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  1. scrimshanker

    Visonic 360R

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. scrimshanker

    Visonic 360R

    Anyone used the visonic 360r panels yet?
  3. scrimshanker

    Texecom Cloud

    I didn't say it shouldn't be charged for, all I'm saying is it's expensive especially as there's free alternatives. In fact, it doesn't really do anything more than what was already available.
  4. scrimshanker

    Texecom Cloud

    It does indeed, but it's a very high price to pay when everyone else doesn't charge! It's a risky business strategy especially as their equipment offers no more than others
  5. scrimshanker

    Texecom Cloud

    The gold membership is £600 a year plus £5 for every system on it over 10 systems! I'm guessing they will pull wintex to force people to use it
  6. scrimshanker

    Texecom Cloud

    Hi Has anyone used the new Texecom Cloud Services yet? They seem to be priced a little high in my view!
  7. scrimshanker

    Condemned notice

    So you don't condemn something like a cd95 panel just because it's obsolete and no long supported by the manufacturer
  8. scrimshanker

    Condemned notice

    So do any of you use condemned notices. For instance to get rid of old obsolete panels and if so for what and when?
  9. scrimshanker

    Honeywell long range detectors

    Normally I'd agree but it hasn't done it during the really hot spell in June! Although it is far more humid now. It has to be heat related, I was wondering whether anyone has had issues with these detectors before due to heat?
  10. scrimshanker

    Honeywell long range detectors

    No 2 separate power Rio's
  11. scrimshanker

    Honeywell long range detectors

    Hi Not checked the volts at each detector but they aren't all feed by the same Rio As for mounting, they are all mounted on the inside of the exterior metal cladding.
  12. Hi All I've come across an issue at a site where its been fine for over a year and now im getting spurious alarm signals between 12am and 3 am from various long rang detectors. It started with just one detector so it was changed but now its multiple including the changed one. Its a large builders merchant with a large warehouse, there isn't any sign of animal life. The only thing is the warehouse is rather hot and I wondered whether the cooling of the building would effect these particular detectors. The thing is now isn't as hot as it was so i'm a little stumped.
  13. scrimshanker

    ATS Aritech panels

    What's your view on them, the new panel is very much like a cd panel with only 9 menus. Nightmare to fault find on, unless you're a long time Chubb engineer
  14. scrimshanker

    ATS Aritech panels

    Hi all Just wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on the ATS Aritech panels, particular the GE panels. I'm sure they have a number but I'm not expert on them. And I don't mean the cd panels.
  15. scrimshanker


    how do i delete my account?

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