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  1. sixwheeledbeast

    A1 Omnicron 7000 - Zone lights stuck on

    When was it last serviced and battery replaced? Fuse blown?
  2. sixwheeledbeast

    Pyronics/Castle fob on Paxton Net2

    What is the reason for this? Problem with Reissuing or multiple fobs? Have you explained the security implications of this?
  3. sixwheeledbeast

    Citadel XR1 unset double bit

    If you don't know when it was last serviced the least you can do is have it checked over it may not be functional anyway.
  4. sixwheeledbeast

    Citadel XR1 unset double bit

    Maybe you messed up and set a service timer instead?
  5. sixwheeledbeast

    Citadel XR1 unset double bit

    Sounds like a service timer. Did you find out when it was last serviced?
  6. sixwheeledbeast

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Have you proved that using a dnslookup tool on the device?
  7. sixwheeledbeast

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    P2P should work, no tricks needed. EE have been known for blocking ports but this would normally be outbound to stop you hosting services like port 80. If I understand correctly your EE side is the client? Also if I follow correctly you seem to have no issues from the client using the WAN IP? This ruling out blocked ports. Set the secondary DNS to itself? Just set NVR DNS1/2 to a trusted external DNS provider. I recall a thread a while back of something similar with new Hik units? I remember having a inkling it could be a Double NAT issue due to ISP (CGN) especially knowing the companies mentioned (EE, Sky VM etc) You would need to traceroute your DNS to diagnose that. I think this is what the guy from EE is trying to explain in simple terms.
  8. sixwheeledbeast

    Ademco galaxy 16 plus

    User and Manager is available on our downloads section. https://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/files/category/25-honeywell/ We do not provide defaulting information or engineer manuals here as per our guidelines.
  9. sixwheeledbeast

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Sounds like a NAT loopback issue. So you have proved the port forwarding and the DDNS/DNS from off site. So it's just that device then? Have you tried a DNS check on the problem device? DDNS was not up to date when this test was done? Either switch the DNS service to something else or leave it default. The sites DNS must be working so changing these is unlikely to help.
  10. sixwheeledbeast

    optima G4 set up

  11. sixwheeledbeast

    New guy asking for advice

    Pretty sure all the xx-W panels have 4 onboard, but you can use the keypad zones too for example.
  12. sixwheeledbeast

    optima G4 set up

    Inhibit zones and entry zones set correct?
  13. sixwheeledbeast

    New Member

  14. sixwheeledbeast

    Optima compact gen4

    Factory default and power up with nothing connected to prove the panel.
  15. sixwheeledbeast

    Gardtec 800 816 Installation Manual

    I can confirm this manual is available for trade members only. We also encourage any manuals or manuals requests be posted in the Downloads section of the site where there is version control, search and filter features.

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