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  1. norman

    Identify this?

    I wasn't...
  2. norman

    Identify this?

    That's an image I could do without.
  3. norman

    Honeywell Galaxy 2 - Alarm Fault

    What is on Zone 1002? If it's a repetitive fault they have not fixed I struggle to see why you'd be asked to pay again.
  4. norman

    Scantronic 9500 advert

    Cut my teeth on these.
  5. norman

    Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 Configuration.

    No, I meant the actual design of it, it's hideous and looks like a school electronics project.
  6. norman

    Honeywell Galaxy Flex 20 Configuration.

    I love galaxy but that had to be the fugliest rkp available.
  7. norman

    What texecom system to get?

    Genuine Q, what makes the HKC better than Texe other than it's slightly harder to purchase?
  8. norman

    Do you know who is watching your Ring cameras?

    You can take the old man out of Brighton...
  9. norman

    Garter 816 alarm

    Just to elaborate on the brief reply above, it probably only needs a service and new door contact.
  10. norman

    Accenta 'Comms' Help Needed

    Scope was one of the weapons of choice back when I used to repair TVs, couldn't be done efficiently without one. The one we had in the shop was a clunky Radiospares one iirc. Never used one as an alarm engineer although ADT had one in the stores.
  11. norman

    The end of smart home?

    Doesn't answer my question though.

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