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  1. Hi does anyone have a template alarm / cctv contract I could take a look at. I'm just writing my own up and need some inspiration.
  2. Cheers for the quick response al-yeti
  3. Hi, do theses panels have built in speech diallers to alert the customer directly, or do you need a external dialler. Ive never worked on them before so not sure.
  4. Sounds like it just needs a engineers reset.
  5. Have a go at down powering in and see what happens when you power up. Failing that try defaulting the panel and reprograming.
  6. Its not a difficult job to remove / replace the sensors. The 600 quite a new panel so not much point replacing the whole system. You will need a engineer to do this but it will work out cheaper than changing the whole alarm. You can get it serviced at the same time to avoid problems in the future.
  7. Hummmmmmm. Wonder what happened for the company to refuse to do any more work at any price.
  8. Whoever sold it to you must have a technical helpline. Just call them and have them talk you through it while your at the keypad.....
  9. Yea I did the test monitor, was dialling out and sending data, but didn't get any acknowledgement so just kept trying. Has to be either ARC account Fault or programming fault on my behalf. Plan was to send signals to receiver at texecom to prove either way if it was ARC fault or me being a tool and programming wrong.
  10. Sounds like low device batts all round, and you have the wrong code. The whole thing just needs a service. If you cant afford that have it down powered to stop it going off all the time.
  11. Yea did the test phone, got through to the receiver, and double checked the account number. Might be fault on the account ARC side, or some really dumb mistake I missed on programming.
  12. Hi sorry gave up in the end. All settings were ok as far as I could see. The panel was dialling out on activation but nothing being received at the arc.
  13. 0845300600 I'm trying to get signals to arc but to being received. alarm is dialing out chip and receiver nos are correct. just want to make sure I havnt missed anything.
  14. Any one ever been able to get through to them. Have been on hold for over one hour!!!!!!
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