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  1. It's like an "international" version of a Premier, not so popular over here but still produced AFAIK. No prox tags on any version, I imagine unlikely to be able to upgrade it to the latest version with such old hardware either. Most are easily replaced with a PE48 as only go upto 832. Check for a plug on expander and remote expander versions for compatibility tho.
  2. sixwheeledbeast

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Can't beat a wired system, I'd at least choose something hybrid so if you have an issue with the wireless you have options.
  3. sixwheeledbeast

    Scantronic 9448ES

    They are a pretty basic panel you have to wire the sensors into the correct zones. Zone 4 is likely just un-configurable, so full alarm all the time.
  4. sixwheeledbeast

    Gardtec 300 series panel wired to Honeywell AD6

    Are the tampers on the box closed correctly? Don't know the panel or the bell too well but seems right.
  5. sixwheeledbeast

    Premier Elite 64 W

    Don't link them out, program them out. You should get resistors with the kits and they are DEOL default normally.
  6. sixwheeledbeast

    Accounts Software RBS Natwest Freeagent

    When it's comes to business banking I have heard bad things from a variety of businesses about all the high street ones. Can't say much about Metro tho which are down south.
  7. sixwheeledbeast

    Hi, expanding our business

    I would say you maybe worth considering a partnership type deal where you pass security to someone and they pass you electrical and minor works for spurs. They are two completely different disciplines IMO and although there is overlap like with all things in BS7671, generally for most places it's not beneficial to do both.
  8. sixwheeledbeast

    Just Re-emerged

    The dinosaurs died out, alarm monkeys are now the rare species...
  9. sixwheeledbeast


    Poor installation of the cable doesn't mean that it wasn't tested tho. There is a big difference between wiring eight core or flex straight off the back of a socket (both I have seen) and a well installed 3A spur without a MWC IMO.
  10. sixwheeledbeast

    Found out where the smell was coming from !!

    You'd be amazed what creatures get through a 20mm cable opening on the back of the cab.
  11. sixwheeledbeast

    Just Re-emerged

    Croeso nol
  12. sixwheeledbeast

    TS360 control panel

    A fault on whatever is attached to zone 3. Doubt a manual would help you diagnose.
  13. sixwheeledbeast

    Risco LightSYS 2 and a new router

    Draytek Vigor what model? All the SOHO Draytek stuff has good diagnostic features for stuff like that. Start with checking the DNS
  14. sixwheeledbeast

    Aritech AS293

    Glad i don't see many of them Online SLA's anymore, swap on sight.

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