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  1. norman


  2. I'm a Jock by birth, lived in England since '76
  3. norman

    Galaxy RSS

    Are you confusing a restart with a default?
  4. norman


    Top man, they need pinning.
  5. norman


    Hard to enforce when they have been deleted tbf...
  6. Can't say I ever tried, chloroform was my weapon of choice back in the day...
  7. I'd have thought the Rohypnol did that.
  8. Install looks neater than a lot I've seen... Guessing it's to keep the girls away from your bedroom?
  9. Posters? Wall art is it now? pft!
  10. norman

    Police cant stop criminals?

    I listened to Cressida Dick on LBC yesterday, don't be fooled by the wording 'Could' they have to investigate every complaint. Personally I'd let the police reverse back over the little fuckers.
  11. norman

    Hive and ring

    Only if they are running around the front garden...
  12. norman

    Problem with ssaib installer

    A complaint to the SSAIB would be my port of call.
  13. norman

    Hive and ring

    Most I've had was the neighbour putting his rubbish in my bin. Talking about hit and runs, brother in law's cctv picked up a neighbour keying another neighbours Alfa, again the police wouldn't take action as they said it was only a probability even though you could see he came out of his house and walked right up to the car and down the side then went back inside. They interviewed him and he denied it so they wouldn't pursue it until bil's neighbour got the local MP involved.
  14. norman

    Hive and ring

    I've always said resi cctv (and some comm) is useless in most scenarios, have a look at all the cctv of van theft and break in's, every scroat expects it and covers appropriately. The police are not interested in it, my sister in law had an accident last December, non fault and all caught on dashcam as clear as day. They got a letter 2 weeks ago saying they were suggesting knock for knock as there were no witnesses, they'd not even reviewed it. (I know dashcam footage is different but the sentiment is the same)

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