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  1. Yes most modern panels would be fine. Texecom Premier would be a pretty straight forward swap with them having compatibility with any keypad zones or EOL values. If you are getting somebody in to do it, I would let them spec which controls they support tho.
  2. Logic 4 is likely to be 4 core era, possibly has a mechanical bell.
  3. Would need a Fire Risk Assessment done as part of the building work.
  4. I don't see why public being there would make it mandatory, I can't recall that as a statement in regulations. "All commercial premises must have appropriate fire detection" that doesn't necessarily mean it's mandatory to have a fire alarm system installed.
  5. You'd be using the comms output instead of the bell trig. I still believe Part Set Bell Delay or a Custom Output are the best two options.
  6. That is another way but would require a little more setup over what I posted in post2 you would need adjust pulse timers then. Also have the issue of the bell not triggering on a tamper if you use "intruder".
  7. Toggle switch like that is far from ideal. If it fails, you forget to switch it or it is found in a break in, your alarm is useless. The design behind a self activating bell is that everything is contained within it and only controlled by the panel so they are harder to defeat in a break in. I would suggest a small part set bell delay is the most appropriate.
  8. Wind up merchants at it again.... I don't believe the do but they are in the unit round the corner.
  9. That's not an out of the box option on a Premier. It's not something that you would normally do. You would need to use custom outputs to do custom things. Something like have a stage for Bell SAB and a Inverted stage for Part armed. Alternatively if it's concern for waking the neighbours in the night you can set the part set bell delay timer to whatever time you feel.
  10. As above maybe some examples would be nice, I am sure people here have seen plenty of tat or have it lying about.
  11. Considering the hype around the stuff for the last few years, I have never seen a system in the wild. Or know of any companies fitting the controls as standard.
  12. It's likely you need to set zone 1 as entry and remove the default guard on part set like H says above.
  13. Any 16 Ohm Loudspeaker like a CQR Alto for example.
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