP5SQ5032
  5. Hi mate, I’ve seen the keyboards, and separate desktop smartcard readers, just not sure on what type of cards or programming them. I’ve seen some that are already programmed with security keys etc... just don’t know enough about them yet.
  6. Hi Guys... Just expanded into larger premises and setting up new office & computers. I’m looking to add a smart card style logon system to all computers. Don’t want mag stripe as it’s easily copied. Ideally want the smart card inserted into a reader to logon to pc and if card is removed then the user is logged off. To comply with GDPR I’ve already got full drive encryption sorted, I’m just looking at an advanced logon solution,, Anyone got any thoughts on this or can recommend a product.. thanks
  7. Anti clockwise... I’m right handed but I twist pairs with left hand. Plays total fcukery with my OCD on terminating panels. Staff are trained to do it this way, I go mental on my random routine audits if I see anything else.... My head just can’t cope with it..
  8. Never used a hook in the drill myself, I just use a specific Bosch mini 12v drill and bang the pair straight into the chuck. Literally 5 seconds on reverse spin and it’s done, nice neat pairs all looking identical and even twists.
  9. Very easy to use, 12mm Diameter only. Fir a nice clean but free cut, I use a standard 15mm copper pipe cutter.. nice and neat with no jagged edges
  10. I’m never far away mate, How’s tricks... Everyone keeping well under the circumstances
  11. Unique generator based on account number and contract number is what I use. We can have 20 mixed systems on a single site, all have different engineer codes. Far more secure this way, it’s rare but if and when a customer wants to leave for whatever reason, we issue the code on written request and if accounts are paid up as it’s no good on any other site
  12. Wasn’t going anywhere with it, As you said everyone’s got an opinion, From experience with it that’s mine and I stand by it.. that’s it really.
  13. It’s not fit for purpose mate, over complicated Its full of minor glitches here and there, GUI was built by a 6 year old. I value my customers too much than to offer this to them, more headache than it’s worth
  14. They certainly do, I wouldn’t offer this for this to my customers, it’s badly designed GUI let’s it down. Agreed the principal of the application and notifications do work well. For me, the application is a pile is turd, poorly presented and too confusing for customers. I trialled it, people hated it. I personally wouldn’t offer it if it were free, there is little to no revenue to be made from it anyway
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