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  1. PeterJames

    Scantronic 9500 advert

    Great panel, I defaulted and reprogramed hundreds of those as an engineer
  2. PeterJames

    Texecom Fuse.

    Did you check that fuse with a multimeter? It doesnt look blown to me. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors for the beeping
  3. PeterJames

    What system

  4. PeterJames

    Wired Intruder Alarm Courses

    Strange as most who turn up here are experts after looking at a picture of an alarm system.
  5. PeterJames

    Wired Intruder Alarm Courses

    I would have hoped three years on he would be fully trained by now
  6. PeterJames


    Hi and welcome, the break seems a looooong time ago now
  7. PeterJames

    Hello From The United States

    Hi and welcome The rules in the UK are a fair bit different to the U.S.
  8. PeterJames

    Quad v ordinary detectors

    IMO quads are the better detector for domestic environments. I do use pet detectors, I have a pet myself and use the Bossch Blueline DT, never had a fa and the detectors see me when I walk around the areas that I allow my dog when the system is set. In my bedrooms I have quad detectors. We only use quads we wont use cheap detectors they are just not worth it to save £5 per detector. We use Optex RX 40 mostly (Optex only make detectors so they are good at it) or the HKC Quad if we are using ID wiring.
  9. PeterJames

    What texecom system to get?

    There you go again grade 3 must be better its a bigger number and it costs more. Seriously you dont want G3, I can count on one hand how many G3 domestic systems we have out there, nearly all our G3 systems are high-end jewellers and museums. HKC dont make G3 that's because they may a G2 system much better than everyone else making G2/3 systems. if you are going to look after it yourself it wont even be a G2 system DIY is G1. It sounds like the Bahnams Salesman has no clue if he has told you that you can have the engineers code, sounds the type that will say anything to get the sale. They wont give you the engineering code.
  10. PeterJames

    What texecom system to get?

    Id say that the quality of HKC is slightly better, the panel has a few more features than most. For instance, every panel with a smartphone app will inform you when your kids come home an unset the alarm. But very few will inform you that they have not come home by the time they were supposed to, its just a versatile well made panel.
  11. PeterJames

    What texecom system to get?

    Hi and welcome to the forum, one tip shorter posts encourage people to read what you have written, I understand you have a lot of questions, ask them one at a time . You really dont need a dual tech in your kitchen, DT's are made for hostile areas like garages barns ect. People think because its made up of two technologies and it costs more it must be better. They dont understand that its made for a different environment, the only time I would use DT's in a domestic environment is if I am using pet tolerant detection where the microwave is specifically designed to prevent false alarms from your pet. Quads are the better detector for domestic non quad if you are on a budget. Texe imo is not the best you can get, but you are already fairly confused on what you really want so I wont put you off.
  12. PeterJames

    Do you know who is watching your Ring cameras?

    Can we rename this topic to "Ive seen your ring"
  13. PeterJames

    Risco ProSYS Plus

    Now theres a blast from the past !
  14. PeterJames


    I dont rate any of the the Uniview kit that I have seen. That said I have some very old system q stuff that is rebadged Hik that I would have rated quite poor at the time compared with the likes of Mobotix and Axis which was what I was installing top end at the time. There is a market for cheap end CCTV and if you look how far Hik have come because they sold cheap tat, there is always room for another cheaper brand for Sony to sell their seconds too.
  15. PeterJames


    Hik and Dahua are a slightly different league from Uniview. I would go as far to say Hik and Dahua are a mid range product, Uniview is more base product bit like Floureon or Swan
  16. PeterJames


    Hi and welcome
  17. Roger welcome to the forum, please familiarise yourself with the rules before posting https://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/guidelines/
  18. PeterJames

    Eurosec Cp8L Lcd Battery Replacement

    I would hope after four years he would have fixed the fault by now
  19. PeterJames

    Garter 816 alarm

    When was it last serviced?
  20. PeterJames

    Accenta 'Comms' Help Needed

    When I used to repair tv,s they were essential, nowadays sadly its cheaper and easier to replace something than it is to repair something. I cant think of anything in our trade where I would use it.1v ptp on a camera why bother? if you fix it, the customer will expect 12 month warranty on it even if a different component fails. The only thing I use mine for is for R&D and it rarely gets used for that, when you can buy almost anything you need off the shelf.
  21. PeterJames

    Accenta 'Comms' Help Needed

    We have one in the office I rarely use it and I am the only one who knows how to use it (Or what it is for that matter)
  22. PeterJames

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    We are still using Milestone at our top end and we have started to use Dahua at our bottom end, though we are still importing some CCTV from Latvia, the US, and China, but not so much nowadays its a pain sending the stuff back.
  23. PeterJames

    Alarm System Advice for Newbie

    Swerve aliexpress Hikvision, none of it is Hik its a poor copy of the Hik Codec. You would be far better off buying the DIY version of Hikvision (Think its called HiVision) at least you will get a quality product. Trust me I buy a lot from China its taken me quite a while several years of visiting factories to find decent suppliers 95% of them are rubbish.
  24. PeterJames

    The end of smart home?

    Thats alright because I didnt get you a present

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