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  1. Where you looking to DIY or get a company in? You are correct things have moved on quite a bit since 2005. There are intruder systems that you can add cameras to but it is better to keep the two thing separate. CCTV wise there are AI cameras that notify you on your smart phone if a human is detected (yes it ignores cats foxes and trees blowing in the wind) Intruder wise again there are hybrid systems that will allow you to use the existing hard wired detection coupled with additional wireless detection where required Both are available DIY but
  2. DSC I think, OP you need a Canadian forum this is a uk forum
  3. Really? what do you base this on
  4. Well he is from Lomdon
  5. Well.... then we will know if the rumor is right or not
  6. Ive heard if you leave it in the freezer overnight all the menu's become visible
  7. If he can get into your DVR then it wont be an IPhone setting its more likely an app setting
  8. Then its not the same problem I had, sorry I dont have the answer
  9. As I said its an account thing, humour me, get him to connect to his own DVR using someone else's account login. Preferably one that has proven to work on 4g
  10. I had similar with a different DVR it turned out to be something to do with usernames, get your son to try and connect with an account that is working on 4g
  11. If only people understood the thought that has gone into the british security industry that has made it what it is today. Its no wonder that every man and his dog thinks that he can set himself up as a professional CCTV installer, the pictures look great but the important part, the recordings are useless
  12. Have you check there is actually mains getting to the panel? Its unusual for a mains fuse to blow unless there was a surge when you powered up
  13. I got good images of someone dumping a stolen car outside my old house, and caught neighbors hitting my car with theirs twice. At the old shop when those kids smashed our Window 8 years ago we identified them caught them and prosecuted them, all from the CCTV. It can be done. At the new business premises we caught a fly tipper who dumped a load of asbestos on the estate, we captured the footage of a bloke getting run over. Pikeys stealing a load of plastic pallets (ANPR) and more recently the catalytic converter thieves ANPR. The fly tipper successfully prosecute
  14. Iirc there is a resistor or link required at the bell
  15. The problem is Hik and Dahua are no longer shit, not when all things are considered. Most of the people who fit it seem to be, this is why fixed wide angle lenses are so popular. If you ask the average engineer what back focusing is or BLC or HLC he could not tell you. They also think that 4k is more important than anything else such as FPS. Anyone can install CCTV and make pretty pictures on a screen very few can make good recordings of crimes.
  16. You just need to meter the blue and white wires to find out which is positive this wire doesnt need connecting to the bell just the negative trigger
  17. Exactly unless you have lost Police response and have to upgrade because you lost police response you can keep it 4737
  18. QFA, But DIY is not likely to need the same protection ............... is it?
  19. I saw that a few days ago, it reminds me of someone who thought (probably still thinks) that he knows better than anyone else.
  20. You may as well of said my car wont start can you tell me how to fix it? or how long is this piece of string? You could take a three year apprenticeship and become an alarm engineer, or you could call an alarm engineer out. But there is no magic sequence of buttons we can tell you to press that will tell us whats wrong, you need a multimeter and the knowledge of how to use it
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