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  1. norman

    Start An Alarm Manufacturer

    Good read and makes me feel old
  2. norman

    Just Re-emerged

    Welcome back
  3. norman

    Foam Detectors

    Yea, and the hex bells had optional paddles to detect foam, linked to a small switch on either side of sab.
  4. norman


    IFTTT is just a logic programme with associated devices. As above easily done (Ring for example) but depends on budget.
  5. norman


    IFTTT would do this easily, not sure of the effectiveness though.
  6. norman

    Visonic 360R

  7. norman

    Toplok ADT bell box

    No, I've only ever removed them, but it's PD not PID
  8. norman

    Toplok ADT bell box

    Yes, Klaxon used those boards and poly speakers in a few sounders.
  9. norman

    Toplok ADT bell box

    It's an old ADT box, pre merger between Thorn and Modern when they went with the Elmdene Rapier for their HS applications. Batt shows 1993 so well before the 1997 (ish) merger.
  10. norman

    Galaxy 2-12 C012 honeywell security

    Nice to see you got through...
  11. norman

    Vulnerable vehicle security apps

    I just leave ours unlocked... Wait until the autonomous cars really take up.
  12. norman

    Sd1 speech controller

    Sounds like you have had an activation and it's generated the need for a managed reset. Put a photo up and someone will confirm
  13. norman

    led floodlights maximum wattage on a house

    Who would care enough to be an issue?
  14. norman

    led floodlights maximum wattage on a house

    On all the time, lighting up the property or trees etc. Or for security?
  15. norman

    Access Control System Wiring

    Full collection of Razzle.

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