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  1. When was the last time the panel battery was changed?
  2. I didnt say I didnt like it, just bantering with you thats all no offence intended
  3. Yeah Yeah we can all remember putting the needle in the right place to reset an alarm, then later rewinding the 4 trac to reset, tell us something we dont know!
  4. Also are you sure that its the strobe and not the deterrent leds, leds are supposed to flash all the time
  5. I dont think they thought that through
  6. A new study reveals that humans eat more bananas than monkeys.......I cant remember the last time I ate a monkey.
  7. Generally intruder alarms are a bit backward in that respect you have to enter the code to see what activated it. Some later panels do display what and where before its disarmed but not the ION
  8. Each to their own I suppose but it would not be my weapon of choice.
  9. Risco does seem to have form for this sort of thing, replace batteries and stuff stops working smokes where always doing that on gardtec stuff as well
  10. I have a foil kit and lacing kit still in the stores, the last time we did some tube and batten was about 10 years ago. Haven't done any foiling for quite some time, I used to quite like foiling. Theres a shop down the marina with a window I foiled, I always make a point of walking past it just to see if the foil is there, the alarm is long gone, but the foil is there.
  11. visonic do a wireless bell that you can put a 12v psu to
  12. I wouldnt mind it the problem we would have is ooh's who is the engineer going to call? I am thinking engineers fobs
  13. I quite like Node Red I use to use a similar concept called RCAD same principle, I havent actually used it properly yet just played with it, but I think it may be more logical than Yaml
  14. I was toying with Hubitat for a while, but now ive gone down the home assistant route. Its hard work learning Yaml and understanding a new terminology. But there is a huge following, loads of online support. I already had my alarm system switching stuff on and off when I armed and part set, it also switches lights on when the alarm activates, and courtesy lights when we come and go. Ive already set up esp bluetooth presence detection, my HA knows what room Im in at any one time assuming I have either my phone or my watch on and automations either run based on how long I am in that room or the time of day/light levels, and my daily routines. My next house (Moving soon) will have outputs that run inline with the motion detectors and door/window contacts, regardless of if my panel is armed the HA will know when someone has opened a door or walked into a room. If a rear door opens without seeing a motion in that room first it will trigger Alexa to announce a warning. My current alarm panel has the capability to provide hundreds of outputs, my next will be the same panel. In your shoes OP i would take the advise and get a panel that has enough outputs, you will have a never ending need of outputs, and one or two programmable inputs
  15. There is some sort of ruling, re code of the day or something or other, to do with the new cyber essentials bollooox. Ian keeps waffling on about you have to now make engineer codes dedicated to a site
  16. Not very good reviews for veripoor https://www.reviews.io/company-reviews/store/verisure-uk?fbclid=IwAR1j8dlbAWjxpuoDk3VNLTGprhEsk-Sbal0IKQikRcqLD2cQwSdy81oXORg
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