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  1. Same bend the ends over for a better grip then trim to size. Also worked really well with ceiling grid wire, used to get rolls from the skips and do metres at a time and cut to length for fish wires.
  2. I installed classic galaxy for years and always used the keypad, never had an issue just used to carry one on a flylead and find somewhere comfortable to do it. Even better doing it on the bench in the comfort of your office.
  3. Yup, the ones you don't want though, only cause pain in the longrun.
  4. As above, @ 20 years for a £40 panel is excellent value. Time to get your hand in your pocket.
  5. Always had a car of sorts but I remember driving home from Sheffield and on the roundabout going onto the M1 a battery slid around on the passenger footwell and started smouldering with some old paper dockets I'd tossed there. I managed to rescue the battery before it took hold and as I was on my way home I did it one handed Dukes of Hazard style without stopping
  6. https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/18846536.van-destroyed-fire-layby-off-a23-near-bolney/
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