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  1. It is the ewelink app, V3.14.0. I use the nest app for the central heating
  2. Has a small temp probe that plugs into the main unit.
  3. New bag and belt was the best, that vacuum picked up a treat after that. Sadly it was then the only thing in the house that sucked effectively...
  4. It's a TH16,cheap as chips and as with all the sonoff I've never had any issues. It's set up with Geo fencing in IFTTT and to come on 1st thing to keep the Mrs feet warm whilst she makes my breakfast because I'm nice like that.
  5. The only IR I have is the TV and I can (but rarely do) control that from the alexa, I use sonoff for some temp control in the kitchen for the plinth heaters and a humidity one in the main bathroom that switches the extraction on. Even my mother uses sonoff linked to an alexa to turn her lamps off as the plugs are in awkward positions. I have a lot of sonoff kit but use it mainly as timers and scenes. I'd say the most useful things I have are the presence sensors dotted around.
  6. Been using them for quite a while now.
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