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  1. Instead of messing about with old alarm tat you could be building yourself a Fuz drift trike.... They are pricy tho for what they are
  2. Yep, as above for 3-2-1. "3 copies - 2 types of media - 1 offsite". The idea behind the two types would be for considering long term storage different media degrade over time. Encryption is often overlooked on portable media it's so important when so much sensitive data could be in such a small device. I rate hardware encryption if you need something cross platform or platform agnostic, I mostly use standard drives with LUKS for my own stuff.
  3. I would just assist/guide the client as to best practices when it comes to backups and the storage of them. Getting involved further like keeping or making copies of there data would lead to you becoming a data processor. If you have to, I would always recommend any portable media like that is encrypted, should really be using 3-2-1 method if your doing them properly.
  4. With great power comes great responsibility. I am sure the power of rotating blocks makes people feel like god...
  5. Am i missing something? You said it was working?
  6. Someone has to pay for the space all those pictures of skip fodder is taking up... Google thinks you should update to IP cameras from your grainy black and white ones too.
  7. I'm growing to like the sound of a master blaster in an empty warehouse...
  8. Doesn't conform, not easy for customers to do/remember if under duress
  9. Bit of a daft place to fit a PA, you have to remove the PA from the wall to check anything inside the keypad. this means any readings you have taken in your OP are likely from the keypad and not with a meter too. It's also not where the cable entry is on the keypad you have made your own hole in the casing, it's unlikely but the PCB of the keypad maybe pressing on the cable causing an intermittent mystery resistance via some keypad component. I would say if anything the resistors are clamped too tight up to the ceramic this is where they are weaker and more likely to break. You could easily wire that double pole at G2 and job done with no discrete components flapping about inside. As for the PA in question I don't use them so can't comment but i would be inclined to use something more modern style, reed switches in PA's are so last century...
  10. Can't say I have ever had any issues with leaf tampers other than the fact they are easier to smash the lid off on JB's, relying on the one central screw. The more common issue I see are with these type are wiring not wrapped around the screw correctly or snapped or loose resistor lags making intermittent contact It's not mandatory to have switches but most have gone that way as it's easier to manufacture a break out back tamper. You also have the benefit of not seeing the faults above. I also wonder what brand and did you find any evidence to suggest it was the leaf at fault? For the cost of the device if your suspicious of it, may as well be replaced as part of whatever diagnosis you are doing, you have been called out anyway
  11. When the tamper issue is fixed your code and reset should restore the system to "day mode" with no tamper condition.
  12. You have triggered the tamper causing the alarm to lockout. It's possible the sensor is damaged inside, worth having an engineer check over the system if you are not sure.
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