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  1. Hello and welcome, have a look at the forum rules and apply for trade status, there's a lot more going on in the trade side (I'm probably overselling it a bit tbf though)
  2. Cheap @ 250 if the alternative is lying on your back on the floor.
  3. Looks like PJ finally found his subbies for London...
  4. Calm down grandad, you're arguing with yourself again.
  5. Blue/white for the alarm pair and green/yellow for the tamper here, seen every combo tho.
  6. *cracks out the ouija board. Arf, is that you?
  7. A quick Google says Ring have c 8 million units in the US alone, I agree with the closed platform etc, I read a while ago they also log everything although not sure if true or to what level. But at those numbers it shows what I've always said, 99% of people don't give a shiny shite and Amazon (Google etc) will continue to develop their own plug and play 'security' business that will sell by the millions.
  8. Trust me, your pissy £200 is more of a hindrance to their operations than you care to think, non contract customers are a pain in the arse. QFA
  9. Good to see it's got a proper alarm system...
  10. Honeywell design the architecture, the programming is ADT. There is an argument that if you'd planned better you could have had the work done or even down powered on your last inspection visit.
  11. There is an argument that the programming remains intellectual property of the installing company. You own the equipment only, and most companies will charge for attendance, this will be more expensive outside of contract as you have now found. Nothing like your car analogy BTW.
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