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  1. If you have neither then its probably not worth taking over
  2. There are no rules on NVM locking its down to personal preference.
  3. Not if he was able to set it afterwards. OP You could try stretching the spring a little see if that fixes it, if it doesnt the switch is knackered
  4. I have a garage which although wireless isnt keyless, its also alarmed. My key never leaves my pocket which means its not that close to the outside world, Ive seen the vids. My worry is going on holiday and parking it at the hotel, Ive been mostly lucky with my hotel rooms so far though high enough to be out of reach, but still able to see the carpark from the room. The fezza isnt keyless but it isnt that practical for anything other than a weekend away
  5. HKC have a wireless Dualtech now its much better for hostile environments like sheds and garages
  6. Tamper means exactly that the lid has come off something, or if hwired the cable may be damaged hkc will normally verbally tell you the fault "tamper zone 3"
  7. Since the last post was Dec 2020 your a bit late to the party
  8. Is that what you have been quoted or are you guessing? It sound like your trying to tow a jumbo with a mini, it wont do the job you need it to do but it makes a lot of noise trying
  9. different panel the rest stays, once you have found the cause to the false alarms
  10. Not sure what you're asking but if you want a solution you can disarm remotely by an app you need a newer panel
  11. I dont think anyone on here is brave enough to use Lightsys
  12. Great for hiding the recorder though, screw it up in the ceiling of a cupboard, that will feck the service engineer LOL
  13. Actually they look quite useful, well done! what sort of price would you retail them at?
  14. Range is the biggest downfall of a 360 they dont see as far as a wall mounted detector. They are really only meant for applications where there are a lot of obstructions like a gangway in a warehouse, or arcades where there are lots of arcade machines that obstruct the view of a normal detector. Plus the PIR detects much better when you walk across its field of view, which is why most detectors are placed in corners rather than the middle of a room. Give me a decent Optex quad any day
  15. Hard to answer a question like that over the internet, have you got a multi meter?
  16. BT will provide an input on your router for all old analogue tat, but there is no gtee sdi will work with it
  17. He is after a voltage free output, and the panel will drive the relay, adding another PSU will only complicate things
  18. or just connect a relay to the output and voila!
  19. I think you will find the security industry is exempt from construction industry scheme which means we are obliged to charge you https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/construction-industry-scheme-reform/cisr14290
  20. If he supplied it you would be able to claim 100% tax back his labour as well
  21. Psu in an Elite would be 2amp, each device will draw current, ancillaries such as keypads, expanders, and signalling all draw current, battery, and sounders draw current, and dont forget ohms law you lose current in the cable especially the longer cable routes. When the system is in alarm it draws even more current. Its why we do meter readings at the end of the install it ensures that we specified enough power.
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