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  1. Boot-lacing eight core, now that's an appropriate use of "hardcore".
  2. Door bell wire ... bit overkill using class change for a door bell. I suppose so you don't miss the courier with your ebay finds?
  3. Find a different company. Can't answer for why you didn't receive messages around false alarm calls, but consider that if you accidentally triggered the alarm it's possible the signal would be aborted automatically if you silenced it. Yes, if you have a system then you should consider getting it checked out/repaired/upgraded instead of missing with useless DIY plug and play tat.
  4. My first thought is contact the local company and have your current system looked at, would think it's in your budget to get a full system working again. Monitoring is only useful if proper polled signalling unit which the best way is via an approved company.
  5. I didn't make the rules. We're just here to sweep up and make sure all the animals stay in the zoo.
  6. ThornGamma ? We don't allow multiple accounts by the way, it's part of the guidelines to stop people making conversation with themselves.
  7. It's onboard LIVE or modular. Sounds like you have a wired system anyway. I'd probably stick a PE48 in if you want a simple-ish changeover.
  8. The Dell Inspirion 2in1 14" starts at £499, think only the Surface go would be in that price range that's 10". Personally I would say it's a good time to buy desktop stuff at the moment but that hasn't trickled into the laptop/tablet market yet, if you can hold off a bit you may see prices start to drop and base model specs improve.
  9. I would recommend to ditch the internal speaker and use an extension speaker (loads of different styles - 16ohm) in a central area preferably on the entry route. Don't use a sound bomb! Volumes can be programmed via the panel, Also if your definite on this new Texecom system fit the wired version you could always add wireless module after if you wish.
  10. Wired is always a better option not from a signal POV but from cost and maintenance. There is no reason the Texecom would have issues if installed correctly. If cables are installed properly they should be fine if good quality cable.
  11. Be surprised if an Acer lasts a job or two.
  12. I generally fit Texecom controls and have no issues but I have fitted a lot so know how it works. Ricochet is stable if installed correctly if not you will have endless issues. If I where looking at the job I would probably replace each wired sensor with a new wired sensor as you do each room. It wouldn't matter if the old one ended up, dangling if omitted or programmed out, covered in gunk or whatever in the meantime. Would take an engineer 30 minutes including drinking a brew and checking over the rest of the system. If when checking over the system he finds something untoward you will know what the future is for the current system and if it's worth investing in radio or new wiring/panel/bell etc.
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