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  1. Two totally different things mate, CONXTD gives the true info from the signalling as it’s received via Webway on route to the ARC, Orisec app is literally panel based,
  2. The app representation, icon system status is awful. I’ve had a single connection on it since it’s launch, it’s not changed at all. It’s just too confusing with so many icons and drop downs. I absolutely hate it, no way I’ll add it as a service, even though it’s a revenue earner
  3. CONXTD is a pile of ****
  4. They are neighbours, virtually next door to each other A = Orisec B = Texecom
  5. They don’t do that, it’s all theirs
  6. Bells appear to be unstable and disappear offline when wired on network mode. Smartphone app is hit and miss, reporting unknown panel when connecting. Wireless panel CP40, losing volume level All issues occur after about a month or so, there are a few other small niggles that I’ve got noted, nothing major but still pain in the ****. like I said, I like the company, like the products, as do the customers. I’ve visited the factory and had a full tour, they’re a great bunch up there BUT Something isn’t right. The issues were getting are causing headache and financial loss.
  7. We installed a small amount with a view to monitoring their performance. The panels are a total piece of piss to program, the wireless is idiot proof. However there appears to be gripes within the panel firmware/software. It’s a real shame considering, customers loved it for the ease of use, I liked the total simplicity of it, but being called back to 12 out of 15 systems isn’t good at all. To to be fair, Orisec have jumped all over the issues and offered replacements and free kit as compensation, but it’s not about the free kit.. we just want Fit and forget, until service due that is. I have explained this to them and made my position clear, I’ve made the decision to pull the panels, we will continue fully with detectors and sounders
  8. I’ve stopped using there panels now,
  9. Getting less and less activity in here mate, I rarely drop in every week or two, same handful of posters, I’m mostly on Facebook closed groups these days.
  10. You do realise this post is 13 years old....
  11. Lol, it’s all about the advertising.
  12. No mate, I’m installing various bits of their kit, I installed one of their newer CP10 panels earlier today and it’s really good kit, but needs a couple of tweaks stil. My preferred kit is still Texecom, installing loads of it at the min and accounts for 90% of our intruder side. Smartcom connected systems are growing nicely... works well for us.
  13. Surely 10 minutes or less of office admin time is far less than at least an hour of engineer time and fuel costs. There is your your saving right there ?
  14. The whole remote service side is fully automated, leaving nothing left to do on that side. Everything is fully audit trailed for compliance, again no record to manually update. No software to install means even more time saved as there is no messing about with programs and windows update issues. Real-time over the air updates and modifications via browser or smartphone, just like using wintex. It saves time, so it saves money. In the scheme of things the cost is nothing, we are charging large clients an annual fee for online portal access to see multiple sites status and additional costs per user login .... No brainier, it’s all paid for.
  15. I use Texecom Cloud, it works well. Wouldnt be without it now. Pays for itself.
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