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  1. Had the occasional one where a power cycle makes it go away. Have you checked everything over with a meter? You replaced the whole panel then?
  2. Don't trust any type of folding or telescopic ladders myself, seen too many incidents.
  3. Doesn't matter you maybe able to pivot from "smart" devices or these routers to a "security device" it's irrelevant regarding firmware patches if it has a network connection in some way. Regarding non-contract customers then they are non-contract so take the risk themselves IMO. It's just like not having a system checked annually there is more risk of some failure being unnoticed.
  4. I don't recommend using any ISP provided router if your tech savvy enough to manage your own. Yes stuff needs updating but more likely it will be discontinued or never done. Auto firmware updates could be an option but that would be undesirable solution IMO. What's to say that isn't exploited in the future somehow, or it borks up and bricks the device at a time of need. You say "smart security" but any internet connected device has a risk and if your device is hosting a service you will be more at risk. Issue is it costs money for this stuff but people want those free appz.
  5. I would argue its more like EOL with six different shunt values, a data BUS would be different to measuring a pair for electrical resistance or voltage. It really isn't that big of a deal to be getting fecked over? Wouldn't mind having a look at one (or a manual) again actually, they were pretty clever for there age.
  6. Most of the Modern and Thorn stuff I have ripped out where the colours H said TBH, there will never be a standard even sometimes within companies as they will takeover other systems. You could argue that the wiring regs harmonised all the colours for DC and our 12v circuits should be Brown +ve and either Grey or Blue -ve depending on if the supply is referenced to earth since then... but where is the Grey conductor unless you use 12c? Either way colours are irrelevant best to paint with terminal descriptions than colours. Some old school engineers when cable was relatively expen
  7. I know ADE iD was a data BUS, I was told it was a proprietary version based around RS485 no idea how true that was. I recall Map6 was based around zener diodes of different values, but I only ever seen one in all my years. No idea about HKC, I assume it's not ADE iD? If so I don't see the point, why not just be BUS based like keypads be that 485 or whatever the panel uses.
  8. If they are on a site working. You wouldn't fit one now.
  9. It divides one panel zone into 6 separate latching circuits. I suppose not something you see about much any more.
  10. Just don't fit this junk? You can't complain about race to the bottom tat but still install the stuff IMO.
  11. If that's how it's been wired then he definitely left on a horse... Try swapping with another zone if you are ruling out the tamper.
  12. You bumped a really old thread, the firmware was very different back then possibly even older hardware. Not needed to do the "battery monitoring shuffle" at all on the newer hardware. Are you sure these new batteries are good quality and fully charged before installing? I wouldn't be surprised if the battery was at fault and the battery test timer was 7 days.
  13. Closed platform that Amazon have control over all data and can change T&C's whenever they feel, no thanks.
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