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  1. Barsnake

    Pyronix Euro46 Mobile App

    Cloud is free and needed for notification alterations and set up etc and for second/third year subscription We have a trade one and i have a personal one Also good as it emails you if a system fails polling he cloud Once logged in set your default requirements and then every user get the same (Saves time on the day)
  2. Barsnake

    Pyronix app

    APP UPDATED Yesterday and must/needs updating TLS Certs Updated New Version 189/06/2018 iOS v4.01.001 AND v4.01.002 Once app updated its fine
  3. Barsnake

    What panel is this?

    1E 20 30 41 50 61 70 80 90 E Sad i know!
  4. Barsnake

    no time and date on backup

    May not help but anyway Ive found on a few older dvr's the DandT has been exported and just is not viewable has it has to be to chosen on the player One old Sanyo was just "Show Subtiitles" within windows media player No idea on Samsung, Just a thought
  5. Barsnake

    CSL Miniair

  6. Barsnake

    CSL Miniair

    Even if your just using the app side the arc still have to do the hosting and accounts side This means there is two prices 1 same as the digiair price ish! but just slightly cheaper - ARC deals with Keyholders 2 hosting only so just to the app - alot cheaper - No actions from ARC at all! got a demo unit working fine with just 12v 0v and N/O trigger connected you dont have to use the keyswitch input so a straight 3 wire connection at basic level the contact id dial capture is good through the app - up grade for me at home! set up and program on the Installers app - MiniAir then customer logs in and set up notifications for them on there app - My Home Alarm might get time later do a video and add link
  7. Barsnake

    Redcare Secure Line Fault

    You tube has a few vid's from Redcare
  8. Barsnake


    Run sky go (mother in laws account) from the mac to apple tv with firefox (webpage) no problem safari is very problematic! Not tryed ipad as would be third device Interesting point though might have a goo when got 5 mins As you'll poss know only 2 devices can be registered PS any body looking at streaming sport Rasberry Pi are great with the XBMC media player.
  9. Barsnake

    O2/telefonica Outage 17Th June

    3/4 back on line
  10. Barsnake

    O2/telefonica Outage 17Th June

    Multiple Roaming SIMS on BT Secure out 2.45ish GPRS FAIL Still in fail here! Think this is the 3rd or 4th time now for Roaming Secures But it's the longest i think.
  11. Barsnake

    Padcad For Ipad

    someone mentioned this a while ago, which i find good http://www.sensopia.com/english/index.html
  12. Barsnake

    Castle Care Tech Carrier Board

    See its an old tread but like this
  13. Barsnake


  14. Barsnake

    Securit 700L Keypads

    Got a customer few weeks who has a 800L. Some furniture company delivering a sofa ripped KP off the wall, Flap and kP lugs busted. There will pay for replacement. We priced a upgrade as no 800L's around nowadays (Castle Mini) £180 +VAT ish Got call from local depot then head office saying price was expensive for a New KP flap, Told them No 800L's around it will need an upgrade. they've bought a second hand one from somewhere, But told customer not a accept it. Poss OK But unknown history. Ongoing.................
  15. Barsnake

    Local Arc Closure.

    Least going in the right direction...................................................Slowly..................Now to wind karl up! thx for Update

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