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    Cunts that text and drive want their fingers broken never mind banned.
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    yes if you have posted your serial no for your bell box we could have located it on the internet, selected abba on your alexa & turn the central heating up to maximum...
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    My last post on this forum was nearly 5 years ago. I have came out of retirement to tell you this... I down-voted your last post.
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    Until someone invented something that puts our industry in jeopardy
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    you would have been caught on videofied....
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    If your looking for a security forum with no pisstaking.... you've made the wrong choice You'll need an eng code to make programming changes to your system, a 1/2 decent alarm monkey could probably move all your devices about with just a customer code
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    you do chat shit.... ADT employ the very best & sometimes the very worst engineers, However there the market leading co. why don't you try & get a job there & get some real world experience of alarms ?
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    I don`t think, £13 a month for an annual inspection, 24 hour support, and use of a Smartphone APP is not bad value for money, technicians have to be trained, which be available 24 x 7, if self employed they also have to pay for life`s little things, food, fuel, Public Liability Insurance, fund there own training time, none of which is paid etc etc. funny how people accept paying say for a Private Dentist, Doctor, Solicitor etc, but fail to realise the vast amount of knowledge a professional installer has to collect from experience. To be fair, we use bundles of Agility 3, but really there is little money in the initial sale, for us, maintenance is where we make our money to provide on going technical support, technicians and all the other things we need to pay. For example today we are having our Upgrade NSI inspection from NSI for ISO 9001:2015, so I`m paying £450 per day for NSI & £440 per day for our Contract Quality Assurance Consultant, all paid by maintenance contributions, and all to retain our Gold Status, end of.
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    Oh dear "Jock McTightSporran" is asking a forum which mainly populated alarm monkeys why their employed. What goes wrong with your simple house alarm? Well there will be at least 2 battery's which don't last forever, reed contacts which will eventually fail (open or closed) or cause false alarm.... same for the relays within powered sensors Checking a bells only system annually as per BS/EN ensures they work correctly (think MOT) if you where a paying subscriber you could have your system in working order rather spending your spare time hunting down a manual for the old tat of an alarm on your wall. However you pays your money & make your choice, Power down the "skip fodder" of an alarm system & restart it on mains power only, with all tamper & lids close it made take you code If not buy something like a veritas 8 & new battery & have a bash at sort it Or find a local alarm co. (proper ones might only do the work if their maintaining it) & ask for cost of them updating the system
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    If it is so simple why are you talking about wiring normally closed detectors in parallel or dualtechs for detecting bricks? My question was because your initial few posts seemed like you were a sparky who had bitten off more than you can chew on a clients job. Happy bodging.
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    Exactly Norman, hence why I am asking the question on a professional security forum. Haven't fitted many myself but thought I would seek advice. Nothing worse than fitting ***** that you keep getting called back for.
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    All master blasters must be fitted directly above the keypad for use on bell tests
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    Listen mate. Read what i wrote, i said QUOTE ie spend money to come and see your site then spend time raising a design, I DIDNT say advise. If you continue to insult members of this board with this attitude i will remove your posts. Please stop it. How do you know you need 3? but anyone have you read my posts about recognition levels and areas covered? DVD quality is based on the camera quality and dvr. You need to decide on views first before you decide on recording types. No, most things that are cheap and not very good outsell those that are good and more expensive. not a lot. What do you think of a car with a 4 wheels and boot? so thats 6m wide? You will not get recognition of a perp from a PAL analogue camera with a view of that width.
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    I'm growing to like the sound of a master blaster in an empty warehouse...
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    dont know it but even the micromax has an input. Id assume it was wired wrong. Once met someone that thought wiring the breakglass to the rte was better than breaking the power as it allowed for programming!!!
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    Frankie and Bennies urggh never tell them its your birthday unless you like Cliff Richard. I was in there for a quiet meal one evening with the missus unfortunately I picked a day that about 20 people had their birthday and they all decided to go to F&B to celebrate. Every 5 fooking minutes they played congratulations and came out with a cake with a sparkler in it. I wouldnt mind but cliff was played much louder than the ambient music which made me jump every fooking time it came on. Foods not that great for the money either
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    it appears "cooper security" have a new product range ?
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    Does not compute LOL just about sums the market up. £2k budget for HA £20 budget for security panel
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    Yeah but that's because it takes you an hour to walk there gramps Awwww.
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    Ok have it your way I don't care about negs
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    yeah I'm more a Phillips observation kit, soft of guy......
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    Stop brown nosing the vetter.
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    Happy Christmas to all at TSI
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    I think you need to explain your circumstances when asking randoms for their old junk
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    I didn't say I had £2k in my wallet I just said it would fit, as opposed to your idea of £2k filling a suitcase which it wouldnt (unless it was a very small suitcase) Your the only numb nut round here that's compensating for the lack of something.
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    Leave it in your freezer over night in a plastic bag and it defaults
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    I note you don't collect vintage hoovers...
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    I would take the view if you have the means to buy a property which is big enough to have power supplies & zone expanders, you should have budgeted for an alarm man. Reaching for my big book of stereotypes... your from the Clan McSkinflint As a guess I would assume the Keypad in not communicating with the controls, Personally I would start by removing a keypad off the wall, connecting it direct to the controls via short bit of wire with nothing else power up or connected to the panels data network & see if you can get control of the panel, then add device one at a time until everything is back on Just remember the alarm may well have been faulty before the property was void.... good luck
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    How's that texecom panel doing?
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    how do i delete my account?
