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  1. norman

    Just LOL

    Vacant premises system.
  2. norman

    Just LOL

    To protect the ceiling area
  3. My carbon monoxide detector kept activating and the noise was giving me a headache so I've taken the battery out.
  4. No, and in literary terms it's like a cheap Barnsley bird now. Well fingered.
  5. You may be better leaving the security and the doors unlocked....
  6. I've not had a personal phone since the 90's but do have expensive 'work' phones the latest costing c£800 and I've just ordered a TV for a similar amount, have a look around your home and as most I'm sure it won't take long to tally up a fair few K. The main thing I chose to protect is the family, having said that I guess the plus side of any break in would be the knowledge I'd saved a few hunred squid...
  7. For less than the cost of a mobile phone you are protecting your most valuable asset!
  8. Helps prevent a 'sticky' mag so yes, I would.
  9. No, I'd remember that, most were nothing more than a belt, also never gripped anything through shock.
  10. I've had more shocks than I can remember, mostly my fault and I used to regularly work live tapping into power.
  11. Exactly, it's the same reason the FB use the back of their hand to feel along walls etc.
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