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  1. Most people think a bigger battery is better, but the transformer is only 1amp so it cant charge a flat 7Ah battery. Plus how long are you planning on having power cuts for ? 8 hours 12 hours 24 hours? 3.4 will cope for around 12 hours on a 5 detector 1 bell 1 keypad system
  2. HKC tech zones? We made a led panel up for a huge toy factory with loads of beams in the roof. Before we did this they would get to the main entrance and try to set the alarm only to find a beam interrupted somewhere. The leds told them there was a problem before they left the warehouse
  3. Bit of a Paragon there Dave you could have accenta bill in for that my little rascal countess, from windsor
  4. Texecom Premier is the bigger panel these will work with Elan, though the customers we have with Premiers connected to their Elan HA never use the HA for anything on their alarm
  5. As you are in NI, HKC would be my first choice (that said HKC would be my first choice anyway) I am also a big fan of HA, though I am a bit different from James. I have experimented with using Alexa for arming disarming, I have also used outputs on the alarm to trigger routines, such as courtesy lights on entry exit, or switch off all lights when set. An alarm panel is basically an input output module you are limited as to what you can make the inputs do, send alarm notifications, trigger outputs. The outputs on the panel are also limited especially when disarmed, but there are a few things you can do, access control, switch on lights, the app even has time schedules that can be set and overridden via the app. In reality it is possible to make it do whatever you want, but not everyone has the patients or the time to work out how to make it do what you want it to do. Thats the reason my teleporting system hasnt ever got finished, well that and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle LOL. HKC is also Hybrid and so you can use wireless and hard wired, the devices are two way wireless and quite secure. I would recommend hardwired devices everytime over wireless as you dont have the additional cost of batteries but having a back-up of wireless is really handy especially if you want to add window contacts somewhere, or you have a outbuilding that you want to include. It doesnt work with ITTT but you can interface inputs with outputs that do Your problem will be finding a company willing to work with you on it, many co's are uncomfortable stepping out of the traditional burglar alarm stuff, but with good reason.
  6. Agreed with above, most of the pro stuff wont work with ifttt. Reliable = professionally maintained Smartphone App = All the decent ones you need a cloud contract only available through an installer
  7. £60 sounds cheap to me, and not having a service contract on something that can cause you a problem at silly oclock in the morning is just daft. Especially right now we are turning non-contract work away we far too busy dealing with customers that pay for us to be around
  8. Antique collector? They were not the best panel when they were new, I am surprised that there is still one out there
  9. CPX didnt have any wireless detectors IIRC so they must be aftermarket with a receiver. The CPX has a built in Digi so is normally monitored. Strange combo monitored alarm with aftermarket wireless detectors.
  10. Why are we replying to old posts? the op is long gone
  11. As I said, I dont know the products that well, its unlikely the OP will find a decent brand with a non subscription ap. Though, I would not recommend a non subscription app either, the ones that were free were always going down and because they were not being charged for the manufacturers were in no hurry to fix them.
  12. Not that you can buy as DIY but there are a few people that recommend Texecom or Pyronix, I dont know these products well enough to recommend them but on paper they are far superior to the DIY tat
  13. Yes unfortunately most of the wireless stuff on the DIY market is one way tat.
  14. Lcd fails on these panels frequently, they still make 4 wire keypads but if your keypads are 6 wire then its time to think about updating the system its close to 30 years old now and they stopped making the early ones well over ten years ago. That said if you live in a house that needs four keypads then maybe you should consider having the system updated and under a service contract anyway. Im not saying you have anything worth stealing, or that you will be targeted, but the bigger the property the higher chance of non oppurtunist burglary.
  15. LOL it took me a while to spot that!
  16. Its definately a gardtec 500 not a speech dialer
  17. That's what the tin foil hat is for dummy!
  18. That's what I said, but house sales would be a problem, and if there is a fatal fire someone will be prosecuted, just like in the uk
  19. Its very unlikely that they poll each other, what could be gained by this? Its different if they were polling a control panel as the control panel would tell you a detector had failed to poll. But there is just nothing to be gained polling between detectors on their own.
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