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  1. Some tamper switch faulty or open I would assume. Is everything back together properly?
  2. Or her boyfriend Peter File...
  3. Too many wires? Too close to the wall to operate?
  4. https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/sounders-c-36_45/external-sounders-c-36_45_140/eurosec-xs3d-twin-piezo-blue-bell-box-live-backplate-p-685.html
  5. https://twitter.com/Jessica_Holley/status/1204505193003573250 If you don't want to jump through all the WP GDPR gates.
  6. Even if setup with a unique password. Ring have been sharing images and location data to US police forces. They have even been offering doorbell versions free if you agree to submit all data directly to the local force.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. It's just a Galaxy. Honeywell are a conglomerate that buy up names and asset strip them.
  10. I would suggest you contact the installer or a local company and have the system serviced. No point changing the code if you don't know if everything works. There are also parts that need maintenance, voltage checks and replacement batteries.
  11. Side entry Pyro, good luck fitting it the correct way up...
  12. All the advise above regarding positioning seems very sensible hard to say from not seeing the property. Yes it is true that Risco doesn't get a lot of love from many installers here and you are correct that everyone had there preferred hardware, there are many reasons that contribute for this, every company is different. Generally I would say that Risco is like Marmite. Some places it's all they fit. I personally avoid the stuff, they can be a headache to program, missing some features for me and contacting Risco directly for parts which can be an issue if urgent. One positive with the Risco gear is they use the same batteries throughout, although this does mean chunky contacts as above. I personally lean towards fitting hybrid systems with a wired bellbox and wire as much as I can but again this is just a preference. As a end user you should consider the alarm as a service not a product, the system will need maintenance. You need to be comfortable with the company, the product should be less of a consideration in this scenario. Asking a company to fit something else will only lead to a headache they may not be trained on it for example. I would say the general advise here is get at least 3 quotes, consider all there points and go with the company you feel most comfortable with, not just the cheapest. If you are still most comfortable with the company above then it's the right way forward for you.
  13. Fire alarm that was designed for Cat L is unlikely to work effectively for an arson attack on an empty building. In that situation the burglar alarm is more important to keep them out.
  14. Is a katana considered reasonable force now?... To stop this thread from straying of the topic any more ... either option will probably do the job you want. Engineers fit what they know to be reliable, everyone will recommend a different manufacturer so we cant choose one for you. Your alarm is an important purchase so cost should be a lower factor in your decision. You will pay more in the long run if it's unreliable. Good ratter?
  15. Well all the Texecom Premier stuff is hybrid so supports wired and wireless anything, if that helps. I would have thought Pyronix would be cheaper but I suppose it's depends if you get what you want from a Texe kit.
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