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  1. Remember car lights and changing light due to clouds will also trigger AI, you don't get that with beams.
  2. She's a master of PR. First on here to furlough staff should pay for Pornhub premium for them and leak it to the media.
  3. And if you do take it on make sure your insurance covers you for that height.
  4. You still ignoring the .gov advice?
  5. And have a surplus of prozzies?
  6. Most of us have your address...
  7. It's his mother encouraging him to naff off out...
  8. Don't be a tit, stay at home and do exercise like a normal person, not bin dipping. Resources are stretched already without you taking up police and NHS time if you get caught/have an accident. Taking things from a skip is still theft without the owners permission. Get a theft rap and you'll never pass a DBS check.
  9. @Logan why are you ignoring Government advice on COVID19?
  10. "Importantly, this suggests that the scheme does not cover employees who have agreed to work reduced hours." https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/economy-business/work-incomes/coronavirus-job-retention-scheme-how-will-it-fit-with-employment-law/
  11. Send your mum my commiserations.
  12. "that foreign virus" as Donald likes to call it.
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