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  1. norman

    Texecom Ricochet

    they were issued in the mid 90's iirc in these...
  2. norman

    Texecom Ricochet

    They used to issue an 'Approved Installer' credit type card
  3. norman

    Hi all, advice, info needed

    Beat me to it, we're dinosaurs in comparison with skills that are no longer needed, don't knock plug and play in a few years home security will be wireless plug and play interconnected to your Alexa... Oh...
  4. norman

    Galaxy MK8 Keypad backlight

    Unlikely but just a thought, I've never had issues with them but the LED's are easily replaced if you are OK with a decent soldering iron.
  5. norman

    Galaxy MK8 Keypad backlight

    Have you tried swapping the RKP's to see if it's a voltage issue?
  6. norman


    Very cutting and I'm wiping the tears from my keyboard. Did you get it sorted btw?
  7. norman

    Hello from Luton Beds

    Hello from the other side
  8. norman


    We'll see...
  9. norman


  10. norman

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Hello and welcome
  11. Movement will cause false alarms, detection inside would also not be ideal for the same reason.
  12. norman

    2 Way Monitored Alarm Silent Calling

    Why do you keep saying you can't afford ADT? Also, are you confident that they can't listen in at any time?
  13. norman

    2 Way Monitored Alarm Silent Calling

    It could also be something as simple as a fuse though...
  14. norman

    2 Way Monitored Alarm Silent Calling

    Battery is recommended every 4 years, however as you rightly note the loft is a piss poor place to fit the panel (thousands are fitted in them though) but the extremities cause premature wear so I'd arrange a new battery whilst you are up there. The battery wont be the cause as the unit is dialing but I'd check voltages and loads in alarm both at the speech jobby and phone lines. The unit itself sounds like it's goosed and the only thing the speech and mic have in common would be the processor so probs not worth fixing.

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