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  1. It's pretty clear guidance that any person of your age should be at home. Exceptions to this are short periods of exercise or walking the dog locally not rummaging around in private yards full of busted extinguishers.
  2. Risco being Risco? You could try a power cycle if you have the confidence to reprogram everything if it does wrong. Best option would be to get someone that knows Risco to sort it out.
  3. No idea I remember a model with a small transformer inside you wired flex to em. PITA.
  4. Panel will lockout if in tamper, you need to disconnect the PIR's panel end and close the tamper loop up then it should clear.
  5. You would just use a wired one and wire it to the panel or an expander. Visonic used to have a mains powered bell.
  6. If you are designated as a furloughed worker to HMRC as part of CJR. Yes I understand it that you should stop all work. In essence you have been asked to stop working and furloughed as an alternative to redundancy, so reduced hours or on call are off the table for these employees.
  7. Like many things in life they have many names. This topic has two names due to it being split... "Trump" COVID-19 ... Wuhan pneumonia ... SARS-COV2 ... nCOV19 All of the news in America have been calling it Wuhan Flu and Chinese Coronavirus for the last view months, if Trump changes his tune now they think it's something else...
  8. Democracy is all about keeping as many people happy as possible, we have arguably a better system over here. We vote in representatives that we believe align with our view of fairness and they discuss and vote on topics and if required provide regulations and a small amount of laws to keep the majority consistent. Over there they have the Amendments these are impossible to change this means more of there systems start to be proped up with law which is a less ideal way to solve democratic issues it divides more people. Being impeached wouldn't help IMO it would just mean they have an angry snake in office with no venom. Even then it's down to a vote at the Senate a long winded process from what I gather. You also have the issue that when things become dealt with by law they are often the person with the best legal team that wins not necessarily the outcome the majority would want.
  9. Vietnam War? London Plague? Spanish Flu? It's pretty normal to have these colloquial names for things. Obviously there's some Chinese agenda with Trump but even so it's nothing compared to the Italian Northern Leagues comments
  10. He's not declared a war yet and been the first President to step into North Korea... The guy seems like a slimeball but in a world that continues to become some twisted popularity contest he's playing the game well.
  11. For anyone that hosts there own infra there are reports of a nasty firmware bug on certain models. https://www.zdnet.com/article/hpe-says-firmware-bug-will-brick-some-ssds-starting-october-this-year/
  12. It's all relevant ... I have never seen a toilet bush with a degree in economics, or one worth $3 billion. If you agree with his politics and agendas is a whole other topic. As I always say, use the correct tool for the job. A toilet brush will be much more successful at removing limescale from round the rim than speaking it's mind to 308 million people and Trump vice versa.
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