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  1. Hello and welcome, if you are trade then have a read of the forum rules and apply for trade status. Over on that side of the forum there's a plethora of information. Oh, and you can't PM yet as a new member.
  2. Sounds reasonable tbf, the jetting kit won't be cheap and needs paying for.
  3. User @datadiffusionhasn't logged on for 8 months but there is always hope...
  4. He shit himself then, thought you said exercise.
  5. Codes are saved in the main control but just as a caveat it's not totally uncommon for older panels to corrupt or lose programming when down powered. More than likely OK but worst case you would have to update/replace the control panel
  6. Codes will be saved in the NVM in the main control, assuming batteries are all OK.
  7. Yeah Lyntec in the nineties had issues, they sent fliers to every household in the UK iirc. Not great under the soffit or a thatched house..
  8. Why didn't the Tex employee leave it as you wanted? (wow BTW)
  9. No, that's because you live in the West Midlands, they are guns.
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