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  1. So really for a modern alarm, say texecom or orisec you want a speaker so you can use the different tones for fire, intruder etc?
  2. this is a bit of a noob question but what's the difference between an internal sounder and an extension speaker?
  3. is this an oversight as insurance companies must request police response for these houses due to the cost of them and they aren't compliant, or is police response a thing of the past and insurance companies just require key holder?
  4. So they aren't compliant as none of the home control systems out there meet the requirements. as for Norman, that's the reason this site is not a professional forum and more a boys club!
  5. Hi Could someone enlighten me on the regs regarding the setting and unsetting of an alarm using a home control system such as Control 4 instead of the keypad of the alarm.
  6. Most recently on national grids integrated security update on its gas sites
  7. i do sub contract, but youll find synergy in pretty much all high street cctv systems. this isnt where i use it though, its also very popular in casinos and utilities
  8. just to pick up on your points. its much cheaper if you have a direct account with Nice, owners of Fibaro. there is a english office, its the Nice office which is where the training is held. the hub 3 is the same price as the 2 which i think is £350 plus the vat off the top of my head
  9. https://www.synecticsglobal.com/en/synergy-3-software
  10. hi this is the link to their website? may be to advanced and niche for this site
  11. Hey all Anyone use Synergy cctv or the Pro version?
  12. anyone on here used Gallagher electric fencing?
  13. If you say so, just thought I'd help but as usual this forum is full of ....
  14. Sorry, I don't understand your point
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