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  1. Hi Anyone fitted an Ajax Alarm and if so are they any good?
  2. Norman see below As for the other two, im sorry I wasn't listen to you. what was your comment?
  3. None! Are you a little special? I don't do alarms, I was just asking as I saw these being banded around along with ring cameras.
  4. well there you go then, not sure what a GMX account is. Guessing google mail I see a national (Abel Alarm Company) and a large regional (Wessex Group) are fitting it, so can't be that bad.
  5. They replied to my support ticket because it came from a limited company, I'm not so sure they would reply from an individual
  6. I didn't say I wasn't in the security industry just I wasn't in the alarm industry. As previously stated im in the enterprise market, national infrastructure, blue light, public space. they don't use alarms, just inputs and outputs from the access systems they also don't use the grading system as its not relevant, for the most part
  7. at last a adult comment, thank you James Wilson. Norman, you seem confused the reference to the 5 - 7 response time is if you run their monitoring software and dispatch your own guards, guessing its a European thing, or at least eastern European as for my English language friend, what are you on about! ive already said I don't fit this stuff, or in fact any alarms im not in that industry! you comment about support holds true for Ajax as it does for galaxy, you have to be a company to get support. although Honeywell never check what you tell them!
  8. so by that definition texecom, visonic, pyronix and Galaxy is also diy! just because you can get it on the internet on some shady site and Ebay, you could say that is the same thing, doesn't mean its diy or tat for that matter!
  9. Peter, out of interest why do you call it tat? is it the plastics? the interface? or just the different why in which they see the industry? the fact the keypad has no prox is a massive f/up in my mind. you all say its for the diy market yet you can't buy it on the diy market, well not main stream like Screwfix etc
  10. Just received this from their tech support answering the grading and one way two way device comms stated above. (I think?) We've received your request. Thanks for your interest in Ajax Systems!With release of OS Malevich 2.10, our system will be conformed to the most UK standards (PD6662). This version should be released soon. Currently, our systems has Grade 2 certification.We can confirm that our system has two-way communication type. -- Best regards, Ajax team. -- Technical Support Department Phone: +38 (044) 538 13 10 +38 (066) 022 44 32 +38 (068) 597 36 07 support.ajax.systems Email: support@ajax.systems Telegram: @AjaxSystemsSupport_Bot www.ajax.systems Intruder Alarm of the Year
  11. How is it none compliant tat? I thought it was grade 2? The one way thing is a bit **** though. I was talking about analytics such as davantis or ipsotec, facial recognition such as Hertz, Server based pro systems, although I grant you the Chinese tat does do a reasonable job if you're happy with a bot on your network.
  12. For true detection, video analytics would be my weapon of choice, although not for the faint hearted as the cost is prohibitive
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