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  1. Agreed mate. Never had any issues or call backs and they was the sort to let us no so happy days! And was on the draws not in them not sure if that's what you meant.
  2. Was a while back this matey, we went for the draws in the end
  3. that's the second I will give them a call tomorrow
  4. Hi fellas, We're looking to change providers can anyone recommend a firm?.
  5. Well thanks for the advice I think I now no what we need to drop off our services.
  6. Sorry must not of explained very well. I like to think we do a good job so check thoroughly and the next year as long as there is no faults scale back and we have a record if faults arise.
  7. When we take over a system we also service the system and immediately start a record for the future.
  8. Thanks Norman. We will scale it back and knock off earlier!
  9. This is mostly the initial take over and first service I'm referring to and most of the companies round here use dp. All our new Installs are EOL unless its really low risk sheds etc but our usual way is to speak to customer ask about any problems and look at what paper work they have which is usually a zone list in the user guide and then we proceed to do all the checks on my first post.
  10. Then what would you suggest we scale it down to nobody seems like they can/won't give me an answer?
  11. I'd say around a hour on a domestic system depending if there is no nasties hiding in the panel. And we're very competitive.
  12. Thanks for the reply... what would you scale it down to?
  13. Hi fellas. On a new system we went to we had a customer and not for the first time comment and be rude about how long a service took on a mains wired system we check mains voltages, circuit resistance/voltages,induced A.C, aux voltage, act meter the battery, walk test,SAB and comms if applicable, current unset and in alarm for mains and battery and battery charging voltage off the top of my head we also had to make amendments to the system. My question is because I'm doubting myself now are we doing too much? The year after if the system wasn't monitored we would be more relaxed it
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