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  1. Yes I do - I already have around 5 wireless pa fobs enrolled and working.
  2. I am having difficulty registering a new wireless panic alarm fob (TCPA2B) to a Honeywell Galaxy G3 panel. The steps I'm using are: 1. Enter manager code the go to 42 --> 1 (user codes) 2. Find a user that does not show R[], pres Enter 3. Enter 12 (Radio Fob) --> 1 (Learn Fob) --> Enter * ->> 'Awaiting Fob' is displayed 4. On the keyfob, press both buttons until red light shows. However, after about 20 seconds the screen is going back to 'learn fob' menu option as it is not picking up the fob. Batteries are new and have tried a couple of new fobs. - None are being learned. Any assistance would be grateful.
  3. Does anyone know of an ARC that provides the following for Intruder Alarm monitoring: Requests specific characters from a Keyholder's password to confirm keyholder identity Sends Email and SMS notifications to a number of keyholders for: an activation early open, late close system on test Ability to customise the notifications for different keyholders. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. thanks for the response guys. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this with the Honeywell Galaxy and/or Pyronix Euro panels? thanks again.
  5. Does anyone know of any grade 3 intruder alarm system that allows arming/un-arming of the system from the keypad using both fob and pin in combination? thanks in advance. for your assistance.
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