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  1. Level crossing telephones with no local power was what I found? Called Type 6 in US as they are 6 inch high.
  2. 40Ah alkaline cells. I suppose these are still in use for other applications for them to still be in manufacturer, even if it is very low quantity.
  3. It's probably not faulty. Photo of both ends probably best way to solve.
  4. Tamper will cause the strobe to flash?
  5. Loops in fixy band and pull everything through after seems easier? Use the coated band so you don't damage the outer.
  6. I don't work on Galaxy much so can't remember if it's +ve or -ve up, either way worth checking and you shouldn't loose data. Maybe not from the manufacturer but had new cells come with thin transparent plastic warning stickers that you easily wouldn't notice and/or covered in bitter alice which can have high resistance spots if you don't clean the contact area. Worse thing about the bitter alice stuff is it can be an intermittent issue but tests fine with meter as the probes are sharp.
  7. If the sensors are one way you can probably set it and walk round the house no problem, but you'll set it off if you walk past something on the way to the keypad in the morning. All down to how the system was designed. Is it a Powermaster or a Powermax?
  8. Something under the coin cell? Check it's voltage. It shouldn't loose any programming, you should fix that.
  9. So it's the phone browser then, be it missing plugins or not supported, would be expected. Try another browser on the phone on the chance it's only a iOS Safari thing?
  10. Some port/service being blocked? Can you connect remotely on a non cellular connection to prove?
  11. Dyn are a big company, I just don't think they take free accounts any more... if that's what your looking for. All are external in some way, think of DDNS as an "updating addressbook". You always ask the book with your password, it forwards you the new location. When I say own, I mean the router manufacturer may have settings to able one via them, a bit like DVR's have.
  12. Where did I say compliant systems where inherently dangerous? Removing the need for user authorisation on alarms at the keypad would make the system no longer conform to EN50131.
  13. Home visits? Your lucky if your allowed in the surgery at the moment...
  14. If you could, it wouldn't conform with latest intruder regs any more. Maybe it has some BS or EN option for compatiblity? Connection to an intruder system I would see as an auxiliary, the fire "system" needs to work stand alone without this. If not you have a potential hazard waiting to happen when you need it most. In a domestic situation I'd be more interested in finding everyone than messing with a keypad.
  15. Most routers have DDNS support. Some have there own service, or a limited selection of web ones. Better routers you can manually use pretty much any DDNS service. Most of the free web ones require you to manually login monthly.
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