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    Needs filler , must be a jb subbed out , they don't fill
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    ADI, Mag solutions http://www.magnetic-solutions.co.uk/ shear lock interface
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    The reed is just little bit of metal in glass tube.... I reckon most of the branded alarm contact manufactures buy in the same Reeds... The gases escapes for the glass tube & they either FA or just fail (open or closed) I suspect those the fail early have been thrown around or the screws knocked in with a hammer when fitted IIRC 13mm operating gap, thats look way too far apart
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    I think the above is where you went wrong Ray. If you go back prior to this statement most people giving up their free time to help you were quite willing. Think about the above statement, you come to a website full of people making a living out of security and make out that a 10 year old with chock block tourrettes could do their job. What sort of reaction did you think that would provoke?? Its a bit like us saying anyone can run a Cafe but it would seem not, looking at your reviews. Your alarm system is very poorly installed but I suspect that you didnt really do any homework before your purchase like check reviews or see if they were approved, at least if you had chosen an approved co you could complain to the Worshipful Company of Security Installers and Brethren Of Domotics (Plymouth Chapter). Someone has probably already mentioned this, but changing the detectors to dualtechs will not detect bricks btw, bricks are not burglars. The alarm going off after the window was smashed would not have made any difference either. The window would still be broken and the unhappy customer would still have run away long before anyone noticed.
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    I suspect- The kids used to hand around the building before its was gentrified into a cafe, & the kids have been told to "F off" with the same sort of "customer service" mentioned on trip advisor, hence low flying bricks Should Raymondo be viewing - you security film the windows/ graphic the windows which keeps broken glass together, get a security co. to visit after hrs. Go to proper alarm co. & ask them to remove the ade pirs & black painted ventcroft, you want a proper graded system with proper signalling & a Merseyside Police URN. Don't mention you paid a grand for the old alarm as they may laugh their cocks off...
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    Ahh that one, the dimsum jingaling loveyoulongtimex22 model? good image? many failures?
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    CCTV provides a false sense of security to a lot of people, the market is flooded with rubbish due to this. I wouldn't bother with CCTV from what you have said. If you consider how it would benefit your security and you'll find it probably won't. Are you going to stay up every night and watch the CCTV to react to them jimmying the patio doors? Are you likely to be able to use the CCTV to identify any crims after the event? Probably not. If you buy a professionally fitted alarm system you should expect to pay a one off fee for installation and a maintenance fee yearly. This is the same as your Yale will have only a bit dearer, because it's a more secure system.
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    nah, like alarms I'll be working too close to c#nts everyday
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    You'd be better installing something that's not tat or likely to cause you revisits and generates recurring revenue. Customers have no idea what they want.
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    I had app panel on a wired card as test system on a bench After testing it & getting notifications on alarm ectt.. I left it unplugged for months & never got any indication that it wasn't working via the app
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    As a beginner you need to understand that this is a professional security forum, as such posting engineering codes in the public area or any other area for that matter is not permitted, why I hear you ask? Well when you are supplying security on a professional basis you leave yourself wide open if someone posts your engineering codes for all to view on a public website. Your customers would not like it if someone posted your engineer codes, and its the same for anyone else. Its not done. Any professional security installer would not need to ask for other companies engineers code, as any professional company would default the system and re program it, it is the only way you know that the system is programmed correctly. Only lazy unprofessional numpties ask for other companies engineer codes, try and remember that and maybe you will get past the beginner stage.
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    None of us are pretending anything, there has been and all ways will be ways around security systems, so long as the kit is one step ahead of the type of burglar expected then whats to worry about? I understand that there are vulnerabilities with some of the signalling options available, but I also understand the risk and anyone with any real intelligence are unlikely to want to risk their freedom for low value. On the other hand if something is worth protecting then its worth protecting properly that means understanding the risk. I have been in this industry for over 25 years now and I cant think of a burglary where any real technical intelligence has been used. Though I have seen many clever burglaries in my time
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    "Alarmman123" you're clearly not competent, get someone else to do it and stop giving our industry a bad name.
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    When a connection is less than optimal you may have to specifically tweak the configuration of your modem to either improve latency or throughput - Sadly once you have a poor connection it can result in a choice between the two. Which is more important to you? Latency for your gaming or throughput for your downloads? Given that your current supplier is ADSL and that you have already taken some steps to improve matters (e.g. ADSL2 router etc) can you confirm some basic steps so that we can try and help improve things? 1) Alternative device on the same router - Are all devices suffering from the same poor performance or is it just one machine? 2) No router - Try a direct connection to your PC / Laptop without the router in between - Does this make any difference? 3) Perform speed tests - Do one from one of the major sites and post the results here along with time of day when you ran it please? 4) Compare with others - Is everyone in your locality facing the same issue? How far away from the exchange are you? (samknows.com can help) 5) Contention - You stated that it seems to get worse in the evening, given your location it may be that there is a contention issue? Query this with your telecom provider and ask them if there is an issue with contention currently at peak usage times 6) Speeds - You said your upload can be 'as low as 1.3' - 1.3 what??? 1.3MB? upload speeds will generally be proportionally lower than download rates and are only impactful if you are regularly serving data or hosting a server of some form - Not usually an issue for the average user. Can you confirm what speed package you are currently paying for and what you are expected to get in terms of doanload & upload within that package ideally. With ADSL it is not unusual to get less than optimal speeds by a significant amount. 7) SNR - Are you aware of your current SNR value? If not ask JT to do a 'whoosh test' and let you know the current value and attenuation. This and the distance factor may mean that your connection might perform more effectively at a lower fixed speed. Good luck 'J
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