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  1. petrolhead


    Fit likes hector.
  2. petrolhead

    Cooper Security 9853 won't reboot.

    Well that escalated quickly.
  3. petrolhead

    Hikvision POC camera menu remotely

    Other than the iris button next to the preset button you mean?
  4. petrolhead

    Any Scan ion 16 experts...

    Pm sent
  5. petrolhead

    Hi Everyone

    Congrats on overcoming the big C, edf treating you well? Working down on that site was the most enjoyable task in my time at shorrockinitialchubb, I really wanted to go for the resident engineers job, but the commute was a pure **** and the mrs didn't want to move. Ever hear from George Charles?
  6. I don't know about the situation in england, but up here in the civilised world the local councils heavily subsidise adaptions such as that, it would be worth an enquiry. When I worked for shorrock/inital/chubb we did loads of that type of adaption for the councils and the resident never had to pay.
  7. petrolhead

    Change of door sensor

    The pencil type ones deal with that better.
  8. petrolhead

    Change of door sensor

    Can you not fit another flush? You can get tiny ones like fc503that work well in aluminium doors. Surface looks gash IMO. https://www.cqr.co.uk/contacts/flush-contact/
  9. petrolhead

    Cables cut by other trades

    I always charge hourly for remedial work if the damage is down to other trades that I dont normally work with, but this is gone through explicitly with the client at the quotation stage. There are a couple of building companies who I work with quite frequently, and if its something one of their guys has damaged i tell them what needs to be rerun and their sparky deals with it and I dont charge, almost never happens with those guys though, usually its because the client has changed there mind on where stuff is going, and the cables end up too short. On the flip side I am ultra careful, and I have drummed into my guys repeatedly to be extremely careful around other trades work. A lot of the things that happen are down to careless cunts with a dont give a **** attitude.
  10. petrolhead

    Multiple DVRs

    Sorry mate you'll need to translate that last bit into jockanese for me please.
  11. petrolhead

    Multiple DVRs

    Do you think clicking the little red button next to my posts has any impact on my happiness at all ya daft wee fud? I'm not seeking acceptance in this herd of alarm geeks i'm just here for the craic. Whatevever floats your boat.
  12. petrolhead

    Multiple DVRs

    Aye your right standards count for **** all. I picked up a job next week to install a new boiler system at a nursing home how hard can it be? I 'll ask for some advice on diynot if I get stuck on what all the pipey bits do.
  13. petrolhead

    Multiple DVRs

    I'm not looking for a petty argument. I told you exactly what your solution was. I'm not going to hide my distaste for chancers that bid for work they haven't bothered to train for though, it makes a mockery of the industry. And I'll shut up when I'm ready to.
  14. petrolhead

    Hikvision POC camera menu remotely

    Have you tried ivms 4500, call preset 95?
  15. petrolhead

    Multiple DVRs

    Was the client aware that "you havent touched anything´╗┐ with multiple DVRs before and that you like to take on ´╗┐challenges and learn onsite where you can" before awarding a big contract or did they think they were getting someone suitably qualified and experienced?

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