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  1. My punt would be an old dealership accord. Contract will start with DL.
  2. https://www.acornfiresecurity.com/engineer-fire-alarm-panel-fap-key-box?gclid=CjwKCAjwnK36BRBVEiwAsMT8WHr2ykwBkcRUVHzJF-hkQ7_YC5HTX9E1Ue9AHTIDRmbqxW1zUadHvBoCbTgQAvD_BwE https://www.firedetectionshop.co.uk/fire-alarm-test-keys./fire-alarm-panel-keys/
  3. You can buy sets of the most common keys iirc.
  4. The first panel I fitted back in the late 80's was one of these, the bell will most likely have been built up by the company who fitted the system.
  5. Personally I would only drop the power to the detectors. I'm not sure with these panels but there will most probably be an output that resets on arm/set or something similar (pulse output perhaps?) that you can programme to drop the power momentarily on setting. Worst case, you cold wire in a small unobtrusive switch to interrupt the 12v and mount it through the casing at the bottom or something.
  6. Is there a reset switch on the panel? they need the power dropping off to reset the led iirc.
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