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  1. An acquisition in my area had a penchant for putting end stations in stupid places and they did some car dealerships where you needed triples on the slippery floor for then. This is one of their ewd's installed from the window. (relocated by me below) Just round the corner was an original ADT CQR, again in a stupid place, but it was the lowest they could get in the circumstances I guess (ignore the mincer)
  2. Battery for what? may be better starting a new thread.
  3. I wasn't feeling sorry for you till this point..
  4. My bad, just dug out the old e-mails and the guy/company that designed the controller for us specced and installed SY, site over ruled it saying there was an issue with it regarding the metal content and damage on the tray-work? We removed it all and installed SWA in the end, not the other way around. It was a site specific specification requirement iirc (NG Bailey was the PC)
  5. Same here but site spec trumps unfortunately. It was only for a signal wire and the project Engineer missed it and ordered (and ran) 600m of it before it was picked up.
  6. You could only afford those if you lived in a Penthouse in Mayfair.
  7. Can't stand the prick, he's never said anything funny since Peter Kay stopped writing his lines.
  8. Ditto, Nest only does it fine How wold you have done it in 1995?
  9. Ah, sorry totally missed that... Happy birthday Alarm Protection.
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