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  1. Don't use Windows but Yubikey login must be a thing? Which wouldn't be possible to clone at all with just the key. If webcam they have Windows hello built in, not that I am found of that. Smartcards systems I have seen where separate USB reader and printable HID cards, not sure if that's same as NHS?
  2. Consuming media is a bit different tho. Entertainment will be consumed by however the watcher can get it conveniently for them. I would consider this like computing a "tool" not entertainment. I am not saying your that way PJ but you'd be surprised how much time people waste on their phones fecking about with things that don't matter or can wait. It's still a remote control (and trying to bring it back OT) is that really a priority when your shopping for an alarm, I would say detection and reliability is more important.
  3. Agreed on monthly or at least some PAYG plan where you can access online if you go that way. Bear in mind they cut sims off if you don't make outbound services regular.
  4. Ebay is a good way to get rid of junk so caution is advised. System is basic so doesn't have any options for IP addons. If your keeping the system then you can only go for universal off the outputs/bell trig type devices. You could try some sort of ATA but your reliant on compatibility and good uptime for all the kit the message goes through. At least a GSM dialler would be powered from the system so only have to think about signal and phone costs then. Polled signalling is most secure but out of the realms for DIY.
  5. Spending a lot less time worrying about what's on a 5 inch screen that's always under your nose.... My point still stands IMO. It's just a fancy remote control it's still very far from the ubiquitous computing concept of ambient intelligence that would actually be useful to people day to day.
  6. Manufacturer recommendations are always different depending on the installer. Every place has their preferred kit with having the experience of fitting that multiple times for different jobs, which is irrelevant for you. Any decent hybrid panel will have all the functionality you require. Texecom, Galaxy, Eaton etc etc. HKC is restricted so probably not an option. Some have all the features onboard, some are more modular like the Texecom where you add modules for functionality. Traditional phone lines will be dead in the next decade like JW says so consider this as well.
  7. I still don't find any of these apps or "smart" features - smart. Your just tied into manufactured obsolescence and compatibility woes as you say. They may have their very limited applications for some jobs but it's just a daft requirement in the current age that people want all there electronic tat to have an app, if there is a point or not.
  8. Apps are all junk to some degree anyway...
  9. Limiting your options if you want app with no subscription and auto update firmware, I'd start researching manufacturers from there.
  10. I'd generally try to keep as far as possible away normally trying to keep minimum of a foot or so like JW says. BS7671 is 50mm minimum between LV and ELV, unless in it's own metallic containment. More of concern is alarm cabling being outside of the alarms protected area which is generally avoided, if you have to for a single run you need to think about protection from cable tampering.
  11. It's not my preferred kit but PowerMaster is at least full two way unlike the now discontinued PowerMax junk. I have only ever worked on the older models 30/10 etc. As long as it's not an ADT one, should be fine if you keep it maintained. You may want to look into the app and if the previous owners have access to it etc.
  12. The noise is made by power from somewhere when you have no mains. Would expect one battery inside and one outside in the bell.
  13. Bear in mind the system is wireless so will require batteries in ALL devices swapping on a fairly regular basis. Very different system to your wired Paragon or Veritas you had previously, only having one main SLA battery maintenance wise.
  14. It is an installer option to make a zone chime(able), yes. If you have the manual I would suggest you read it as they have pretty idiot proof flow diagrams in. As a summary you need to "Define Zones" select the Zone number you want, skip to the chime option and select the chime type.
  15. It's so old and never been serviced, for the sake of your neighbours either get it repaired, upgraded or decommissioned if you don't use it. If you went away for a while and the system disturbs the neighbours for long enough, the council can get an order to force entry and have it silenced for you. Not pleasant to come back to your house with the locks changed and a note in the window to come to the nearest council offices in working hours and bill for those services. Even if you don't use the system they still need maintenance, if you don't more likely it will give you t
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