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  1. norman

    New member saying HI

    Hello and welcome Warren, If you are trade have a read of the forum rules and apply for trade status, there's a plethora of good information over on that side of the forum.
  2. Please read the forum rules. You can't pm yet either.
  3. norman

    Favourite system and why.

    Ronnie's just had a coronary looking at that...
  4. norman

    Favourite system and why.

    I'm sure jw's spent enough in his local stealer to have had one gifted. He probably has the cufflinks too.
  5. norman

    Favourite system and why.

    I had a loaner q5 when they "diagnosed" it, even though the Mrs diagnosed it within 30 seconds of me telling her. I had a 5 week wait for the courtesy car so even though I wasn't in a rush to fix it I just couldn't be arsed. Very nice 'experience' better than the BMW garage and much nicer totty, looking round in the 3 hours I was there, there wasn't a bird working there I wouldn't smash.
  6. norman

    Favourite system and why.

    I was only climbing the ceiling because it took them 3hrs to do a 30 minute job. I booked a waiting appointment for the fuel cap solenoid to be changed (20 min job as I'd already removed the inner side panel for them) told it would take 30 mins and I could wait. 3 hours it took them, worse places to sit and wait I guess but I won't be funding the fancy showroom and free cafe menu for anything outside of the warranty.
  7. norman

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    Called a runaway dialer, not as uncommon as you may think.
  8. norman

    Favourite system and why.

    I had my breakfast and about £25 of coffees at the Audi garage the other morning foc, don't knock them.
  9. norman

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    Your recourse is with your security company.
  10. norman

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    I'd be speaking to the company you have the contract with (you say 2 companies, I guess alarm Co and arc) for a gesture of goodwill towards your phone bill. If your contract is with the alarm company (as usual) then imo they should reimburse you and persue the arc for recompense.
  11. norman

    Gardtec 800 816 Installation Manual

    You've made a grand total of 6 posts? (not sure if you've re registered) I'd hazard a guess @ an old Briggs, CBS, Sandal or Lofthouse system?
  12. norman

    Is it possible?

    Taking on other systems reduces your quality as a general rule, so get ready for those call outs.
  13. Ripping it off the wall seems to have sent open, so yes they will have then cancelled police as a miss op.

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